Paradox has been freed much longer than Puma, infact Puma is still so low in rank that he helps the newer recruits in adjusting to their new enviroment. Enjoy this little show, I loved writing it.

Both Puma and Paradox are OCs.

Puma logs into the Dojo training program, bored out of his mind, a consequence of having a slight case of ADD. He doesn't dress in his usual attire of a red coat and such, but he does have the traditional garb of kendo masters, in red of course. He spent nearly and hour downloading everything that he could about known kendo fighting styles.
One of his favorites involved pure speed. It was a powerful technique that required allot of practice and concentration.
He retrieves the densest sword he can get from the program, if measured in the real world it weigh about 700 lbs. he handled it as if it was bout 5 1/2 lbs.
Being that the rules could be broken and others could be bent he mastered lifting heavy objects and speed. He could not make changes in the matrix as Neo could but he sure as hell could give Neo a good fight if necessary.
Enough about fantasizing Puma thinks to himself, you could never be a match for Neo, the Agents are just toys to him and well to be frank you have never taken the chance to fight with a real agent.

Puma takes a deep breath and starts to swing his sword in a form. He executes it perfectly. This time let's take it up a notch. Puma then does the form at his highest speed and sets himself up for decreasing his handling on the weapon to make it seem heavier. He does this one perfectly as well. He stops doing forms and begins to train, starting from a basic stance to a down slash and a thrust, to a whole sequence of attacks and blocks. If you were not freed or if you weren't an agent all you could see would be a red blur and bright flashes of silver for he was moving at his best controlled speed.
Puma stops and throws his sword at the concrete wall side of the dojo, and it flies right through the wall as if it were butter. The sword was stuck down to its collar in the wall which made the wall seem to be of an infinite thickness.

Paradox enters the dojo, dressed in the white karate gi of his Shotokan order. His fourth dan black belt was tied loosely around his waist. He was holding his twin katanas gently, one in each hand. He draws Puma's sword lightly, crosses the dojo and hands it back hilt first. He jumps away, the katanas back in their right hands and takes up an odd Ninjitsu position; one sword vertically and horizontally inverted and rose above the other. The second sword was resting by its tip on the ground. Paradox smirked. "It's been a while since I've had an opponent, let's see what you've got."

He slowly flexed his neck from side to side and then slowly loosened his joints, still in the ninjitsu position. Then he was ready, his whole body ready and he focused, waiting for Puma's response. He wanted to fight and he was looking to hurt.

Puma grins slightly as well. He throws the heavy practice katana to the other wall; it slides in and again stays suspended.
"Sorry, I had no intention of insult."

Puma then returns to the weapons rack, "Two weapons, right?" He then pulls a solid steel tonfa from the rack, and keeps it on his left hand. He then moves to take a kodachi from its sheath. "If you don't mind, I prefer a more defensive take on things."
Puma returns to his mark across from Paradox, the long end of the tonfa against Puma's forearm, and the kodachi at his side, ready for any kind of attack. "Bring it. Sparks, crank up that music from that movie sound track, the one from when that black dude was training the white dude."

Paradox smirked; he liked Puma's choice of weaponry. He settled into position once more and watched Puma's position carefully. Then without any warning or hesitation he darted forward, the steel tip of the lower katana flashing upwards towards Puma's chin. Paradox's eyes were on Puma, watching his reaction. He wanted to test Puma's speed, strength and concentration before he attempted to put any real force into his attacks. His katanas were longer than either the tonfa or the short sword so he knew he was out of distance from either.

Puma grins, and moves his chin to the side dodging the blade. He then commences to move into Paradox's open defense, and raises his Kodachi to Paradox's neck, the blade a millimeter from his throat. Puma's tonfa remains in a defensive position ready to block the other Katana.

Paradox quickly twists the katana inwards, the blade resting across the side of Puma's head. With the other Katana, he knocked the tonfa downwards and Paradox cartwheels left, moving away and around Puma, then continues to evaluate his opponent. He darts forward again, this time a blow aimed at the body of Puma, a quick inside blow with the right katana aiming to shatter his defense.

Puma spins his tonfa, long end out, aims a strike at Paradox's right hand holding his katana. His kodachi spins into a position for a down cut slash aimed for Paradox's left katana hand and blunt sides it on the inside at the last second throwing the katana out to Paradox's left. He then throws Paradox's defense open and kicks him square in the chest.

Paradox's right knee comes up, blocking the kick on his chest. He grunts with pain as his shin throbs, he brings his right arm up quickly, the katana and tonfa grinding for a few seconds. With little hesitation, Paradox drops down on to his right foot, pulling Puma's leg downwards and out of position and then aims an outer crescent kick at Puma's head. His well trained left foot speeding with well practiced precision. His left katana crosses in under his leg aiming for Puma's stomach. He was enjoying this, Puma was a decent opponent who wouldn't fall apart as quick as most.

With his tonfa still locked in position with Paradox's right katana, Puma doesn't have much of a defense left to block the kick, but he uses his kodachi to parry to katana thrust. Using the momentum from his arm he rotates with his tonfa breaking the lock, and ducks in time to doge the kick. Using all his momentum, Puma goes into a leg sweep that is aimed right for Paradox's left foot that has remained unprotected, using his tonfa tip, sitting on the ground, as the center point for his main rotation and balance.

Paradox jumps neatly in the air, that being the only real defense he has and flips in the air, the jump parries him a long way and he lands steadily on both feet. He smiles and his eyes flash with malevolence. He takes on a new stance, his left leg forward, his katanas crossed on his chest and he waits for Puma to attack again.

As Paradox leaps, Puma raises his kodachi and slices into Paradox's uniform, freeing the fabric from it's binds along his legs they now hang freely. When Paradox lands and sets his katana up, Puma performs the Jodan-waza, Kiri Otoshi on the cross point between the blades, and punches with the tonfa's long end right into Paradox's forehead.

This is it. Puma thinks.

Preparing for the Kiri Kudashi, Puma lifts off from the ground with his tonfa's tip still on Paradox's forehead and using it for his point of balance. He brings his kodachi up and around to Paradox's throat and lands as he holds the blunt side to him ready as though this was the finish.

There is a crash of grinding metal, the crossed katanas drawing Puma's kodachi over his head and also knocking the tonfa up and off his forehead. Paradox drops both katanas and drops down onto his right hand, using it to support him; he kicks twice into Puma's unprotected chest, and then rolls back off the hand, picking up both katanas as he does.

He helps Puma rise to his feet. "You're good my friend. The best opponent I've had in a while. It's time for me to go, though I look forward to a rematch."

Paradox's image vanishes.

Puma takes a deep meditative breath and logs out.