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I have planned my life, to the last detail
With a story book romance to fill my days
But the funny thing about answered prayer
Is they come to you in unexpected ways

"What's up with you, Itachi?" Sasori asked as the teenager was staring at his food.

"If you don't want that I'll take it," Kisame said.

"He's as skinny as a twig, Kisame. He needs to eat," Sasori said, glaring at the fishlike man.

"Well jeez, Mr. Student Teacher. I didn't realize it was that big a deal and if you haven't noticed, you're pretty skinny yourself," Kisame said. Sasori 'hmphed' and turned his attention to Itachi.

"Well, Itachi?" Sasori asked.

"If it's alright with you, I'd rather not talk about it," Itachi said. "Especially in the company of the loudmouth cusser and the man who'll do anything for money."

"Hey, you little piece of shit!" Guess who…

"If I had a penny for every time he cussed, I'd be rich…" Again, guess who…

"YOU ARE RICH!" Kisame and Tobi said at the same time.

"Why is Tobi here again?" Itachi asked, his eye twitching.

"Because Tobi is a good boy,"

"Well Tobi, be an even better boy and go annoy Naruto,"

"Okay!" he exclaimed. "Tobi will be a really good boy!"

"He weirds me out," Kisame said.

"Join the club," Sasori agreed.

"What also weirds me out is that you hang out with seniors and a junior, Mr. Akasuna," Kisame said. "And the fact that Itachi trusts you, then there's the blonde girl in your pictures-"

"Blonde girl?" Sasori interrupted. "What are you talking about? The only blonde girls I know are Temari and Ino and they aren't in any of my pictures. Are you talking about Deidara?" Itachi sighed and dug through Sasori's bag. He looked through the pictures of the student teacher's and stared longer then needed at the blonde in the photographs.

"Why does it say 'I'm gonna miss you very, very much, danna'?" Itachi asked.

"I've already told you this story, Itachi," Sasori said. "Several times, in fact."

"But I want to hear it again," Itachi retaliated. Sasori sighed. Although Itachi could go through the whole day and pass all of his classes without paying attention, he was a sucker for stories- especially Sasori's. There was something that made Itachi force Sasori to tell him a story, especially when there was Akatsuki sleepovers.

Akatsuki was what they called themselves back when "Leader" and Konan were second year college students and Itachi was a sophomore, Sasori was a senior, and the rest were junior two years ago. There school was a college and high school mix for reasons we and they don't know why. They still called themselves that but it was still the same, considering that they rarely saw the two oldest members even back then. The only difference now was that Sasori could give them detention.

"Which part?" Kakuzu asked, propped up on his elbows.

"I don't want to hear it from you. I want to hear it from Sasori," Itachi pouted.

"Well we all fucking know that, Itachi," Hidan snapped. "He means what damn fucking part are we starting at?"

"I wanna hear about the part from the picture," Itachi prodded. Sasori sighed. This was one of the rare times Itachi acted like a child- when he was feeling upset and vulnerable after his father had done something to upset him or he was just feeling ready to crack under pressure.

"Well, it was back when I was almost a junior in Iwagakure… and he was your age, Itachi, a ninth grader." (A/N: The Konoha school systen is different then the Iwagakure one because they don't have highschool and college mixes...actually I don't think any school does but its my story, okay?)


"Deidara, what are you doing?" Sasori asked. Deidara pouted and held up his camera.

"Well you're going to be leaving soon danna and if we don't take pictures, you'll forget about me,"

"How could I forget you, brat?" Sasori muttered.

"Seriously, danna!" Deidara pouted. Sasori sighed and closed his book, taking the camera from Deidara.

"Hey, Temari, could you take some pictures for us?" Sasori asked.

"Hm? Oh, sure Sasori!" the blonde girl smiled and took the camera from him. "This is because you're leaving for Konoha, right?"

"Yeah… Dei thinks I'll forget him if we don't take pictures to remind me by," Sasori sighed.

"Sasori won't forget you, Deidara," Temari said. "But I'll still take the pictures anyways."

"Thankyou, yeah!" Deidara grinned.

End Flashback

"How come he didn't transfer to Konoha like you and the others?" Itachi asked.

"Because his grades aren't that great…when he last wrote to me he said he pulled them up to a 'C' so if he gets them to a 'B' he should be able to come here," Sasori said.

"Maybe…" Itachi said, seeing the date of 'September 31' on Sasori's open planner.

At the train station, Deidara sighed happily as he waited to be picked up. He would be able to see Sasori again and maybe meet someone new… Sasori's grandma, Chiyo, had moved with Sasori and had agreed to pick him up. He tugged on his long sleeved turtle neck but there was no way he could take it off with all the bruises on his body…

"Hello, Deidara," said the familiar voice of Sasori's grandma.

"Hi, granny Chiyo, yeah!" Deidara grinned. "So Sasori doesn't know yet, right, yeah?"

"It's all been kept from him," she promised. "Is that all you brought, dear?"

"Yeah, it's really all I had," Deidara grimaced. "I'll just get a part time job and get some new clothes and stuff, yeah."

"You're taller then Sasori now… he hasn't grown much, maybe five inches?" Chiyo mused. "You on the other hand have grown very tall. How tall are you now, Deidara?"

"Five foot eight, yeah," Deidara said proudly.

"Yes, he's maybe… five foot four?" Chiyo said. "Yes, I think so. I believe most of his friends are taller then you… except for Itachi, I believe he's about your height."

"Itachi, yeah?"

"The son of Fugaku Uchiha. You will be nice to him, won't you Deidara? He had it bad at home…much like you did. Very much so," Deidara was quiet and winced as one of the people brushed his arm. He bit his lip to keep from yelling at the man.

Chiyo frowned. It was obvious that his father had beaten Deidara even when she and Sasori had left. She did not touch Deidara- not even to hug him. It became obvious to her that he was hurt since he was wearing a long sleeve shirt in Konoha, which usually had warm weather year round. She wondered how Sasori would take this news…

"I'll take you to see the principal now- Sasori will be in class and we should be out before his classes get out," Chiyo said.

"Doesn't he take college courses though too, yeah?" Deidara asked.

"He does but on Tuesdays and Thursdays he works the later periods at the high school," Chiyo said. "And in the mornings until lunch he takes college courses and one or two in the afternoon. Since you're here, I believe you have an 'AB' average?"

"You bet, yeah! I have 'B's' in most of my classes but in science and art I have 'A's'," Deidara said.

"You're doing much better then you were back when we were in Iwa," Chiyo mused. Deidara nodded and got into the passenger seat of her car. He sighed as he looked out the window. A new life was for him, here- in Konoha. Deidara got out of the car.

"Can you find the principal's office by yourself? My legs are beginning to hurt and I would like to rest," Chiyo said. "I'll wait here."

"Sure," Deidara said. "I'll be fine on my own."

"This is so boring man!" Kisame complained. "Why can't we just leave the campus?"

"Because Sasori is taking us home," Kakuzu said. "And it costs money for me to use my car."

"You stupid cheapskate! If it weren't for you and you're lazy ass, we could all be at our fucking homes right now sitting down and watching some fucking TV!"

"I just don't have my car," Itachi shrugged.

"What did happen to your car, by the way?" Kisame asked.

"Totaled it," Itachi said. "You know…"

"And what does your dad know?"

"Some drunk hit me and almost sent me off the cliff," Itachi said.

"You mother fucking street racer-"

"I do not fuck my mother so do refrain from saying so," Itachi said, giving Hidan a heated glare. Kisame sighed. Oh yeah, the regular closed off Itachi was back.

"So how are you going to avoid getting a date to the homecoming dance?" Kisame asked.

"I'll do what I always do; glare at them until they go away," Itachi shrugged.

"And for those idiotic sluts who are stupid enough to actually go up to you like the Haruno's older sister?"

"Then I'll go find Sasori," Itachi said. "They won't go near me if I'm with a student teacher. I'm going to go get a soda."

"Hey, pick me up one too," Kisame said, handing Itachi a dollar.

"Get me a damn soda too," Hidan said, fishing his wallet out.

"Soda costs money…."

"It's a fucking dollar, Kakuzu!"

"Just leave him alone," Itachi said, rolling his eyes before going to find an open soda machine.

While that was happening, Deidara had made it into the principal's office. Deidara was nodding at what the principal was saying but his fists were clenched.

"It says here that while your grades now are 'B's' and two 'A's', it also says that you were somewhat of a problem student and didn't always have good grades," the principal, Tsunade informed him. "You will need to keep up good behavior and good grades, Deidara."

"Alright, yeah," Deidara said. 'Next she's going to say that I need to stop bleaching my hair but I can't cause its freaking natural- so hah!'

"That is all, Deidara. I look forward to seeing you in your classes and not skipping or in detention- and here is your schedule," Tsunade said. Deidara looked up startled.

"Did I miss something?" she asked amused.

"You're not going to say anything about my hair, yeah?"

"Look at my hair, Deidara. My hair is natural blonde and I can tell when someone's hair is bleached or dyed," she said. "Just don't change the color- it looks good on you."

"Alright then, yeah. I'll see you tomorrow, yeah," Deidara said, leaving with his new schedule. He was walking out of the principal's office when he ran into someone. They fell down upon impact, the stranger to Deidara on top him.

"Watch where you're going!" the angry person he ran into said. Deidara glared at him and held the area on his arm just below his shoulder- the asshole had hit his bruise!

"Why don't you watch where you're going, yeah?!" Deidara demanded.

"Deidara?" Itachi said, letting the name roll off his tongue like the name was meant to be said by him. Deidara blushed lightly at the way the teenager said his name.

"How the hell do you know my name, yeah? You sure aren't Sasori-danna unless you died your hair, got contacts, and had one weird plastic surgery that made you look totally different, yeah," Deidara said.

"I'm Uchiha, Itachi," he said. "I recognized you from his pictures."

"D-danna shows you his pictures?" Deidara asked unconsciously, seeing the man in a new light. He blushed a shade darker when he realized how handsome he was. Oh great, he couldn't be falling for someone he just meant- could he?

How could I plan on forever?
When I never planned on you
Someone to fall for
To love for all eternity
Baby let's plan on forever
And watch all our dreams come true
You're what I live for
Who I can give for ever to
My destiny is you

"Aren't you supposed to be in Iwagakure?" Itachi asked.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting offa me, yeah?" Deidara retaliated.

"Oh, right," Itachi said. Deidara frowned when he didn't offer and apology but took the hand he was offered since it was probably all the apology he was going to get. "So are you looking for Sasori?"

"No and I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell him I was here. This whole thing is supposed to be a surprise," Deidara said.

"Fine," Itachi said. "It's not like I care about it anyways."

"Yeah well... I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to say thanks to that or not yeah,"

"Just forget about it," Itachi paused. "Why do you keep adding 'yeah' onto the ends of your sentences?"

"Because I keep adding 'yeah' onto the ends of my senteces, yeah," Deidara said. "Now I gotta go before danna catches wind that I'm here. If you got any more questions, you can walk me to granny Chiyo's car or they can wait until tomorrow."

"I'll pass," Itachi said.

"Suit yourself, yeah," Deidara shrugged. He turned to walk in the direction he was originally headed and Itachi watched him until he turned the corner. When Deidara reached the corner where he was sure Itachi coudn't see him, he leaned heavily against the wall.

"What was with his eyes, yeah?" Deidara shivered, remembering how they had bled into red and then black after he had found out who he was. "Let's just hope that I don't run into him anymore...danna doesn't hang out with him... does he?"

Itachi sighed and returned to his orignal task once the blonde had turned the corner. With the very little patience that Sasori said he had how did he put up with the blonde? He rubbed his forehead and waited for the soda to come out. What was his problem? Why the hell was he still thinking about the blonde?

"You're later then expected," Kisame noted. "Even Sasori's here now."

"Hn," Itachi grunted. He tossed the sodas to Kisame and Hidan, not caring if it blew up in their faces when they opened it. He opened one for himself.

"You alright, Itachi?" Sasori asked.

"What're you reading?" Itachi asked, wanting to change the subject.

"A student's short story," Sasori said. "It's called 'It Takes Two To Tango.' Did you want to read it?" Itachi sighed and nodded, taking it from the student teacher.

"I need it back by tomorrow," Sasori informed him. Itachi nodded.

"Who's it by?" he asked.

"That Hyuuga girl," Sasori said. Itachi nodded, for some reason remembering that her cousin Neji was dating Kiba. Why had that occured to him?

"Isn't she in Sasuke's grade though?"

"She's doing a city competition and asked me to review it,"

"I think we should get the boy home now," Kakuzu said. "If he keeps looking like that..."

"Don't say anything about god fucking money!"

"How dare you! The world is built on money! Religions fall apart but money does not!"

"Not this dispute again..." Sasori sighed. "Let's just go. My patience is wearing thin." Itachi sighed and was the first one to be dropped off, since a) he lived the closest since Hidan was spending the night at Kakuzu's an that was further away and b) Sasori took a quicker route to his house.

"Get some rest, Itachi," Kisame told him.


"Do it because I will be calling your mother tonight!"

"Hn, bye" Itachi said, slamming the door. He opened the door to his house without using the key since he knew Sasuke was home and hadn't bothered to lock the front door. "Sasuke, what did I tell you about locking the front door?"

"Sorry, aniki," Sasuke said. "You're home late."

"Sasori-sensei dropped me off because I had another class that I was considering was school?"

"It was alright... that dobe wouldn't leave me alone..." Sasuke said. "Oh, and you know that upcoming dance right?"

"The homecoming?" Itachi responded, "what about it?"

"Well our schools are going to have a joint dance,"

"If I see you with anyone who is more than three years older then you, I will kill you...and him or her," Itachi said.

"Okay," Sasuke said. "Where're you going?"

"To sleep," Itachi responded. "If father comes home, make sure to wake me."

"I will but I don't think he'll be home until tomorrow afternoon. Mom said he's trying to bust a club that's doing illegal street racing," Sasuke said. Itachi nodded. He figured that it was probably "Masked Affinity" that his dad was trying to bust. That was the club he went to to get away from his life but he knew the security was to tough to crack and not to mention everyone wore masks, hence the name.

He sighed and headed up to his room and layed down, taking out "It Takes Two To Tango," by Hinata Hyuuga. Before he could begin reading it, his vision blurred. He cursed and blinked furiously. He finally just gave up on reading for the day. He put the book on his desk and layed down, closing his eyes but not preparing to have the dream that would be haunting his concience for quite sometime.

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