Gaia's Awakening
" " are speaking
' ' are quotes
{ } are thoughts
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Chap 6 : Trinity


A damn hole into the bloody reality itself. THAT was where the blasted
beast where from. But how is one supposed to stop an invasion like
that? Well, you could stay put at the entrance and kill whatever came
through it, but what if it wasn't the only portal there was? There
were very few amazons that could fight these things. Only the Elites
themselves had a chance to survive this battle.

That was what Ranma thought while silently glaring at the glowing
black vortex. He was so amazed by this turn of events that he didn't
notice the patrol until it was too late.

A squad of five beast had seen him and Shampoo, and they shouted an
alert while taking to the air to catch the two elite amazons.

Shaking himself from his shock-like state, Ranma grabbed Shampoo's
hand and blasted as fast as possible into the air, letting go of the
restrains on his power. They were already detected anyway.


"Hu? That was Ranma, what the f... is he trying to do, releasing his
power like that?" nearly shouted Ryoga when he felt Ranma's aura

"He might have problems, but we'd need to rise our power too if we
want to help him." Akane replied.

"We can't! We would have to fight way too much beasts to get to them.
He'll have to get himself out of here, we need to discover what they
are hiding in here, so we can find a way to beat them." He told her,
his face very serious.

"I know, but I can't help to worry about him. He's strong but we don't
know anything about THEM." Akane explained.

"Yeah, I feel the same, and that's why we cannot fail. We NEED know
more about them to be able to kick their ass so hard they won't ever
try to come back." He replied, giving her an arrogant grin.

{Darn! Am I turning into Ranma? I can't believe I said that!} the lost
boy thought, recognizing the way he talked to Akane.


"Ranma, they are faster than you. Let me fly on my own, you are
slowing us both dragging me like that!" complained Shampoo to her
pigtailed friend, shouting so he could hear her despite the air
pressure caused by their speed.

"I know but we don't have time to slow down enough for that. I'm
faster than you into the air and you don't slow me down that much!"
Ranma shouted back.

It was a lost cause, they both knew it. Neither wanting to endanger
the other. Their pursuers were nearly on them when a ball of fire
nearly incinerated Ranma's head, making him stop.

"What the fuck..." Shouted the pigtailed amazon, dodging the following

"You are fast, I'll give you that." Said a deep voice from where the
fireball came.

A black figure approached the amazon duo, revealing itself to be a
bigger beast than the others ones, now surrounding the big one.

{Must be a chief or something. It talks our language.} thought Ranma.

"What the hell are you?" asked Ranma to the black figure through
clenched teeth, trying to shield Shampoo as much as possible.

"And what are you doing here, you ugly?" Shampoo added from behind

"My... I'm not surprised you don't recognize us, after all the last
time we could cross worlds was a couple millennia ago. Humans always
had a short memory. Hu, hu, hu." The thing laughed at them.

"A couple millennia ago? Don't you try to make me believe that you are
THAT old! I'm not that stupid!" shouted Ranma, getting angry at the
way the beast acted.

"Bah, who cares if I'm lying? But if you want to know, I'm 'only' five
hundred years old." The dark monster answered, amused by the

"Since you seem to like talking, how about you tell us what you are
doing here?" Shampoo asked the shadow.

"Invading your world, what else does it seems like?" The beast replied
her with a straight face... well, what looked like a straight face for
this.. 'thing'.

"Why? Is there even a reason for this invasion?" asked Ranma, trying
to get a hold on his feelings.

"In fact, yes. Our world is old. Much older than yours, so to keep us
alive we have to find a new one." The best explained.

"You're coming from another world?" exclaimed Ranma.

"You forgot even that? Well, since I'm in a good mood, I'll let you
know so you won't be ignorant when I kill you. There was, there is and
there will always be three worlds : one old, that's mine; one adult,
that's yours; and one young, I don't know this one yet. It has always
be called the Trinity. When the old world finally die, the adult
become old, then the young become adult and a new world is born to
replace the young. Currently my world is on the verge of dying, it
only have a few thousands years to live, but we just got the chance to
survive our world by stealing yours and we won't waste it. You'd do
the same at my place I'm sure." The beast told then, smirking.

"You know that we'll stop you, don't you?" Shampoo warned it.

"And you know that I can't let you live with what I told you? I'm a
Demon Lord, you don't even stand a chance to scratch me!" The now
revealed demon told them, igniting his hands in fire, ready to launch
the quickly forming fireballs.

"A demon? I should have known you were some insane evil beast. Well,
you are going down, no mater what!" Ranma announced while pushing his
power to it's limit, trying to reach the state of mind needed to
trigger his transformation.

Shampoo readied her bomboris and took her place at Ranma side,
powering up as much as possible.

Sensing his opponent power levels reaching their maximums, the demon

{All too easy. I didn't have this much fun for a long time.} it
thought while smirking at his 'preys'.


Still trying to sneak into the demon camp, the other two amazons felt
their friends auras growing and getting ready for a all-or-nothing

"Darn, if they are powering up that much, then they must be in it
deep! They must have found something." Akane told Ryoga.

"Or something found them. We need to help them, you feeling up to fly
full power to there?" Ryoga asked her back.

"Seem we don't really have a choice anymore!" She shouted while taking
to the air, increasing her power and speed as much as possible,
quickly followed by the other amazon.


Two rivers of flames where battling each other. Shampoo was sweating
bullets while she focused as much power in her flames as possible, but
it was doing her no good. The demon's own fire was slowly but clearly
overwhelming hers, and he even looked like he was not truly trying.

"Ranma. I'm sorry, but... I can't... keep... it... up..." she took a
last look at her friend bloodied form laying on the ground bellow.
Ranma was beat so easily. {How can it be that strong! We cannot lose!
Not now! We must at least tell the others... so they can get ready...}
The flames were getting nearer her each passing second. {Please,
someone!} she shouted in her mind, praying for a miracle.

"SHISHI HOKODAN !!" a massive greenish light was her reward, her wish
had been granted. Letting go of her flames, she started to fall toward
the ground, too tired to even stay floating in the air, but Akane
caught her before she crashed.

Ryoga now faced the demon while Akane looked at Shampoo and Ranma.

Sadly, the demon wasn't even bruised by the blast and it glared at
Ryoga, his eyes promising pain in an insane quantity.

Ryoga gulped seeing this, it had beat both Ranma and Shampoo at once.

{I hope I can slow it down just enough for Akane to get Ranma and
Shampoo up to fight again. Alone, I don't stand a snowball chance in


"Shampoo, can you heal Ranma if I give you some of my chi?" Akane
asked the purple haired amazon.

"I am nearly drained, but I can do it with your help, yes." The amazon
answered, getting her breath back.

Akane put a hand on Shampoo's shoulder and began the chi transfer.
Shampoo got some color back on her face and then put her own hand on
Ranma's torso, using part of Akane's chi to heal Ranma.

It took them only a couple minutes to get ready again. Ranma had
regenerated enough to fight again, but the three of them knew they
wouldn't have another chance like that. It was now do or die!


Ryoga was covered in bruises. All in all, he was VERY happy to have
undergone that hellish training with the big rocks. He was sure the
Bakusai Tenketsu training was the only thing that made him so tough
and kept him alive so long.

Just as the demon was about to blast him with yet another fireball,
the three other amazons returned to the fight, ready to help their

"Pff... You should have stayed down, your death would have been
painless then. Well, now you'll regret it. A lot!" the demon shouted
and fired his fireball at Ryoga, sending him flying down the ground.

"Ranma, Akane, I need you to keep him at bay a few seconds. I think I
can block his movements long enough for us to kill him, but I need
time to gather the power to do so." Shampoo murmured to her two

"Let's rock!" shouted Ranma, flying toward this enemy at max speed.

"We'll try." Akane replied the purple haired girl before dashing after

As Shampoo focused, Ranma and Akane tried to double team the demon,
but he was so damn fast and seemed invulnerable to the few hits they
could get past his defense.

Shampoo was guiding all her chi to her psychic powers, her mind was
the strongest of the amazons, surely she could manage it. She was an
amazon, a Waken even!

"Aaarrrrgh!!" shouted the demon more in anger than in pain as it
stopped moving suddenly. "How..." it looked around and saw Shampoo
with her battle aura raised and growing slowly.

"Yeah, Shampoo, you did it! Now it's payback time, ain't it, ugly?"
Ranma smiled an evil grin before punting the demon to the ground where
it crashed violently.

The three amazons followed, Shampoo still keeping the demon from
moving. Their reached the ground then Akane and Ranma hit the demon,
again, and again, quickly joined by Ryoga who wanted a piece of the
bastard, until the demon was only a puddle of blood on the ground.

"Holy, it's still alive, even if barely. Time to put an end to your
suffering!" Said Ryoga, gathering chi for a last blast.

"Yeah, might as well make sure it dies." Added Ranma preparing his own

"SHISHI HOKODAN!!" "MOKO TAKABISHA!!" they both shouted at once,
their double blast incinerating the bloody demon flesh until there
wasn't even ashes to show it had been here at all.

"Guys, the little fellow don't seem too happy we fried their boss."
Akane warned her teammates, showing the approaching demons all around

"Damn. We are done for this time." Ranma told his friends just before
the demons charged.

Being all very tired, the battle was pretty one sided. Ranma was still
trying to find that power sleeping inside him, he could barely touch
it but not grasp it like he wanted too.

Shampoo was the first to bit the dirt, her use of her psychic powers
to hold the Demon Lord down had drained her more than she let appear
to, but she was a proud amazon and didn't want to show weakness.

Then it was Akane turn, she was sent flying hard into a ruined wall
still standing up after Civa's Apocalypse. Their number reduced to
half, the two amazons boys were getting despaired. A feeling that
Ryoga knew all well, being his focus for his chi blast.

This time however, it wasn't a chi blast that Ryoga triggered by his
darkest feeling.

"AKANE !! NOOO !! YOU'LL PAY !! DIIIIEEEEE !!!" Ryoga shouted, his
rage building as well. His aura was growing stronger while the lost
boy focused all his rage to boost his power.

"UUUUWAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" With a final shout, both his aura and hairs
turned golden while his eyes went blue-green. Letting his rage get the
better of him, he began killing demon after demon. Mercy was a word
unknown to him in this state of mind.

Ranma, seeing that Ryoga succeeded where he had failed today, put some
space between him and his berserker friend, just in case Ryoga
couldn't dissociate enemies from allies anymore. He had two teammates
out cold and he needed to check on them. Yeah, that was it!


A few minutes later, Ryoga had calmed enough to get his cool back, his
hairs still gold. He felt that Ranma was with the girls and he went to
meet them on the ground.

"Ranma!" he called. "Are they...?"

"They will be fine, just lots of bruises. Congrats!" Ranma told him.

"Hu? What for?" asked Ryoga, not understanding why Ranma would
congratulate him for. {Why don't I remember how I got there? I fell so
strong... and where that rage come from?} thought the lost boy.

"You didn't even notice, did you? You just broke the damn first seal
of power, like I did not so long ago. And you got the demons good,
too. Do I need another reason to praise you?" Ranma told him,
surprisingly very sober about this Ryoga noted.

"I... I did? Wow...But how come you didn't use that power yourself?
You broke that seal already, didn't you?" Ryoga asked his rival.

"I tried... but it just wouldn't break again. I couldn't get enough
time to train to master it, yet. I'll get the hang of it, I just need
more time, that's all. As you will too." Ranma explained.

"Yeah, let's just get the hell out of here before we get more demons
wanting to finish us." Ryoga told, grabbing Akane while Ranma got


They safely got to the amazon camp and explained what they saw and
learned while the girls were cared after.

Soon at full health again but still with highly depleted chi reserves,
the Elites went to get back home to start planning the defense against
the demonic invasion.

While flying toward the west to get their boat on the USA's west
coast, Ranma was mesmerized by his power's increase. It was like
breaking the seal had allowed his potential to grow too. But what was
worrying him was the growing feeling that something wasn't right...
like he was feeling something that shouldn't... couldn't be.

"Guys... I... I don't know what, but I got a feeling, and I always
listen to them... Something is not right... I..." he tried to explain
to his friends but his face was growing more and more worried by each
passing second.

"What do you have?" "DO you feel a danger somewhere?" asked the other

"Maybe... I don't..." but in a sudden flash of light, he disappeared
without finishing his sentence, letting his teammates to worry about


He was disoriented. Where was he? And how the hell did he do that?
Teleportation? A new ability maybe? Looking around him, he noticed he
was in some sort of Greek-like palace and facing a short brown haired
woman. Ranma fell to his knees seeing her.

But it wasn't her shortness that made him to kneel like that. Not at
all. Her power level on the other side. She was easily equal to Ma
Yuan or Civa!! How the hell could the amazons have missed her for so
long and why didn't she showed up to help or try to stop the Tyrant.

"Because I didn't feel like it!" She said aloud, answering his silent

Realizing that she talked to him, and even answered to his very
thoughts, Ranma couldn't keep silent anymore. But his very soul was
telling him that etiquette w as more than needed here.

"I'm sorry I came uninvited, but to tell the truth I don't even know
how I got here." He explained, scratching the back of his head.

"You teleported like you already deduced yourself. I'm surprised to
see that there are still strong Wakens like you. I thought that they
all disappeared long ago. Only a few Gods like myself were left a
couple millennia ago and we all went our own way." She explained.

"You... You are a God? Were Ma Yuan and Civa Gods too?" asked a taken
aback Ranma.

"Don't you DARE compared these two to me!!" She suddenly roared. "I'm
a Goddess! Civa was just a fool and a student... He was still a long
way to bloom into full Godhood. As for My Yuan... THE BASTARD WAS THE
ONE TO KILL MOST OF THE GODS! Without that fool, Civa wouldn't have
used his Apocalypse that broke all contacts from others worlds!" She
calmed down while talking after her little outburst.

"I'm sorry... It's just that they were so powerful... Almost like
you... They DID break the third seal while fighting each others a few
months ago." Ranma told her.

"I know, I felt them from here. It's a good thing that they are now
both dead. I'd have killed the winner after the fight since he'd have
been too drained to be able to fight me. But you still haven't told me
your name, young one." The Goddess told him.

Ranma slowly got back to his feet and bowed down.

"My name is Ranma. I'm truly sorry not to have given my name before."

"It's alright. You were distressed after your first teleportation.
Like I already told you, I'm a Goddess and I had lots of names in the
past. The one I use now was given to me by the Greeks not long before
the closing of the gates. My name is Athena." She presented herself.

Ranma quickly got to a knee and bowed his head before talking again.

"My Goddess, have you heard about the Demons invading our world? They
came from a black vortex where was the epicenter of Civa's Apocalypse.
They plan to steal the Earth from us humans." He explained her.

"I do know of them and am planning to stop them. But my followers are
not strong enough to do it and I alone cannot be everywhere at once.
Your arrival is perfect since you seem to be already fighting the
blasted beasts." She told him with a glint in her eyes.

"We just got our freedom again after Ma Yuan's death. We won't let
ourselves be stripped from our freedom just after we got it back. We
lost too much to let that happen without fighting!" Ranma exclaimed,
showing her that he meant each word he said.

"If you agree to become my warrior, I could help you get even more
powerful than you are now. I felt your power several months ago when
you first broke the first seal, and also when your friend did it today
too. Yours amazons are perfect candidates to rebuild my troops to
fight against the demons."

"The Amazons are a proud people. I'll tell them about you but I'm not
sure they will accept to be your soldiers, even if it's to fight the
demons. But we sure could use your help. But what did you mean when
you said you could make me stronger?" he asked.

"Not only you but every amazon. I can give a small part of my power to
someone and make him or her stronger. The ritual link that someone to me and
make him or her forever my soldier."

"Forever? That's a bit much to pay for a power boost!" Ranma
exclaimed, not being able to keep silent.

"You may think so but my soldiers do have free will. They cannot harm
me in any way and they feel obligated to come when I call them, for
they know I don't call them without a reason. But you must accept the
pact knowingly or the ritual won't work anyway. I'll give you some
time to explain to your friends. The invasion is still at it's first
stage and we are not in a hurry, yet." Athena explained to Ranma.

"Thank you, my Goddess... hu... how do I teleport back to where I
was?" Ranma asked, sounding apologizing for not knowing that.

"No need to be shy about it, you just got that ability. Just think of
the ones you want to be with and you'll teleport to them." The Goddess
instructed the young pigtailed amazon. She smiled when she saw his
disappear in a flash a few seconds later.

{Well, he seems to learn quickly. I hope he accepts the pact, I could
use someone like him!} She mused before starting to prepare for the


"Wow... that'll sure need some time to get used to!" Ranma said aloud
after teleporting on a boat.

"Ranma? Where were you and how did you appear and disappear like
that?" Asked Akane after the surprise of his appearance was gone.

"Hey, guys! You'll never believe what happened to me!" He said, nearly
dancing with trepidation. Seeing that they weren't sharing his joy, he
started to tell them. "I met a Goddess!! She even stronger than was Ma
Yuan!! And she'll help us against the demons! She can make us stronger
too if we accept to help her when she need it!!" He didn't notice it
but he was starting to babble, giving information without any logic to it.

Akane & Shampoo looked at him like he had grown a second head.

{A Goddess?} was their mutual thought.

"By the way, where's Ryoga?" Ranma asked his fellow amazons.

End of Chapter 6