Remus and Romulus

A Harry Potter Hurt/Comfort Fanfic

A short fic about Remus and Tonks' death. And Remus's twin who we didn't know about.

Rated K+ for character deaths.

Disclaimer: The only thing that I have the slightest claim on here is Romulus Lupin. Everything else belongs to JKR.

A/N: Okay. This is a little thing I wrote because in English one, a reference was made to Remus and Romulus, and I, being the idiot that I am, had no idea what that "the legendary founders of Rome were raised by wolves" so my more intelligent friends had to explain to me the story of Remus and Romulus. I was then stuck in Harry Potter mode for ten minutes, and waited around for four and half hours to write this.

Well, I hope you enjoy this little... nothingness. It almost made me cry at the end.

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(365 words)

Romulus? I wonder. I don't know whether it's aloud that I do, or it's simply loud in my mind. Seeing him blots out the rest of the fully-fledge battle. I see the smile drawing across his face and can hear him sneering my name, as if it were one of those old, painful memories.


I turn away from the confrontation. I don't want to face this hurt, this pain.

I don't want to face what I know I could have been.

I don't want to face what I know I am.

A shame, Remus, he murmurs. Or does he ever speak? I cannot discern the difference. I cannot discern what difference it would make. Such a shame – you could be great if you joined us.

Joined what? The pain? The loss?

Never, I whisper. He laughs – a hard, jarring sound that is nothing like the care-free laugh I can barely remember, from when we were whole.

It's your loss, he replies. You're a beast and you know it – you can't hide from your true self forever.

My true self. Just who is that?

Not this beast I've come to know, no, certainly not.

The mood, the scene, suddenly changes.


My Nymphadora's sweet voice has concern in it. For me?


Romulus's voice taunts me. Then it changes, subtly, as he beings to understand.

Her? I can hear the incredulousness in his voice. He knows what I'm like.

Or he knew.

You took someone as whole and young as she?

He hits the nail on the head.

He pours a pound of salt on the gaping wound.

I look away, hurt. My thoughts stray to Teddy, our wonderful, beautiful Teddy. A tear drips down my cheek.

Remus, what's happened?

My twin turns to look at her.

NO! I cry, but it is too late; the spell has been cast and with a crash of green light, she crumples to the floor. Dead. The tears fall freely now. I turn back to my once-loved brother.

Join us, he prompts.

Kill me, I plead.

And, for the last time and the first, he listens.

A flash of green, and then...

A/N: :'( I literally can't read this without coming close to crying... What did you think?