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Love is...

His cold, folded hands supported his chin and his dark eyes scanned the waiting room. Friends of all ages, sizes, and types sat on poorly cushioned seats but they weren't all his friends. No, they were friends of the boy laying in the ICU. He bit back an impatient sigh and closed his eyes. The rank odor of urine and anti-bacterial soaps teased his gag reflex and the static from the self-entertaining television cut through his ears. He hated hospitals.

Someone snored softly as he opened his eyes again. How long had they all been waiting? How much time had passed since the one they all loved became sick and started…

…started dying?

Too long.

The long blonde hair caught his attention first, then the lab coat and serious expression tightening her face. He hoped-prayed even-that she would continue down the hallway. He would rather wait where he was a thousand years than hear anything she had to say. But even so, she marched toward the melancholy group and stopped at the first green chair. Tired, hopeful heads rose, but he knew already. He knew his love was gone.

"Sasuke," she said, her gaze flitting over heads to settle on his. "He wants to see you. He doesn't have much time left."

All of the eyes-now curious and filled with question-settled on his body as he rose and started down the hallway. The number played through his mind like a serenade; 342…342… It had haunted him for hours, preparing him in case the doctor's told him the worst. If death were to linger in their words, the room would have been the first place he went to. They had just made the process easier by sending him up.

He stopped as his eyes took in the brilliant golden numbers. 342. The door handle was hot against his nervous palm, turning, sliding, moving away, and then the breath left him as his sight came to rest on the clash of tan skin against white sheets. "Naruto."

Clouded blue eyes turned toward him slowly and an all-too-familiar smile brightened the blond boy's face. "Hey, Bastard."

The pale visitor took the invitation and walked confidently toward the bed. He ignored the humming machines and flickering lights in the room. This was his last time…

He ran a thin hand across his lover's face, frowning at the tube coming from his nose. He closed his eyes tightly, picturing the boy running around and laughing-how he used to be-and placed a kiss on his forehead. He didn't smell as he should have either. Instead of like sweat and cologne, he smelled sterile. He smelled…tired.

"Sasuke, I'm scared" Naruto said softly. Sasuke couldn't remember a time he had ever heard Naruto's voice speak so quietly. It was strange.

The young raven-haired man did not open his eyes, instead placing his chin at the crook of his lover's neck and reaching his hands to entwine with his companion's. "Don't be," he assured, tightening his grip slightly. "I'm right here. I won't leave you."

"But I-"

"I won't leave you." Sasuke was resolute and unwavering, convincing the blonde to relax.

I won't leave you.

A shuddered breath in and out. The loosening of fingers. The closing of blue eyes. The piercing tone that ended everything.

I…I won't leave you.

I love you.

Author's blab: So, I must give many thanks to Ladelle on this one. Her amazing uncontrollable urge to correct all of my mistakes made this story a whole bunch better. Maybe I should get a beta one day, ne? But anyway, for those who aren't obsessed with the song as I am and didn't catch the dropped hints at the beginning, this was based from 'What Sarah Said' by Death Cab for Cutie.

Thank you for reading!


Love is watching someone die
So who's gonna watch you die?