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Conning Sweethearts

Chapter 3: People Are Such Gullible Morons

It was a really long drive to Palm Beach, and as such with any car, even with great mileage, gas was a requirement in order to get there. As they pulled into a small gas station, they were followed in by a royal blue Buick, with chrome trimmings and white walled tires, giving the car a fifty's look and vibe. As it parked on the opposite side of the pump, a tall, slender man exited the vehicle wearing a dark-green pinstriped shirt and pewter colored pants, with a matching silver solid tie and black shoes. As the man turned his back to open his side of the gas tank, the Uchiha brothers exited their vehicle, the elder of the two carrying a map in his hand.

When the stranger pulled out his wallet and placed his card into the slot to pay for the gas, they struck. Itachi pulled the guy's attention by asking for directions and complimented the man's dark circle glasses, while Sasuke quickly took the card for their slot,slid it in, and returned it to its original place and turned to remove the nozzle to start pumping gas for their car. As he faced back his brother he heard their conversation and quietly snorted at how gullible people were, especially men, for the Uchiha charm.

"So basically we just take this route here and we'll be in Atlanta (1) by nightfall?" Itachi inquired the tall stranger while inconspicously caressing the man's arm.

Feeling this, the man began to turn slightly red and answered," Yes just follow that road, it's much faster than the highway, especially during this time of day. You'll avoid the majority of the traffic, plus get a nice scenic view of the state."

"Thank you again for the tip, sir. We'll definitely make it to our grandmother's birthday in plenty of time now," Itachi added a little squeeze to the man's elbow before stepping away.

"It's no problem at all, and call me Ebisu. Sir makes feel old," Ebisu said with a small laugh at his own joke.

With their conversation ended, both men returned to their original stations, one completely oblivious to the devious smirks on the pair of paler faces. After quickly filling their tank, and a small argument, the brothers left the gas station, this time with Sasuke as the driver, and Itachi as the slightly annoyed passenger. They followed the GPS route all the way to Palm Beach, and along the way the elder of the two decided to take a nap to help calm his hurt ego. He was jostled awake when he felt the vehicle stop, and after seeing the hotel Sasuke pulled up at, he immediately began disagreeing.

"What the hell are we doing at the Ritz-Carlton Sasuke? What happen to the motel I programmed into the GPS?"

Sasuke turned to Itachi and replied snippily, "If you seriously think I am going to stay in some disease-ridden cesspool of a motel with no cable or internet access while you live up the life of luxury in some rich coot's mansion, you must have been sniffing some strong sharpies when you were younger. I am finally home!"

"How do suppose we pay for your 'home' with only $850 each? This time of season, the prices are about $500 a night!" Itachi began to bargain.

"The same way we paid the gas for the car and also how we got said car," was Sasuke's smooth rebuttal.

Knowing that was already the answer, Itachi just shook his head in defeat and got out of the car. 'Man three times for the day I have lost to that brat. Maybe he is ready to be on his own, but I just down want to lose the only family I got or let him get hurt by some douche-bag. I better step up my game, and I think I know how…' an evil glint in his eye that went unnoticed by his brother, Itachi knew exactly how to get into a room for free for the next few weeks. It may end up with his brother hating him for a while, but he figured it was worth the fun.

"I'll wait inside while you help the bellhop" Itachi told his sibling as he turned to leave.

Once inside the lobby, he cunningly made his way to an innocent, previously watered plant, and discreetly cause a crack that jutted out a bit to make it look like water caused the pot's demise. He moved back to his planned position, and waited a few minutes for his brother to enter. When he did, both brothers walked towards the front desk, and Sasuke asked how they were going to do this one and threw in some random ideas. When he got no reply, he turned to his brother, and his world started falling and ended with a sharp pain in his right leg and head. Stars danced in his vision and before he could shout at his brother, he heard Itachi yelling.

"Oh My God! Someone Call A Doctor! I Think He Cracked His Skull!"

He felt some moisture soak into the bottom of his trousers, and felt a hand move behind his head. He knew what was happening and played along.

"No don't worry Shinseki, I'm fi….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Sasuke said as he began to get up, only to drop back down and passed out.

He was "awakened" by a bright light being shone into his eyes. He began to blink rapidly to remove the spots that appeared and focused his sight onto the person responsible for his temporary blindness. Unfortunately all he got was a face full of mammary glands (2), and released a grunt at the sight of them. Thankfully his grunt got them removed from his face and he saw the serious face of young, white-blonde haired woman with icy-blue eyes. She was wearing a deep-purple, sweetheart corseted-styled top and a crisp white shirt over it that barely contained her chest, and knee length A-line charcoal-grey pleated skirt that enhanced her curves. Around her neck hung a stethoscope, which told Sasuke that this strange woman was his doctor

"Ahh, so you awake. My name is Dr. Yamanaka (3), and I am here to examine you. You had quite the nasty fall so I just want to make sure nowhere is broken," Dr. Yamanaka told her patient.

"Why am I here and not in the hospital if I had such a bad fall?" was the inquiry given by said patient.

"Well the hotel didn't want any bad publicity from someone leaving in an ambulance, so they had someone call me over here since I am a regular guest and since I was already staying here, they just looked for me by the pool and told me what happened," she informed. "Now Mr. Suzuki (4), you will feel a series of taps. Tell me if you feel any pain as I move around"

While the Doctor began her examination, Sasuke heard some voices in the other room and focused his hearing to listen in on the conversation while still very wary of the doctors ministrations. He immediately recognized Itachi's voice and the other he figured was the manager, seeing as the topic being discussed was him and the room.

"Again Mr. Suzuki, we are terribly sorry for what happened earlier in the lobby with your cousin, we here at the Ritz-Carlton are baffled at how something like this could happen and we assure it won't happen again," the hotel manager; a petite, pale skinned woman, with light pink dyed hair wearing a dark grey tweed skirt suit and dark-red blouse with the name tag 'Sakura Haruno,' told the older of the two.

"Next time try investing in a mop, or even better planters pots. We won't be suing for your hotel's negligent actions, especially since you also lost our reservations we made and paid for months in advance. I suggest you fire whoever manages that," Itachi replied coldly.

"Don't worry sir, actions were set as we came up here. Now about your reservations, I am afraid that we can only let you have this room only a few nights…" Sakura started

At this Sasuke let out a loud yell, and he timed it perfectly with where the doctor had tapped on his back. Both Itachi and Sakura turned toward him and Sakura's face got nervous

"After that we will work out the other arrangements," she finished quickly.

"Hn, fine. Can everyone please leave so my cousin can get some rest" Itachi demanded.

Sakura quickly left the room, but the doctor stayed behind a bit to tend to Sasuke some more.

"I'll leave as soon I bandage his leg. It seems he cut along his leg on the broken pot when he fell. Thankfully it's not deep, so it should heal without much scarring," Dr. Yamanaka explained while she applied some antibacterial cream to the cut and began winding some gauze around his leg. She was done within a few minutes and began to pack the first aid kit.

"Thank you so much Dr. Yamanaka for taking some time off of you're vacation to tend to my cousin. I don't know how we'll repay you for your kindness," Itachi offered smoothly.

Waving her hand dismissively, she replied, "It not a problem, Mr. Suzuki. It is my last day and the hotel offered to reimburse for any extra amenities I used as payment for this. Just make sure your cousin applies this cream after every bathe and that cut should heal within a matter of days. I am a bit worried about his back though. It may be sprained from the fall, but if anything acts up and he needs to come to the hospital, just ask for me, and I'll attend to you."

She handed Itachi the tube of cream for Sasuke's cut and left the room as well. After a few minutes to make sure the coast was clear, Itachi quickly dodged the book that was thrown at his head.

"You Fucker! If You ever Trip Me Again Without My Consent I Will Shave You're Fucking Head While You Sleep!" Sasuke yelled at his brother as he threw his next projectile, finding satisfaction when it hit him square in the head.

Rubbing the sore spot on his forehead where the notepad hit him, Itachi smirked and calmly said,

"If you know when it's coming, it won't seem realistic. You may be good fooling people but you suck at falling believably"

Rising off the bed Sasuke approached his brother and vehemently replied, "I fall just fine and at least blood isn't shed in the process." At this he dropped to the ground to prove his point.

"Fake," was the lazy reply

"I'll show you fake!" while on the ground, he pulled his brother's legs from under him, causing Itachi to fall and land on his ass.

Of course this lead to rough-housing a bit and then mild laughter as the brother then both got up and decided to relax and enjoy the remainder of their stay, as the next day they went shopping for a new big job!

Well there you have it! It may have taken me 2 or 3 years to write it, but it is done! I will be starting back college next week so I will try to get in chapter 4 before my classes start on Monday.

This all done mostly from memory and yes a lot of the scenes are very similar to the movie, and yes I probably overly described a lot of things, but that is what stories are for, to give a full description and play by play to help visualize the situations and people

(1) I figured it'll be better to help cover their tracks more, remember con artists got to leave no loose ends

(2) For those who don't know they mean breast, boobs or any other words resembling cleavage

(3) I was going to make her Tsunade, but come one, how many of you all are sick of all the type casted jobs some the characters are constantly put it. I rarely read Ino as a doctor so change is good

(4) Again they are con artists, therefore they have many aliases! Itachi is "Shinseki Suzuki" I didn't bother to think up one for Sasuke cuz he'll be having 2 more later on

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