Six years ago

The six-year-old blonde boy is running for his life. He's being followed by people in the village that want to kill him. When he running he runs into a man. He put his arms over his head and asked the man. "Please don't hurt me" The man looked at him then at the people fallowing him he walks over to the gang of people because he didn't like how they're treating this little boy.

"Good work and thanks Kakashi you get him now let's kill that demon once and for all." One of the men from the gang shouted to the man who was now known as Kakashi.

'I'm not going let you hurt him! He is not a monster!' He gets ready to attack which make them scared like hell and turned around and run away. He picks the blonde boy up and asks him "what your name"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and thank you' he's still a little scared of him but was thankful that he had helped him just now. No one beside the Hokage has ever helped him like this and he was glad that someone finally did.

"My name is Kakashi; would you like come live with me? That way no one can ever hurt you again" Once Kakashi said that Naruto smiled and nodded. He then walked to his house holding Naruto. He wasn't going to let his sensei down by not helping his son but he knows he can't tell Naruto that till later.

"Thank you onii" After saying that to Kakashi Naruto had fallen fast asleep.

Now six years later

Naruto is sound asleep but Naruto finds himself in an sever like area but he wonders how he got here. He hears something and start going to where the sounds is coming from. As he gets to the place he sees a huge metal gate. He looks inside and sees a beautiful girl. The color of her hair is flaming red and it was down to her butt but her eyes are a beautiful shade of red with a line in the middle. Her breasts are big and round with pink rose tip nips. Her long legs look like their go on for miles and she had nine long cute tails also a nice round butt. He look at her head again he notice this time he seen a pair of fur fox ears. She was standing before him fully nude. When he seen him she tried covering herself up with her tails Naruto blushed when he was looking at her. But she seen him blush she also blush a little.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Naruto looked at her but he was hoping she could tell me at least what her name was. He didn't know where he was but he was glad that he wasn't all alone in this place.

"I'm Kyuubi and you are inside your mind right now?" She said hiding her face but Naruto was starting to put two and two together as he sees tails and knows that kyuubi had nine tails as well. So she was the reason for all of his pain that was in his life and still going to happen later on in his life.

"You are the demon that everyone hates and because of that their hate me?" He looked closer at her but she start to cry a little then a few tears come out. Naruto didn't want to see her cry because it wasn't something he like to do to people but he was shocked that a demon does cry.

'I'm so sorry that I made you feel pain and sadness I really wish that you never had to go through" She told in between her crying but Naruto just looks at him because this wasn't right. Naruto walk inside the gate and she was shocked that he was coming closer to her. He pulled her into a hug and told her "I do not liking seeing a beautiful girl crying so please no more tears"

"Thank you, after all I have done you still are not mad at me? If you want I could come out and help you with things, all you have to do is rip the seal a little but I will not have my powers but I will have a human from which I can talk to you and help you" Naruto nodded and walks to the seal and ripped it a little. She had no idea he would really do it for her but she was glad that he did.

"Now you have to wake up now Naruto-kun." Once she said that he wake up in his bed and as he walk looking around he notices a fully nude lady in his bed with him. He thought about it and said in her ear' "Is that you Kyuubi-Chan?" She nodded head her to Naruto. Naruto looked at her and was feeling like he wants to touch her again. He moved closer, she notice what he was doing and move closer to him. As their lips get closer to each other they formed a melting kiss. Naruto tongue moved to her lips trying to get inside her mouth just like he seen in his big brothers orange books. She opened and gladly let him inside but when the kiss ended he looked at her.

"Kyuubi is it wired if I tell you that I like you" He was looking at her in the eyes but she just smirks to him because she was glad that he had said that to her. She didn't know why but she was moved by how he was treating her.

'No it's not Naruto-kun because I love you because I have watched you since you first got attacked and I seen how strong you really are." She moved her head onto his chest and rests it there. Naruto slowly moved his arms around Kyuubi and was now holding her close to him. He never wants to let her go and hopes that one will try and hurt her because she's with him.

"We really need to get you clothes and a name to call you by outside around people" She nods but she just gives a feral smirk because she doesn't mind being naked in front of him.

"How about I name you Kuu-Chan, is that ok?" She gave him a smile as he called her that.

"I like that name." Once she said that he moved her head onto the bed which he moves to his dresser and brings out boxers and t-shirt then turn to Kuu and handed her the cloth. She grabbed the clothes and put them on as she was putting on the shirt Naruto notice her boobs moving and blushed. When she was done she asked "Why are you blushing, my body belongs to you and only you" She gets up and grabs him but he was trying to understand what she means by what she just said to him.

"What do you mean Kuu-Chan" He looks at her grabbing him but she just looks at his blue eyes

"I belong to you and I never stop belonging to you, because when one of my kind finds person their love that person they becomes their mate and we never leave each other." As she said that Naruto thought 'I like that, that means I can be with her forever.' He smiles at his thoughts but he looks back at Kyuubi..

"So I am your mate Kuu-Chan?" She nodded her head and was now trying to hold him closer. He put his arms around her lower back but as soon as he did the open to his room opened and Kakashi walked in. Naruto look at him and was scared because he's thinking his onii was going to hurt Kuu because she's the Kyuubi. He hope he would not hurt her because he doesn't want to have to fight his onii.

"I heard everything, so you're Kyuubi the demon?" She nodded and she could feel Naruto holding her closer and harder which she can tell its' because he's scared that Kakashi may hurt her. She lets herself smile because she has someone who cares about her now.

"Onii don't hurt her please'" Kakashi looked at them and smiled under his face because he wasn't going to hurt someone that was bring happiness into his little brother life. It was true that kyuubi did attack and kill so many people but now they can find out the reason to it all.

"Why would I hurt the woman that that my little brother likes and maybe even loves?" He looks down at his brother but he does look at Kyuubi with eyes like why. She knows what he means and she may tell everyone the reason one day.

"Thank you onii.' he hugged Kakashi but he just rubs Naruto head.

"Remember don't tell other people who she really is and now I leave you two alone and enjoy yourselves." He closes the door behind him so the two of them can talk without him being in the room.

"What did onii mean by that?" He looked at her with a clueless face and she giggle and said in his ear "He means us having sex." Hearing that makes Naruto face becomes red like a cherry causing her to then giggle ever more.

"Do you really want to do that?" Naruto asked her as he was shaking and being nervously causing Kyuubi to just smirk at his react.

She smiled and kisses his neck. "That's only when you're ready to have all of me like that." Naruto hugged her again but she just hugs him back as she kisses his lips.

"Thank you my Kuu-Chan, Let's get you pants then go shopping for clothes for you" She nodded and smiled again. Naruto walk outside to his onii room where Kakashi goes into to his dresser and pull out a pair of pants to give to Naruto. Naruto walks back in and gives her the pants and she grabbed them from her and put them on. But he changed to as he was a fox girl was peeking a lot that made Naruto blushed a lot. When they both done getting ready they start heading outside to the clothes shops.

When they get to the clothes for girls area Naruto didn't know why she had made him come all this way with her. But after hour of her asking what he thought of her looking in clothes and in underwear. He paid for all the clothes she wanted and now was carrying fire bags of clothes. Naruto could not help but remember in his mind of him seeing her try on so many sexy pairs of underwear and when she did that she only wear the underwear nothing else. He was blushing when he thought about that, she elbow him in the ribs.

"What you thinking off?'" He blushed again when she asked him what he was thinking off.

Nothing Kuu-Chan" She look at him then hit him in the ribs.

'"you had image of me changing into underwear again am I right?' Naruto just looks at him because he was not scared that he was going to get hurt by her for thinking of her like that.

Yes but I am sorry Kuu-Chan" She lets out a giggle and kiss him on the neck.

"It's ok for you to because remember I belong to you and so if you want see me nude just ask any time" She smiled and playfully bits his neck. She smiled and warped a arm around her lower back as their walked.

When their get home it was late which Kakashi was asleep. They get into Naruto's room slowly walking so that the two of them don't not wake up him from his sleep. When they get in Kuu-Chan strapped down to none thing and hope into bed. Naruto stripped down to his boxers then lies down in bed with his lover.

"Good night my little Kuu-Chan." She nodded and closes her eyes