Midnights Shego

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Black rose of night.

Midnights Shego.

A small girl stood on the highest tower of the school she now called home, wind threatened to blow her over as she stood eyes closed and hands in her pockets on the edge of the building. She did not make a sound as the darkness of the cold night surrounded her; she had found it was always cold when she left the school like a part of it was missing. The smallest sound alerted her to a presence behind her not even opening her eyes she sighed.

"Hey Sheeg…" The silent intruder just glared at the back of the other head and pouted, not even facing her, the girl could hear her friends pout.

"How do you do that!?" She asked wile the other just smirked opening her eyes and turning her head to look over her shoulder so blue eyes could meat violet. Shego could see the smirk on her friends face and just crossed her arms in a small act of hurt which amused the other girl to no end, seen only by the emotion dancing in the corners of her eyes.

"You forget I live here" she said sadly looking back down over the school and this time it was her friends turn to sigh. She could feel Shego move closer to her, closing the gap between them before she placed her arms around the other girl in a hug.

"Mid, I have a family to go back to you know that. I have to go see them, I miss them too!" she whispered into the dark night joining her friends gaze over the school grounds. Her friend sighed against her.

"I know you do. But it doesn't make it any easier when you leave" she said a rare emotion of regret tinged her voice and Shego hugged her friend tighter.

"I'll come back. I promise" she giggled in childish bliss that was often lost on the other girl, but this time Midnight smiled at her friend and turned cutting off the embrace.

"Promise?" she asked in a rare show of innocence and to Shego looked like the six year old the girl should really be, instead of the girl that had had her innocence taken away from her too early.

"Promise!" Shego clarified beaming as she held out her pinky, Midnight looked at it and matched her friends smile locking her pinky with hers in a promise.

Wind ruffled both girls hair as they smiled keeping their pinkies interlocked, eyes danced with happiness and Midnight couldn't help but think the night had just gotten a little warmer.

Sunglasses masked the eyes of an older Midnight Rose that was busy prowling the streets of Middleton, streets she had not seen in three years. Smiling she ducked into a arts museum not caring about the looks she got when she did not take off her sunglasses. She strolled around the place, it was swarming with people but yet no one noticed the thief right under all their noses. Silently snickering her eye caught something shiny her interests suddenly perked, and snickering quickly forgotten she quickly walked over to the jewel, almost drooling in her wake.

"Ohhh…." She said in child like glee at the massive diamond that was now in front of her. "Mine!" she said under her breath and her eyes suddenly becoming focused as she looked at openings and planed like the master thief she was.

Shego opened the door to the Possible house and walked into the lounge room were she knew Kim would be, right were she left her this morning curled up with one of her own romance novels. Shego had turned the spare room into her own room now, moving everything from her small home into that one little room. She had been living with the Possible's for little over a week now and had decided today she would go job hunting. Kim hearing Shego's light footsteps looked up over the top of the book and smiled.

"How'd job hunting go?" she asked marking her page and placing the book down as Shego sat down next to her. Kim moved closer and gave her lover a peck on the cheek wile Shego just smiled.

"I have a job starting Monday" Kim bubbled with excitement and Shego just laughed at her girlfriends antics poking her in the nose. Kim went cross-eyed to keep her eyes on the finger and the two giggled.

"That's great Sheeg! Where at?" this is when Shego smiled mischievously and Kim looked worried at the look she was getting.

"Not telling it's a surprise!" Kim pouted forgetting all about the look Shego had been giving her seconds before and now just wanted to know what job Shego had gotten.

"Aw why not!!" her bottom lip quivered in the puppy dog pout and Shego looked fearful.

"Don't you dare!!" She yelled covering her eyes as Kim unleashed the dreaded puppy dog pout on her.

"Pwease!!" She could hear it in her voice and looking like she was going to crack with cuteness she did the only thing that was sure to make Kim forget all about pouting. Glancing at Kim threw a crack in her fingers she quickly judged the distance and darted forward capturing Kim's lips with her own, Kim not being able to dodge this tactic just melted into the kiss and brought her arms up to wrap around Shego's neck bringing her closer and deepening the kiss.

"Take it to your room girls" came a sing song voice and the two girls franticly pulled apart just in time to see Kim's mum walk out of the room and into the Kitchen. Kim was blushing like mad at her mum's impeccable timing and Shego took this moment to tease, having no embarrassment at Kim's mum's seemingly random stroll threw the living room.

"Aw Kimmie you look so cute when you blush!!" Kim's face went even redder and she started to pout Shego was overwhelmed by how adorably cute her girlfriend looked so quick as lightning Shego whipped out her phone and clicked a photo, Kim startled by this was blinking stupidly in surprise, wile Shego just giggled.

"Sheeg was that…?" she asked and Shego just flipped the phone around to show her the photo that was now on her background Kim's eyes flashed with embarrassment as she lunged at the phone. Shego quickly moved it out of her reach and held Kim at bay with her other hand which was only slightly working because Kim was trying some grappling technique on her arm. Grunting Shego tried to pull her arm out of the girls grasp so not to be trapped later; she leaned back keeping the phone away from the advancing girl and stuck her hand on Kim's face.

"Oi…geoff Sheego!" her voice was muffled and slurred from Shego's hand on her face and despite the hand that kept Kim at bay she still tried to move forward her other arm trying to snatch the phone. Kim growled in annoyance and turned her head slightly so she could bite Shego's finger.

"Ouch!" Shego yelped distracting her so Kim could pounce now right on top of a surprised Shego, Kim got a hold of the phone but Shego wouldn't let go.


"Na-ah Kimmie! It's cute!"

"I'll bite you again!"

"This time on the neck?"


Squirming for a better grip on the phone the two girls didn't realize how intimate this moment looked to anyone that might walk by. Kim grabbed the phone with her other hand as Shego tried to push Kim off her with her free hand. Suddenly Shego moaned and the grip on her phone loosened a slyly grinning Kimmie used this opportunity to grab the phone and leap over the couch hitting the floor in a run. Shego feeling the weight of Kim shift came to her senses just in time to see Kim bolting down the hallway shocked Shego jumped the couch and ran after her.

"THAT WAS LOW KIMMIE!" Shego yelled after her giggling girlfriend, Shego's face had a broad smile plastered on it her eyes sparkling in emotions she hadn't felt in so long, all brought out by this one girl who she thought would never be hers.

A smirking Midnight Rose stood on a roof top over looking the building of Global Justice. The sun was now setting behind her as she watched GJ agents come and go.

"Soon they'll all know i'm back" she laughed walking to the edge of the building and jumped off.

Shego was fretting. Yes fretting. Something she had not done in years, but something she was doing now. She was taking Kimmie out to one of the fanciest restaurants in town and then a moonlit walk. Shego wanted it to be romantic something she knew Kimmie liked because of the romance novels. So it was all planed out, it was going to be perfect, except.

"What am I going to wear!!" Shego yelled almost pulling out her raven locks as she plunged into the walk in wardrobe tearing it apart looking for a dress. Then she spotted it. A little black number she hadn't worn in like forever. Pulling it and herself out of the closet she looked it over smiling.

"Crisis over" she stated throwing it onto her bed so she could get out of what she was wearing and pull on the dress. She hadn't worn the dress for some time so she was happy when it seamed to still fit her, walking over to the mirror she looked at herself in the painted on black dress. It was a solid back dress that was cut off at an angle starting at her knee showing quite a bit of leg, the top of her dress was done in a similar fashion it was cut off to the side opposite the bottom of her dress and was held in place by an armband around the top of her arm, no sleeve on that side but on the other side of the dress was a long sleeve reaching all the way to the back of her hand. It was a beautiful dress. Smiling she puckered her lips to apply a coat of her black lipstick, making sure not to get any on her teeth. Shaking her hair she decided to keep it out and to finish off her outfit she clasped a sliver diamond bracelet around her wrist.

She again looked herself over and decided that she looked good, time to take her Kimmie out. Grabbing her purse she opened the door slightly to peek out watching for the tweebs, not seeing either of them she decided it was safe. Walking along the top hallway she noticed Kimmie's door was opened.

'Must be waiting for me'

She smiled and walked down the stairs only to hear Kim gasp. Looking down to meet the eyes of all the Possible's she smiled but only had eyes for Kim who was dressed in her little black number from the modulator incident.

'She…She looks amazing…wow'

Kim couldn't think straight as she looked Shego up and down she couldn't help her gasp because she wasn't expecting…well this. She knew Shego was beautiful but this just took her breath away, Shego's eyes met hers and she smiled blushing. Kim tried to speak but she was gob smacked.

"You…you-wow" she breathed as Shego blushed a bright red which was very unlike her.

"Thanks Kimmie. You look beautiful." She said bending down to give her a small peck on the cheek, Ann smiled at the sight of her blushing daughter.

"Now Shego…" James started and Shego interrupted politely going over what he was going to say.

"Kimmie informed me that she has a curfew of eleven. And in the case of missions that's extended to twelve. I'd rather keep it at eleven so she will be back by then sir" James beamed and Ann just hummed at Shego's knowledge of the house rules.

"Alright then have a good time you two!" Ann said as Shego nodded and took Kim's hand in hers she opened the door for Kim and the two walked out to Shego's green Lexus convertible. Shego taking the drivers seat started up the car and turned the radio on softly Kim took the seat next to her lover and as she strapped her self in her eyes wandered up and down Shego. Shego pulled out onto the road and could feel Kim's eyes on her.

"Kimmie?" she asked Kim jumped slightly as she came out of her daze blushing slightly.

"You look beautiful Shego" she again breathed but this time having enough coherent thought to string the sentence together and again she saw Shego blush at the complement.

"Thanks Princess" and she smiled when she felt Kim's hand take its usual place on her leg.

Getting into GJ had been too easy for the master thief so she was now sitting in Betty Directors chair swiveling around and around giggling slightly. A rose was sitting on the desk that the chair had been next to…yes had. Minutes before she had been chair surfing around the room so the chair was now next to the door on the opposite side of the room. Deciding to have a peek at Betty's files she kicked off the floor and surfed back to the desk turning it around so she could hack the computer that was now in front of her. Her fingers flew on the key bored almost matching the speed that Wade had acquired after years of typing. Soon files came up on the screen and could be accessed by the thief grinning like mad she typed in her own name to see if hey still had all the same information on her that they have had for years now.

She grinned the only thing that had been added was the fact that she had been missing for three years.

"Well that will sure change after tonight!" she giggled and a thought crossed her mind she decided to type in another name, someone she hadn't see in three years. A large file came up. She read threw it all ready knowing everything that she was reading, except for one little detail.


"Oh Shego this is one of the hardest restaurants to get into how?" asked a very happily surprised Kim who was holding Shego's hand, Shego smiled down at the younger girl.

"Im a Gordian" she shrugged "Despite what my father has done to taint my reputation there are still people that respect me for me, and I can still pull some favors" they walked through the doors to the el al rouge and were greeted by a well dresses waiter, when he noticed it was Shego beamed.

"Ah Miss Gordian! If you two lovely ladies will follow me to your table?" it wasn't a question but he stated it as one and started to walk with the two girls following him, they walked up the stairs and out onto the balcony which had a beautiful view of the setting sun. Shego let go of Kim's hand and pulled out her chair for Kim to sit on, Kim blushed and shyly smiled sitting down wile Shego pushed in the chair, the waiter just fussed around putting wine glasses on the table.

"Best bottle of red thanks" he nodded and walked off wile Shego took a seat across from Kim.

"Shego it's beautiful!!" she was watching the setting sun send streams of colours against the sky, Shego looked too and nodded.

"Yeah it is" Kim looked back to Shego and smiled.

"Shego this is perfect, thank you" Shego grinned and reached across the table to grasp Kim's hand.

"The nights just begun Kimmie, and its not gonna be as perfect as you anyway"

"I didn't know you were so romantic" Kim blushed and Shego winked at the girl

"I have my moments" the waiter came back at that moment with a bottle of red wine in his hand and poured a glass for each girl before putting the bottle down and giving them each menus both girls said a respective thanks as he left them again saying he would be back soon.

"Shego I don't drink"

"Kimmie a little red wine is good for you, it's been proven so sit back and relax if you don't like it you can order something else but just try it princess" she said swirling her glass before taking a sip, Kim thought it made Shego just look more elegant and beautiful. Taking a look at her own glass as Shego read the menu she picked it up and cautious sip and found to her pleasant surprise that is was actually quite good.

"Hey this isn't bad!" Shego looked up and chuckled slightly she was still holding her glass in her hand.

"I told you" she took another sip before going back to the menu Kim decided to follow suit and started to look at the menu but found it to be extremely pricy.

"Shego this is a bit expensive"

"Order anything you want. It's my treat and I like to spoil you" she smiled as she found something she liked the sound of and closed the menu again taking another sip but this time she put the glass down and rested her chin in her hand she looked to Kim who blushed under the woman's stair.

"Are you sure Shego?"

"Kimmie I wouldn't have brought you here if I wasn't. You worry too much" Kim nodded and took another sip of the wine before going back to the menu. Flipping the page she found something she liked the sound of too and shut the menu informing Shego to her decision.

"Found something you like?" she asked the red head and she nodded

"Yeah the prawn dumplings"

"Nice choice"

"What about you?"

"Sartre chicken"

"Mmm yum!"

Both girls laughed at this but where interrupted by the waiter wishing to take there order, Shego ordered for the both of them and he walked off going to prepare the food.

Midnight was sitting there still looking at the computer screen like she had been for the past ten minutes now; on a rare occurrence Midnight was stumped.

"She's working for GJ…she's working for GJ…" Midnight racked her brain for memories of her friend and in all of them Shego had wanted to be a thief; it was her dream to be the best.

"What the hell changed!?" wanting to make herself feel better she swiveled around in her chair but the thoughts of Shego were making her even more restless then before.

"And where is that damned Betty!?" she yelled throwing her hands up in the air, she had disabled every camera in the building and she knew that there were still people here she had seen them and Director always stayed late. So what the hell was she doing?

"LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!" Betty and Drakken yelled as the two danced stupidly to the radio in cell block B. People would think that's okay they must be drunk. Those people could think all they want. Because they weren't drunk.

Kim was standing on the balcony as she watched the last rays of the sun go down, Shego had her arms wrapped around the smaller girl's waist and her body was pressed into Shego's. The woman's head was bent down and placed on Kim's shoulder, her breath tickling her ear pleasantly. Kim hummed in content she was happy just to stay this way forever.

"What's on your mind?" asked Shego kissing Kim's neck causing the girl to relax even more so into the embrace.

"Just thinking about how I could stay this way forever"

"I've caught you now, so im not letting you go" Shego breathed into Kim's ear making her shiver in delight at both the feeling and the words Shego had spoken to her.

"I don't want you too" Kim turned around in the embrace and lent up to claim Shego's black glossed lips with her own. Both girls closed their eyes as their mouths came together in a blissful kiss where people would swear they could see sparks going off. Kim wrapped her arms around Shego's neck pulling her closer to her body needing to feel how Shego melded perfectly to her body, Shego also pulled Kim closer by wrapping her arms around her back and letting her hands trace patters up the girls' spine. The kiss could progress no farther as a polite cough interrupted them Shego pulled away and sighed regretfully at having to end the kiss, looking behind her and nodding a thanks to the waiter she gave Kim a kiss on the lips and pulled her over to the table again so they could eat.

"Hey Shego what happened after I soaked you in Drakken's shampoo that one time?" Kim asked and watched Shego roll her eyes.

"He made me hop on one leg and wave my arms until it wore off. He swore the exercise made it wear off faster but I doubt that" Kim laughed as a mental image of her girlfriend hopping on one foot and waving her arms came to mind all with that glassed over expression she got when she was mind controlled, Shego smiled.

"Oh what about the time…"

Betty Director was walking down the halls of global justice to reach her office wanting nothing more then to finish that paper work she had left earlier and retreat to bed. Sadly that's not what she was going to get. Reaching her office and the door opening with a swish she saw that her room was trashed.

"What the?!" she was not usually one to lose her cool but her paper work was all over the floor and her chair was now hanging on the wall like a painting, god knows how it got there. Walking into the room a bit more she saw something that almost made her fall over in shock. The only reason she didn't fall over was because she caught herself on the conveniently placed chair painting. There sitting on her desk was a black rose. Only one person had a black rose, and she was guessing it was the same person that had trashed her room.

"Midnight rose…" she quickly strode over to it and picked up the note that was attached to it.

Miss me much? Im taking this town back it's mine for the taking, so I expect a warm welcome. The destiny diamond in Middleton's grand museum is my target. I'll strike at 12pm tomorrow night. I'll see you there.

Midnight Rose.

Betty's jaw hung limp as she read something she hadn't read in three years or more, Midnights calling card. Turning to her computer she found that it was locked.

"Oh great…"

Shego and Kim were sitting laughing about past missions and their respective mission counterparts style of fighting. Then they were both rudely interrupted by Will Du standing their waiting for them.

"What are you doing here?" asked Kim glaring at him for interrupting their night, Shego glared too but hers was much more practiced then Kim's and usually had a much better effect then most. Unfazed by this he continued.

"I was here having dinner, but Dr. Director called me saying it was urgent" he held out his watch so they could both see the face of a startled Betty.

"Why did you have-" started Shego but was cut off by four words that drained any colour from her face, and had a devastatingly quick effect on the other two listeners too.

"Midnight Rose is back…"

Midnight hated when she left to go to her family. A family. Something she didn't have anymore, something she found in Shego. She watched from the same rooftop as Shego ran out hand in hand with a woman that looked exactly like her. They had the same bright blue eyes. Midnight let a small tear run down her cheek before she turned her back on the scene and walked off. She knew Shego would be back, but with her she would bring new memories of her family time. Something Midnight rose could never do again. She let herself do one thing that she promised herself she wouldn't though.

She cried.

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