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Back at the base, Sam was watching the for the incoming Autobots curiously. They had all taken off to choose their guises and were now returning. First to arrive was Ultra Magnus, who had chosen a form similar to Optimus, a semi, which fit him well enough, given his size. Instead of red and blue, he was White and blue, both of his smoke stacks protruding from his shoulders much like Barricade's shoulder mounts. Following him were Mirage and Cliffjumper. Sam watched as the white Audi A5 pulled up next to him and transformed immediately into the Autobot who had called himself Mirage, his new armor placing itself comfortably.

Miles, Sam and Mikaela were awe struck. No matter how many times they saw a transformation, they couldn't get enough of it. The new Autobots were no exception.

Cliffjumper had chosen a red Porsche 911 as his alt mode. Small yet quick. He transformed after Ultra Magnus fit himself into his newly acquired armor, the new metal screeching and grinding as it found its new places.

Two others quickly arrived, screeching to a halt. Both of them were laughing about something. Miles about face faulted when his eyes fell on a pair of Lamborghini Reventons, the same happened to the other teens when they saw what he was gawking at. One was a deep candy apple red, the other a golden yellow, almost canary yellow. As the three teens gawked, they listened as the pair started to change into their root modes. They both took a minute as their armor found their new placing, "Prowl is so gonna have our afts," Sideswipe grinned.

"Yeah, but I was worth it! Did you hear him yelling?" his brother sneered as he smirked.

"Slag right, I did,"

Ironhide walked in with Trailbreaker. Apparently he had already chosen his mode sometime outside and transformed. They were followed by Prowl, who was already starting to yell, "You two glitches, do you have any sort of decency on a new planet?"

Both of the twins turned quickly, their laughter coming to an abrupt halt, looking to each other, then to the whitish colored cop that stood there, "What?" They asked in unison.

"You know slag well 'what'." Prowl snarled as he walked past them, the red chevron on his head seeming to show off his anger even more as he glared, his lights flickering with his annoyance, "Double duty, the both of you!"

"But we just got here!" Sideswipe complained.

"Don't care, you choose to break every human law possible on your way here, then deal with the consequences," Prowl disappeared down a corridor as the thrumming of a helicopter got closer. The teens heard the transformation, sighing inwardly that they had missed it. Springer entered slowly afterwards, brandishing rotor blades on his back. Sam inwardly cringed, remembering the Decepticon that took the form of a Pav-Low Helicopter. He quickly saw how Springer was less bulky and a greenish color mixed with tawny and brown. More of an army color.

Skyfire, who was now white and black walked in with Powerglide who was oddly enough a deep grayish-red color, both of them chatting about the earth's skies. Mikaela did a double take on them, realizing they had both chosen flying forms. Powerglide didn't look much like any jet, but the jets on his back were a sure sign earlier that that is what he was. A flier.

Blaster rolled in with the guise of a light silver Cadillac Escalade. All of the teens looked at each other. Sure, that's not attention getting. Blaster reformed himself into his root mode and the kids watched with complete fascination. Blaster saw them watching, "Your neural processors freeze or somethin'?" he asked, "I can get Ratchet-"

"N-no, just, watching, we are totally sucked into the transforming thing," Miles said, interrupting the bot, realizing by the silence from the other two that they weren't gonna say anything. Wheeljack walked in a few moments later after Blaster had headed to the rec room. He was white and green. Mikaela almost cringed at the slight.


In the emptiness of space, not all was well for the Autobots. There was an untimely arrival.

"We are on approach to planet Earth, sir," Thundercracker turned to Shockwave who stood not far from the monitor.

"Orbital proximity alert," The on-board computer of the Nemesis' voice boomed, alerting everyone as to where the ship was.

Shockwave heard the computer and looked to Thundercracker, "I want you to keep orbit, we will leave the Nemesis out here for the time being, when the time is right, we will bring her in," Shockwave replied, glancing at the numerous items that were orbiting the planet. Unlike those on the ark, he didn't care that one o them hit the starship and glanced to Thundercracker, "Keep the orbit steady, and prepare for entry,"

"Very well," Came the reply.

"Set orbit at 150 miles from planetary atmosphere," Thundercracker figured that they could avoid all of the debris that floated around the planet, including but not limited to old thrusters and even satellites.

"Obtaining orbit," the computer replied. Thundercracker helped guide the giant ship into orbit. They hadn't even detected the Ark that was already there, "Do you think the Autobots are already here?"

After a few seconds the computer spoke again, "Orbit obtained, hold?"

"Hold orbit," Thundercracker deadpanned. One of the smartest ships in the universe and it still had to ask? He side-glanced at Shockwave, "Orbit is steady,"

Shockwave glanced at Thundercracker then his solo optic went to the planet that was brought up on the main screen as he eyed the planet for a good enough place to make landfall, "Thundercracker, plot us a most direct course to make landfall in or near Nevada," He paused, "Starscream had mentioned something about that place and I think it is where Megatron met his untimely demise,"

Thundercracker nodded as he went about the controls, plotting the most direct course, "Sir, we will have to wait half a planetary revolution for this to be right. Nevada is on the other side of the planet as of right now,"

"Fine," Shockwave moved away from the monitor, "Thundercracker, when the orbit is set, join us in the rec room,"

"Set thrusters to 38%," Thundercracker ordered, "also set 67% to shields,"

"Thrusters at 38% capacity." replied the computer. There was a small pause as the computer calculated the rest of the order, "Shields active,"

"Set Mark 657.56 for landing,"

"Mark set,"

Thundercracker went about confirming and making sure everything was in order, and then followed Shockwave shortly after he had left.

In the rec room, many bots stood around, "Decepticons, we have neared our destination. Unfortunately we will have to wait a planetary revolution in order to leave, but that won't be our biggest problem. The Autobots apparently have already landed and they know we are here. We must enter in such a way that we are not detected."

"But they will be watching the skies for us, won't they?" came a voice.

"Perhaps, but if we enter from the very north or very south, we will have a lesser chance of being seen, Skywarp,"

"But isn't that where Megatron crash landed after is navigational systems messed up and he froze? I don't want to freeze," another voice said, one of which belonged to Blitzwing.

"Then we can enter over one of the oceans. None of the Autobots can fly as far as I know," Swindle answered.

"Sky Lynx can fly," Dirge called out. Apparently he had no idea about Cloudburst, Skyfire, Springer or Powerglide.

"This is how it will happen," Shockwave stood, catching the attention of everyone in the room, "We will enter over the area of the planet near Nevada," he brought up a bright blue hologram of the planet, pointing to Nevada, "Over here," he pointed westward, "is known as Death Valley. Not a lot of humans are around here, and its heat can be overbearing." He tapped said area and it zoomed in, "This is where Thundercracker has set the ship to land. We will use the cloaking shield as we exit the atmosphere. If anything, they will only see a blip and that is it."


Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, far from the Nemesis.

Sky Lynx, who had been orbiting the planet, rounded the planet and came within view of the familiar ship and he felt a sudden wave of dread, "Here already?" he asked into the nothingness of space. Slowly he lit his burners and headed for the nearest satellite to use it to communicate with Optimus with. Trying his best to intimidate a human shuttle, he even went as far as extending his tail, which was the arm of an actual American Shuttle. As he got closer, he slowed next to it.

"Optimus Prime, this is Sky Lynx, I have grave news,"

Optimus sighed, he could tell by the Shuttle's voice as to what he was going to tell him, "Go ahead, Sky Lynx,"

"I will be entering the atmosphere as soon as we end this transmission. The Nemesis is here sooner than anticipated and apparently they have not detected the Ark. I have a visual on them now. So far they have slowed and are only in orbit."

"Yes, thank you, Sky Lynx. They may very well leave the Nemesis out there for now like we did with the Ark," Prime said out loud, thinking to himself, "is there any way for you to get close enough to pick up any audio transmissions?"

"Negative, sir, it's too dangerous,"

"Very well, bring the others from the Ark in, Prime out."

Sky Lynx wasted no time in contacting the others on the Ark and told them to evacuate the starship before it was potentially found by the Decepticon ship. Neither Red Alert nor First Aid were willingly going, but orders were orders, "We will depart after we set up the Ark's automatic defense system," Red Alert said and the transmission lines went into radio silence, lest the Decepticons pick up on their transmissions.

First aid hurriedly worked with the computer, "Set orbit to 300 miles outside planetary atmosphere," he instructed. After the order, he heard the engines ignite then burn, thrusters on the sides of it guiding it to its instructed orbit. When it reached said orbit, the engines died down, "Orbit obtained,"

Sky Lynx turned himself and found his trajectory. He knew he would come in over New York, but he wasn't built like all of the other Space Shuttles, he could fly a lot longer and didn't need to glide his way to his destination. He considered transforming, but figured his form would alert too many people to his approach. He started on an angle towards the planet, careful as to where he was aiming, lest he ricochet off the atmosphere itself and be forced to turn around for another entry. Red Alert and First Aid waited until the Ark was in the dark side of the planet, using the darkness for cover before they both set up the automatic defense system aboard the Ark and departed. Luckily neither was seen by the Decepticons or the Space Station as they made straight for Earth.


A few hours passed when the Decepticons noticed that the ship's engines were starting up again. Thundercracker and Skywarp went to the helm, and Thundercracker realized the ship was turning itself to prepare for entry, "Entry into Atmosphere in T minus 10 minutes." The ship called as it set itself right and started slowly towards the planet.

"Upon entry, engage cloaking shield. Steady engines until landing, then all divert all unused power to defense and shields. Confirm." He hoped the ship could handle all of the commands given to it.


Thundercracker moved from the helm and went to speak with Shockwave and Soundwave, "The ship is preparing for insertion." He and everyone else moved from their spots to the main bridge and sat down, readying for the entry process. Skywarp was working with correcting the ship in places it needed while Thundercracker was helping to guide. Soundwave was keeping an optic on all of the readings that were coming up on the screen to his left, while Dirge was keeping a watchful eye on the engine information.

"Entry in T minus 5 minutes." The ship started to pick up speed, burning its thrusters on full as it headed towards the planet. Its thrusters over various parts of its huge body coming to life as it adjusted itself for proper entry. All that was heard was hissing and growling from said thrusters, the ship having already calculated the correct entry path and trajectory. As it got closer, the ship started to get hot, everyone realized this as it went into the atmosphere and started inwards. The body of it shook like a leaf blowing in the wind as it crackled and grinded against itself, as the heat shields having been built into the armor itself protested to the burning heat that the planet put forth to keep outsiders out and insiders in.

"Entry in T minus 1 minute." The ship spoke again, although it was barely heard from all of the crackling and forced bending of metal on metal. It continued its path without fault.

"Entry in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…" And then there was nothing but clouds and blue sky as the body started crackling and growling in protest to the sudden cold from the altitude it was at.

"Engaging Cloaking shields," it spoke as it headed for the area known to the humans as Death Valley. The Decepticons aboard hoped that no one saw them, and if they did only hoped that they would have been a mistake to the untrained eye.

They hadn't known that they were already expected, the only problem was no one knew where they were since their entry was over Texas and now they were almost to Death Valley ,California and preparing to land as the landing gear came down.


"Incoming!" Barricade called. He wasn't sure why he did, he knew damned well who it was that was coming, but he couldn't help himself. Mikaela and Sam's head whipped around to find him pointing at the sky.

Sky Lynx made it rather quickly to the base in Nevada and transformed before he touched down. He knew the Decepticons would probably not be far behind. Mikaela and Sam had been outside with Bumblebee and both looked up as the sound of engines filled the air. Neither was prepared for what was coming in, "Oh my God, it's a dragon!" Sam quipped as he grabbed for Mikaela's arm. Bumblebee had heard of these creatures online. Heh ad seen that they were supposedly a mythical beast that breathed fire and killed people during Medieval times.

"Um, Sam, that's not a dragon,"

"The hell it isn't!" Sam gawked as Sky Lynx came in closer, "You guys never said anything about dragons. It was bad enough with the Dinosaurs and all, but a dragon?" He asked in an exasperated tone.

Sky Lynx touched down, his engines purring to an idle as his back feet hit first and his front feet hit the ground, causing the earth to shake from his giant form. Sam took a few moments to stare at Sky Lynx. He saw all of the parts the he assumed looked like an American Space Shuttle, including how Sky Lynx' wings were sleek and tilted backwards like the ship itself. Sky Lynx craned his neck and then arched it to look down at the humans. His glowing blue optics shuttered once, "You must be Sam?" He asked. Sam didn't miss the haughty tone or the British accent.

"Uh… yeah," Sam stared up at the giant.

"I am Sky Lynx," The dragon spoke gently, lowering his face closer where Sam got a glimpse of the laser rifles in his mouth, "Wow," was all Sam managed to say as he gaped.

"And you must be Mikaela?"

"Yeah," she said, in her own stupor at his sheer size. He put Optimus to shame on the size factor – Hell, he put Megatron to shame! Where the hell was he at the battle of mission city? She figured out good hit with that tail would send anyone careening to their death.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you both," he said and his neck moved again, his tail swishing agitatedly behind him as he peered towards the hangar, "Is Optimus in there?"

"Yeah, Lynx, in his office," Sky Lynx nodded to Bee and moved off, his thunderous footsteps heard as he entered the building.

"That… was absolutely terrifying and amazing!" Sam said as he heard Miles come running out of the building, his hands on his knees as he caught his breath, "Did you guys see that!?" he asked, pointing towards the building.

"Did we see it?" He turned and look at Mikaela in mock thought, "Dude, we were standing here when he landed!"

Bumblebee was confused about Sam's remark about the terror and awesomeness of Sky Lynx, "Why would you fear him? He's an Autobot just like us," Such innocent questions sometimes. Sam shook his head.

"It's the intimidation, Bee." Sam emphasized.