Sequel to "A Very Special Arthur"

Sequel to "A Very Special Arthur"

It was a very special day at Lakewood Elementary. Michael Jackson was coming and going to teach the kids how to do the "Thriller" dance. Arthur, of course, had to ruin it somehow…

When Michael Jackson got to the school, everyone started cheering. Binky started screaming like a little girl. "EEEEEEEE!" He screamed, "Mr. Jackson, can you sign my copy of Thriller?" "Sure," Michael answered kindly, and ended up signing about a kajillion copies of "Thriller" before he got to teach the kids the actual dance. When Michael got back to the classroom, he was of course very generous. He got out his copy of the "Thriller" music video and played it for the class.

The whole class watched the amazing video and were like, "Cool! AWESOME! I LOVE MICHAEL!!" Well, except for Arthur. As soon as MJ changed into the werewolf in the video, Arthur screamed, "THAT PEDOPHILE TURNED INTO A WEREWOLF! I'M SCARED! AAAAA!" With that, Michael paused the DVD and the whole class was in silent shock. Francine raised her hand. "Yes, Francine?" MJ answered. "Are you a pedophile, Mr. Jackson?" Francine asked. "NO!" Michael answered, which was the total truth, "I would NEVER in my life harm a child. They are the Lambs of God." Arthur then began spurting more lies about Michael. "NO NO NO!! LISTEN TO ME! THIS GUY RAPED ME LAST NIGHT!" Arthur was so retarded. Michael Jackson didn't even live in Elwood City, wherever the hell that is. He was traveling around the world, and didn't have time to deal with Arthur. And why would he want to, for that matter?

The whole class started to cry, especially Binky. "You were my hero!" he sobbed, and ran out of the room. The other kids decided to follow him, all except for Arthur. Arthur then showed Michael the "Mr. Elephant" thing again. Michael was so disgusted that he vomited into the trashcan. As if that wasn't disgusting enough, Arthur's bare ass was hanging over the same can, and he dropped a huge log in there. MJ lost it. "YOU DISGUSTING LITTLE PRICK!" he screamed, and then started beating the crap out of Arthur. Arthur's steroids had worn off, so he was rendered helpless. The song "'Till I collapse" by Eminem started randomly playing in the background. When MJ finished beating the crap out of Arthur, Arthur was dead. MJ usually felt bad about these types of things, but Arthur fucking deserved it. I mean, DAMN!!

The End.