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Chapter 1: Cross that Line

It was a warm cheery night filled with excitement and noise as people laughed and sang in merriment.

Naruto looked around at his surroundings in extreme discontent. He had once again thought he could depend on his mentor Jiraiya but just like always it was more of a struggle to keep Jiraiya on task then anything else.

Currently he was stuck in a small bar with Jiraiya were the toad sanin was laughing and drinking happily as he entertained some women they picked up along the way. They were at a booth right now with the two girls who seemed more interested in the free drinks and even Naruto than they were Jiraiya.

" Naruto are you okay, you haven't really touched your drink", the Brunette sitting next to him asked.

" Yeah I'm fine, I was just thinking", Naruto said as he picked up the glass and downed it all in one large gulp.

" So what are you doing tonight ?", She asked with a seductive smile now that things were alright.

Naruto just scratched the back of his head, " Uhh well I don't know, we're suppose to be heading back to Konoha tonight but I'm not sure Ero-Sennin is gonna make it", Naruto said shooting a scornful look back at Jiraiya.

" You can come to my place if you want", The Brunnette offered with a sly wink.

Naruto just blushed and smile wryly, " I can't leave Jiraiya by himself, he's kind of a sloppy drunk".

" What do you mean, Naruto ? I'm not even drunk", Jiraiya said way too loud as he giggled lecherous while his eyes darted between the two women.

" Hey Ero-Sennin, can I talk to you for a minute ?", Naruto asked as he excused himself form the small table.

" Yeah sure", he turned back around to the women, " Now don't go wandering off ladies I'll be right back".

He walked towards the other side of the bar where Naruto already was with a huge perverted grin on his face as he thought about the possibilities of how his night could end.

" What is it kid, we've almost got 'em we should be bringing 'em back to the hotel room soon so what's the plan ?", Jiraiya asked as he rubbed his hands together ready to scheme his way into their pants.

" Damnit Ero-Sennin I didn't come with you to pick up women ! You promised me you'd help me with the seal and all you've done this entire time is drink and stalk girls.", Naruto said angrily.

" Aww c'mon Naruto, I'll deal with the seal in due time but right now lets not let those two honeys go ! I can work on the seal tomorrow alright ?", Jiraiya offered as he shot a glance back at their table.

" We don't have that kind of time! You promised Baa-chan that you'd fix the seal by the time we came back and now it's worse than ever, my life's at stake here don't you even care ?", Naruto whined as Jiraiya continued to scheme about the young ladies they found earlier.

Jiraiya sighed, " Well how long has it been since part of the seal disappeared ? The seal was never completed correctly so I suppose it should last for eighteen years, so since your birthday just pasted we're a little bit past that but we got some time.", Jiraiya thought out loud as he calculated it in his head.

" It's been over two weeks and Baa-chan told me if something isn't done soon the Kyuubi could either merge with me or take over my subconscious completely. You promised you would fix it before I turned eighteen so this is all you're fault anyway!", Naruto said as he gave Jiraiya a dirty look.

" Hey you lasted two weeks, what's another day gonna do. Plus Katsumi over there is really into you! Don't you think you should head over to her place tonight ?", Jiraiya asked as he gave Naruto a big wink and a thumbs up.

Naruto just looked at him with a bored expression, " My life is at risk because I have a Bijuu trying to bore its way through my body but you think I have time to waste flirting with girls ?".

" Not just flirting , we're talking about getting laid here ! Don't you have any priorities ? C'mon Naruto just this once do it for me, I really need a wingman.", Jiraiya pleaded.

" I haven't been able to sleep in weeks because of the headaches, I just want you to make this stop already. If you fix it now we can just stay here longer and return to Konoha in a few days", Naruto suggested.

" We can't do that, Tsunade said she had some important missions for you which is why she wanted me to bring you back within a week. Although I guess we could just ignore her and do it anyway, you've been doing too many missions lately anyway.", Jiraiya decided.

" Well are you going to fix the seal or not ?!", Naruto asked as he got impatient.

" Hmm I'll make a deal with you, if you help me get these two young beauties back to our place I'll work on the seal in the morning. How about that ?", Jiraiya asked with a smirk.

" NO! Fix it now or I'm going back to Konoha and then you'll have to deal with Baa-chan !", Naruto threatened.

" You wouldn't !", Jiraiya baited.

" Just watch me old man ! I'm sure Baa-chan would have a special punishment for you if she were to find out", Naruto said with a triumphant smirk.

" Alright fine I'll deal with it tonight, but first lets go back to table before the girls leave", Jiraiya said as he turned around to leave.

" Aw forget it, I'm going back!", Naruto mumbled to himself as he pushed his way out of the bar.

He ignored Jiraiya calling him back and he stormed through the streets towards the south road to exit the small town they were staying in for the night. Naruto was tired of waiting for Jiraiya and the echoing pain in his head was distracting him for doing the simplest of things.

He left the gates determined to go back to Konoha so he could at least sleep in his own apartment for once instead of the cheap Inn rooms he'd been cursed with for the past couple of days.

They weren't too far from Konoha so if he hurried he would be able to make it back by the morning. Naruto jumped into the forest at top speed leaving the town and Jiraiya in the distance.

Naruto was in the middle of landing on a sturdy branch when a loud screeching broke his concentration and as he lost focus he tripped and fell to the ground.

Haha troubles kit ?, a demonic voice echoed.

God Damnit Fox leave me alone ! I'm not in the mood for your bullshit right now!, Naruto struggled but finally stood up holding his throbbing head. Whenever the fox decided to scratch the metals bars of it's cage it would send the sound echoing through Naruto's mind.

Irritated are we ? Do you not like when I touch the cage like this !

Suddenly the shrieking continued only twice as loud as before and Naruto fell to his knees pulling at his hair in frustration. I'm telling you to cut that out right fucking now !

Haha haha It's unlike you to get so angry, what's wrong ? Are you afraid that I'm going to kill you when I get out. I'm not making any promises but I might spare you out of amusement, I do enjoy watching you suffer so much !

I'm not in the mood fox ! One of these day's you're going to push me too far and I'll just kill myself so I can take you down with me.

Haha don't be ridiculous, you wouldn't do something so stupid and you know it. Besides it's inevitable I will be released so you might as well start worshipping me now, I'll consider sparing you if I can find a use for you .

You're not getting out so stop talking about it ! Baa-chan told me you'd merge with me so we'd be one person you idiot.

You know so little it's disturbing, the way the seals eroding I can just force my way out of your body. Depending on how forceful I am my exit will destroy your entire body. I'm willing to do you a favor as a reward for making it this far, either you become my slave or I rip you into ribbons from inside out.

You want to do me a favor ? Wow fox you're getting soft on me haha !

Don't think too much of it, I've grown somewhat use to your annoying voice but I by no means like you. You're expendable at best, I'm not even sure I could find any use in keeping you alive anyway.

Whatever, I actually thought you might have changed over the years since we were really getting along nicely at one point but ever since the seal started weakening you started threatening me again. What happened to us working together ? We were truly getting along the last couple of years, what was that all about ?

I was using you, of course I would treat you nicely to gain you're trust. Now that I've exacted my revenge through you I have no need to hide behind such a visage. Madara is dead and that's all I wanted.

You don't mean all of that! I don't even think you'd kill me now if you did get the chance.

You really are an ignorant human, I have no attachments to such a pathetic child. I merely talk to you out of boredom, the reason I helped you is because you gained my respect for being so courageous, you're still only as valuable as your use to me

Naruto forced himself to break out into a sprint and force the voice of the fox out of his head so he could continue his journey. He was tired of arguing with the demon because lately the conversations have been going nowhere.

Before the whole ordeal with the seal breaking away Naruto had finally made peace with the demon. After being forced to converse with it for so many years he got it to talk to him about its past.

Naruto didn't really understand much but he learned some valuable things about the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi knew more about Naruto's life than it let Naruto know at first. Anything that Naruto saw was being watched by the demon inside of him who was constantly making notes of things.

The Kyuubi knew everything about every aspect of Naruto's life to the point were it was scary. It was aware of everyone that Naruto had ever met in his life but unlike Naruto it's memory was perfect.

Since the Kyuubi knew everything about Naruto, Naruto decided he wanted to know more about the demon. He didn't get much in the end, all he found out was that it was used by Madara Uchiha into attacking Konoha.

Although it was forced to attack Konoha the demon didn't care about killing innocent people, it was only upset because a mortal used it like a mere weapon. The Kyuubi was a prideful demon so having such a lowly creature as a human turn it into a pet was unforgivable.

It became clear to Naruto that the Kyuubi was not remorseful for all the lives it killed but what could you expect from a demon. The only person Naruto had ever heard the Kyuubi talk merciful about was him, but even so it made a habit of threatening him. At this point Naruto just ignored the threats because they seemed like the only way the Bijuu knew how to show any favor of him.

Naruto sighed as the roaring of the fox calmed down in his head but suddenly he felt his body go limp and everything blacked out. He felt himself falling and when he hit the ground water splashed up and struck his face.


You don't have an opinion in this kit. I have something to show you which you might find amusing, after all it does retain to your meaningless life.

Naruto pulled himself up ignoring the water that was soaking into his clothes and looked around the familiar room of his mindscape. In front of him was the large metal cage that housed the Kyuubi which was at the bars grinning sinisterly.

"What is it !", Naruto barked out in annoyance.

Why don't you take a look.

The Kyuubi brought it's massive claw to the bars and pointed one of its razor sharp claws to the seal. All that was left of the large square piece of paper that locked the gate was a small fraction no bigger than two inches and it appeared to be close to falling off.

"What ?! I thought I had more time, it can't be gone already it was fine just a few days ago!", Naruto panicked as he eyed in remains of the seal in horror.

Haha Haha looks like now you understand what kind of position you're in. If I were you I'd pray to whatever gods you believe in because you will be meeting them soon.

"Alright fox I've had enough, you want to play games huh ? Well I can play too, you forget I can still kill you !", Naruto said angrily at the demon.

The Demon's smug smirk turned into a scowl, You can't kill me, I'M IMMORTAL !

A smug smirk grew on Naruto's lips, " We'll see about that !".

Naruto shut his eyes tight and cut off his chakra flow sending him back into the real world and leaving the Kyuubi alone in his mindscape. As he awoke back in the forest he could hear the Kyuubi screaming in rage inside his head.

" If this is the only way to stop you from becoming free and hurting the people that are precious to me then so be it", Naruto said bitterly as he pulled out a kunai from his pouch.

The Kyuubi was thrashing wildly in its cage sending excruciating pain throughout Naruto's body in an attempt to stop him. He steeled his resolve as he positioned the kunai in his hands, he didn't want to do this but he knew the Kyuubi would only kill more people if it got free and there was no other option.

" I'm sorry Baa-chan, I guess you gave me this necklace for nothing", Naruto said remorsefully as he looked down at the small green jewel Tsunade gave him for mastering the Rasengan many years ago.

Now he had to let go of all his hopes, dreams, and friends so he could save them from the demon. Naruto tried not to think about what he was doing because deep down inside he knew it was for the best, he was just sad that he didn't get a chance to tell everyone goodbye.

He closed his eyes as he rammed the kunai right into his chest sinking it deep until it pierced his heart. His eyes opened wide as he spit out blood and collapsed in the grass, his body went numb and he could feel the life leaving his body.

" I'm so sorry", Naruto whispered as everything in his sight faded to black.

Forgive me.

Naruto tried to open his eyes but everything around him was too bright forcing him to squint as he struggled to adjust to the change. Where am I, is this heaven ?

He fought with the light until he finally adjusted to the brightness and looked around in shock as he noticed the same recognizable objects that told him he was back in the bedroom of his apartment.

" What happened ?!", Naruto said out loud still in shock that he wasn't dead.

" So you're awake now, good."

Naruto spun around to find a fox with bright golden eyes and luscious red fur sitting on his dresser across from the bed. Naruto gasped as it grinned showing off its sharp teeth and Naruto noticed the four very long tails swirling around behind it.

" Kyuubi ?!", Naruto asked in shock.

" Yes, it's me. Perhaps you didn't understand me when I said 'I'm immortal' but it doesn't matter now.", The fox spoke with a sinister grin.

" B-b-but how ? How am I still alive and how did you make it out ?!", Naruto yelled as he sat up in a fury.

" I have to hand it to you, I really didn't think you had it in you to pull a stunt like that but you will pay for it dearly. Unfortunately I had to keep you alive long enough for me to escape, and in the process I had to sacrifice four of my tails just to keep your soul from leaving your body", The Kyuubi said in irritation.

" However your heart stopped and you bled to death so not only did I have to bound your soul to your body but I had to heal you while forcing my way out. I wasn't able to temporarily keep you alive so I had to completely bring you back from the dead, and you managed to die three times before I stabilized you. To do this I permanently gave you the healing and chakra abilities you had before to a certain extent, which is why I had to sacrifice so much of my power." The Fox said as it jumped over to the bed and walked in between Naruto's legs.

" As despicable as it sounds, I had to embed some of my power into you so I was not able to make it back into this world at full force, dooming me to this inferior existence. I am no longer I full demon, at this point I've been degraded into being a mere human since that is the only form that can house my remaining power", the Fox said with a feral growl.

" Wait so you aren't a demon anymore ?! But how are you a human ?", Naruto asked in confusion.

" Without the majority of my power I can't reform my demon body in this realm so I had to settle for sacrificing another tail along with some of your chakra to create a human body to contain my soul. Humans are the closet beings to demons even though the difference in power is greater than you'll ever know", The Kyuubi informed Naruto bitterly.

"But you're not a real human right, I mean you look like just a stupid fox to me", Naruto said as he started to feel more confident that the former demon had lost it's power.

" You Fool ! I can take form of whatever I want, my human body is as real so yours. I have been reduced to bone and flesh and for that you will pay !", the Kyuubi roared.

" What ?! Me !?", Naruto said in shocked as he tried to back away from the fox.

" Ha, you thought I saved your worthless carcass out of good will! I brought you here so I could kill you myself !", The Kyuubi said as it pounced and sunk it's teeth into Naruto's neck.

" Ahhhhhgggg", Naruto screamed as he rolled out the bed with the fox still latched onto his neck.

He rolled around frantically trying to pry it off as it growled and bite harder in an attempt to rip his throat apart. Naruto in a panic reached out and grabbed one of the fox's tails and squeezed it as hard as he could.

The foxed yelped in pain and released it's grip on Naruto's neck, Naruto pulled the fox away still holding it by the tail and whipped it across the room slamming it into the wall.

" Stupid fox !", Naruto yelled as he rubbed his sore neck.

Despite the vicious attack the Fox's teeth weren't as sharp as they looked and it only left deep imprints in his neck. The Kyuubi on the other hand was now struggling to get up after being hurled into the wall like a stuffed animal.

Naruto looked at the fox as it stood up on shaky legs, " Haha you call that an attack, you're even stupider than you look ! And to think you actually thought you'd kill me haha !"

" Silence ! I will not be ridiculed by you of all people", the fox growled in irritation.

" I don't even know why I listened to you, you don't even have a real body! You're just a measly fox after all!", Naruto said as he continued to roll on the floor laughing.

" Hmmn, I was wrong to think I could use my full power in this state, I suppose I will have to resort to my human form", The Fox mumbled to itself as it erupted in flames while Naruto was still laughing oblivious to what was going on.

" Alright fox, I'll give you another shot to kill me! Just let me go back to sleep and maybe you can gnaw on my leg for a few hours so hopefully I'll get rabies and die in a few weeks", Naruto joked as his ribs felt like they were going to burst from laughing so hard.

" I hope you're done laughing because now I'm going to snap that fragile little neck of yours", a soft feminine voice said.

Naruto's eyes shot open at the sound of the woman talking to him and he scanned his room for the source. His eyes grew even wider as he eyed the naked woman standing in a fighting stance in front of him.

She had long silky red hair that flowed in locks curling at the tips all the way down to the middle of her back(similar to Kurenai I guess). Her eyes were the illuminating gold and she had perfect bright white teeth with very sharp canines that poked under her full pink lips as she grinned.

She was extremely curvy with wide smooth hips, a slender waist, and firm ample breast that were very perky. Naruto's eyes went from her huge breast to her gorgeous face and then down to her long smooth legs and soft thighs. Her four long red tails remained, swirling slowly behind her in a smooth rhythm.

' AAHHHGG", Naruto screamed in shock as he fell back trying to stop the blood from gushing out of his nose.

" Stop fooling around and fight me seriously, I underestimated you before but now that I'm in my human form I'll simply roast you in fire jutsu", The woman warned Naruto.

" Why do you look like that ?", Naruto screamed in outrage as he tried to cover up his bloody nose.

" What kind of stupid question is that ?! This is my human form and my new body, and don't you dare think about going easy on me because I'm a female", She warned as she charged her fist with chakra.

" Since when have you been a girl ?", Naruto asked in confusion as he got up form the floor.

" It doesn't matter ! I'm going to kill you now so stop stalling", She said as she lunged across the room and threw a punch that Naruto narrowly avoided.

Naruto dived out of the way just as her fist connected with the wall knocking a huge hole in it's wake.

" HEY ! CUT THAT OUT, NOW I HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT !", Naruto complained as he eyed the enormous hole in the wall.

" Shut up and fight me !", She demanded.

" I Don't want to fight you !", Naruto screamed back as he ran to the other side of the room so the bed was between them both.

"You don't have a choice, I'm going to kill you for forcing me into this body!", She yelled as she jumped over the bed and kicked Naruto in the stomach.

Naruto skipped across the floor of his room and slammed into the wall. Before he could get up the Kyuubi grabbed him by the throat and raised him up while she had her other hand charged back ready to impale him.

" You lose", She said triumphantly as she aimed her razor sharp nails at his throat.

" Now what ?", Naruto asked in a serious tone.

" I kill you of course ", She said with a smirk.

" Why did you bring me here ? Are you planning on attacking Konoha again you bitch", Naruto said bitterly.

" That's of no concern to you !", She snarled.

" Don't think you can get away with this, you're too weak to destroy Konoha now !", Naruto said with a grin.

" I don't care about this pathetic village, it'd be a waste of my time killing such weak Shinobi. I merely wanted to kill you, don't look too much into my actions", She said still looking irate.

" Fine then do it", Naruto baited.

She growled loudly and let go of him allowing his body to fall to the floor. He got back up as she walked away over to the door and kicked it off the hinges. Naruto cocked in eyebrow still being as puzzled as always and decided to follow her.

She walked over to his couch and plopped herself on it as she crossed her arms over her chest and glared daggers at Naruto.

" You truly are infuriating you know that!!", She said with much scorn.

" What are you doing ?", Naruto asked.

" What the hell does it look like I'm doing !", She barked.

" What happened to killing me ?", Naruto asked as he struggled not to stare at the naked ex-demoness.

" It's no fun killing someone that won't even plead for their life, I'd get more pleasure from stepping on an ant", She said sarcastically in anger.

" So does that mean you're going to stop trying to fight me? ", Naruto asked with a sigh of relief.

" I might kill you later, right now it's just too boring ", She commented as she laid down on the couch and stared up at the ceiling.

Naruto stood their completely dumbfounded at how ridiculous she was as the she rolled around trying to get comfortable.

" Get me something to eat", She demanded after a few moments of silence.

Naruto looked at her in outrage, " Why the hell should I do that !"

" So you expect me not to eat for the entre time I'm here ?", She said sarcastically.

"What ?! You can't stay here ! I'm willing to let you go if you promise to behave but you have to leave Konoha", Naruto said as he sat down on the chair opposite of her and donned a serious face.

" Your 'willing to let me'", She said as she stood up as her anger returned.

She walked over to Naruto and grabbed him by the throat again, " I'm letting you live, get that through your skull", She spat out.

She waited for his reaction but he was just staring at her with a mild blush and his mouth agape. She eyed him in confusion unaware at what he was preoccupied with while his life was being threatened.

She then noticed a bulge forming in his pants as he continued to stated at her, " So you find this body appealing huh ?".

" What ! No I wasn't staring…. I was just…", Naruto said as he tried to find an excuse.

" I don't care so there's no point lying to me", She said as she released his neck.

" It's not like that, why don't you just put some clothes on !", Naruto said defensively.

" I'm not stupid, you want to have sex with me don't you ? Hmm I suppose I'll allow you to mate with me, I'm bored and I do need to release some stress, plus this will be a good opportunity to test out how this human body feels", She posed as she straddled Naruto's lap.

" Hey what the hell, get off me!", Naruto complained as she grabbed his head and smashed her lips against his.

Naruto pushed her back, " Why the hell should I even trust you ? You were trying to kill me like two minutes ago !", Naruto yelled at the redhead sitting on him.

" I don't really care if you trust me or not, I want sex so you're going to cooperate !", She told him.

" NO ! You're going to attack me again and this time I'll be defenseless !", Naruto said as he grabbed her shoulders in an attempt to keep her away.

" I was never going to kill you, I merely wanted to test your valor. You have a very strong spirit, I admire that so I decided I would spare you a long time ago. However you will serve me and if you try to oppose me I will end you without question.", She said sternly but then she smiled deviously.

"I admit I find you very attractive now that I am a human so I'm considering making you my mate. I feel some sort of odd connection with you now that part of us have merged, and since you're the only human I respect enough not to kill I will allow you to impregnate me", She said casually.

Naruto's eye twitched as he listen to her confession, " What the hell is wrong with you ? First you want to kill me and now you want to have my babies ?! Are you insane or something ? You make no sense at all and I refuse to believe any of that!", Naruto yelled.

" I'm a human now, and unfortunately I have human impulses that I'm not very good at controlling. Death has changed by perspective on existence, I don't want to die alone and I don't want to leave this world without baring children to carry on my memory", She said remorsefully.

"That doesn't mean I have to be your mate, there's plenty of other rave shinobi that would be happy to be with you as long as you stop being so violent", Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head.

"I've already made my decision so there will be no changing my mind, you will be my mate and we will start a power clan together. Over the past eighteen years I've grown somewhat fond of you so I refuse to let anyone else claim you for themselves, you belong to me now.", She told him.

"Plus the merger already started and even though it wasn't complete it's affects are final. Even if I wanted to I couldn't severe it after it has been established. We are connected on a spiritual level now.", She said as she gently brushed her hand against Naruto's cheek.

" What merger? What are you talking about ?", Naruto asked as he tried to ignore the fact that she was playing with his whisker marks.

" Part of our subconscious' merged when the seal dissolved, we are now linked mentally to a degree. We can sense each others emotions and spirit no matter where we are, if it were completed we would have been able to talk to each other telepathically." She answered as she licked Naruto's cheek.

" So you couldn't kill me even if you wanted to", Naruto said triumphantly.

" No I could easily kill you but I would miss you afterward", She whispered into his ear as she nibbled on it playfully.

Naruto tried to ignore the swelling in his pants as she licked and nibbled his earlobe while she pressed her large breast against his chest. He closed his eyes and thought as hard as he could about ramen until the swelling in his pants subsided.

Great, I have a psychotic naked woman on me that wants to kill me one minute and fuck me the next. If her mood swings keep coming like this she's going to do something crazy soon.

If she's not use to dealing with emotions as a human that means just about anything will either make her explode in anger or possible make her depress, but she's only showed anger so far so I don't think she'll get sad easily so I just have to make sure not to piss her off.

Well first of all I have to figure out what to do with her, supposedly she's no where near as strong as she use to be but judging from the way she fights she's still very dangerous. But who can I trust to help me deal with her…maybe Baa-chan will have an answer !

There has to be some way to restrict her from doing whatever she wants without having to hurt her. For some reason I can't bring myself to have her killed, it just doesn't seem right even though she has done such horrible things in the past.

Maybe it's because I feel like we're both demons, or at least that's how everyone sees me. Even after all this time most of the town still thinks I'm the real Kyuubi. I know how this town will treat her and even though she is my enemy I don't want that for anyone.

" What are you plotting", The kyuubi asked suspiciously as she continued to nibble on Naruto's ear.

" Uhm nothing, what makes you think I'm up to something", Naruto said as he tried to give her a convincing look of outrage.

" I know you better than you know yourself, but you can plan whatever you want it's not going to work", She warned him as she leaned over and started sucking on his neck.

" Ahhg cut that out", Naruto said as he struggled and managed to pry her off his neck.

" Hmm so you managed not to get hard huh ?", She commented as she looked down at his crotch.

" Ha of course I did ! If you think you're gonna reduce me to being your sex slave you got something else coming", Naruto said triumphantly.

" Oh really ?", The Kyyubi said with an amused smirk.

" Yeah that's right ! It takes more than a Siren to defeat me, I'm not weak minded like other men so you might as well stop now", Naruto beamed proudly.

The Kyuubi just laughed but then started to feel herself up again as she sat on Naruto's lap. She fondled and kneed her own breast together and rubbed her erect nipples roughly causing her to moan in pleasure.

" Hey…what are you doing.. get off me", Naruto said in a panic as he felt himself getting turned out by the little show.

The Kyuubi slide her hand between her thighs and rubbed vigorously letting her slender fingers slide up and down her moist pink slit. She pushed two fingers into her hot wet folds and pumped hard for a few seconds.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and an evil smirk can upon her lips as she stopped touching herself. Naruto nearly fell back as her menacing gold orbs made contact with him but before he could move her hand grabbed his jaw violently holding it in place.

" Stay still and I won't have to hurt you", She warned as she brought her other hand up to his face and let her two fingers linger right up to his nostrils.

" Take in my scent", She said with a devious smirk as she held the wet digits right under his nose.

Naruto struggled for a second but after a while he relaxed as the strong smell of the Kyuubi's juices filled his nose and sent chills down his spine. She brought the digits to his lips and forced them into his mouth.

" Clean them !", She ordered and after a while he reluctantly licked them clean.

She pulled them out slowly as she laughed at him.

" What's so funny you stupid fox ?", Naruto said bitterly.

" Our bodies have an odd connection so there are things about your body that have an affect on me and vise versa. There are many things I could do to you that no one else can. My juices for one are saturated in pheromones that should have an interesting affect on you, and since you ingested them it should be twice as powerful", She said as her sadistic smile returned.

Before she even finished her sentence Naruto felt his cock twitch randomly, suddenly there was a great heat generating form his shaft and he could feel himself getting hard as his blood rushed down south.

" We'll see if you still don't want to have sex with me now", She teased as she licked his cheek.

Naruto shuddered as he felt the bulge in his pants suddenly become unbearable tight. He closed his eyes tight as the force of his member struggled to rip through his pants to the point were it was painful.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you", the Kyubi taunted as she unbuttoned Naruto's pants and started to pulled them down slowly.

" I won't do it !", Naruto yelled through his teeth.

" I already told you, you have no say in the matter. You belong to me whether you like it or not so it's best you embrace your position as my property.", She commented happily as she started to fondle the tent in Naruto's boxers.

"Damn you !", Naruto grunted as he felt her soft skilled hand reach into his boxers and griped him firmly.

" It's very hard and thick, you should be able to satisfy me quite easily", She said cheerfully as she squeezed his shaft tighter.

" Get your hands off of me !", Naruto demanded as he struggled to find the willpower to refuse her.

"Although you are quite large, perhaps I should take you slowly", She thought out loud as she pulled out his cock and measured it with her fingers.

Suddenly the front door of Naruto's apartment flew off the hinges and went flying over Naruto's head. Naruto whipped his head around in rage to see who just caused more damage to his already shitty apartment.

" Don't worry Naruto, I've come to save you !"

" Ero-Sennin ?!"

" That's right I've been searching for weeks but now I hav--", Jiraiya stopped with his jaw wide open as he eyed the scene in front of him.

Oh God Ero-Sennin don't do what I think you're going to do, for once please don't be blinded by a beautiful women and act like a sage should, Naruto pleaded mentally.

" Ahhhh what do we have here ?", Jiraiya said as his mouth started to water.

" It's not how it looks, I don't even want her !", Naruto yelled in anger as his only chance of escape faded before his eyes.

" Well in that case, room for one more ?", Jiraiya said as he dived from the door straight towards the redhead.

In a flash she jumped off of Naruto and grabbed Jiraiya by the top of his head while he was still airborne before slamming him into the floor face first with so much force that the wooden floorboards collapse under the pressure and his head ended up going through the ceiling of the apartment room below Naruto's.

" Damnit Stop destroying my apartment !", Naruto yelled as the Kyuubi left Jiraiya and walked back over to him.

" It couldn't be helped", She said calmly as hopped back into his lap.

Oh great, now I'm back where I started , Naruto thought with a desperate sigh.

" Now where were we ?", She asked with a smirk as her face got closer and closer towards Naruto's.

" Ahhg wow you like it rough don't you baby", Jiraiya said as he pulled his head out of the floor.

" Damnit Ero-Sannin help me !!", Naruto yelled.

" Wait a second when did you grow tails ?", Jiraiya questioned as he eyed the redhead's backside.

" She's always had tails you idiot, if you weren't so busy being such a damn pervert you would have noticed that earlier !", Naruto screamed at his mentor.

" Well why does she have tails ?", Jiraiya asked still just as interested in having sex with her as before.

" Because she's the Kyuubi !", Naruto shouted as if it were obvious.

" The Kyuubi huh ? Well I guess I have no choice but to defeat you! ", Jiraiya said with a cocky grin as he brushed his clothes off and prepared to start his poses.

Before he could make another move the Kyuubi grabbed him by the collar and whipped him with amazing force at the window sending his body through the glass while he soared like a javelin across the city.

" Damn old man, can't he see we're busy", the Kyuubi huffed as she walked back to Naruto looking very irritated.

Naruto looked at her in horror as she slowly reproached him.

Okay here's my chance ! I won't get another opportunity again, she let her guard down so if I move quickly I can finish this right now. Think ,think, think , how can I get myself out of this mess. Hmm what do I usually do when I'm stuck in a tight situation and I can't think of a good strategy.

" Whatever your thinking about it's not going to work", She warned him again as she took another step closer to him. She was enjoying the look of fear on his face and wanted to savor the moment.

Kage Bunshin No Jutsu

The room was immediately filled with 10 Naruto's all of which with huge hard-ons. The Kyuubi stopped and looked around at all the clones and the original who had decided to stand up and pulled his pants up.

" I appreciate your enthusiasm but one of you will be enough", She said a laugh.

" I've had enough, I'm not your plaything !", Naruto said with as much authority in his voice that he could muster.

" Oh yeah ? So how do you plan on stopping me?", She asked with an amused smirk.

" You haven't won yet so don't get cocky. I have some surprises up my sleeve too", He informed her with his usual bravado.

One of the clones stepped forward and pointed his finger up like a leader of an army about to lead his men into a blind charge. He had a determined look on his face that even the Kyuubi couldn't help but fear what he was up to.

The clone opened his mouth wide as if to scream his battlecry, " SCATTER !".

All of the Naruto's then took off like rockets in random directions exiting the house through all the different windows. In less then a second the redhead was standing in an empty apartment.

She let out a tired sigh, " I should have known he would do something so stupid".

She walked over to one of the windows with a smirk on her face, " He really does have a short memory, I told him we can sense each other, clones or no clones I know exactly where he is."

She bent down and was engulfed in flames as she transformed back into a fox, If he wants to play then fine, I'll play. Unfortunately for him my speed in this form is greater than even the fastest shinobi.

In a burst of sound the fox turned into a red blur that fired off like a comet into the night.

Naruto ran at full speed hoping he could come up with a better plan now that he had some room to think. Okay now that I got away from her all I have to do is find a way to stop her but who can I get to help me ? Ero-Sennin has already proved he is the wrong person to pick if you ever have to fight a woman but who else would know how to stop her.

I don't know what to do, I guess that leaves Baa-chan but I really don't think she can come up with a good plan in time but I have no other option right now.

Naruto suddenly felt one of his clones dissolve as something struck it in the back like a bullet. He tried to recall the clones memories but all he got was something small that was red and was moving really fast.

Then another clone went down, then another one, Naruto began to panic as he clones were systematically taken down despite the fact that they were all miles apart. Naruto pushed himself even harder when something with small teeth latched on to the back of his leg.

Naruto screamed in surprise as he tripped and fell rolling out of control before landing flat on his back on a rooftop. He groaned in pain as he heard someone laughing to themselves.

He sat up to find the same red fox form before chewing on his leg.

" Stupid fox!", Naruto yelled as he shook his leg in a desperate attempt to get the Kyuubi off him.

He then remembered her weakness was her tails so he grabbed and pulled on the longest one as hard as he could causing the Kyuubi to wail in pain.

" Ha ha, and now I make my escape !", Naruto announced overconfidently as he formed a handseal and disappeared in a flash of bright light.

He was suddenly inside the Hokage's office within the same second in an explosion of light followed by a fierce shockwave, Wow that was easy why didn't I think of using that before ?

His answer came to him as his legs suddenly gave out on him and he collapsed on the floor in a heap while his body suddenly went cold. He tried to move but it felt like all the life had been sapped from him.

" Damnit Naruto what did I tell you about using that Jutsu !", Tsunade said as she jumped up from her desk and ran over to the fallen blonde.

" Auhg Hey Baa-chan", Naruto greeted with a weak voice.

" You aren't suppose to use your father's jutsu until you can control the amount of chakra you put into it. Since your chakra control is so bad you always overdo it and are forced to use such a ridiculous amount it ends up leaving you dry.", She complained as she tired to heal him by giving him some of her chakra.

" Sorry Baa-chan", he apologized with a smile.

" You know you'll die if you use all your chakra at once and the only way you've been able to use that technique is by using almost ninety percent all within a fraction of a seconds, that puts too much strain on your body, you have to take that into consideration from now on", She informed him as he finally sat up.

" I'll be more careful next time", He promised.

" What's so important that you had to use that technique to come here ?", She asked with suspicion.

" Oh Yeah ! The Kyuubi is free and she's out of control and Ero-Sennin got his ass kicked and we have to stop her !", Naruto said all at once.

" What are you talking about, Jiraiya was suppose to finish the seal so she could never become free from her cage… Wait a minute how are you still alive if she's out ? And since when is it a she ?", Tsunade asked as she started to get a bad feeling about the whole situation.

Before anyone could say another word Tsunade's window burst as a red blur shot through it before erupting into flames and transforming into the figure of a woman all at the same time while gliding through the air.

The Kyuubi tackled Naruto sending them both into the wall were Naruto took the blunt end of the impact. The woman grinned at him while licking her sharp canines.

" You really thought you were going to escape didn't you ? There's no where you can run that I can't follow so don't try it again. This little game was fun but now I'm bored so I get to chose which game we play now", She said as she licked Naruto's face.

"Get off of me !", Naruto groaned as he struggled under her.

" Oh that reminds me, I owe you something for grabbing my tail", She said as she grabbed Naruto's jaw and tilted his head forcefully.

Before Naruto knew what was going on he could feel her sink her teeth into his flesh. He struggled for a bit but her jaw locked down on his neck so he stopped struggling. She slowly retracted and licked the puncture marks on his neck in delight at the sweet taste of his blood.

" You crazy bitch, what the hell is wrong with you !", He said as he forced himself up but she grabbed him by the shoulders and pinned him down violently.

" You'll watch your tongue when you speak to me from now on", She warned him.

Naruto looked over at Tsunade who was still stunned over the entire scene in front of her.

" I can't kill you by biting you so don't fuss about it, apparently my saliva has minor covalent properties when applied to your body so even if I tried biting you would be pointless. I was merely giving you a scar, so everyone can see that I claimed you", She informed him with a malevolent smile.

" Enough !", Tsunade barked out in outrage

" Or what ? Do you plan on stopping me Tsunade because if you do I hope you know more than just medical jutsu ", The Kyuubi mocked with a scornful look on her face.

" H-how do you know my name", Tsunade asked in shock.

" I know everything Naruto knows, I've spent the last 18 years viewing the world from his eyes so I know a lot about you, including your fighting style and your weaknesses. Do you still think it's a good idea to interfere in my business ?", She asked with a smug grin.

" I don't care what you know about me I'm not going to let you hurt Naruto for your sick amusement", Tsunade declared as she clenched her fist in anger.

"I'm not going to kill him if that's what you're worried about", She said casually.

" Don't talk about him like he's your pet ! I don't care what your intentions are I can't allow you to roam around Konoha freely so right here and right now I'm going to stop you", Tsunade said bitterly as she entered a fighting stance.

" If you want to throw your life away that's fine by me", The Kyuubi said as she got off of Naruto and stood up.

Naruto looked at the two woman in front of him in fear of what they were going to do to each other. The room was deafly silent as they stared each other down, Naruto hadn't seen Tsunade with that look on her face since she fought with Orochimaru and Kabuto back when he first met her.

Baa-chan can't beat her she's way more powerful and there's no telling what techniques she could use, what should I do ? That stupid jutsu left me too weak to fight, even now I can barely feel my legs but I can't just sit here and watch them fight.

This is my fault that the Kyuubi didn't die before and now she's loose in Konoha and no one can stop her. This is my last chance, It's now or never.

A/N: And that's chapter 1, there will be much more… eventually. This is going to be a fairly lengthy story just like all of mine because no matter how hard I try I can never just write a one shot(almost all my originally stories were suppose to be 2-3 chapters at most), it has to be a full blown story.

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