Chapter 3

Lucario jumped down the building, his Pokemon physique protecting his bones, and went to tell the others what he had seen. As he told his story back in the thrown room, Lucario noticed Ash getting more and more upset about the whole incident.

"Why do you care so much, Ash? I bet Pikachu WANTED to leave you!" Lucario said quietly to the trainer as he passed him.

Ash responded with a low growl and immediately tried to tackle Lucario, but was held back by his friends.

"Hmpf! Humans… Can't trust them," Lucario said under his breath as he walked away.

"Lucario," Queen Lin said as the Pokemon walked away, "I would like you to help this young man to find his Pikachu. You are the only one capable of doing so."

Lucario turned his head and nodded curtly, thinking, "Hmpf… I figured she'd ask me to help them…"

That night, Ash couldn't sleep; he was plagued by thoughts of what could happen to Pikachu. He stayed up, worrying that he'd never see his best friend again, when sleep finally over came him. His dreams were frightening and hopeless at first, then, unbidden, they became almost pleasant. He and a short, almost canine looking figure were kissing in a field of flowers next to a lake. They were exploring every inch of themselves, just for the sake of enjoyment. Ash smiled a little in his sleep, with those thoughts to entertain him.

In Lucario's new room, which Lin had graciously provided for him that night, Lucario was having similar dreams, first of how his former master had betrayed him… how Aaron had thrown the staff and imprisoned him with only the words, "I'm sorry…" to comfort him. Then that unpleasant dream fell apart, revealing Lucario and a handsome someone enjoying the same things that Aaron and Lucario used to do. Training with Aura, the figure being really horrible at it, but getting better, soaking in a hot spring together… having the most intimate love one could have with another. Lucario smiled a little in his sleep, with thoughts of new love to entertain him.

The next morning, Ash and Lucario woke up, Ash sitting at the window sill, Lucario in his bed. They both got up and walked to the dining room, where a delicious breakfast was served for the group, with Kidd Summers along for the ride.

"Well," thought Lucario, "This IS her fault after all, she should be the one to help clean it up."

Ash looked at Lucario and blushed crimson, even more when the jackal Pokemon looked at him. Ash quickly looked away and thought, "He doesn't even like me… I'd better not try anything." Lucario noticed the look in Ash's eye, one he'd seen a fair few times from Aaron. Lucario knew what Ash was thinking, but didn't comment on it.

After breakfast, they piled into Kidd's Hummer and followed Lucario as he led the way to the Tree of Beginnings. They reached a geyser field, and had to continue on foot until they reached a hot spring, where they all took a break for a while. Ash and May got into their swimming things, and went for a dip in the hot spring, after releasing their Pokemon from their Pokeballs.

"Hey, Lucario, the water's fine, why don't you come on in?" Ash called to the Jackal as he sat on a rock. Lucario remembered Aaron asking him the same thing once upon a time.

"Forget it," Lucario said huffily.

"Fine, you didn't have to get snippy about it…" Ash said disappointed.

"Hey, look at that!" May said, breaking both of them out of their reverie and pointing to a flower nestled up on a small cliff, "Ash let's go take a look."

Ash climbed up to see what the flower was, while Kidd said, "Wow! He sure can climb pretty well."

"Yeah, he's like a Mankey!" Brock said with a hearty laugh.

Ash didn't pay attention to the conversation, and reached out to touch the flower. It began to glow with a small blue light and then it grew larger, startling Ash and May, who both promptly fell off the cliff, the still glowing flower falling with Ash.

The flower then showed an image of what had just happened, from the point that Ash had touched the flower, to the point where he fell off the cliff into the water below.

Kidd and Brock ran to Ash and May as they hit the water, Lucario watched with a concerned look in his eye, but a forbidding look on his face. Ash and May came up for air just as the scene before them vanished, only catching a glimpse of what had happened. Kidd reached out for the flower and said amazed, "Oh wow! It's a Time Flower!"

Ash looked puzzled and asked, "What's a Time Flower?"

Kidd looked at Ash, but Lucario answered his question first, "It's a special flower that responds to a persons Aura. It records events as they happen, which is what happened with this flower."

Ash looked up at Lucario, to thank him, but found the jackal Pokemon jumping down from his perch to walk towards the forest. Ash looked down at the flower, with a frown of disappointment on his face.

May looked at the flower and said, "You'll have to replant that, y'know."

Ash looked at May, annoyed and said, "I know that!"

Later that night, after Ash had replanted the Time Flower and they had moved a little ways from the hot spring to camp for the night. Lucario was lounging against a rock a little ways from the others. He saw Ash get up from his pallet on the ground and walk to a spot near Lucario. Ash looked towards the Tree of Beginnings and said in a voice that was full of sadness and longing, "Pikachu…." Ash bowed his head and Lucario saw single tear fall down his cheek. Ash sat down and looked over at Lucario and said, "I'm sorry… about earlier…. "They'd had a small fight over what had happened to the both of them before they had packed up and moved along, "I said some stuff that I didn't mean… I just…. I'm sorry…" Ash looked down at his feet and started crying. He cried for Pikachu, He cried for himself, he cried for a love he knew wouldn't happen. But most of all, he cried for his friends and the hurt he caused them along the trip.

Lucario watched this and he felt an emotion that he hadn't felt in 1000 years.

Lucario walked over to Ash and gently lifted his face in a paw. Ash was surprised at this sudden interest the Pokemon showed and blushed a deep crimson through his tears.

Lucario closed in the distance between himself and Ash and kissed the young trainer on the lips. Ash was shocked at the contact, but he embraced it all the same, his tongue licking the inside of Lucario's mouth, Lucario's muffled moan of pleasure barely escaped his mouth through their passion.

"It's been so long! I really missed this… and I really do love this human…" Lucario thought as he pulled Ash's pants down a little. Ash protested a little at this, but stopped as soon as Lucario licked Ash's penis. Ash moaned in pleasure and hugged Lucario's head to his privates tighter, Lucario taking Ash's member further into his mouth and loving every second of it. Ash moaned softly and came in Lucario's mouth; Lucario swallowed every bit of it and looked up at Ash with something that hadn't been there in a while, a look of love. Ash looked at Lucario with the same look. Lucario pulled Ash's pants back up and zipped them up, feeling how hard Ash was through the cotton fiber of his jeans. Lucario then moved closer to Ash and cuddled him. Ash cuddled back and fell into a very comfortable sleep, Lucario already out cold beside him.