Chris lays back on his bunk in his cell, thinking about the events that have transpired over the last three hours. He was sitting at his computer, hacking into the Lucas Arts servers stealing the final cuts of Star Wars Episode Two. The movie won't be released for another month, but he wanted to give people the opportunity to see it before then. His screen went black just as he managed to get through the security barriers, fearing it was a back hack he immediately unplugged his computer from it's power supply, but letters began to appear on the blank monitor surface anyway. It was a warning for him to leave his place and get as far as he could in ten minutes, he was just targeted.

Christ, Chris thought to himself, I must be asleep. He decided not to leave, and true to the words on the screen, the police had him on his face in a matter of 11 minutes. It took sixty seconds for those assholes to get to his room after arriving at his house.

A man in a black and white suit walked up to me cooly, and asked me, "You are the one known as Habeus when you are stealing data am I correct?."

I merely looked at the agent sternly and snort at him.

"Keep him his own cell, we will need him for further questioning." The Agent instructs the sergent in charge.

I look around my dank and boring cell again, nothing useful, I think to myself.

There is the bunk, three solid concrete walls, and bars on the side that isn't painted/reinforced concrete. In the corner opposite my bed, far from the cell door, a toilet with no seat sits, it was clean to my suprise. The silver flush button above it on the wall provided no clues for my aide. The two armed police men that were always outside my cell would only sneer at me, even when I tried to talk to them. They would not talk amongst themselves either.

What could make this situation worse? I think to myself.

The door at the end of the hall adjoining this cell block opens, and a man wearing a long red coat and yellow sunglasses eases into the room. This guy looks like a character from an anime. Chris grins, He looks like a gunslinger. The guards draw their weapons and point them at the coated man.

"You aren't authorized to come in here." One guard shouts.

A red blur crosses infront of the coat, and the guards promtly stumble and fall unconscious. Small needles are protruding from between their fingers where they grasped their throats.

The man looks at me and says. "Do you want out of this prison, Habeus?"

I promptly look at him from beneath my bed. "How do I know that you aren't going to hurt me, shouldn't you at least introduce yourself first. Second, how do you know me by that name?"

"Excuse my rudeness," the man says, "I am Puma, and I was the one who warned you, obviously, you did not listen." Puma stoops over the body of one of the guard and relieves him of his key ring. He unlocks the cell door, but does not open it.

I look at him weirdly while sliding open the cell door, "How did you get through all those police?"

He only walks to the door he came in from and leads me through a maze of passages until we end up in an office area. Everyone looks dead, they all have needles protruding from their bodies.

That answers my question. I think to myself.

When we reach the front door, Puma turns to me and says. "It's nothing personal, but I'm sorry." I get a glimpse of the array of needles and other thrown projectiles within his coat just before I feel a prick in my ass, and then the world goes black.