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Silas laid back in the comfortable chair in the living room in his suite with a sigh. He had just finished his daily workout. Added on to that he discovered O.W.L.'s were just as much torture as they were before. He knew that he had at least done better this time. It had been a few days since his last test. He had to admit the suite he was staying in was nice. It had two bedrooms, a giant bathroom, living room, and a fully stocked bar. It also had a separate room where you could practice spells and had a balcony that you could sit out on at night as well.

Silas looked up when he heard an owl tapping at the window. Walking over he opened the balcony door and allowed two owls to fly in. They both perched themselves on the owl stand in the corner. Harry removed both notes from their legs, immediately seeing that they were both from the MoM. His O.W.L.'s results and the answer to his emancipation.

Dear Mr. Gaunt,

Included with this letter you will find the results of your O.W.L.'s. Let me be the first to congratulate you on getting the highest scores since a former Head Boy from Hogwart's, Tom Marvolo Riddle. It was a pleasure testing you and all your testers were impressed with your scores.


Griselda Marchbanks

Official Ministry Tester

O.W.L scores for: Silas E. Gaunt

O-Oustanding EE-Exceeds ExpectationsA-Acceptable T-Troll

Transfiguration- Written: O Practical: O+

Herbology- Written:OPractical: O

D.A.D.A.- Written:O Practical: O+

Charms- Written: OPractical: O+

Potions- Written: OO Practical: O+

Astronomy- Written: OPractical: O

Arthrimancy- Written: OPractical: O+

Ancient Runes-Written:OPractical: O+

Muggle Studies-Written: OPractical: O

Healing- Written: EE Practical: O+

Total OWL's: 24

+Showed exception skill and aptitude for this subject.

Silas was pleased overall with his scores. They were even better than the last time he had taken them. He opened the next note pretty much knowing what it was going to say.

Dear Mr. Gaunt,

We have received the results of your O.W.L's and it is a pleasure to notify you of your granted emancipation. In this envelop you will find the papers needed to be signed to make your emancipation final. Once you sign the forms included it will automatically sign the ones in the ministry files so they are yours to keep. It is advisable that even though you are emancipated that you continue your education, either through private tutoring or a magical institution.


Edward Green

Head of Legal Affairs

Ministry of Magic

Silas quickly signed the forms and the magic sealed itself with a flash. Now he needed to go to the Ministry and get himself an apparition license. He sat back and thought on the issue of his education. He could already take his Newts and pass them with lying colors but something was telling him that he should go to Hogwart's. He felt tired so he decided that he would take a nap before making his decision.

Silas woke up a few hours later to someone knocking on his door. He got out of bed, flicking his wand to fix his appearance and take out the wrinkles in his clothes. He walked over and opened the door and seeing a young wizard standing there he let a little aggravation seep into his voice.

"Yes why have you disturbed me?" Silas asked.

"Sir, I have a message for you." The wizard said.

"From whom?" Silas asked.

"Albus Dumbeldore, sir." He replied.

Harry stuck out his hand and took the letter. Giving the wizard a galleon tip before closing the door in his face. He walked over to the desk before setting the letter down. He ran his wand over it, checking for any jinxes or curses on it, finding a mild truth charm. It would encourage him to speak the truth. He simply swished his wand, destroying it. He opened the envelope and unfolded the letter.

Dear Mr. Gaunt,

I am Albus Dumbeldore, Headmaster of Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I received the results of your Ordinary Wizarding Level's exam and I must say that I am impressed. You remind me of an old student of mine named Tom Riddle. With scores like yours have you considered coming to Hogwart's?

Even if you have not I would like to give you a formal invite to attend. Hogwart's is one of the leading institutions in magical learning. We have the four houses, which are like your family while you are here. We offer a wide assortment of classes including electives like: Dueling, Ancient Runes, Arthrimancy, C.O.M.C. , and Divination.

We also have the traditional classes as well. I could send someone to show you to Diagon Alley if you needed help. Term begins on September 1st and students ride the Hogwart's Express. The Express leaves platform 9 ¾ at eleven o'clock in the morning. If you decide that you want to come to Hogwart's please send a reply to this letter.


Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbeldore

Silas sat back and thought about what he wanted to do. He really didn't know. He was stuck in the past and didn't know of anyway to get back at the moment. Not that he had much of a future he wanted to return to.

He wasn't known as the boy-who-lived here. However, he knew that people would be interested in him mainly his father and Dumbeldore. He knew that Dumbeldore most likely extended the invitation so that he could watch over him. He might not know that he was the son of Tom Riddle but he was probably guessing it.

He pulled out a piece of parchment and grabbed a quill. He tapped the quill on the paper thinking about what he should do. Finally he set his quill down and sat down on floor and crossed his legs so he could meditate. He allowed his mind to drift and travel through his mind. Breathing in and out Harry found his magical core and submerged his awareness into it searching for answers.

Twenty minutes later he came out of his trance his decision made. Sitting back into the chair he picked up the quill and dipped it in the ink well beside it.

Professor Albus Dumbeldore,

I have received your invitation to attend Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I have decided to take you up on your offer. I have been compared twice to Tom Riddle, he must have been a great wizard to be so highly thought of. I am already staying near Diagon Alley so I won't need someone to show me around. I will arrive at Platform 9 ¾ on September 1st.

If I could get a course list and supplies list I would appreciate it. I look forward to coming to Hogwart's and experiencing what it has to offer.


Silas Ezekiel Gaunt

Sealing the letter Silas walked over to the wall and pushed a button on the wall. Ten seconds later a voice came across.

"How may I help you Mr. Gaunt?" A man's voice asked.

"I need to have one of carrier owls sent up to my room." Silas said. "Also I would appreciate if you could send up a tailor so I can be measured for some clothes."

"Yes sir. I'll have the owl sent up right away and the tailor will be there in about thirty minutes." The man said.

"That's fine, thank you." Silas replied before cutting off the conversation before the man could reply.

A minute later a brown tawny owl flew through the window. The owl was not surprisingly well trained. He walked over to the owl and slid the letter into the pouch on it's leg that was charmed weather-proof.

"That goes to Albus Dumbeldore." Silas said.

The owl hooted once before taking off. Silas walked over to his trunk and began to open it before he heard a rustle of cloth. He looked over at the robes he had worn the day before and saw them moving. Pointing his wand at the robe he carefully lifted it to see the snake egg he had taken from the vault. He picked up the egg and moved over to his desk. The egg started rolling back and forth before a crack formed in it. Almost as soon as the shell started cracking it exploded outwards. Now sitting on the desk was a eight inch long black snake with some silver and gold lines across it's scales with some kind of energy crackling over it's body. It's tongue flickered out a few times before it looked at him.

"Hello little serpent." Silas said.

"Hello speaker. Where am I?" A female voice asked.

"Currently you are in my hotel room. I felt a pull towards you when I was in the Slytherin family vault." Silas replied.

"Then you are to be my master." She replied.

"I suppose so if you will bond with me." Silas replied.

"I will speaker. You are powerful and I will grow bigger because of it." She replied before saying. "I will need to bite your hand, once my bonded my poison won't bother you."

Silas nodded his consent and stuck out his hand. Lightening fast the snake struck and was back in it's previous position almost faster than the human eye could see.

They both glowed with a bright silver aura before it died down. When Silas looked at her again she had gained another almost two feet and two and half inches of girth.

"You are indeed very powerful master. I am Slyvanna master." Slyvanna said.

"I hate to sound ignorant but what type of serpent are you Slyvanna?" Silas asked.

"Not to worry master my kind aren't usually found in this part of the world. I am a Brazilian lightening viper. My kind have very toxic poison and a slight control over the element of lightening, depending on our magical strength and the strength of our bonded. I shouldn't have any problems master." She replied.

"Interesting, that is definitely a useful skill beloved." Silas replied while stroking her scales causing her to hiss in pleasure. "If you like I can cast a heating charm on the bed and you can sleep there."

"Thank you master, that would be excellent." Slyvanna replied.

Silas swished his wand casting a heating charm on the blankets on the bed before transferring her over to it. A knock at his door shifted his attention, keeping his wand ready he went and answered it. A middle aged woman and younger one stood outside the door with a couple of trunks. Silas raised an inquiring eyebrow at the woman.

"I'm the tailor you requested sir. I am Diane Robisher and this is my assistant Melanie."The middle aged woman said.

Silas opened the door and beckoned them to enter. They walked into the room, the two trunks floating after them. Silas led them to the lounge where he took off his robes.

"I am in need of a whole new wardrobe. I want them made out of the finest materials. I am going to be attending Hogwart's but I don't want to look like some poor mongrel who can't afford decent clothes. I want five plain black robes, five black with silver trim, two emerald green with silver trim, five cloaks, five winter robes, two work robes, seven pairs of trousers, seven white shirts, two emerald green shirts, two blood red shirts, two silver shirts, under clothes, trainers, dress shoes, and two pairs of dress robes one black with silver trim and the other emerald green with silver trim made with acromuntula silk." Silas said, the last part making the two ladies gasp, raising an eyebrow he asked. "Is there a problem?"

"N-no, no problem sir. It's just that acromuntula silk cost five hundred galleons a yard. It'll take at least three yards per robe." Mrs. Robisher replied.

"That's not a problem." Silas said with a wave of his hand causing the younger girls mouth to hang open.

"Y-yes sir." Mrs. Robisher replied. "If you'll remove the rest of your clothes besides your underclothes sir."

Silas nodded before unbuttoning his shirt and then taking off his pants. His very well defined muscles causing both women to blush, the younger more noticeably. Silas smirked to himself. Mrs. Robisher flicked her wand causing one of the trunks to open and a stool to float out of it. She set it on the floor then motioned for Silas to climb onto it. Twenty minutes later, plenty of touching, a couple of needle pokes Silas was fully measured.

"You can step down and get redressed now Mr. Gaunt."Mrs. Robisher said.

Silas nodded his head and quickly slipped his clothes back on. He walked back into his room, motioning for them to follow, and grabbed his money pouch and pulled out a paper money voucher. They were used for larger sales so that the person who was selling you things didn't have to count out a large amount of galleons.

"How much do I owe you Madam?" Silas asked.

"Your total is 3900 galleons, 12 sickles and four knuts." Mrs. Robisher replied. "Here's my vault information."

Silas took out a self-inking quill and wrote out a slip for 4,1000 galleons, 12 sickles, four knuts before placing his key in the designated box. There was a flash of light then Harry handed her the slip.

"That should cover it. With an extra hundred galleons apiece for a tip." Silas said.

"You are most gracious, my lord." Mrs. Robisher said.

Melanie, her assistant, was almost glowing with happiness. Silas led back to the door.

"Thank you for your time miladies." Silas said.

"No thanks are needed, I am paid well. Your order should be ready in three days." Mrs. Robisher said.

"That's fine." Silas replied while closing the door behind them.

"Slyvanna?" Silas said.

"Yes master Silas?" She answered.

"I am going to be out for a while my dear. I am going to go and get my apparition license." He said before asking,"Do you want to come with me or stay here?"

"I think I will stay here master." Slyvanna replied.

"Okay. I will return in a while." Silas said before walking over to his trunk to find a suitable outfit. He quickly slipped on a pair of black trousers, a gray shirt, a black robe with silver trim, and a pair of dragon hide boots. His cloak was clasped with a silver basilisk with emerald green eyes. He fixed his hair with a leather thong after pulling it into a ponytail and let his Slytherin heir ring become visible.

He walked out of his hotel room before making his way to the lobby. He walked up to the giant fireplace made out of marble. He motioned for the worker with the floo powder to throw some in the fire for him. Stepping into the green flames he clearly stated, "British Ministry of Magic."

Hundreds of fireplaces zoomed by as he spun through the floo network. He quickly centered himself so he wouldn't tumble out of the fireplace. It wouldn't do for an heir of Slytherin to look anything but graceful. Quickly stepping out of the fireplace he waved his wand causing any soot to disappear before placing a lesser none repelling spell to surround him so people wouldn't be able to run into him. It wasn't a moment too soon either as a younger Arthur Weasley bumped into him and was knocked to the ground, his arm full of papers scattering.

"So sorry, I didn't see you there in my rush." Arthur said as he gave his wand a small swish and his papers neatly re-stacked themselves.

"Just watch where you're going next time." Silas said before walking off.

Silas walked up to the guard at the front desk and presented his wand for security. The man scanned it then returned it. Conveniently forgetting what it was a moment later thanks to a built in obliviate spell that worked when someone besides him that touched it. Walking over to the lift he walked in with a group of four men.

"I'm telling you Frankfurt these attacks are becoming more and more frequent. I was talking to an auror buddy of mine over a pint the other day and he was telling me all about an attack last week. Some bloke and his wife and kids got themselves blown up down in Sussex. Their mark was shining above the house. Green with a big ole' skull with a snake in eets mouth." A short round wizard said to old gray haired wizard wearing old faded robes.

"What chu goin on bout Fergie? You oughtta know not to go talkin bout certain things where people can hear ya. Never know when one of his followers might be around. I ain't lived this long to wantin' to be a dyin' anytime soon." The old man said in a grinding voice while looking around at everyone.

Before they could say more there was a ding and womans voice announcing, "Department for Wizard Affairs." and the doors open allowing "Fergie" and "Frankfurt" out. The doors quickly closed and the lift began to descend again. The stop was Silas' so he stepped out into the hallway leader to the Department of Magical Transportation. Walking through the doors Silas walked up to the front desk. Sitting behind it was a kindly looking old lady with graying brown hair and blue eyes.

"What can I do for you young man?" She asked.

"I need to test to get an apparition license." Silas replied.

"Alright. There are two types of apparition licenses. There's regular this includes side-along, coordinate, and line of sight. The second is international apparition. Which would you like to test for?" She asked.

"I would like to test for both of them thank you." Silas said causing her eyebrows to shoot up.

"You do know sir that you have to pay twenty galleons per test that is non-refundable even if you don't pass the tests?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. I do." Silas said before taking the required amount out of his money bag.

"Okay young man if you'll just fill out theses forms we'll get you signed up for testing this afternoon." She said handing him some papers and a self-inking quill.

He was done five minutes later and returned the forms to the old lady at the desk. She tapped the forms with her wand causing them to give off a flash and disappear.

"We can get you in for testing in about an hour." She said. "You have time to go and get something in the cafeteria downstairs if you wanted to."

"Thank you I will be back in an hour then." Silas said before walking out. After pressing the button for the lift he was surprised to see it empty since it was about lunchtime. Two minutes later he was on the right floor and heading for the cafeteria. He had heard that they had good food from Ron once but with the way Ron ate he didn't know if that was reliable information.

The ministry cafeteria had plain gray walls and tile flooring. The food served floated in a line using charms so all people had to do was stand in line and pick whatever they wanted. Silas got in line and chose roasted pork with potatoes, carrots and gravy, butterbeer, and treacle tart. After paying his galleon and seven sickles Silas sat down with his back to the wall. He heard different conversations filtering past him.

"Did you hear about Daniel down in acquisitions?..."

"Pommel was talking bout the goblins are petitioning for more freedom over their banks. Codswollop if you ask me. We don't need those creature's getting a better foothold in our government..."

Silas tuned them out but kept his senses stretched out in case anyone tried anything. About ten minutes later he felt as if he was being watched. Looking out the corner of his eye he saw a blond haired man looking at him, more so looking at the ring on his finger. Silas finished his lunch and pushed the empty plate away from him, watching it vanish.

Walking out of the cafeteria he went back to lift and made it back to the testing area in about five minutes. Standing there waiting for him was a brown haired, brown eyed wizard. He had tanned, wrinkly skin with laugh lines around his eyes. He observed Silas as he walked towards him.

"Good afternoon. Mr. Gaunt I presume?" He asked and received a nod, "I'm Albert Walberg."

He stuck out his hand and shook Silas' hand.

"If you'll follow me into this room over here we'll begin your apparition testing. You are trying for regular and international apparition licensing correct?" He asked.

"That's right." Silas said.

"International takes quite a bit of power." Walberg warned as they walked into the testing room. It was a plain room with all white walls with a dozen or so yellow circles attached to the floor.

"I know." Silas said with a smirk.

"Just a bit of a warning for you." Walberg said. "First of all I'll need you to apparate between the yellow circles in the room. After that I'll apparate to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and some coordinates for a empty field on the very tip of Scotland. For your side-along I'll have you apparate both of us to Morgana Alley. For your international I'll have you apparate to Dublin, Ireland." Walberg said.

The next ten minutes was spent having Silas apparate between the circles. He did a perfect job each time, apparating and disapparating with a small pop. Walberg was definitely impressed, he had never had a tester learn so quickly or apparate so silently.

"Alright I think you've got that down." He said as he called for Silas to stop. "I'm going to apparate to Diagon Alley then I want you to follow me."

He started to turn and disappeared with a 'crack'. Silas disappeared a few seconds later and reappeared at the apparition zone in Diagon Alley. Walberg motioned him over to the side.

"That worked well now I am going to apparate to Hogsmeade." He said before disappearing again.

Silas followed right after him and reappeared in Hogsmeade. He looked around for a couple of seconds. The main stretch looked to be about the same as it was in his time except for a few extra businesses.

"Well done Mr. Gaunt. Now here are the coordinates." He said handing Silas a piece of paper with the coordinates written on it to memorize. "Now this time I want you to go first and I will follow."

Silas nodded his head and handed the paper back to Walberg before closing his eyes and breathing deeply before twisting and disapparating with a little louder of a pop. He appeared about thirty feet from the coastline. He could hear the water crashing against the rocks below and could feel a light spray of salt water. About thirty seconds later Walberg appeared five feet away from.

"Very good Mr. Gaunt. Everything appears to still be attached." He said as he ran a diagnostic charm on Silas before sticking out his arm. "Next I would like you to side-along apparate us to Morgana Alley."

Silas grabbed his arm and disappeared with a even louder 'pop'.

There were quite a few people milling around Morgana Alley. Silas thought he saw a younger James Potter for a second before dismissing it. Letting go of Silas' arm Walberg made a notation on his clipboard.

"Right next we are going to apparate to Dublin, Ireland. It is as far as I can apparate internationally. Here are the coordinates." Walberg said handing Silas a piece of parchment like earlier with the coordinates written on it.

Silas studied them for a few seconds before committing them to memory before handing it back. He turned on the spot before disappearing with a small 'crack' like someone stepped on a twig. Walberg made some more notations before disappearing himself with a much louder 'crack'.

Silas arrived in an empty alleyway. He could see the people running around in muggle Dublin on their way to work or home. He waited for Walberg to show up before apparating back to the testing room. Walberg came back right behind him and began to fill out the rest of his forms.

"You've definitely passed all of your tests. If you'll give these to the Ms. Gloenstein at the desk she will have them filed and then give you your apparition license." Walberg said handing him the papers he filled out.

"Thanks." Silas said before walking out the door and over to the old lady behind the desk.

"All done then?" She asked when she looked up and saw him standing there.

"Yes." Silas said while handing her the forms. She flipped through them before tapping them with her wand and whispering an incantation.

"Everything seems to be in order." She said before a card appeared before her. She reached down and handed it too him. "Here is your proof that you are licensed for apparating."

Silas took the card from her and read it:

Proof of Apparition License

Silas E. Gaunt




He quickly slid it into his wallet.

"Thanks." Silas said

"You're welcome dear." Ms. Gloenstein replied.

Silas walked out and straight to the apparition point. Not being able to legally apparate had been bothersome. He was glad that he had gotten that taken care of. He quickly apparated back to the hotel. He was able to make it back to his hotel room with minimal fuss except for the receptionist trying to flirt with him.

The rest of the summer up till the time to go to Hogwart's passed quickly enough. Silas spent most of his time reading the books he had gotten from his family vaults and practicing spells. Every morning he would get up and do stretches before practicing martial arts before moving on to dueling and trying out new spells. Next came blades, then weight lifting before soaking in the tub to relax his by then, aching muscles.

He woke the morning of September 1st just like any other day except he went with a light training session since he had to go to the train station. He walked around the suite and gathered all of his things before placing them inside his trunk. He wore his hair pulled back in a thong, and already had his school uniform on plus a pair of dragon hide boots charmed to be soundless, always comfortable, and weather regulating.

"Are you ready to go my dear? The train to Hogwart'ss iss leaving in an hour." Silas hissed.

"I am ready masster." Sylvanna replied.

Silas lowered his arm and allowed her to slither up his arm and rap around his shoulder's hidden by his robes. He quickly shrank his trunk before placing it in his pocket before picking up the cage containing his Eagle owl Thor. Thor was black with brown feathers and silver eyes. Around his neck hung a blood red serpent pendant charmed so that he couldn't be tracked and it also had protection charms on it. It contained Silas' blood and could only be removed by a blood relative. He really didn't want anyone reading his mail.

Turning on the spot he disapparated and landed on Platform 9¾. The platform was bustling with activity. There were all kinds of people running around, in robes and muggle clothes both. Parents were kissing their kids by and students were trying to find a good place to sit.

"That wass a mosst unssetlling way to travel masster." Sylvanna hissed from underneath his cloak.

"Indeed." He replied.

Silas quietly and confidently walked towards the train. Some of the girls and even guys were giving him appreciative looks. He climbed onto the train and walked towards the back looking for an empty compartment. When he finally found one he set his trunk up on the rack and hung Thor's cage on a hook by the window. Deciding to do some reading he placed a locking charm and silencing charm on the door before charming the hallway windows dark.

He opened his trunk and pulled out was of Slytherin's journals. He picked up where he left off the other day.

-December 13th, 1010-

I had to sneak away from Godric and Rowena again today. Helga is still gone on her trip to get some potions ingredients from the village a few towns over. I am almost half-way through with the building of my chamber. All four of us have decided to build our own chambers for our and our heirs to use. I however am keeping mine hidden, it's never good for others to know where your sanctuary's are. I have hatched a basilisk to watch over my chamber and my future heirs, I named her Selena after my first wife.

I continue to work in secret because I know that the other founder's wouldn't agree with my placing a basilisk in the school. Just like they don't agree that mudbloods and blood-traitors have no place in Hogwart's. If they are going to be allowed to learn magic they should still not be allowed into our prestigious school. They also shouldn't be allowed to dilute our gene pool and weaken our magic.

I have done studies that help support my theories. Even if the mudbloods are magically strong, their magic is different that a pureblood's and causes ours to dilute. If allowed it would dilute our family magicks and destroy our ways of life. I do not however agree with the beliefs of my late brother Angus that they should all be killed.

I have envisioned a world were all magical peoples can live together happily and freely without fear from muggles. It used to be so, but muggles have began to grow hateful and jealous of our power, even though we have had a long relationship of peace with them. Our society has had to go into hiding when it should not be so. The filth of the muggles continues to grow, while due to the long life of wizards our birthrates are lower and our numbers dwindle.

I am leaving in my chamber works written by myself and other powerful sorcerers so that my heirs may continue my noble work. Since only my heirs will be able to access the chamber I do not hesitate to leave my prized books inside of it. I am also creating other rooms so that the chamber can be a sanctuary to any of my heirs in their time of need.

-January 3rd, 1011-

Rowena has questioned me on why I keep disappearing. I, of course, did not tell her the whole truth just that I was working on my chamber. She is too smart for her own good sometimes. Gryffindor is a good friend but he continues to not notice my absences.

He can be awfully dense at times, it's going to be the death of him someday I fear. Helga is once again with child, her and Godric's second. I am to be it's godfather and Godric's half-sister Alena Potter is to be it's godmother. I am almost done with building my chamber now. All that is left is the enchantments and preservation charms over the potion ingredients and place the hibernation charm on Selena. I modified the hibernation charm so that she will continue to grow until she is let loose again.

-August 10th, 1011-

My goddaughter Alexis Reanne Gryffindor was born just this morning. She has her mother's dark auburn hair and Godric's blue eyes. She appears to be an already healthy and energetic child. I have also finished stockpiling materials into my chamber.

The number of students continues to grow and we have been forced to hire other instructor's. I have decided to take time away from the school and travel the lands for awhile. I have not done so since I met Godric in my youth.

Silas' reading was interrupted when the door was opened and a first year kid with long black hair and gray eyes walked in. Silas watched him as he flung his trunk up onto the overhead rack and placed a cage with an annoyed barn owl in it on the hook beside Thor. The bird almost immediately started cowering when Thor looked at it as if he had had found lunch. The other boy finally sat down in the seat opposite him.

"You know usually when someone places a locking charm on their doors it means they don't want to be bothered." Silas drawled.

"Sorry, I couldn't find a compartment and I wanted to get away from my cousins Bellatrix and Narcissa." The boy said before sticking out his hand, "Regulus Black."

Silas grudgingly stuck out his hand. The kid had at least some power behind him to break Silas' spells. "Silas Gaunt."

It was funny to see Regulus' face go from slightly arrogant to completely shocked. His eyes widened comically and his jaw hung open a ways.