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Kyuubi's Thoughts


Chapter 6: Gotta Eat

Naruto found himself lost in thought thinking about everything that had just happened. He had a long talk with Gaara about his options with dealing with Kotone and then later Temari had dragged him off to give him a little speech of her own.

She had very vividly expressed her feelings about Kotone and her worry for Naruto's safety, but in the end she knew she couldn't do much to protect him. To make up for that she had taken the liberty of booking him into a rather lavished hotel, which was neighboring the Kazekage Tower.

She told him that he'd only be one yell away from help but Naruto felt that her worries were misplaced. He wasn't afraid he'd need help against Kotone, he was afraid someone else would.

He had thanked Temari anyway and he was actually pretty pleased about staying in a nice hotel for a change because although he could afford it, he also had to budget for this entire trip.

It wouldn't do him any good if he spent all their money now when they've only been gone from Konoha for no more than a day. So at first he was overjoyed to save some extra cash, but now he was on the brink of tears because Kotone had just smashed any hope of maintaining moderate expenses in Suna.

As Naruto sat opposite of the redhead he stared at her in a mixture of disgust and depression as he watched her barbarically devour entire platters of the finest steak Suna had available.

When they had first made it into the restaurant Naruto was in a good mood because he was getting hungry himself, and he wanted a minute to rest. But as soon as they sat down and their waiter appeared Kotone started barking out demands, and the orders just started piling up one after another.

Naruto literally watched her with his jaw on the table as she consecutively ordered every piece of meat on the menu in descending order from most expensive to moderately expensive.

After Kotone's order was finished the waiter did not even wait to hear what Naruto wanted. He just scurried off, determined to get away from Kotone before she found anything else she wanted.

At first Naruto tried to make himself feel better by telling himself there was no way Kotone could possibly eat all that food, and that they would definitely share all the food, but once the plates started arriving it became apparent Kotone had no intention of sharing.

Or if she did she wasn't going to pass a plate towards Naruto, or even wait for him to reach towards one. As soon the pristine glossy silver platter touched the table Kotone's hands dived out like greedy claws, and she grabbed the meat with her bare hands before ripping it apart with her unnaturally sharp teeth.

Naruto watched in horror as she picked up everything from ribs to steak to turkey legs, and chomped on them so maliciously that she looked like she was attacking them. Within a matter of seconds an entire steak would be reduced to nothing as her razor-sharp teeth gobbled it away.

She had just finished her twelfth platter, and was now chewing on the bone of the last turkey leg she ate. Naruto watched her teeth grind against the bone as if she was trying to shave it down before consuming it as well.

Kotone got tired of this, and tossed the bone into a pile which accounted for most of the table at this point, and let out a satisfied sigh. Naruto grimaced at the sight before him ,and his attention was drawn to Kotone's face.

She showed no real concern for manners or any form of etiquette so everything from the juices of the meat itself to barbeque sauce from the ribs, was smeared across her lips and covered her fingers.

I hope that's not what I looked like when I eat Ramen, Naruto thought in dismay as he just eyed Kotone with a look of discontent.

She looked down and noticed how filthy her hands were so she raised them to her mouth, and slowly sucked the juices off of them. Naruto's eyebrow perked up as he watched her suck every dirty digit with the utmost care before licking her own plump lips clean of the mess.

Well that's not so bad to watch, Naruto thought as perverted giggling filled his head and he couldn't help but smile. Just then he caught himself and let his forehead fall into the table in shame, I've been hanging around Jiraiya too much. I'm almost glad Kotone got released. I don't think I could have taken any more nights of him and those loose women he always seems to find.

"What's wrong? Kotone asked suddenly.

Naruto pulled his head up to see her watching him with a slightly worried look.

"Why aren't you eating?" She asked as if his behavior was to be questioned at a time like this.

"What do you mean, why haven't I been eating?!?!! You haven't left anything FOR me to eat!" Naruto said with much irritation.

"Why didn't you just order your own food then?" She said mockingly as if everything was his fault.

"I can't afford that! I probably can't even afford your meal! You've never eaten this much before so why are you so out of control now?" Naruto asked.

"This is the first time I've ever been presented with such edible food, I figured I should enoy this moment to the fullest. Although I may have taken things a little bit too far" She said with a hint of genuine regret as she directed her eyes elsewhere.

"Uuuhhggg, what are we going to do ?" Naruto asked as he put his chin on the table.

"Don't worry so much" Kotone said as she reached over into the isle and pulled a platter out of a waiters hands as he walked by.

"Here!" Kotone said as she dropped it in front of Naruto's face, "Eat!" she demanded as she folded her arms under her chest and leaned back in her chair with an irritated expression on her face.

Naruto smiled as he sat up and looked down at his food, although Kotone looked annoyed he could tell she was just being difficult as always. She really seemed to be capable of showing compassion which was a good thing to witness firsthand.

"Thanks" Naruto said as he picked up his fork and knife and dug into the barbecued pork meal that Kotone stole for him.

"Don't get too use to receiving favors from me, this is a rare occasion that I felt like feeding you" Kotone quickly informed him.

Naruto furrowed his brows, "but I just fed you, and your food was much more costly to me too."

"Stop complaining and eat!" Kotone said as her eyes started to scan the room for something.

Naruto smiled at her behavior and just ate his food quietly. As abrasive as she was, Naruto found her to be very cute sometimes, although he didn't understand why. For the most part he didn't take a lot of what she said seriously.

She had toyed with him before, and he knew she wasn't above lying if it was to cover up for something she was embarrassed about. Her ego might be enormous, and she'd never admit actually thinking of him as an equal, but she at least thought of him as someone worth protecting.

The gesture itself wasn't too ground breaking, but it was more important because of who it was from. The woman that hated everything, was annoyed by everyone, and thought of humans in the lowest respect was the person that was extending a hand to aid him.

The look of concern on her face when she realized he wasn't eating was priceless. She never seemed to show interest in anything besides herself so it was a bit of a shock to Naruto.

He sat back eating probably the most expensive meal of his life with a smile as he thought about how things might start to change between him and Kotone. As he lifted another piece of meat to his mouth, he snapped out of his daze when he saw the sight in front of him.

"….Yes, I'll have that one as well. Hurry up this time you worthless lackey! It took far too long for you idiots to bring me my last order!" Kotone reprimanded a waiter as she tossed her menu over her shoulder and onto the floor.

"Yes Ma'am I'll be right back with your request" He said with lots of restrained anger as he bowed and walked away.

"You're ordering more shit!" Naruto practically yelled as he watched the waiter walk away from their table.

"Of course, I'm not satisfied yet" Kotone said as if it was obvious.

Naruto felt like he was going to have stroke, "Did you listen to a single word I just said, there's no way in hell we can afford all of this! Why are you ordering more?!" He asked as he dropped his face against the table in defeat.

"Relax it's just an after meal drink, it was the least expensive thing I ordered all night" She informed him as she put her elbows on the table.

"Please tell me you just ordered some ice water?" Naruto pleaded.

"No, they don't have anything that looks too appetizing here so I chose the top wine. Hopefully it doesn't taste like the sewer water you try to give me in Konoha" Kotone said as her face churned in disgust just from thinking of it.

"Hey, I may not have the best stuff at my place, but you don't have to remind me about it every minute!" Naruto said defensively.

"But why don't you? Don't you think you deserve better than what you have right now? You are an exceptional ninja compared to the people around you so why settle to be treated like common trash?!" Kotone said getting a little upset as she finished the sentence.

Naruto stopped, "I'm not treated like trash" Naruto started to say but Kotone cut him off.

"Yes you are! Anything below your true value is just an insult to you, and you should stop being so passive and demand the respect and property you deserve! You've risked your life for those weaklings in Konoha time and time again, and I refuse to let you rot away in that dump of an apartment you have! You deserve nothing less than the treatment the Hyuuga's or even the Uchiha's had." Kotone declared.

Naruto smiled, "I know I live a really modest life, but I've gotten use to it. It's more important that I'm accepted and treated like a normal human than to be praised for my accomplishments".

"Those fools in Konoha don't appreciate you, you shouldn't waste time with people that are so undeserving of you" Kotone said with a hint of malice.

"Thanks, it really feels good to hear someone talk so highly of me, but I'm happy the way things are now. One day I'll get all those things, but right now that's not important to me." Naruto said as he thought about his future with optimistic eyes.

"Hmmp, then I'll get them for you" Kotone said under her breath.

"What?" Naruto said as he snapped out of his fantasies, not really catching what she had said.

"I didn't say anything" Kotone lied as she brushed her hair away from her eyes.

"Ma'am, here's your drink" A waiter said politely as he put a very tall bottle of wine on the table and hurried off before either of them could say anything.

"Ahh, finally!" Kotone said impatiently as she grabbed the bottled and pulled out the cork by stabbing her sharp nail into it and ripping it out.

Naruto reached over for his glass to ask her to pour him some,but instead she lifted the bottle and started to drink directly from it.

"HEY! What the hell is this?!' Naruto said in outrage as she took several large swigs of the bottle.

She put it back on the table and wiped the liquid from her lips with the back of her forearm, "What? I didn't say I intended on giving you any of it".

Naruto just stared at her completely speechless, "You can't drink all of that yourself ! Give me some!" He demanded.

"Maybe If I'm feeling generous I'll let you have some when I'm done" She said as she started to drink again.

Naruto just gave up, he was tired of arguing with her, "Why are you so cruel?" He asked in a pitiful voice as he gave up on finishing his food.

Kotone ignored him as she continued to gulp down the contents of the bottle.

"I am rather fond of alcohol" Kotone thought out loud as she surprisingly finished it off so quickly.

Naruto shot a glance over to her. Her face was flushed and she had a dazed expression that told Naruto she drank way too fast.

"Are you feeling lightheaded already?" Naruto teased with a smirk on his face.

Kotone blinked hard and her serious scowl returned, "Ha! Don't think I would succumb to such a weak dose".

"Yeah well don't push yourself" Naruto warned her as he sat up and looked outside.

It was pretty late and they should probably start heading back now. Naruto looked back over at Kotone. It was obvious she had underestimated the alcohol and was having a hard time pretending to be unaffected, but he didn't care either way.

The faster she was drunk the faster she would go to sleep. That was Naruto's thinking, and right now he'd do anything to keep her from causing him more debt. He watched as she swayed slightly in her chair.

Her cheeks were a rosy color and her half-lidded golden eyes seem to glitter with the moonlight as they focused on Naruto. Her orange tinted vermilion colored hair looked like tongues of burning flames flowing from her head.

Her soft plump cherry lips were parted slightly as she inhaled deeply while her fangs poked from beneath them. She was truly a beautiful sight to behold. When Naruto was watching her like this it was hard to remember why she infuriated him so much.

"Excuse me Sir," A man said as he tapped Naruto's shoulder and handed him a long folded piece of paper.

"What is this ?" Naruto asked as he took the piece of paper.

"The bill" the man informed him as he walked away.

That's when a million and one reasons for keeping his distance from the ex-demon came into mind. He eyed the bill with teary eyes as he pulled out his wallet. No! I can't do this! I know it's wrong, but maybe it would be best to just make a dash for it. Kotone certainly wouldn't object!

If I have to pay this ridiculous amount we'll be dead broke and we still have to be gone for at least two more weeks! We'll never make it without this money and I can't take money from Gaara, because at this rate I'd never be able to pay it back!

Alright it's settled, give Kotone the signal and then we'll both make a mad dash out of here, Naruto decided after a few minutes of intense mental debate, but just as he started to push his chair back so that he could get a good start he realized he was surrounded.

"You wouldn't be preparing to flee would you sir?" one of the waiter asked, "because it would be a shame for you to clean out our kitchen for the night, and then skip out on paying"

Naruto looked around at all the waiters standing on alert around his table, "Huh? Me?! Of course not!" He said as he tried to put on a reassuring smile.

"Well we thought we'd come to make sure you weren't tempted into such cowardly behavior. Now if you don't mind we'll help alleviate that money from your wallet" One of them said as they all closed in on Naruto.

"No wait! Show mercy please!" Naruto pleaded but it was in vain.

One of them snatched his beloved frog wallet from him and three of them grabbed Naruto to hold him down as they took the amount for the dinner from it. After a few seconds of holding Naruto down they let go, and the waiters took their leave.

"Thank you for your business and please come again" One of them said as they left Naruto alone as he crawled over to his wallet which had been discarded carellesly on the floor.

"Noooo! Gama-chan! You've been raped so cruelly! My poor Gama-chan has been violated!" Naruto cried out as he remained on his knees completely devastated as he held an empty wallet in his two palms.

A hand took hold of his shoulder and pulled him up to his feet, "C'mon let's go!" Kotone said as she pulled him out of the restaurant clearly bored with the place now that she was full.

"I hope you're happy we're basically dead broke" Naruto said in a depressed voice as he held what was left of his wallet.

"Here let me see" Kotone said as she snatched it from him and peered inside.

"You're overreacting there is enough in here for some more fun tonight" Kotone decided as she took out the remaining cash.

"NO! I'm cutting you off" Naruto said as he took the money from her.

"Fine! I don't need your spare change anyway!" She declared as she almost tripped but grabbed onto Naruto's midsection for support.

"You're drunk aren't you? Listen let's just go to the hotel, you probably won't last the rest of the night anyway" Naruto suggested.

"I told you I'm fine, and we're not going back just yet." Kotone said.

"Well where the hell are we going then?" Naruto asked in confusion as she wrapped her arms around his midsection and placed her head on him.

"You'll see" Kotone answered.

Without really thinking Naruto moved his arm, and placed it over her shoulder because he had no where else to put it, due to how she was positioned. She was navigating him clumsily through the city further and further away from their hotel, and he was slightly worried about where she was leading him, but he figured it would be alright if he gave it a chance.

Before he knew it he was standing in front of a bar. He looked down at Kotone, "Why are we at a bar?"

"I didn't share my wine with you, I'm making it up to you now" Kotone explained as she started to pull him towards the building.

"You don't have to do this, besides you don't have any money." Naruto said.

"Shut up and accept my gift" Kotone told him as she finally let go of him, and walked a little bit ahead of him into the bar.

Kotone barged into the place and looked around. The bar was filled with men and very few women; it was a shinobi bar and one of the rowdier ones at that. The place was filled with the chattering of dozens of conversations and the noise of glass cups slamming against tables.

Naruto watched as Kotone looked around for a moment, but found something she liked and charged ahead towards the bar stools. She walked right up to a bald man with a thick beard who was sitting at the counter sipping his alcohol quietly to himself.

"You there!" Kotone said as she pointed towards him, "Buy me a drink!" She demanded.

The guy looked over at her as if he was about to tell her off, but then he got a glimpse of her and paused. She was still wearing the small blue shirt she stole from Naruto's closest that was squeezing her barely contained breasts together, and stopped just short of her stomach.

She wasn't wearing any kind of underwear so her erect nipples were pointing all too visibly through the fabric while her tone stomach was only accented by the good amount of her exposed hips because of her oversized pants.

Not to mention that Kotone was already clearly tipsy to top things off, and appeared alone, which only made the guy do a double take. He looked her up and down as he nearly began to drool, and quickly turned to the bartender.

"Hey give me a large bottle of your strongest stuff" He shouted out in a hurry as he giggled lecherously to himself.

Within seconds a large smoky white bottle was put on the counter.

"Alright little lady how about you come sit on daddy's lap" He said as he turned around with a big grin towards Kotone.

His smile instantly disappeared as he got a good glimpse of Kotone's backside as she walked away from him with the bottle in hand, already halfway across the room.

"Here, this is for you!" She said as she presented it to Naruto.

"Geez, you're really manipulative" Naruto said with a laugh as he gladly took the bottle from her.

Kotone just laughed to herself as they found a booth and sat down together. There was already a set of shot glasses so Naruto took one for himself, and started to fill it up when Kotone placed another one in front of him.

"What? You still want more?" Naruto asked in shock.

"Aren't you going to share with me?" Kotone asked as if it was expected of him.

Naruto just laughed to himself as he filled her shot glass, "Yeah of course, just don't overdo it".

She ignored him and threw her head back as she swallowed the contents of the glass. Naruto watched her before he drank his own shot. Whatever Kotone had brought him, had to be some really good stuff because he instantly felt a kick after the first shot.

He continued to do shots with Kotone and they took another four shots consecutively before they took a second to recuperate. Naruto leaned back in his seat with a sigh as he felt the alcohol finally affecting him.

He was never much of a drinking, and the only times he was every at a bar was because Jiraiya had dragged him there in the pursuit of drunk women. It felt good just to drink enough to relax the body, but he had no intention of going further then that.

As they sat there enjoying themselves a sudden shadow lured over them. Naruto looked over to see the same guy the Kotone had tricked into buying them alcohol standing right next to their table with an enraged expression on his face.

"Listen bitch, don't think you can just con some expensive liquor from me and then run off with your little boyfriend. You're going to pay me back for that, even if it has to be with your body!" He snarled as he reached out and grabbed Kotone's shoulder.

Naruto was about to jump from his seat and punch the guy in the face, but before he could move he got a glimpse of Kotone's eyes.

Before they were glossed over and were glimmering with a certain playful warmth, but the second the man's hand made contact with her, Kotone's eyes went from dazed to incredibly focused.

Those shinning golden orbs rolled over to her right as if she was watching him with her peripheral vision. Her eyes narrowed, and the warmth vanished immediately making her eyes appear cold and as lifeless as stones.

Her facial expression became hateful, and with that one second that she changed Naruto could feel an amazing amount of malice and kill intent all around him. It sent a cold shiver down his spine, and he unconsciously shivered when they made eye contact.

She remained still for another second but, then her hand moved in a speedy blur. All of a sudden her hand was on top of his loosely touching his fingers. With an abrupt jerk she pulled his hand back bending and breaking his three center fingers in the process.

"Don't…" She jerked his hand back again snapping the wrist now, "…ever..", then with a final movement twisted it and snapped his forearm and the bone ripped through his skin, "..touch me with your foul fingers again" she warned as he screamed and fell to the floor.

"The only reason I spared your life tonight is because my mate is a pacifist, next time you die" She warned him as she picked up her shot glass and down another shot.

Naruto looked at her in disbelief and then back at the shinobi who was howling in pain right next to him. A few of his buddies must have saw him from across the room because they came running over and quickly recovered him.

Without so much as looking at Kotone they carried their friend out, and were probably heading towards the hospital right now. It got quiet for a few seconds, but then everything just went on with their business.

Things like this sometimes happened in bars that were frequented by ninjas, but it was becoming less common now. Naruto didn't know what to say after seeing that. He had no clue how powerful Kotone was, even without ninjutsu so it was a bit of a shock.

On one hand Kotone had used the guy for alcohol, but that didn't give him the right to try to treat her like that. In the end he got what he deserved, but Naruto was more concerned about not causing trouble for Gaara and getting into fights was definitely going to cause trouble.

Naruto just decided not to worry about it and took another shot to calm his nerves. Kotone changed back to her peaceful self and her serene warm and welcoming eyes returned.

After a few seconds of silence she stood up and stretched before heading towards the middle of the bar.

"Where are you going? Naruto asked as he watched her leave.

"I'm getting your money back, c'mon I'll need your cooperation as well" She said.

Naruto was once again confused, but he stood up and followed her without asking questions. Kotone walked up to a pair of men that were playing a bar game. The game involved throwing these crooked darts, and hitting these targets that were on different tracks on the wall.

The targets moved on the tracks in different directions and different speeds and they sometimes switched direction at random. Since the darts were crooked and heavy for a projectile the game was mostly suited for Shinobi, but only those that were drunk.

The stipulation was that you had to throw all seven darts at once with one hand and the bulls-eye was never in the middle of the target. Each target had an odd placed bulls-eye and since some of the targets spun like a wheel as well as moving around the wall it was hard to hit the bulls-eye.

The men were betting which was fairly common and apparently they had beaten everyone in the bar.

"We'll challenge you two for all this" Kotone said as she lifted the little bag filled with money on their bar table.

The guys just laughed "what makes you think we'll play you?" they asked.

"If we lose we'll triple what you already have" Kotone offered.

They stopped laughing and looked at each other now very seriously about this. Naruto gave Kotone a worried look, but she just ignored him.

"And what are the rules?" One of them asked her.

"Regular rules, the two of us versus the two of you, but you can't shoot with your dominate hand" Kotone added.

"Fine", they agreed after talking about it with themselves.

Naruto gulped in fear, they didn't have anything left and now Kotone was going off making bets. He walked up to her and whispered in her ear "what are you doing? I'm not that great at this game to begin with, and that handicap won't help us either"

"Yes it will, I'm ambidextrous" Kotone said with a laugh before she stepped up to the designated spot and picked up the darts with her left hand. She raised her hand and jerked her arm at an odd angle.

Naruto watched as the darts spun wildly through the air and somehow managed to hit every single bulls-eye on the targets.

"Alright that's one point, go ahead and take your drink" one of the challengers said as he poured a large shot glass full of dark liquor.

Kotone picked it up and tilted her head back as she swallowed it all in one gulp. The first team to fifteen points wins and after every point you have to take another shot. This game was only play with the strongest stuff available so it usually got really hard after nine or so points.

If not all of the bulls-eye were hit then the team doesn't receive anything. It was an all or nothing game. Naruto watched as one of the other players scored a point, and it was now his turn.

Alright, time to cross my fingers and hope this works out!

Kotone watched as Naruto scored another point. They were up 14 to 12 and it was her turn next. She smiled as she watched the disappointed look on the faces of their opponents.

This was really too easy for her, and she couldn't help laughing in their faces. She glanced over at Naruto as he took his shot. They had been laughing and talking to each other like life-long friends for the past half hour.

Naruto became much more festive and playful once he was drunk, and he seemed to be enjoying the game greatly. He emptied his shot glass and looked at her giving her a big smile and a thumps up.

Kotone smiled back although her smile was small and lukewarm she was overjoyed deep down inside her heart. Throughout the past day she had be arguing and bickering with Naruto, but in the end he would always laugh it off and smile at her.

She wanted to see him smile more, that's what this was all about. For some reason she could just not get enough of his smiling face. She wanted more, and she was willing to do anything to get just another glimpse of it again.

She was getting just what she wanted tonight, and it was a great feeling. That deep satisfaction she got when Naruto was happy made her heart jump from inside her chest. Kotone frowned as she took a second to break herself from her thoughts.

I need to stay focus, I'm getting too caught up in my own strange desires right now. It's getting harder and harder to pretend I'm not drunk and I know I'm much worst off than Naruto.

I shouldn't be concerning myself with his happiness but I've already taken things this far so I might as well finish them. I hope he really appreciates what I'm doing for him. He should be honored that I'm even thinking about him in such a way.

Kotone walked up to the line and grabbed the darts yet again before sending them flying with a sudden spasm of her arm. Once again all the darts hit their targets and without even hesitating Kotone grabbed the small bag filled with money and walked off.

She could hear Naruto happily cheering behind her and she couldn't help but smile hearing his cheerful voice. He walked up to her smiling as brightly as ever and extended his hand out waiting for her to hand over the money.

She dropped it in his palm, "Here! You should be thankful I--"

Before she could even finish the sentence Naruto put his arms around her and hugged her very tightly. For a brief second Kotone lost her entire train of thought as she was suddenly embraced by Naruto.

His body is so warm, She thought after a second of being buried in the crook of his neck. I feel so strangely comfortable like this, it's like our bodies were made for each other. Why isn't he ever this affectionate when he's sober? This warmth, it's so amazing.

Naruto released her and smiled brightly at her, "I'm sorry for doubting you! I thought you had just decided this on a whim, and that you were going to get us in more trouble but I was wrong. You really do have a caring side about you when you want to be nice"

Kotone didn't say anything back. She didn't want to be thought of as "caring" or "nice" because she associated those things with weakness, but at the same time she didn't want to rebuke the compliment.

"I wasn't being nice, I simply don't believe in not paying my debts" Kotone said as they headed back towards their table.

Naruto laughed "Alright well I'm going to get some drinks. I'll be back!" Naruto said as he left Kotone at the table and ran off to the counter.

Kotone waited for a little bit before Naruto returned with two glasses and filled them with an emerald green liquid from a small but shiny bottle.

"Here, this is my way of saying thanks!" Naruto said as he sat down with her.

Kotone took the glass and brought it to her lips without a second thought. She closed her eyes and allowed the liquid to flow into her mouth and down her throat. She emptied the glass and placed it back on the table.

Naruto was telling her some kind of story right now but she could barely hear his voice. She had been pushing herself with nothing but willpower to keep herself from showing just how drunk she really was but she couldn't go on anymore.

The room was spinning and her thoughts were running astray. She just looked into Naruto's eyes and nodded slightly. She got lost in the immense blue which shined at her brighter than the sun.

Why do I do these kinds of things for you? You're only supposed to be my servant, I'm not suppose to care about your happiness. I shouldn't care whether you're miserable or not, yet I get his dreadful death-like feeling every time you frown.

I never thought I'd sink so low as to actually feeling compassion for someone. NO! This isn't genuine compassion, this is just a ruse to make you lower your guard. I don't have those kinds of weak emotions, I show no one sympathy!

All I wanted was for you to belong to me, but there has been a price for being in your presence this long. I didn't even notice it at first but sure enough I've developed such a severe attachment to you that it almost handicaps me.

For the first time in my existence I'm confused. Am I really showing those pathetic emotions for Naruto or do I still have control? How long have I been like this? Could it be that I had already developed some level of attachment to him from the start?

This is ludicrous !Why am I having doubts now? I thought I was over this already? I feel nothing, especially compassion and attachment towards humans. The only reason I show any concern for Naruto is because I need him to procreate. He's the only suitable human, any other male simply won't do.

That's the only reason, I refuse to become a slave to these kind of emotions. I won't let them make me weak, I'll never become just another weak human.

"Hey are you okay?" Naruto asked as he reached over and placed his hand on her forehead, "You're face got really red there for a moment, it looked like you were going to explode" he joked.

At this point Kotone recognized the emotion called embarrassment and she was feeling it again right now. She was so caught up in her own fear of emotions that she had been practically shaking in anger just at the thought of feeling compassion.

"I'm fine", she said as she looked down at the table. Naruto, why do I feel like this whenever I'm around you? I've been struggling with this for so long but I can never come up with an answer.

What should I do?

Naruto laughed as he directed Kotone towards the door of the bar. They had finished drinking and were now heading back towards their hotel room for the night. It was getting really late now and Naruto was exhausted.

The alcohol had finally caught up to Kotone because she had been stumbling around for a while now. It was funny to watch her go as she constantly lost her balance and had to recover in such desperate ways.

Naruto smiled as she grabbed in arm just as she was about to stumble again, she noticed him looking and actually smiled brightly at him. Surprisingly she was a very peaceful and happy drunk which was good for Naruto because the last thing he needed was trouble.

He was definitely past tipsy himself but he had held back at the bar unlike Kotone who was showing off yet again. She started talking as they walked, but Naruto missed most of what she said because he was absorbed in her beauty.

To him she was the most stunning when she wasn't trying to be.

"…..and tomorrow let's be sure to win lots more money. I'm going to buy you lots of new things! From now on we're going to live in a mansion and we'll have servants and I'll make you Hokage" Kotone mumbled out before she just started snickering to herself for no reason.

Naruto reached out as she almost fell over in a fit of laughter out of the blue, but he held on to her tightly.

"What's so funny?" Naruto asked.

"You don't realize it yet" Kotone answered

"Realize what?" Naruto asked as he stumbled a little bit himself.

"That I'm going to make you fall in love with me. No matter what you'll be at my mercy in no time" She said in a flirty tone as she leaned closer towards him and pressed her index finger firmly against Naruto's lips.

"… and these lips, they will be only for me. They will only whisper my name and kiss my body. These lips will belong to me" She whispered to him in an alluring tone.

Naruto smiled as she retracted her finger, "Do you really want these lips so badly", he teased.

"I'd gladly kill anyone who would dare try to steal them away from me" Kotone instantly retorted as looked deep into Naruto's eyes.

"Ha ha, there's no need to take things that far. If it will keep you out of trouble I suppose I have no choice but to give you them!" Naruto said as he reached out and pulled Kotone closer.

Before she had the time to react she felt Naruto's lips collide roughly with her own. Her eyes widen in shock but she immediately kissed back as her body melted into his. Naruto wrapped his arms around her small back pulling her tightly into his chest as he kissed her and he could feel her arms wrapping around his neck.

Naruto stood there enjoying the soft feeling of her full lips but then he felt Kotone part her lips as she tried to force her tongue into his mouth. Her licks were strong and needy so he opened his mouth and let his tongue participate in the fun.

Her lips greedily mashed against his as her tongue dived in and out of his mouth and Naruto fought back lashing his own tongue at hers. The soft wet muscle glided in and around their lips as Kotone tilted her head, and continuously sucked and licked to her hearts content.

Naruto held her firmly while trying to keep up with her aggressive kissing as he enjoyed the sweet taste of her mouth.

Naruto had already let go of his inhibitions and was just living in the moment. He had finally felt really comfortable around Kotone and in his mind he was just taking their flirting to the next limit.

It was just a kiss, that was what he thought when he leaned in and claimed Kotone's rosy lips for himself. As badly as he had tried to avoid her he knew it wouldn't last forever and tonight had proved that to him.

He felt like he genuinely connected with her over the past twenty four hours and now it was hard to look at her in the same light. He still considered them only friends but now he had to acknowledge that she had many qualities that he liked in a woman.

He wanted to kiss her, not because she was so gorgeous or because she was so possessive of him but because she had showed, whether she liked to admit it or not, that she truly cared for him.

From some of her words and some of her actions Naruto had read between the lines and realized just how high of an opinion Kotone had of him, and he was truly moved.

He was starting to believe that maybe she didn't just want to use him but instead actually felt something for him on some level. That is why in the spur of the moment Naruto decided to kiss Kotone, and that is why they remained there, in the street in each others arms kissing passionately under the moonlight.

This was the spot where there feelings for each other started to bloom and that is the starting point where their relationship took form. From a kiss purely decided on a whim the seeds of fate were planted and within the next couple of weeks they would surely start to grow.

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