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Of Spells and Bloodlust


Augustus came into his office and blinked when he saw that the wall facing the rising sun seemed to have been blown off. He rather liked his office the way it had been before, so he was feeling a little miffed and confused. Spotting an immaculately groomed woman with a long red ponytail sitting in his office chair, he pushed down his irritation and seated himself on the new visitor's couch he had filched at a flea market several weeks ago.

"How can I be of service, ma'am?"

"I'm looking for a Necromancer named Mammon. Heard of him?"

"Yes, but only in passing. He isn't one of ours, I'm afraid. Is there anything else you needed?"

"I have a report on the Malfoy girl, and I was wondering if there is a department here that I could get some information from on common bypasses of the degeneration of the body of those actually meant to die."

"Oh, yes, they are on the 2nd floor, room 267. I'll give them a call to so they will be expecting you." He sat up and reached across the desk to access the side he would normally be sitting on, picking up the Victorian telephone and asking for room 267.

"Hello? Nora? Yes, this is Gussie, and I have a young lady here who would like some information on cures for degenerating bodies that have been revived for benign purposes. Yes…of course. She'll be down soon." He set the phone in its cradle and smiled at her. "They'll be waiting for you, ma'am."

"Thank you for your assistance."

"It is what I'm here for, miss."


Harry woke slowly, still clinging to his dreams, which had been pleasant for once, and spent several hours just lazing around in bed since he didn't have anything important going on. Asmodeus was awake and stroking his temple with two fingers soothingly, sometimes leaning in to kiss it gently. It felt very nice and had lulled him into full sleep several times already. Finally, fully awake and feeling a little antsy, he tried to get out of bed but was held back by Asmodeus wrapping both of his arms around his stomach and burying his face in his lap, which made him blush and hope that his guardians didn't decide to burst in because this would be the last way he would want them introduced to each other.

The brunette moved his head so he was nuzzling him now, opening his mouth to teasingly bite his hip bone. Harry giggled, being ticklish there, and swatted at his hair to try and make him stop. When success was not achieved, he flopped on his back and resigned himself to the hickey he was sure would be forthcoming, not that he minded them or anything. It was kind of nice to think that Asmodeus liked marking him as taken.

Sharp teeth punctured the skin and a small trickle of blood stained the fabric of his sleep trousers (he had started wearing them when Asmodeus had confessed that seeing him sleep in nothing but a large t-shirt and underwear was very, ahem, distracting ). He gasped, not having been expecting that and trying not to focus on the sudden fuzzy feeling that filled his head, his nerves going into frenzy and making him wake up fully.

He gripped the Demon's hair to warn him of what he was doing, and Asmodeus had the nerve to ignore him, sucking harder on the already abused skin of his hips. He took the time to trace the faint scars from his suicide attempt to many years ago with first his fingers, then his tongue, purring when Harry bucked a little and tried to squirm away. He gripped his hips now, both to hold him down and to keep him still, smiling when Harry whimpered and covered his hands with his own, no longer making any move to escape.

"You taste like sugar." Asmodeus joked; tugging down the fabric of Harry's trouser's a little so he could bruise the rest of his left hipbone, lowering his head and sucking hard on the pale skin until it turned purple and red. He shifted himself so he had a leg on either side of his slim legs, attention solely on reaching as much skin as he could. Harry arched and somehow managed to untangle his hands from the sheets and grip the brown locks splayed over his torso and thighs, fingers clenching and nearly tearing his hair out by the roots when the mouth abandoned his still-bleeding hip to mouth kisses over his crotch.

A trickle of sweat ran down the side of his face and he wiped it away, raising himself on his elbows to observe Asmodeus as he slowly unbuttoned the front of his pants, loosing the tie string along the way and playfully licking the front of his underwear. He wasn't sure he wouldn't regret giving into this later, but he was feeling a little too happy about the situation to protest, later awkward consequences be damned. His elbows gave out when Asmodeus sat up and gave up his slow act to yank his underwear and trousers down at the same time, sitting on Harry's thighs so he could watch Harry bite his lip to keep quiet when he stroked him gently, not wanting to scare him. They had messed around plenty of times, but usually not in plain daylight and not so intimately. He bent his back and kissed him carefully and thoroughly, trying his best to communicate that he was safe and that he wasn't going to hurt him. "Harry." He whispered. Harry didn't respond, chest rapidly rising and falling as he panted, eyes tightly closed as the fingers around him began to pick up the pace, rubbing over the head and squeezing the base with care.

"Harry, look at me." He rubbed their noses together, using his free hand to cup the side of Harry's face and stroke his jaw as he kissed his eyelids. They fluttered open and hazy green met his yellow. "Hey."

"More." Was all Harry could mange, wrapping his calf around one of the demon's legs and clenching the muscles there. Asmodeus' breath caught and he grinned at the effect he was having on him.

"Say please." He was grinning again, slowing his hand down until it was barely moving in slow strokes. Harry groaned and licked his lips, moving his hips upward until they bumped Asmodeus' torso. "Please." He whispered, smiling when Asmodeus kissed him and resumed his previous pace. The heated, close feeling in the air almost suffocated him now, the sun making his skin feel like it was on fire as it added to the heat his boyfriend was causing. It rose until he felt all of his muscles clench, faint though they are at his age, under his skin and especially in his lower stomach, where they seemed to tie themselves into a replica of the Gordian Knot. He came, unable to stifle a loud gasp, and then felt himself practically float out of his own body, any tension or lingering fears he might have had from the past year disappearing in a flash of powerful light. He cracked his eyes open a few minutes later, trying to catch his breath and losing it again when he saw the awed look on his boyfriend's face. Judging from the tense way he was sitting now, he could guess that he hadn't been able to finish business through the sight of him…coming like that. In fact, it would seem to have worsened his plight. Waiting a moment to gather himself, he sat up against the pillow and grasped his hips carefully and tugging him towards himself, smiling shyly to show he didn't mind.

Asmodeus sagged when Harry kissed him, hands moving through Harry's hair and smoothing back his fringe to reveal his high forehead so he could lap at it with his tongue when they broke apart, Harry still not having enough air in his lungs to continue for very long. "What do you need me to do?" Harry murmured, mouth now gently pressed to his jugular as he suckled lightly. He wasn't sure he wanted to intake some Demonic blood right now, by either accident or design, considering the effect it usually had on him.

He hadn't exactly been planning to have Harry touch him like this, but he was a little too close to the edge to be thinking clearly.

"You can do whatever you want to me." He bite down on Harry's ear after saying so, twining an arm around his bony shoulders and mentally scolding himself for not making him eat more.

Harry inhaled sharply and tried to decide what to do first, unconsciously shifting one of his legs between Asmodeus' and rubbing it against the topic of debate. Yellow eyes slitted themselves and the grip around him tightened almost painfully, Asmodeus' sharp breaths against his neck inducing him to continue moving his thigh against him until his hips began to jerk and he actually fell on top of him, the arm that had landed around his back tightening until it was a little difficult to breath.

"Nnghh…" He groaned, face now against the pillow Harry's back was braced against.

"Did I hurt you?" Harry whispered frantically, mistaking the sound for one of pain.

"God, no! Just…just don't stop."

Harry swallowed and continued, using his hands to massage his hips and mouthed his collarbone gently, nibbling the jutting bones affectionately until Asmodeus made some strange noise consisting only of vowels into the pillow, and Harry felt something wet against his bare thigh, even through the fabric of Asmodeus' trousers.

He flopped onto his back, relaxing his limbs and grinning like a loon. It was about time he turned the tables, and he had liked being in charge for once. Asmodeus made a mumbling noise and seemed to drift off into sleep. Harry resolved to take a shower later, since he was far too comfortable at the moment to even consider getting out of bed.

Downstairs his guardians wondered what was going on, and Vladimir whispered to his brother that it was about time the puberty monster visited Harry with wet dreams. Bronislav had smacked him with a spatula.


End chapter 1

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