Pluses And Minuses

Pluses And Minuses

Having sex on an airplane was not all it was cracked up to be. Especially when said plane was the Batwing; there really wasn't all that much room in the cockpit, even with the chairs folded back. "Y'know, Tim, if you wanted to join the mile high club that badly, I could have just shifted," Gar said, grunting as he did a serpentine twist to get rid of his pants.

Tim paused in the midst of tugging off his tights. "Uh…not that I don't think your powers are great, Gar, but…I'm not really into bestiality." Tim's chagrinned expression would be funny if the topic of conversation wasn't so serious.

Well, not serious, but…Gar tended to think of his – well, their, now – sex life as something not to be trifled with. "What, you think I am?" he scoffed, trying not to take offense. It was pretty easy, because he'd never done more than some minute shifting in the heat of the moment, and Tim was fine with that. No matter that occasionally he lost control of his powers when they got really into it; he only ended up with some thicker body fur, claws, pointed ears, and, that one time, a tail. He'd never shifted on purpose. "Last time I met Zauriel, I tried to change into an angel, and low and behold, I could." No angelic powers or connection to the Heavenly Host, but he ended up with some strength, speed, and the all-important wings.

Gar tried not to think that maybe he hadn't actually turned into an angel, but had subconsciously cobbled together an angel-like being from different animals, like that Animal Man version of himself had been able to do. Either way, he'd been able to fly without giving up his humanoid body.

Tim blinked, the effect odd as always with his mask in the way, asking, "Really?" Gar never thought he'd become comfortable with Tim wearing his mask while they made love, but it accentuated his eyes, and made him look even more naked when it was the only thing he was wearing.

It was taking forever to get their clothes off, though, so it would be a few more minutes. Luckily, even on autopilot it would take them another forty minutes or so to reach their destination.

"Really," Gar replied, kicking both their boots out of the way, before settling down on the floor.

Tim's eyes automatically tracked the boots as they skidded off underneath the console, then angled back towards Gar in time to see the other's cock bounce a bit as he sat down. "Well, that's something to keep in mind for next time," Tim said brusquely, finally shimmying out of his tights, taking his underwear off with them.

Faced with a naked-save-for-the-mask Tim, Gar's mouth started to water, and he could only agree. "Yeah," he said, and quick like a bunny, reached out to pull Tim down on top of him.

The metal floor was cold and not particularly comfortable, and Tim's Robin cape didn't make a very good carpet, which detracted from the sexiness of the inherently kinky situation. However, one advantage about joining the mile high club the 'traditional' way was that Gar didn't have to concentrate on his powers, or anything except driving Tim insane with want.

Definitely a plus.