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Chapter 1 – So Here It Comes…

"You can run father, but you can't hide!"

The Doctor groaned in agony as he stumbled desperately through the underground base, constant blood seeping out from between his fingers from where he'd been shot by his own son. He couldn't believe how quickly the boy had flipped under the promises of power…

"That's it, keep running! This is fun!"

His side pulled even more and he cried out, falling to the floor. He forced his head up through the blackness of death, trying desperately to get onto two feet to keep running towards his goal but failing dismally as he collapsed back down in a heap onto the floor.

"Now you die, father!"

The Doctor panted heavily as a dark shadow stepped over him. This was it. This was the end.

"Please Rory, think about this…" the Doctor choked through his coughing, "remember who you are…"

"The person I used to be father, he's long since gone," Rory's voice was unnaturally deep, almost robot-like. The Doctor felt him kneel down beside him, the barrel of the laser pistol he wielded resting against his father's head. "This side of me…likes to kill."

"Please Rory…" the Doctor heard himself beg but the fog shrouding his brain was so thick that anyone could have said it. "Take a look at yourself; look what you've become…"

Rory lifted a finger and tilted his father's head up, towards him. The golden light pouring from the boy's eyes almost blinded the Doctor. "Yeah, a power-crazed megalomaniac overlord of the Universe. I like it. It's quite catchy."

"Then I'm sorry, I really am."

Rory frowned. "For what?"

"For this." The Doctor swiftly reached into his gun holster and drew it out, shooting Rory through the head before a second had even passed.

He watched, transfixed as his own son collapsed to the floor, dead. In silence he stared, as if unable to believe what he'd just done. Slowly the shock began to fade away and he started to tremble, a cascade of emotions exploding from him in one almighty blast.

"YES!" he punched the air, jumping onto his feet in one swift movement. "I got you! I got you! I got you! You lost! You lost!" he sang, performing his victory dance as the world faded from around him, and was swiftly replaced by the interior of the gaming arcade they were stood in.

Rory sighed, picking himself up off the floor and drawing off his helmet. He looked over at his father, who was still performing his victory dance only now with his helmet off. Rory rolled his eyes, stepping out of the gaming arena and crossing to meet his Uncle Jack and two sisters, Lottie and Zoë.

"Oh bad luck Rory, you were so close!" Jack consoled him, ruffling his hair. Rory glared at him and patted it down again.

"It's totally unfair!" he insisted, "the game's glitched! I totally had him that time! What did I do wrong? I did it perfect!"

"It's your timing," the voice of the Doctor came from just behind him. "Seriously, you could've killed me three times quite easily but you insisted on chatting away about how brilliant you were! Never get power-crazed Rory, it only blinds you."

Rory shrugged. "Oh c'mon dad, I was just…taking it all in. It's not everyday I get to shoot you. I'll own you next time, seriously, I will!" he grinned at his father.

"In your dreams," the Doctor beamed, dropping to his knees as his two daughters rushed towards him in a frenzy and gripped him in a tight hug. "And how are my two favourite girls in the Universe?"

"Brill!" Lottie beamed, her long brown hair bouncing around her shoulders with her equally as brown eyes sparkling with delight. "He went zap, zap, zap, daddy, but you went baam, baam, baam and he dieded!"

Zoë held onto the Doctor, clinging tightly.

"I don't like guns, daddy," she murmured into him, her long curly blonde hair soft against his cheek with her deep brown eyes closed. The Doctor couldn't help but smile at the fact Jackie called Zoë her 'little angel' because of not only her angelic blonde curls, but also the fact her eyes went gold in the TARDIS as did Rory's and Lottie's too.

"Neither do I Zoë." The Doctor kissed her on the forehead, before drawing back to address both of them. "So what don't we use?"

"Guns!" Lottie supplied.

"And why don't we use them?"

"'Cause they hurts people!"

"And what do we use instead?"

"Fruit 'n stuff!"

He kissed her on the forehead. "Atta, girl."

"Ah geez, gimme a break," Rory sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Anyway, shouldn't you be more concerned about pumping that head of yours full of facts rather than video games?" the Doctor said, "if you wanna go to the Universal University…" He beamed, delighted as he said it. "I'll never get tired of saying that…"

"Dad, I don't wanna go," Rory suddenly said, and the Doctor's face fell. "I'd rather stay here."

The Doctor was surprised. "You couldn't stop talking about it the other week!"

"Yeah but I've changed my mind."

The Doctor shook his head. "Rory, listen to me…"

"Don't reel off all that rubbish about 'being brighter' 'cause fact is I can already speak 10000 languages fluently and evaluate pi to 100000 with my eyes shut. I don't need it, dad. You and Jack have taught me all I need to know."

The Doctor was still shaking his head. "No, I'm not gonna force you but I really think…"

"Well you're forcing me then, aren't you?!" Rory suddenly yelled, angry. "You can't tell me what to do! You don't own me!" and with that, he stormed out of the arcade exit. The Doctor shrugged, turning back to his daughters.

"Do me a favour – never grow up?" They nodded like a pair of little angels. "Tch, teenagers," the Doctor joked, before turning to Jack. "Where'd Rose and Jill get to?"

"Probably shopping in the market."

The Doctor nodded, taking the hands of his two little girls and leading them out of the arcade and into the bright midday sunshine. It was a beautiful summer's day on the Planet Yechia, 15th planet of the Diapnor constellation. The four different Suns were each shining brightly; the robot birds were singing their mechanical songs; the vibrant turquoise grass was swaying in the slight breeze. It had been the best weather Yechia had seen for a while, even if it was artificially created.

The planet was in the middle of a peace movement – so the Doctor had claimed. So there was absolutely no chance anything would try to possibly destroy their holiday break. Apparently.

Since Rose and Jack's girlfriend, leader of UNIT, Jill Lethbridge-Stewart (daughter to the Brigadier), were both seven months pregnant with their respective partner's children, the Doctor had taken the decision that they'd only go to places he was sure were 100 percent safe from alien threats. Apparently Yechia was one of those places.

Infact, the King of Yechia himself was about to come out and address the crowds, which was why the streets were so crowded – so much that even the Doctor with his keen eyes could see neither Rose nor Jill. He let go of Zoë's hand and knelt down, lifting Lottie onto his shoulders.

"Give us a yell if you see your mummy or auntie," he said steadying her on his shoulders. She giggled, searching the marketplace as her father was. "Zoë, hold onto me. Zoë?" He turned around, checking for the girl.
She wasn't there.

Zoë walked as if in a trance, slipping easily through the crowds since she was so small. Her eyes were fixed on the man in front of her, a dark-haired and pink skinned life form, hunched over in a long black coat despite the baking heat.

"Zoë!" she heard a call from behind her, but it was like she didn't hear it. Treading carefully without making a sound, she tailed the man to a small alleyway on the edge of the marketplace. She was about to follow when her name was called again, and she was gathered up in her father's arms. "You had daddy worried!" the Doctor said, kissing her softly on the cheek. He caught her blank expression, still staring ahead. "What? What is it?"

She raised her arm and pointed into the alleyway. "Bad man there daddy, he thinks bad thoughts."

The Doctor paused, following her gaze into the alleyway. Zoë was extremely insightful. She sort of seemed a bit lost most of the time. She hardly ever spoke but when she did it was usually something extremely perceptive. She seemed to be able to read people's minds or something like it was an extra sense. She and him always seemed to have a special kind of connection, and it was for that reason he'd trust her with anything. Including this.

The Doctor sighed, loudly. Rose was going to kill him for this. Since she'd been pregnant she'd been nothing but moody and scarily aggressive – yet somehow he still loved her to death whilst she was hitting him with a shoe. "Okay, show me."

He set Zoë down onto the ground and kept her hand firmly in his grasp this time as she pulled him into the alleyway. She turned an immediate right up a set of metal steps, and they both kept as quiet as they could. Finally they stopped at the top of the steps, and the Doctor realised what these bad thoughts the bad man was having were.

He was going to assassinate the King.

The Doctor had to stop him. If the King was assassinated, then the peace would be corrupted and Yechia would fall into another civil war… It just didn't bear thinking about. So much for a holiday break.

"Stay here," he whispered to the Zoë under the booming tones of the King's introductory orchestra. He was just coming onto the stage…

The assassin was still setting up his equivalent of a sniper rifle, so the Doctor got onto all fours and crossed the roof. He crawled over to the gunman, taking a seat silently beside him as he assembled his gun. The Doctor suddenly sighed loudly, and the gunman wheeled around in surprise. The Doctor beamed at him.

"Hullo! Nice day, isn't it?"

"I'll kill you!" the gunman suddenly said, drawing a knife out from his coat pocket. The Doctor sighed again, tutting as he scratched behind his left ear.

"Ah, that's where you failed. Beginner's mistake. See, if you were going to kill me, you would've done already and not have said, 'I'll kill you'," the Doctor said nonchalantly, taking the knife out of the gunman's grasp and tossing it out of reach towards his left. "But I can see you're a bit busy, assassinating the King and all. Now what I can't figure out is why you'd want to do something like that."

"You can't stop me!"

"Oh, never! Go ahead. Doesn't concern me. I'm not from 'round these parts. If you wanna take a pop at your own King and possibly cause the breakout of another Yechia civil war, go ahead. Be my guest. I won't stop you."

The gunman observed him for a moment, trying to determine whether he was serious or not. He looked serious enough, kicking his feet against the side of the building where he sat on the edge. The gunman raised his sniper rifle as the King walked on the stage, bowing to the masses. He braced it against his shoulder, aiming for the head…

"Oh wait, no, sorry, I've got to stop you there," the Doctor suddenly burst out, tutting and shaking his head. The gunman turned to look at him, annoyed. "Seriously, the position you're in? You'd be lucky to hit him at all! You've got to hold it with your left shoulder forward to your right for stability!"

The gunman quickly adjusted his position to the Doctor's recommendations, feeling a little miffed. He aimed once again.

"And what are you doing now?!" the Doctor said with a roll of the eyes, "who taught you to assassinate? Your mum? That's completely the wrong way to hold it! Look, give it here…"

"Go away!" the gunman yelled, wrestling with the Doctor over the gun. His finger hit the trigger and the rifle fired, the bullet harmlessly hitting the side of a distant building. He launched out a fist towards the Doctor who ducked, before the gunman let go of the rifle and ran back down the steps.

Victorious, the Doctor turned with sniper in hand towards the crowd below, watching in shock at the spectacle before them. The Doctor beamed.

"Treason!" someone suddenly yelled from the crowd, pointing up at the Doctor. The Doctor's smile froze. "Treason! He tried to assassinate the King!"

"Get him!" several people yelled, and suddenly the whole crowd was running towards him.

"Oh poo," the Doctor muttered, throwing the rifle to accompany the dagger. As he looked down at the advancing crowd he spotted Rose and everyone standing by one of the stools and staring at him in disbelief. Rose didn't look very happy with him as Zoë rushed over to her, holding onto her mother's maternity dress. The Doctor gave a shrug, and then began to run.

A/N: Chapter 2 – All Growed Up

"It's because they haven't had any for seven months," Jill stated as a matter-of-fact, and Rose nodded in agreement. "It's why they're acting like this. They think there's a famine."

"There is with this baby of his," Rose commented, hand on her bulging belly where baby Jack resided. "All he does is eat! God I'm starved. I need a banana split. And where's the guy who makes them? Getting chased 'round and 'round the city by a huge bloodthirsty mob! He's so selfish!"

It was there and then that Captain Jack Harkness decided he would definitely not be buying cheap contraception ever again.

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