Chapter Twenty Six


I don't really concentrate for the rest of the day.

I know that we go to the beach instead of the movies, because even after Lucy's assurances that I won't, Jake is afraid I'll get hit by a car while I'm there.

I know that Lucy and Jake bonded quite a bit, and that Lucy definitely likes the werewolves better than the vampires now.

But that's about all I notice. I'm too excited about finally getting a puppy to notice anything else.

I feel horrible for it, but I almost want Lucy to be called away to work.

Eventually his pager rings and he smiles apologetically, "I've got to go," he says placing a quick kiss on my lips, "I'll be back soon."

"My puppy?" I ask.

He rolls his eyes at me, "I'll bring one back with me."

"Thank you, Lucy!" I say.

"Love you," he says.

"I love you too," I say. And then he dissolves before my eyes.

I feel giddy and bouncy and stupid like a kid who drank too much soda, but I can't help it. I've wanted a dog since I was six.

"You know, Bells," Jake says, "This guy is actually half-way decent. Even if he is the devil and all, you did a lot better with this one than the last."

"I know," I say, forcing back my giddiness, "He really is pretty great."


The demon who called for me had a stupid problem that was easily fixed. He lost his Detector again, but it was under his desk under a pile of papers. I spent more time yelling at him and being angry with his mistake then I actually spent helping him find the Detector.

And while that was very irritating and all, it's convenient for getting back to Bella soon.

I send one of the lesser demons to fetch me the youngest Hell Hound they can find that can survive without its mother, and then I wait.

I must have really scared the demon by yelling at Abbadon, the demon who uses the sin Detector on people, because it only takes a few minutes for a wriggling red Hell Hound to be placed in my arms.

"Here, Your Horridness," the demon says before sprinting away.

The speed of it all amazes me, but I'm not complaining. I let the world around me blur away as I teleport back to my Bella.

She's sitting next to Jake on the beach, laughing. The sound makes me smile, "Hey, Bella," I say.

Her face lights up when she sees me and she runs to me pulling me into a hug, "My puppy?" she asks.

With a sigh I hold out the Hell Hound and she picks it up into her arms, "He's red!" she says, laughing.

"Camouflage," I say, "They like to play in Hell Fire." But she isn't listening to me.

"I'm gunna name you Clifford!" she says, "Clifford, my red dog."

I groan, "Clifford? You're naming your Hell Hound Clifford?"

"Yeah," she says, "Just like the show and the books from when I was little."

"But he's a Hell Hound! He should have a scarier name than Clifford. Bella, that's just as bad as when you call me Lucy!"

"But you aren't scary," she says, "Lucy fits you a lot better than Lucifer. And this little guy isn't scary," she turns the puppy to face her. He licks her cheek and she giggles, "See! He's a cutie."

"We'll see what you're saying when he grows up a little more. Hell Hounds are a handful. They don't make good pets."

"You'll see," she says. Cradling the puppy in her arms, she walks back to Jake, "Jake! See my puppy? His name's Clifford."

Jake smiles and begins playing a game of tug-of-war with the pup.

Clifford. Ugh. With a resigned sigh I sit beside my beautiful Bella and her oddly named pet.

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