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Chapter sixteen

When Sasuke came out of the bathroom, he noticed Naruto was dressing and putting his things into his bag. " Why are you packing? We're staying until I can find a place for us to live in." Naruto looked at Sasuke with teary eyes and sighed. " I know you weren't just looking for a job. I saw the lipstick on your shirt and smelled the perfume of a woman. I also know your lips are swollen from kissing someone along with that hickey on your neck."

Sasuke had forgotten about that. " I'm leaving with my sister today when the sun comes up. Itachi doesn't like her like he used to since he introduced us to his new girlfriend, and you cheated on me with some woman." Tears ran down Naruto's eyes as he packed silently. Sasuke couldn't say anything to Naruto since he knew what he had done, but he couldn't let the blonde leave.

" Naruto, you can't leave me. I wont let you leave me." Sasuke grabbed Naruto's wrist and held it tightly. " After what you did to me!" Naruto tried to shake his hand free from the older man's grasp but Sasuke's grip was too strong.

As he struggled, Sasuke held tighter. "You can't leave me!" Sasuke smacked Naruto and pushed him back. Naruto's back hit the wall so hard he made a dent with the back of his head. Sasuke realized what he did and stood frozen.

As Cheza too was packing, Itachi came into the room. " Can I talk to you?" Itachi stood at the door. " There's nothing to talk about. You're starting your new life and I mine." Itachi walked in and put a hand on Cheza's shoulder. " I'm sorry, I love you, but, I couldn't wait for ever."

Cheza pulled away from Itachi and stood beside the window looking out. Itachi walked forward and spun her around. " I'm sorry, but you didn't even look at me when I spoke to you!" Cheza closed her eyes tightly and " You could have waited! I did for you all those years! I always thought that you would visit me but never did! I waited until only my heart knew what it wanted, but now I see that I was waiting for someone that didn't for me."

Cheza looked away from Itachi and tried to get free of his grasp. As she struggled, Itachi held on to her until he got frustrated and pushed her. He forgot the window was back there and she fell down from four stories onto the hard concrete walk way in the center of the garden.

As Sasuke walked to where Naruto sat up against the wall with his head down, he saw the red blood coming out of the back of his head. The young blonde was breathing heavily and when he looked up to see Sasuke's eyes, he coughed and blood came out and as his eyes met Sasuke's, his head dropped. Naruto wasn't moving nor breathing anymore after his head was down, he just sat there motionless. Sasuke went on one knee and looked at Naruto. He picked up the young boy's head with his fingertips and saw the mark on his cheek from the slap. Naruto's eyes were dead and gray. He was lifeless and gone.

Itachi ran down stairs to see Cheza. Her eyes were opened and she wasn't moving. Her eyes were dead and once again gray. Blood poured out of her head as she laid there motionless. Itachi then saw Sasuke walk out with Naruto in his hands covered in blood. He knew what had happened and so did Sasuke as he saw his brother and Cheza's body on the floor. He noticed the window before he had come outside.

Sasuke put Naruto's body next to Cheza's and it began to rain. Their blood fused and seeped into the plants beside them as the walk way was giving the blood a trail to follow.

Sasuke and Itachi looked at each other and then, at the two angels that were in front of them. They each said a prayer and gave a kiss to the one that they loved as their tears mixed with the water and their sobs covered by the falling rain. They went inside and called Iruka and Kakashi and told them that the two were trying to fix a window and fell out of it thus ending their lives.

As a funeral was held. Sasuke and Itachi stood at the back. When everyone left, they put red roses on top of the white funeral ones. As the day went on, Sasuke and Itachi walked to the park and noticed a little six year old blonde boy and his older sister sitting at the park. The two of them saw the older men and waved giving them the smiles of angels. A quick vision appeared to Itachi as he saw the young dark haired girl and Sasuke did too as he saw the little blonde boy. They smiled and waved back and left. Itachi got in his car and Sasuke on his and they went into separate directions.

As Itachi was driving he heard a song on the radio:

I thought it wasn't wrong,

To hide from you,

the simple truth

I was scared.

I've felt it all along

But it hurt too much for me to share!

If only I

Had been less blind,

I'd have someone to hold on to.

If only I

Could change your mind,

If only I had known,

If only I had you.

Itachi felt like his heart was going to split in two. He looked ahead and saw that there was a sign that read 'road closed, bridge under construction'. He closed his eyes for a second and drove on that part of the lane that went to a high bridge that was half way done. Itachi pushed the gas pedal and closed his eyes as his car ran over the edge and was plummeting to the earth. He saw Cheza smile at him and they kissed.

Sasuke was driving around and a song came on when he hit a high bump and turned the radio on:

I'm not a perfect person,

There's many things I wish I didn't do,

But I continue learning,

I never meant to do those things to you.

And so I have to say before I go,

That I just want you to know,

I found a reason for me,

To change who I used to be,

A reason to start of a new.

And the reason is you.

I'm sorry that I hurt you,

It's something I must live with every day.

Sasuke changed the station. He couldn't take the words of the song since it reminded him of what he did. As he changed the station, another song came on.

I feel it every day,

It's all the same,

It brings me down

But I'm the one to blame,

I've tried everything

To get away,

So here I go again,

Chasing you down again,

Why do I do this?!

Over and over, over and over

I fall for you.

Over and over ,over and over

I try not to!

Sasuke left it there and listened while singing with it. It was his and Naruto's favorite band and their song. He remembered when they were on their way to the air port and it had come on.

He stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink while humming the tune of the song. As he looked in the fridge to get a drink, he saw a magazine that caught his eye. It had the same name that the camera that belonged to Anko had. He grabbed it and bought it along with his drink. As he got in his car, he opened it and on the first page, there was a picture of him and Naruto. He was pushing Naruto against the wall while they were both looking at the camera.

The picture took the entire page and on the top of it said 'Best Couple'. Sasuke thought he felt something pull at his heart. He smiled to himself and put the magazine down.

"I know what you're doing, I hate guilt, but you're the only one for me and I want to be with you." Sasuke closed his eyes and drove to a bridge that hovered over a vast river. He got out of the car and looked down. He also noticed that the sun was going down.

Sasuke sat on the railing of the bridge and sighed. Rain began to come down and drench him from head to toe. " I love you and only you. No one else can fill this void, only you and we will meet again soon, my Naruto."

As Sasuke opened his eyes, he pulled out a small knife from his pocket and let it glide over his soft wrist and watched the blood flow. He closed his eyes again and let himself fall forward.

As he fell, time seemed to stop and he opened his eyes. He was in a garden and there were roses all around. His brother was sitting with Cheza on a bench and they were holding hands as they saw him. They smiled and pointed to the center of the garden where the only way in was on the other side. As he ran to it, he heard humming. It was the tune of the 3.D.G song.

When he reached the entrance to the inner garden, he saw Naruto sitting on the ground holding a rose. Sasuke stepped forward and Naruto noticed. The blonde looked at him and smiled. " I'll forgive you if you give me a kiss." Sasuke couldn't help but smile and embraced the younger boy. Their lips met in a slow passionate kiss.

The End


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