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When Naruto wakes him he sees his naked love with her head close to his chest but she had her tails out which he just starts to pet. His petting causing her to wake up but once she notices her tails she quickly makes them disappear as does her fox ears. "I like seeing your tails and ears they are cute."

She just looks at him then rubs her head against his neck and lightly bits it but Naruto was wondering why she did that. "You like to bite a lot do you know that?" She just moves her head as she stares at him. "Yes I do because it's fun biting you."

Naruto looks at the time and gets out of bed but he heads to the shower as Kyuubi was fallowing him. When he gets inside he sees that she was fallowing him. "Why are you fallowing me Kuu-chan I'm going take a shower before going to school in order find out what team I'm on?" She just lets out a devil smile as she moves closer to him.

"I'm here because I'm going take a shower with my mate can I?" Naruto was blushing but he guesses that he can share a shower with her because after all he has seen her naked a few times now. He can't believe someone that looks like this wants to be with her because she could of anyone she wanted with her looks.

His eyes look at her chest as he can tell her rose tiny nipples are getting hard but she just fallows his eyes to her nipples and smirks to him. "I'll take that as a yes." She helps him take off his boxers and starts the shower by the time Naruto realizes what was going on the shower was ready and Kyuubi pulls him inside with her.

If Naruto couldn't keep his eyes off her then now he'll never because when the water hits her body it was making Naruto to stare at her even more. Naruto just hands his hands down her body as she just lets him. Naruto stops when he gets to her rear as he couldn't believe that she was really letting him do this. "Why are you letting me do all this?" She just looks at him because doesn't he understand yet why she's letting him and only him do this to her.

"How many times do I have to say it to you, my body and soul belong to you Naruto-kun?" She takes his hand and puts it on her right breast as she makes him squeeze it causing her to let out a little moan of pleasure. Naruto on the other hand was blushing up a storm at this point but he moves his other hand to her butt and gives it a good squeeze as she smiles to him. "Now you getting it Naru-kun but don't forget that I'm only yours and not on else is going to have me."

"I think I may get to like this." He told her with a smirk growing on his face as the two of them get used to each other body before getting out of the shower. Naruto had a huge smile on and wonders if just touching her body was this good then what will it like when he has sex with her. Kyuubi on the other hand was just glad that he was happy to be with her but she was hoping she can mark him soon.

Naruto puts towel on as he hands on to kyuubi who puts it on to cover herself in case the walk into Kakashi on the way to his room. When both of them get into his room they put on a change of clothes but Naruto couldn't help but stare at Kyuubi again because of what she was wearing.

She was wearing a dress that had a spit to allow her to walk better but it was also showing off her long sexy legs to the world. Her chest was showing a little but Naruto just couldn't believe that she was going to wear that outside with him when he's just going to find out what team he's on.

"You do know I'm only going to be going to my school to find out my team right?" She just does a spin then look at him. "Can't I dress up for your first genin team or do I have wear normal clothes?" She pouts which Naruto tries to cheer her up by saying she can wear whatever she wants but Kyuubi smirks inside her mind.

Naruto was wearing his orange kill me outfit but Kakashi doesn't know how many times he tried to get Naruto to stop wearing that but no matter what Naruto wears it. Kyuubi looks at him and she knows that she has to get him to stop wearing that kind of clothes because it wasn't right to wear when you are a shinobi.

Both of them leave the house as they walk to find out what genin team he was being placed on. Naruto was around a chuunin level which is all thanks to his big brother who trained him since he was seven. He is no way near as strong as his big brother but soon he will become as strong.

But Naruto does hope he isn't put on the same team as Sasuke because he would just kill himself if that happened. Naruto and he never get along because Sasuke always thinks he's the best shinobi in the world thanks to his clan.

Naruto showed Sasuke up so many times but he keeps saying that he just got lucky but he does wonder how his kaa Mikoto puts up with him. It really most suck having a son that acts like a fool and a asshole but his tou if he remember right was a asshole to.

When he gets there he sees Iruka calling names to see if everyone was here today but when Naruto walks in he lets a smile come out. He was one of the people that treated Naruto nice and was only hard on him because he sleeps in class a lot.

Naruto takes his sit as he sees the two fan girls Sakura and Ino fighting over who is going to sit with Sakura but Iruka was wondering who the woman beside Naruto was. "Naruto who is this woman that's with you?" With that everyone was now looking at Naruto who just smirks because this is going be fun.

"This is my girlfriend Kuu-chan." Everyone had their jaws on the ground when their head that Naruto had this sexy woman as a girlfriend but Iruka just looks at him. "Does Kakashi know about this?" He smiles and nods his head as he pulls out an orange book and starts reading it but Iruka and Kyuubi were looking at him.

"You are becoming way to much like Kakashi do you know that?" Naruto just gives Iruka an evil glare. "I'm only reading this so I can see what Kuu may like done to her." Kyuubi was now blushing because of that as she just kisses his lips.

Naruto sees Sasuke walking over to him and he knows that this asshole was going to try something. He wasn't about to let Sasuke get close to Kyuubi because if he does he will break every bone in Sasuke body.

"Why is someone like you with a person like him? How about you leave this nobody and come with me?" The second he grabbed Kyuubi she took him back the arm and cause so much pain his arm. Sasuke lets go as he stares at her but Kyuubi just smirks as she moves her arms around back from behind.

"Only one I'm going be with is my Naruto-kun and everyone else that tires to be with me can go to hell because I'll never leave him." Naruto moves his hands to her hands as he holds them with a smile on his face.

"Sit down everyone so I can tell you about your genin teams." Iruka told them as they listen but Sasuke was sending evil glares at the woman that hurt him but Naruto moves his lips to her ear. "I thought you said you didn't have any powers?" Kyuubi looks away slyly but Naruto just kisses her and tells her it's ok.

He gets done with the first six teams now its team seven. "Team seven is made up of Sasuke, Sakura and Shino as for your sensei that's Kakashi Hatake." Naruto lets out a laugh as he hears his brother name. "You have onii has your sensei he going be hours later on everything." Naruto couldn't stop laughing as two jounin one in.

"Why are you laughing so much Naruto-kun?" He looks at one of the two jounins that had crimson beautiful eyes and long black hair this was Kurenai Yuuhi. "They got stuck with having Kakashi-onii as their sensei, he going be late for everything he does with his team." Kurenai lets out a little giggle but Kyuubi was looking at her with a stare.

"Who is she Naruto-kun?" He looks at Kyuubi and now was wishing he didn't just do that. "This is Kurenai-chan who has been around Kakashi and visits the house a lot, I though you know that?" Kyuubi was cursing herself inside her mind because she had forgotten about everyone but Naruto when she watched him from the seal.

"Now let me ask Naruto-kun who is the woman that beside you?" He just smirks because this was going to be fun watching. "This is my girlfriend." One the last words came out of his mouth Kurenai almost had a heart attack.

"Since when did you have a girlfriend?" She asked as she couldn't believe what was going on but inside she was a little hurt. Naruto looks in her eyes and becomes little sad he doesn't know why she's hurt but he doesn't like it.

"Yesterday but Kurenai can I talk to you tomorrow?" He asked her but she could tell by his voice he was sorry but she just looks at him. "Sure, meet me at the same place we normal go to." He nods his head.

"Team eight Hinata, Kiba Sai and your sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi." Kurenai takes her team with him but Naruto looks at her back as she leaves. Kyuubi was wondering what was going on because she didn't like him being sad but she figures something had hurt Kurenai and he blames himself.

He gets done with all the teams but Naruto and Kyuubi are the only ones in the room with Iruka which causes Naruto to wonder what was going on. "How come I'm not on a team?" Iruka was looking at him then at the paper in front of him.

"That's because you're only going to have a sensei teaching you and not a team, she should be here soon." With that said they see a woman with two red marks on each side of her face but she has three dogs with her.

"Sorry I'm late I was working at my vet office and forget my track of time, so you must be Naruto?" Her three dogs look at Kyuubi who just stares at them because this wasn't going to end well.

Hana talks to her dogs as she looks at the two of them but she wonders why her dog partners keep saying they smell of foxes but once she gets their small she can tell that the three of them were right about smelling like foxes.

"Yes that's me but who are you?" She smiles to him as she just looks at Kyuubi then back to Naruto. "My name is Hana Inuzuka but who is your friend?" Kyuubi just looks at her because she didn't like how she said that.

"My name is Kuu, why do you want to know my name?" She just shrugs her shoulders as she looks back at Naruto. "Meet me on the roof so we can get to know each other better." With that said she walks out with Naruto and Kyuubi fallowing her.

Hana sits down as Naruto does the same with Kyuubi sitting next to him as she stares at Hana because she gets the feeling that she has her eyes on her Naruto. "This why I hate dogs but this bitch isn't going to get my Naruto-kun."

"Let's get to know each other, I'll go first. My name like I said is Hana Inuzuka and my likes are taking care of animals, talking with my clan and family. My dislikes are to deal with my little brothers and people that hurt animals. My hobbies are working at my vet office and my dream is to help as many animals as I can." She looks at Naruto who nods his head.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and my likes are my onii and Kuu. My dislikes are people who hate me for a dumb reason. My hobbies are training and my dream is to become the next Hokage." Hana nods but she looks at Kuu who just rolls her eyes.

"My name is Kuu and my likes are my Naruto-kun, my dislikes are people trying to get with him and my hobbies are something you don't need to know about. My dream that is also something you don't need to know." Hana just rolls her eyes at how she talked.

"Tomorrow meet me at training grounds sixteen for your real genin test." With that she leaves them but Naruto just stares at her then at Kuu because this was going to be a nightmare.