This is a Twilight fanfict. I absolutely love Twilight! My favorite book! But I've only read Twilight. Im in the middle of New Moon, so if you've read them please don't give anything away.

Bella's P.O.V.

Hey. My name is Bella Swan, Im now a senior at Forks High School in the small town of Forks Washington. I moved here over a year ago and I wasn't to thrilled at first, but then I met Edward Cullen. He is the most amazing person ever. But the thing about Edward is that he isn't like normal people. He is a vampire.

Don't laugh! I know its silly but im not lying! He is. But the thing about him and his family is that they don't drink blood for humans. They only feed off of animals. They say they are "vegetarians" their sick inside joke. And one myth that is totally not true is that they don't burn in the sun. No they sparkle. It is the most beautiful sight ever!

So here I am in Calculas thinking about Edward. Wishing we had this class together so I could see his amazingly beautiful face. He is like a god.

"Hey do you get this?" my friend Mike Newton asked.

"Huh? Sorry… I haven't really been paying attention." I said.

"Oh… I'll just ask Ben." Mike said turning to Ben.

I sat for about twenty more minutes till I heard the lunch bell ring. I got up quickly and went to put my books in my locker and hurried to the lunch room. I walked in and quickly spotted Edward at our usually table.

I walked over to the table.

"Bella, aren't you going to get something to eat?" Edward asked me.

"Im not really hungry. I haven't been feeling well lately." I said.

"Whats wrong?" Edward asked.

"I've just been really tired."


After lunch the rest of the day went by slowly. I went home quickly after school. Edward came with me. I walked in the door and quickly went to change into some sweats. I was looking in the mirror when I noticed a bunch of bruises on my stomach, arms and legs. I haven't really fallen much lately so that kind of freaked me out.

"Bella?" Edward yelled for me.

"Yeah im coming!" I said hurrying to put my clothes on.

Well I really didn't like this chapter but idk. Tell me what you think, give me ideas… Whatever! Thanks for reading!