Chapter ten

Chapter ten

The young members of Team Go where sitting around a large table, waiting for the new director of GJ to come meet with them. Shego was lounged back her feet up on the table while she nodded to an internal beat. Hego glared at her from across the table so the girl closed her eyes and kept her internal beat going as a boredom buster. Shego heard the far door open, but she did not open her eyes or move from her position, a young Betty Director walked in looking flustered.

"Sorry I'm late I got a bit side tracked!" Shego felt the table move as Betty plopped her files down on the table, the young girl huffed in annoyance.

"That's alright Miss. Director" Hego said politely Shego scoffed and she could feel all eyes on her.

"Can we just get this over with?" Shego said rudely, Betty rolled her eyes but Hego got up and slammed the table in anger.

"Shego! Stop with your insolence!" Shego opened one eye and smirked at her towering brother.

"I just wanna get this over with" Shego shrugged "That's all I'm saying" Betty smirked right back at Shego and flopped back in her chair cockily.

"Well then we'll make it quick for little Miss. Bitchy over there" Shego snapped her head round and growled at the woman smirking at her. "Now, now Shego don't get so worked up" Shego glared evilly at the girl, her green fire engulfing her hands as she fort to clam herself. "Alright then getting started! All of you as Team Go have a great potential to help not only your city but the world! I wanted to propose Team Go becoming a part of GJ, of course you would have first priority of Go city…" Every member of Team Go was beaming with pride at being offered such a "prestigious" offer except Shego who was scowling, her fist clenched tightly in anger.

"I want no part in this!" Shego growled her mothers image flowing into her head, all eyes once again turned to her. For a brief moment Shego thought she saw sympathy in her eyes, but she couldn't be sure as the emotion was gone before she could tell.

"Shego think of all you could do" Betty said trying to reason with the young spit fire, but Shego shook her head.

"I will not join the agency that killed our parents!" Shego yelled, Hego stood up angrily his glowing hands breaking the table in two.

"Shego! I will not have you speaking that way!" The older boy scolded her, his hands still glowing a bright blue, Shego stood up too her hands now glowing in anger.

"I will speak anyway I wish Hego!!" Betty who was still sitting calmly at her seat shook her head.

"Hego, Shego" Betty interrupted them standing up, both of the angered siblings looked to Betty. "Hego what is you verdict on this offer?" Asked Betty, Hego clamed down a little and looked around at the other siblings for an answer.

"I'm in!"

"Me too!"

"Why not?"

Hego turned back to Betty, Shego's hands glowed brighter as the answers of her siblings came forth.

"We agree Betty"

"I do not!" Shego growled and Betty raised a hand to silence her.

"Shego why don't we have a little talk?" Betty reached out her hand for the younger girl to take, Shego's hands dimmed as she looked at the older girl. Her eye looked so sincere and again Shego thought she saw a glimmer of sincerity in them, she reached out her hand and placed it in Betty's. The woman smiled warmly and Shego's other hand went out, her smile was one she had seen before and she trusted Betty as the girl pulled her along to the amazement of her brothers into another room.

Betty walked silently along the halls of Midnights underground labyrinth, navigating her way she hoped she was making her way to the kitchen. All the halls in this place looked the same so she really couldn't be too sure that she was in fact going in the right direction. Turning the corner that would hopefully lead her to the kitchen, the smell of bacon and eggs assaulted her senses. Sniffing the air slightly the woman now knew she was going in the right direction, smiling she kept walking towards the smell. Soon the light voices of chatter could be heard, pushing open the door she walked into the warm kitchen.

"Morning!" Called the three heroes as the woman slumped into a chair beside Kim, who was eating a plate full of bacon and eggs Betty could hear her stomach growl.

"Morning" Came her mumbled reply as she stifled a small yawn, a heap of bacon and eggs was placed in front of her Betty imminently started to devour them, muttering a thank you to Ron.

"So guys what's on the agenda today?" Asked Kim who was sliding some uneaten eggs around her plate absently while her eyes scanned the table for someone that would answer her, Shego swallowed her food.

"Me and Bets here" Shego said pointing her fork at a mouthful Betty "Are gonna start your training" Ron just kept shoveling his mouth full of bacon unfazed by this information, Kim however beamed.

"Yeah training…Gotta make a map of this place so we don't get lost" Betty said distracted, she was more talking to herself then anyone else and the others looked at her oddly. "Mmm this is really good!" Betty said changing the subject; Ron looked over to her and beamed.

"Thanks!" He said and Betty nodded at him, grinning as she continued to eat.

"Riiiight" Kim drawled then jumped up out of her seat, startling Shego who dropped the fork full of eggs she was just about to eat. "I'm done!" Kim said the excitement edging into her voice as she spoke; Shego smiled and got up too.

"Guess that means I'm done too…" She nodded to both Betty and Ron who where still eating "Meet you two there" Shego waved and linked her hand with Kim's tugging her lightly out the door, Kim followed eagerly.

"Don't get lost!" Kim called out over her shoulder, winking at them both Betty snickered watching them walk hand in hand down the hall. As soon as she heard their footsteps fade in the distance she turned to Ron. "Ten bucks says they won't be training…" Ron bit this lip glaring at the woman in thought.

"Kim's too excited about training, ten says she will!" Ron said remembering Kim's trilled face; Betty smirked and held out her hand Ron took it in his own large one and shook.

"Deal!" They both said grinning. Rufus rolled his eyes and started to eat Ron's forgotten food.

"Alright Kim" Shego said dropping into a guarding stance Kim knew she had seen Midnight herself use, her hands flaming green. "Come on and try me…" Shego dared her, a smirk on her face. Kim opened her mouth to argue but Shego would have none of it, she launched herself forward with a flaming punch which a shocked Kim was only just able to dodge.

"What!?" Spluttered Kim tripping backwards as she fell back to dodge a well placed round house kick. Shego sighed and dimmed her hands as Kim landed on her butt, winching as she hit the ground.

"Well it looks like where gonna have to work on your agility…" Shego muttered as Kim looked up to see the sheepish looking woman grin, Kim glared at her rubbing her butt. Shego reached out her hand to offer Kim a hand up, Kim took it and with a smirk pulled hard. Shego fell forward with the force and she landed on top of a smirking Kim.

"Looks like we need to work on your balance" Kim mocked and Shego just rolled her eyes.

"Ha, ha" She said sarcastically a smile on her lips as she came down to claim Kim's lips with her own.

"Ron you owe me ten bucks" Betty called out behind her strolling into the room, uncaring that the two girls where kissing on the floor, Ron groaned and walked in behind her eyes squeezed tightly shut and his arms waving about in front of him. Shego pulled back with a growl.

"Doesn't anyone knock anymore?" Betty had walked over to a large computer and was now looking it over, she just snickered at Shego's question.

"I didn't know I had to knock when you invited me here" Ron fumbled around the room; Kim looked to him and giggled. Shego hearing this turned to look at the bumbling Ron with a glare before rolling off Kim and getting up, holding out her hand once again. Kim took it and Shego pulled her up, keeping her hand locked she turned to Ron.

"Ron you can open your eyes now" Kim chuckled and Ron stopped nervously opening his eyes slightly, when he saw that the two girls where indeed finished their little make out he opened them fully, with a sigh of relief. Betty had now sat down to play with the small computer that was in front of her, she hummed lightly as she clicked threw programs and files.

"Strength, defense…Oh speed and agility…What's that?" She asked herself clicking on the program, it did nothing or so she had thought until she heard a very 'manly' scream.

"What the?!" Yelled Shego, Betty spun round on the chair only to see the three heroes dancing around as lasers flashed around the room. Betty raised an eyebrow and looked around her noticing that she was in a bubble of some sort, it was protecting her and the computer. Looking back at the heroes she fell back in startled shock as Shego's angry face was pressed up against the bubble. "Turn it off!" She commanded but then as Betty was standing up a red beam flashed across her vision and Shego yelped in pain. And before anyone knew what was going on Shego's pants where on fire. Betty couldn't hold it in as she watched Shego madly rolling around on the floor trying to put out her pants and dodge the lasers, the other woman laughed falling to the floor once again. Kim and Ron, like Betty couldn't hold it in and they both let out a long laugh, still dancing around the lights and now watching Shego roll around with her butt on fire.

Kitty was walking down the rather dimly lit halls of the Dark Dynasty manor, bopping her head along to her defining music that cured her of the usual boredom.

"Oi Kitty!" Yelled a voice from behind her and the girl looking only vaguely interested turned her head slightly as Slyfer fell into step beside her, he didn't wait for her to take out her head phones; he knew she could hear him. "Where to report for training in a half hour" Slyfer said bitterly, rolling his eyes in slight annoyance as Kitty just nodded her head in acknowledgment. He waved and ran off, probably looking for the other members since they didn't use the intercom anymore because members had used the 'I didn't hear you' excuse. Kitty stopped as she came to her room, noticing it was unlocked she pushed it open and stepped in tugging out her head phones and throwing them on the bed.

"We have training in half an hour" Kitty said into the darkness of her room, if people saw this they might have thought she was talking to herself, she kicked the door closed behind her just for something to do. She took another step forward into her room but before she could take another her back was slammed against the closed door, her arms pinned above her head and a body pressed itself close to her own.

"That means I have some time alone with you…" Breathed a soft voice in Kitty's ear that sent chills down her spine, lips where pressed to hers roughly and she moaned into them arching into the body. Kitty pulled back her head hitting the door as she did so; her breathing came out in shallow breaths.

"Evee…" Kitty whimpered and Evee pressed her head against Kitty's sighing sadly.

"I don't think I'll be able to do it Kitty" Kitty wrapped her leg around Evee since her hands where still pinned and kissed her lips softly.

"I don't think I can do it either" Kitty whispered her eyes closed as her lips grazed over Evee's and the other girl shivered involuntarily.

"But if we don't we'll be traitors as well" Evee sighed and Kitty once again pressed her lips to Evee's.

"Hunted down and killed…We'll have to choose" Kitty whispered against her lover's lips and Evee smirked catching Kitty's lip in her teeth lightly.

"I know" She mumbled pressing her body closer to Kitty's and letting her lip drop she claimed her lips.

Two exhausted, panting teens threw themselves to the floor sweat making their hair stick to their slightly flushed faces. Shego standing over them both shook her head and tossed the small stop watch over to Betty who was standing, bored next to her. Betty caught at it and took a glance sighing once again.

"Again" Betty commanded two simultaneous groans emitted from the floor in front of them, Ron let his body drop to the floor.

"A-again?" Panted Kim looking up with pleading eyes, Shego just nodded which got her a glare from her tired girl friend.

"Your times are two slow. Once more and that's it" Shego promised her as she noted Kim's face twisting into that adorably cute pout, Betty nodded in agreement to what Shego had promised. Kim pushed Ron weekly as she got up, Ron following just as sluggishly. After they had successfully put out Shego's flaming butt the two teens had fallen to the floor in hysterical fits of laughter that they now regretted, as they had been put threw the most rigorous agility course and they had lost count of the times they had now done it.

"Alright…Ready!" Kim and Ron both dropped into crouches getting ready to sprint forward "Set!" Betty yelled watching Kim's eyes narrow in determination. "Go!!" The two complaining teens sprinted off into the course.

"It's only been a day and their times are already improving" Shego noted to Betty who hummed in agreement, their eyes followed the teens progress.

"Even so do you think they will have enough time?" Asked Betty a worried expression crossing her face, Shego frowned in thought and sighed.

"Midnight said that we would have time before she came to meet us here and after. Depends if all goes to plan" Shego decided then raked a hand threw her ebony locks "But I sure hope so…"

"Were next" Betty said reminding Shego that they would have to train as well, her eyes glued to the heroes that where now on their way back. Shego smirked.

"I'll race you" Betty grinned and nodded to her the two teens skidded to a halt in front of the women and dropped like dead bolts to the floor, their breath ragged. Betty stopped the watch.

"Two minutes. Still to slow" She noted and Shego shrugged, Ron looked horror struck at the two women.

"What!? That's not slow at all!!" Ron yelled exasperated, Rufus who had been watching from the side lines came running over to him nodding in agreement. Shego bent down to Kim and handed her a bottle of water and the stop watch Betty had just thrown her, they both ignored Ron's comment.

"It's our turn…" Shego lent forward giving Kim a peck on her cheek, before straightening up and walking over to stand at the starting line.

"You two watch and rest okay?" Betty said sympathetically walking over to stand next to Shego, who was smirking.

"Alright then Bets…On your marks…"

"Get set…"

"GO!" They both yelled in unison and rushed forward in a blur of motion that had both teens gaping openly.

"There moving so fast!" Muttered Kim as she tried to keep up with the movements of the two women, Ron just nodded too stunned to speak his eyes darting as he too tried to keep up. Both women turned to come back and they where both grinning like mad, watching each other out of the corner of their eyes. Betty's violet eye shone like Midnights as she raced Shego, the thief felt herself smile at that. Both of them hit the finish line at the same time, Kim stopped the watch and Ron looking over her shoulder just stared.

"One minute…" Ron breathed amazed and Kim shook her head.

"And that was at the most difficult level…" Gasped Kim, they both looked at the women like they had grown an extra head. Both women where grinning madly like before, looking down at their stunned faces in amusement.

"You're not even panting!!" Ron gapped pointing to them both as they stood their normally, Shego flicked her slightly ruffled hair over her shoulder a cocky smile on her face.

"It's what you get when Midnight Rose is your best friend" Betty shrugged bringing her hand up to lightly touch her violet reminder of her deer friend, Shego nodded in agreement. "You two will be able to do it in time. But well done for today!" Betty beamed at them; Shego smiled too and bent down to pick a tired Kim up bridal style the girl blushed at this.

"Sheeg what?" Asked a confused Kim, Betty chuckled rolling her eyes. Shego held Kim tightly to her chest and smiled down at her.

"Come on Kimmie let's go!" She said starting to walk off towards their rooms.

"Tomorrow morning…Sheeg!" Betty mocked she heard Shego laugh from around the corner and the woman knew she had heard her. Ron sighed and picked Rufus up, following after the two lovers, he dragged his feet along the floor and Betty shook her head in amusement. When she saw that the tired Ron, like the two lovers had disappeared around the corner of the hall, she looked back to the course her eyes glazed and her mind clearly else where. "Once more..." She whispered to herself walking over to the controls.

"Man I'm beat!" Kim said dramatically flopping down onto Shego's bed face first, Shego followed her in a smile lighting her face as she kicked the door shut behind her.

"Then why, I ask, did you follow me into my room?" Shego asked her voice playful as she strutted over to the bathroom.

"I wanta end iam wif oo" Kim mumbled into the bed and Shego's soft laugh echoed in the walls of the bathroom as she grabbed her shampoo from the bag.

"Kimmie although I'm sure the bed is rather tasty I don't speak gibberish" Kim groaned flopping over on her back, her eyes landed on he lover and she imminently bolted up right, Shego raised an eye brow at her girlfriend's odd behavior. "Kimmie?" Asked Shego but the other girl didn't answer instead she flew across the room and tackled Shego in a hug. "Augh your such an affectionate little thing" Groaned Shego although she made no move to change her position, Kim hummed off tune grinning into Shego's side.

"But I'm your affectionate little thing" She said and the older woman smiled her eyes lighting up slightly as Kim said this.

"Yes you are" Shego confirmed to her only making Kim's deliberate off tune hum louder, sending vibrations up the length of Shego's body. The woman reached down to pull Kim off her but the other humming girl did not budge, Shego narrowed her eyes. "Kim…"

"Shower time!" Kim yelled excitedly and Shego sighed, this was going to be either rather fun or extremely painful.

"Your not gonna let go are you?" Shego pouted and Kim shook her head from side to side.


"I didn't think so…This will be interesting…" Shego mumbled a smile on her face despite the tone of voice she was using. Now how to remove her cloths with Kim attached to her like this?

"How about I help you out?" Purred Kim into Shego's ear and the other woman blushed slightly when she felt Kim's hands trail down her front. The older woman regained her composer but and lent down to bit Kim's lip, Kim was shocked.

"Help away Kimmie…" Shego breathed, inches away from her lips now. Kim smirked and inched Shego's top up slightly. Removing her cloths would never be so easy.

Betty was racing threw another course now; her breathing had sped up after the hours of non-stop training. As she pumped her legs faster she couldn't help but think of Midnight cooped up in that hospital room, couldn't stop thinking of her distort face when she showed off her tattoo. A reminder that would forever be with her. Betty remembered her three years, when Midnight had left, she remembered looking for her, searching for her, but Betty never did find her. She worried profoundly thinking, doubting that she was going to break her promise, that she was going to die trying to avenge her parents deaths. But she had come back, but she had come back to this. Betty flipped over the obstacle that stood in her way easily, she had to be strong she wanted to be the one to protect Madeline. Shego had helped recover Midnights lost emotions and so did she, to an extent. But Betty was sick of Midnight being the one to get hurt, to get scared and broken. That shattered heart belonged to her and she would not let it break again. Sweat dripped down her forehead, but she didn't bother wiping it off she just pumped faster. She had watched Madeline pick herself back up, she shouldn't have had to go threw what she had by herself, but yet she did. She refused help because she didn't want others to feel her pain, to sympathies with her all she wanted to do was protect no matter how much she hurt herself in the process.

Well now it was her turn, Madeline's shattered heart was hers to protect and she would protect it with all she had. No matter what happened to her in the process. Madeline was hers and never again would she be taken away from her. Not unless Betty went with her.

"Hey Sheeg?" Asked Kim, Shego grunted and rolled over in bed to face her still wide awake lover.

"What is it Kim?" Asked a sleepy Shego, Kim snuggled closer and Shego wrapped her arms around the girl, purring as their bodies pressed up against each others.

"Will I ever be as good as Midnight or you?" She asked and Shego sighed, the woman's eyes closed as Kim watched her face in the dark.

"You will be Kim, it will just take time. So there is no need to stress over it. Go back to sleep…" Shego trailed off kissing Kim's head and nuzzled her head into the crook of Kim's neck, a sigh coming from her sleepy mouth. Soon Shego's deep rhythmic breathing filled the room and Kim sighed.

"I want to be able to protect you too…Shay…" Kim whispered, before closing her eyes and letting darkness take over. Shego opened one eye a sad look on her face as she whispered.

"You're not going to be able to. Because I'm not the one worth protecting" Shego sighed pulling the girl as close to her as she could, inhaling her sent. "I love you" Shego said closing her eyes and like her lover letting sleep take over.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about Doc?" Asked a snarling Shego, Betty turned around to face her.

"Shego, I know you blame GJ for your mother's death" When Betty saw that Shego was going to interrupt she held up a hand to stop her. "Please let me finish" Shego saw the look, the look she had seen in Betty's eyes when she had taken her hand, she stopped and nodded. "And you can think what you wish, but wether you wish it or not you have been granted these powers. And if you have the power to do something to help our world shouldn't you do it? To protect the people you have left?" Betty asked and Shego's eyes widened, thinking of all the people she wished to keep with her, to protect. Betty smiled sadly and placed a hand on the other girl's shoulder. "Your brothers might not understand what there doing this for. But you do. We all have people we wish to protect, even if that means you have to sacrifice something, but in there you have four brothers that need your help, you'll abandon them?" Shego averted her eyes and sighed.

"No I will not" Shego said looking back up into Betty's eye "Is this why you do what you do? To protect someone important to you?" Asked Shego, Betty walked past the girl and looked over her shoulder to her.

"The only person I wish to protect is shattered, and the person I'm protecting her from is herself…" Betty said coldly before walking out of the room to tell Team Go the good news, Shego stared after her in shock. Words failed her as she took in what Betty had told her.

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