Disclaimers in chapter 1 – AN: spoilers for Suckers (some actual dialogue)

I hated leaving the girls since they looked like they were having a good time. I wanted to be, too, but we had to clear this case - and probably another before even thinking about going home. Sara and I headed back toward the lab, but Gil paged us and had us go over to PD. They must have gotten a suspect while we were cleaning up. Good, the faster we got it over with, the faster I can put it behind me.

When we got there, Grissom and Brass were talking to an older gentleman in one of the interrogation rooms, so Sara and I decided to observe. We found out quickly that his name was Vincent Lurie and that we didn't have a lot of evidence against him. It was a murder case, though, so we could just continue to build our case until we did. We were about to head out when Gil started talking to the guy about missing out and then getting a second chance, and that he couldn't do it. I squeezed Sara's hand knowing that he meant her. Lucky for us, where he didn't - I did, and it was the best decision of my life.

We left and went back to the lab, waiting for Grissom to finish the interview. The guys and I were sitting at the break room table sipping our coffees when he finally walked in, and he had slips in his hands. "These are the last two cases. Once these are cleared, we're all off for a couple days, supposedly. I'm going to take Nick and Sara with me, and Catherine, you have a 419 in a vacant house with Warrick."

I let Warrick drive to the scene since I was still a little distracted. When we pulled up, we found a female officer waiting for us. She filled us in on the place's checkered past (two suicides a few years back and now this). She commented that the house might be cursed, and she felt strongly about that since she lifted up the crime scene tape for us while staying outside. We headed inside and found David in one of the bedrooms, kneeling next to the body.

"Uh… oh, hey, David." I didn't want to scare him since he didn't seem to notice us come in.

"Yeah!" I was too late, since he jumped at the sound of my voice. "Oh, hey. Uh, jugular's been punctured." I shared a look with Warrick before leaning in for a closer look. "Two marks." David pointed to them. "Possibly, bite marks."

Buffy told us about vampires - and that Vegas isn't a big hangout for them. "Bite marks?" I asked as I knelt down for an even closer look.

"Punctures are thirty-two millimeters apart. That's the average distance between the eyeteeth in an adult's male's mouth." Now, I was glad that David didn't know the actual truth.

"Right, but those punctures are consistent with human teeth." Okay, I know I'm just following David into this, but I'm going to have Buffy and Willow make sure this isn't and actual vampire attack.

"Yeah, well, what about fangs?" Poor David. First the raccoon and now this.

"Fangs? Come on," Warrick added, trying to interject some clarity until David opened the woman's mouth to show off her pierced tongue and… fangs. Oh boy.

"Wounds are deep. She bled out." I hated to say it, but it was starting to sound like how Buffy described it when she came clean about what she is.

"Then where's all the blood?" Warrick's question definitely wasn't a bad one.

"Lividity tells me she wasn't postmortem, so I don't know." I'm sure David had a few theories but was going to keep them to himself since Warrick and I haven't been very giving with the vampire support.

"I'm going to look around." I gave Warrick a nod; maybe he'll find some evidence (or blood) someplace else.

"David, I don't know a whole lot about vampires, but if she were bitten, there's spit. And if there's spit, there's DNA so swab the neck," Okay, I know more about them than most people, but not everybody has a daughter who kills them.

"Catherine, take a look at this," I heard Warrick say from the hallway. I found him outside another room before heading inside with him. "Please tell me that's not blood."

I went over and took a swab before testing it for blood. "Negative. It's probably just house paint."

"Well, we know one thing for sure. This place wasn't vacant." No, it wasn't, and I was going to make sure we were going to have an actual suspect – or suspects - to charge.

"Warrick, I don't want to play into David's hunches, but would you have a problem if I had Buffy and Willow come to the lab and make sure this isn't what it looks like?" My question got his famous smile to start.

"Well, they haven't had the full tour of the place. I'm sure Doc Robbins won't mind seeing them again." Warrick is a genius.

My first call was to Gil, giving the particulars on the case and my idea to make sure David's suspicions were wrong. He gave me the green light and I called Al next, followed by Judy to have their visitors' passes ready.

Warrick and I made our way through the rest of the house to make sure we missed nothing else. Once we were packed up, I called the house, and whoever answered was somebody new. "Can I talk to Buffy, please?" I guessed the Cleveland crew had arrived.

Shortly after Mom and Sara left, Will and Dawn came back from dropping off Lindsey, so I had us split up for showers. And after the various threats of badness if they sexed up our shower, we all got cleaned up. I guess I should have warned Willow, too. Her hands were a little more roam-y when she was cleaning me up. I was honestly shocked when we came downstairs to find the other two already done.

"Buffy, since you and Willow are taking Lindsey trick or treating, what do you think about Kennedy and I staying here to pass out candy while letting Mom and Sara go out for a private dinner?" I tilted my head and stared intently at my sister and her girlfriend.

I didn't see any hints of them being up to something, so I smiled. "That's a good idea, Dawn, and I'm sure they will love it, too. I'll even let you ask them."

"Thanks, Buffy. And since we all have evening plans, Kenn and I are going to do some shopping," my sister said before she and Kennedy headed out the door leaving Willow and I by ourselves.

Willow had an idea on how to spend our time. Her hands cupped my breasts from behind and she whispered, "One empty house means we can do whatever we want." I could only moan as Willow rolled my nipples with her fingers.

"B-bedroom." I was not getting busted my mom – again.

Willow yanked me into our bedroom and slammed me into the back of the door, kissing me hungrily. We've had a few make out sessions here and there, but this one was more physical. Not to be left out, I made quick work of the button on Will's jeans while she mauled my breasts. I found out quickly that I may not have much there, but they were very responsive. Will pulled back, smiling and panting, as I lifted up my arms to help her take off my shirt. Just as she was about to clamp her mouth over one of my breasts, there was a knock at the front door.

"Somebody is going to die," I said, growling as Willow handed me my shirt so I could put it back on. I stomped down the hall and whipped open the door to find a smiling Faith.

"What's the deal, B? You're supposed to be in the big house." I watched her eyes drop to my very hard nipples. "And I see we've interrupted." I really hated those dimples.

"Family misunderstanding. My grandfather is an ass, but Mom and Grandma took care of it for me. Where is our British drama queen?" I smirked as I opened the door further to let my friends in, knowing he was out there.

"Buffy, Mr. Giles was just looking out for you, so be nice," Tara chimed in as she followed in behind Faith.

I gave Tara a polite smile. "Tara, I can't be completely nice to him. He wouldn't know how to handle that." I gave her a hug as Giles shut the door. "Mom says if you're all staying, you have to get rooms."

"We already took care of that, Buffy. That's why we were delayed. We may be just visiting, but I wasn't going to impose on your mother," Giles said as I walked over and gave him a hug. I may pick on him, but that's what you do with family. "How are you, Buffy?"

"I'm good, Giles. I think I'm starting to get the whole hang of this normal girl gig." Giles hugged me back as the phone rang. "Anya, can you get that since you are closer?" I looked back to make sure she was actually going to get it.

"Silly girl, you will never be normal," he said kissing my forehead as I overheard Anya tell whomever 'just a second'.

I turned around to find her holding the phone out towards me. I didn't ask who it was since all of my friends were here. I figured it was Mom or Sara, and when I said hello, I found out it was. She wanted Willow and me to come to the lab and help with the case under the guise of taking a tour. When she told me why, I shouldn't have been surprised since there have been vampire wannabes for centuries, as Anya tells it. We said our goodbyes as I hung up the phone.

"Is something wrong, Buffster? Do we need to assemble the Scoobies?" I had to laugh at Xander's questions.

"Yes and no. Will and I are heading to the lab to put Mom's worries to rest. Apparently, there are vampire wannabes in Vegas, and she wants me to make sure." I was about to grab my shoes, but I stopped and turned around. "Faith, I have a ten year old sister, so you are to be on your best behavior." I solidified my statement by pointing at my dimpled friend.

"You have my word, Buffy," Tara said with a wink, so I knew things were going to be okay.

I had Warrick stay with the evidence while I waited for the girls. I figured he and Nick could compare cases while they both waited. I decided to hang out in the break room, drinking a cup of coffee. I found Grissom's mostly done crossword and looked it over before taking a look at the rest of the paper. I was making my way through the comics when I realized I was being watched, so I looked up to see Sara smiling at me.

"There is no way you can beat the weirdness of my case." Normally, Sara would possibly be right by making that statement, but not today.

"Unless you have possible vampires, I can." I don't know if I've ever seen Sara speechless. "I don't believe it is, but Buffy and Willow are coming in to make sure. When I told Buffy about the case, she didn't seem shocked. I'm guessing this stuff is more than typical."

"Not really. There was club in Sunnydale my sophomore year, and I'm told it's quite prevalent." Buffy said startling Sara and I. "So where does this tour start?" she asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"We'll start in the morgue." Might as well get the official part done first. "Then I'll show you around. Oh, I almost forgot. Who answered the phone earlier?"

"Anya. The rest of the gang is here, and they have rooms. You only have the four you started with," Buffy explained with a smile. Looks like there will be a family dinner sometime soon.

I pointed out the different labs on the way to the elevator. I could introduce them to the techies later. Well, I might have them avoid Hodges since he is weird, and I wouldn't want to expose them to anymore than they already have. I glanced back as we got closer, and the fact that neither one seemed put off by the morgue distressed me a little. I pushed open the metal doors and was glad that Al wasn't playing the air guitar on his crutch.

"Good afternoon, ladies," he said in his always pleasant voice. "David said you found evidence of vampires in North Las Vegas."

"Not if she's involved there isn't," Buffy said, walking over to the body. Something seemed to surprise even her, though. "Okay, this is a new kind of weird. I've met people who wanted to have a vampire turn them so they can become one, but the teeth and actual biting?" I had to laugh at how Buffy reacted. It was Lindsey's yuck-face down to a tee.

"Well, that is gratifying in one sense, but that means we have an actual murderer on our hands. Thanks, Al." I gave him a wave as I escorted the girls out before starting to show them around.

Even though I had a pressing case, I didn't skimp on the tour because I knew Warrick was capable of handling things until I got back. He could catch me up. I tried to avoid Hodges, but he surprised us. Although, Willow scared him (and me a little, too) when she told him that they had an appointment to pick up Buffy's new paddle. Thank God she told me later that she was only joking. I walked them out and gave them both a hug before heading back inside to try and put my case to bed.

Since it was close to lunch time and we had a houseful of people, Willow and I hit the pizza place and made their day. After forty-five more minutes and thirty pies later, we drove home. I was suddenly glad that I got a few extras since Dawn and Kennedy were back. Before we got out of the car, Dawn ran out and stuck her head in Willow's window.

"Faith and Tara are eloping in one of the chapels. I tried scrying to get a better guess where, but I only know around the area since there were four or five in the same place. I hope Tara is at least telling her that she isn't getting married by Elvis or at the alien chapel." Dawn's announcement sent my head spinning, but I recruited her to help with the pizzas.

After we dropped off the food, I grabbed Kennedy, too, so we could have two Slayers help with the Faith tracking. Plus, I still wanted there to be pizza when we got back. We climbed into the car as I turned to Dawn.

"So where should we start?" I knew my way around Vegas a little, but not all that well.

"Head for Las Vegas Boulevard, that's where a lot of the chapels are. Once we get close enough, I can pinpoint her better," Dawn said as Willow backed out of the driveway.

I wasn't sure at first about Dawn learning magic, but Tara told me she was a natural. She figured it was because of her mystical background. Once I got the Tara stamp of approval, I was a little less nervous about it. As we got closer, I thought about my wedding. I knew Willow and I weren't that close to getting married, but we weren't that far away either. I would have to figure out how to surprise her. My internal thoughts had me distracted, so when Dawn yelled, I jumped.

"There! At Vegas Wedding Chapel on South Third Street," Dawn announced as I punched in the new direction in the GPS.

After finding a parking spot, we climbed out of the car and headed for the entrance. We all knew the element of surprise wasn't there since Faith would be able to feel Kennedy and me nearby. Willow opened the door, and as we filed in, I noticed that Faith and Tara were already doing their vows. I grabbed Willow's hand and ran up the aisle until we were standing behind our friends. When the preacher asked for objections, Faith peered back but only found me smiling before the preacher pronounced them married.

"Faith, you do know this means you are getting an obnoxious reception now, and I think I'll let Xander do the toast to the happy couple." My threat earned me a punch from her.

"As long as there is a big ass cake, I don't care if you let Brat do it," Faith said, smiling as she scooped Tara up.

I made Dawn and Kennedy ride with the newly married couple so they would end up back at the house. Plus, I wanted to get some things ready for a fast party - the first thing being Faith's big ass cake. The presents could just get sent to Cleveland and be waiting for them after they got back from their honeymoon. I called Giles to have the house set up while Will and I grabbed some party necessities. I didn't worry about food since we had the pizza, but we did stop and get some Chinese along with loads of burgers. Faith was going to love it. After getting the last of the supplies, we drove home. I was happy not to see Tara's car so we could get the place set up.

We were pretty much finished as Dawn and Kennedy escorted the newly married couple out into the patio. I presented the cake with a smile. "This big ass enough for you, Faith?"

"As long as it is chocolate, yes, it is, B," Faith said smiling as I nodded. Like I was stupid enough to get any other flavor.

We were all dancing and enjoying ourselves with the music was cranked. Well, Giles wasn't dancing, but then again, he didn't have a honey. He did have his single malt scotch, so I didn't worry about him. Too bad he wasn't sticking around, though; I think Jacqui could teach him a thing or two. Faith put in one of her favorite CDs, and I was pretty much using Willow as a humping pole. At least…I was until the music got abruptly shut off. There was a loud 'Hey!' as we turned toward the quiet stereo.

"Care to explain, Buffy?" Mom asked as Sara stood behind her, smirking.

"Faith and Tara tried to get married without getting caught. When Willow, Dawn, Kennedy and I busted them, we got a quick reception put together." I pointed out the marrieds before working through the others. "That is Giles, Xander, and his wife, Anya."

Sara took the cord from Mom and plugged it back in before going over and sitting near Giles. Faith resumed dancing, and the rest of us followed. I knew the day wasn't even close to being over since Willow and I were taking Lindsey out trick or treating later. Plus, Mom and Sara could meet the rest of the family while we were gone. I didn't know what the rest of my life held, but seeing my family together, I knew I was going to be okay.