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Buffy hesitated as she raised her hand to the door, about to knock. Did she really want to be doing this? Then she looked back over her shoulder into the night at the cluster of slayers behind her, and she knew what she had to do. She had to put her personal problems away, and think of the girls.

They had just come from Sunnydale, after the devastating battle with the first and his vampires. She was now standing on the front steps of the Hyperion Hotel, where she had asked Angel to have medical care ready for the Sunnydale troops.

Before she managed to knock, the door swung open, and Angel stepped out. "Buffy." That was all he managed to say at first. After a moment he regained the ability to speak. He called back over his shoulder into the hotel, "Guys, time for action! You guys know what to do!"

Connor, Wesley, Fred and Gunn came rushing out of the house, only to find that no one was seriously injured. Connor looked for a moment, then spoke. "You mean to tell me that you fought the ultimate battle, and you have no serious injuries? From what I've heard, you've done it before, but usually someone has to die, have an emotional breakdown, or both. You aren't having an emotional breakdown, are you, anyone?"

Buffy seemed to be in a trance, so Giles answered for her. "So far as we know, everyone is emotionally safe. Anya died, though."

Wesley's head snapped up when he heard that Anya was dead. He hadn't known her well, or for very long, but it still stung. Angel's head probably would have snapped up too, except he was staring at Buffy. After a moment, he walked over to her, put his arm around her waist, and led her into the hotel. Wesley took his cue, and began to speak. "We set up some rooms for you guys on the first floor. We'll show you where they are know."

To tired to speak, Giles, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Faith, Robin, Andrew, and all of the Slayers followed. Wesley showed them to their rooms, everyone had a room, but Kennedy and Willow opted to share a room. They all fell asleep immediately, after all, they had fought a major battle that day!

Angel, meanwhile, had led Buffy to his room. He had been about to pass it and put her in a separate room, but she had said not to. When they entered his room, Buffy merely kicked off her shoes, lay down on the bed, and asked Angel to, "Just hold me tonight?"

Angel answered, "Tonight and always."

Buffy was however already asleep, and she didn't hear him speak. She slept fitfully, and Angel stayed awake all night watching her. He knew that something was wrong with Buffy, but he couldn't put his finger on what. So he held her, and comforted her when she woke, terrified, from a nightmare.

Buffy woke from a sound sleep when she felt something move next to her. Where was she? What had happened? When she felt the cool, solid form next to her, she remembered. When she had seen Angel, her mind knew that she was safe, and the after effects of the spell had hit. She had seen all of the Slayers through history dying. She had seen Kendra, herself twice, and many, many more horrible deaths.

The whole time, Angel had held her, comforted her. As she relived the deaths, he was by her side. She very much doubted that she could have made it through the trying ordeal without him. Even with Angel at her side, it had been an exhausting night, and she turned over, burying her face in Angel's chest, and fell asleep again.

Angel felt her stir, and awoke. By the time that he had opened his eyes, Buffy was fast asleep again. He lay awake for a while, watching his beautiful slayer sleep. She was sleeping peacefully now, he could tell from the way her muscles weren't clenched anymore.

Later, there was a quiet knock at the door. He lifted his body gently off the bed, so he wouldn't wake Buffy, and padded softly across the room. He opened the door, and winced when it creaked. He obviously didn't want Buffy to wake up, and he didn't know that she had woken the moment he had gotten up.

At the door, Willow stood, looking slightly guilty. She greeted him quietly. "Hi. How is she?"

"She's fine now, she didn't sleep well though. She was tossing and turning. I think she was having nightmares."

"Yeah, she would have. I got them to, but not as bad as she would have."


"Because of the spell. When I released Buffy's power into all of the slayers, the nightmares where the last wall of the watchers. I got them as soon as I preformed the spell, but mine was like a fast forwarded movie. It was meant to stop me from finishing the spell. I had a wall up though, and it should have stayed up, but the power it took to finish the spell used up pretty much every drop of energy I had. So down came the wall."

"Why didn't Buffy get them right away then?"

"Nobody except me and Giles know, but Slayers have a sort of wall. Stuff like that can only get in if they feel like they are safe. So as soon as she saw you, she knew that nothing was going to harm her for a while, not physically anyway, and the wall came down."


"I second that thought. Why didn't you tell me, Willow?"

"You're awake!"

"Well, I'm usually awake when I'm talking Angel. Why, Willow?"

"I didn't want to distract you from what you had to do. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. If you had told me, I don't know if I could have gone through with the spell. And the spell had to be done. Without it, we couldn't have defeated the first, and his army."

Ending with this somber note, Buffy promptly shut the door of Angel's room. Angel felt sure that she was shutting the door for a reason, and he trusted her, so he headed toward the kitchen.

When he walked into the kitchen, he was greeted with a hello from the Sunnydale gang, and a half heartedly raised stake from the LA gang. They where all sitting around the kitchen, and every surface was covered with either food or Slayers. Andrew was standing next the stove, feeding food onto the ever emptying plates as fast as he could.

"I'd forgotten how much slayers eat." That was the only comment he made. When Giles looked at him inquiringly, he simply said, "She'll be okay. I think that she's getting cleaned up now. And guys, what's with the stakes?"

"We're just being safe. You two spent the entire night alone up there. For all we knew, you could be Angelus."

"Connor. Did you see the state she was in last night? She was barely conscious."

"Well, I didn't really see her."

"See who?"

Buffy walked into the room, and everyone looked up. She was a new person. She was no longer the battle weary person she had been when most of the slayers had known her, nor was she the fearless leader that they had come to find that she was. For the first time in years, she looked like she might actually be happy, really and truly. She had obviously just gotten out of the shower, as her hair was wet. She was wearing a pair of sweat pants that Fred had picked up before the slayers had arrived with the logic that if they were coming from an epic battle, they probably were going to need clothes. It was a good thing that she had thought of that too, because that slayers hadn't had time to salvage anything form Sunnydale. She was wearing one of Angel's button down top, tied part way up the stomach. Her face looked younger, it wasn't without worry, but the worry wasn't as prominent as usual.

"Is that breakfast that I smell?"

She sat down on Angel's lap, and started wolfing down a huge plate of food as only a slayer can. As she ate, Willow slipped quietly into the room, and whispered something in the ear of Angel, Giles, Dawn, Xander, and Faith. When she spoke to each of them, they assumed a look of shocked pleasure.

"How long have you known?" Angel asked Buffy happily, but with a hint of resentment.

"She just told me"