He left. He left me all alone, a pretty brunet thinks as she rocks back and forth in the woods, I thought he loved me. How could he do that to me?

She heard voices calling her name, but she couldn't find the strength to care.

What's the point? She wonders before darkness sweeps over her.

(Scene Change)

"Bella? Bella are you alright?" a voice asks.

"Edward?" Bella mumbles.

"No Honey, it's me," Charlie answers.

It all comes flooding back to her. The birthday party, the cold behavior, the walk, Edward's final words. And then comes the pain.

"Th-the Cullens? Where are they?" Bella asks.

"They left, Bells," Charlie tells her, "Didn't they tell you? Bella, Sam found you in the woods last night. What were you doing out there?"

"I just got lost."

"Did Edward leave you alone in the woods?" Charlie asks.

"I tried to follow him, but I got lost. It wasn't his fault. He left me in sight of the house," Bella answers.

"Bells, don't cry," Charlie whispers.

She hadn't even realized she was crying until he had said anything.

"I-I can't help it. I love him, Dad," Bella says, trying to stop her tears.

"It'll get better," Charlie assures her.

But it doesn't.

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