Just Say A Little Prayer
Chapter 1

Eriol Hiragizawa resisted the urge to throw his lesson plan at his student who was standing wordlessly before him.

"S-Sir,Can I take my seat now?" asked the eleven-year-old Ryane Martins.

"Not until you tell me when did Columbus reached India." he replied sharply.

"S-Sir,I-I don't know the answer." The girl's eyes were welling up with tears as her classmates watched her with pity on their faces.

"Then stand up for the rest of the period until you give me the correct answer." he barked before calling on another student.
"They are all idiots!" shouted Eriol.Mr.Marvin Burns smiled.He thought this was one of 'those days' when the teacher gets easily irritated.

"Mr.Hiragizawa,calm down." advised the old man as they entered his office.As the grade school principal of the Wellings Academy,he has every right to kick the teacher out of the school for being too harsh on his pupils but he never did that.He believed that Eriol was one of the most intelligent and outstanding educators England has ever produced.

"How can you say that when a student passed fourth grade without knowing when did Columbus-aargh!" The blue-eyed man massaged his aching head.

"By the way,I think you got a letter from Japan." the principal informed him.

"I'll read it later." Eriol knew that this came from Kaho again,begging to let her give birth.As Clow Reed,it's in his hands if he wanted his servants to possess human capabilities like having a child..

The man got up. "Is Father Ayashi in?"

Mr.Burns nodded. "Yes.I think he's holding a First Friday mass for the students in the chapel.Hey there's a new-"

"I'll see you later." said Eriol as he slipped his coat back and walked out of the room.

At 19,Eriol Hiragizawa became the youngest teacher in the academy.His stunning somber looks and heartstopping physique also made him the most handsome mentor in the school.Unfortunately,his temper earned him the notoriety of being the most hated teacher in Welling Academy.

Eriol exhaled sharply.Why did he choose teaching to be his profession when he knows he was just punishing himself?His job was just reminding him of a person who was also once a teacher whom he loved with all his heart but left him for another man.

He quietly entered the chapel that was unusually crowded today.He knew that students are not devout Christians and prefer going home early than attending the school mass.He wondered if their teachers offered initiative points for those who will attend the mass.

"Peace be with you." said Fr. Ayashi.

"And also with you." everyone responded.

"Let us now give each other the sign of peace." As everyone gave each other peace signs,the school choir began to sing.

Suddenly Eriol perked up when he heard a familiar angelic voice singing a solo.He stood up and tried to see who the singer was,but all he saw were two nuns leading the school choir.He sat down,sighing.It couldn't be.He knew this was just the result of too much thinking.

But a few minutes later,he heard the voice again,this time,singing the doxology.He stood up to find a seat nearer to the choir but he saw the pews were all full.Confused,he sat down again.

"Amen." finished the beautiful voice.

Eriol stood up for the third time,wishing he had a binocular to see who the singer was.

"Will Mr.Hiragizawa do us a favor and tell us why he's exercising in the middle of the mass?" Father Ayashi boomed over the microphone.

Everyone burst into laughter that lasted for some minutes.It's not everyday that they could make fun of the terror teacher.

Embarrassed,Eriol sat back.But he vowed to himself silently that he will know who the mystery singer was..after having a word with the priest,of course.

Father Sakuya Ayashi chuckled.

"Stop that!" growled Eriol as they walked towards the school cafeteria. "Why did you embarrassed me in front of the school?"

The fat priest wiped a tear of laughter from his eye. "Hai,hai.I'm sorry.But seeing you so restless back there was just too good to pass up!" He roared with laughter again as Eriol rolled his eyes.

Father Sakuya Ayashi was one of the few people who befriended him when he taught in the academy.The priest grew up in Japan but was transferred to London by a referral from Tomoeda High school.He's a jolly old man who offers sensible pieces of advice and listens patiently when he talks.

"By the way,lad,why were you so unsettled awhile ago?" The priest wanted to know.

"I was wondering who owns the new voice I heard." he replied.

"I see.Everyone wondered the same thing.The singer is a novice nun from Japan who is now teaching the school choir and Music 5.Her name is Tomoyo Daidouji and she has the finest voice you've ever heard,don't you think so?" Fr.Ayashi turned to him.

Eriol nodded absent-mindedly while thinking, "I knew it." Memories of the fifth grader Tomoyo singing Yasashisa no Tane with his piano accompaniment returned in his mind.

Meanwhile Father Ayashi didn't even noticed his friend's silence." Oh yeah everyone thinks so.Why,I swear,I can feel goosebumps in my body when she heard the final song."

"But a nun?" uttered Eriol incredoulously.Why did Tomoyo decided to be a nun?

"Sounds like you knew her." the priest said,amused.

Eriol looked away. "An old schoolmate."