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A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...



Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Republic verges on collapse.

DARTH MALAK, last surviving apprentice of the DARK LORD REVAN, has unleashed an invincible Sith armada upon an unsuspecting galaxy.
Crushing all resistance, Malak's war of conquest has left the Republic crippled and weak even with the aid of the heavily militarized SPRACIAN UNION.

The Jedi Order is scattered and vulnerable as countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swear allegiance to the new Sith Master.
In the skies above the Outer Rim world of Taris, a Jedi battle fleet is caught in a surprise engagement against Malak's forces in a desperate effort to halt the Sith's galactic domination…


"Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found."
– Christian Bible, Gospel of Luke 15:32

"A Little Far Well"
Unknown Date/Time
LTCDR Jack Knight
5th Pln., 506th Bn., 1st Raiders
Endar Spire, Taris System

The graceful form of the Republic Battle cruiser, Endar Spire, slid over the silhouette of the aging metropolitan world of Taris. Three smaller escorts to ensure the completion of her vital mission and the delivery of her precious cargo flanked the long warship. On this day, the hard-pressed Republic had taken a desperate gamble and the hopes of her people lay with the Spire.

As the Spire glided past the silver sphere of Taris, small attack craft rocketed toward her, deploying their weapon spars: These where the latest Sith fighters. Their covert mission blown, the Spire would now have to fight or perish, but the odds were against her.

Weapon turrets came to life and targeting systems locked onto enemy star fighters as they screamed ahead on their attack runs.

Flashes of light erupted around the battle cruiser and her escorts. A fierce melee had begun, which would determine the fate of the Galaxy. Cannon from the Spire and the three destroyers belched forth in answer, vaporizing incoming Sith craft in puffs of hot gas. On command, one of the escorts veered away from the Spire to act as a picket to break up the incoming formations. Sith squadrons broke upon the picket as deadly fire tore them from space, but the sheer weight of numbers wore down the defenders. Swarms flitted about the lone ship and soon, the picket glowed with fire from numerous torpedo hits and a second destroyer came about to stand between the Spire and her enemies.

"We've lost the Delos. I've ordered the Atlantean to cover our retreat. Crewman, where's Bastila?" asked a tall, dark-haired man dressed in a Republic uniform of gray and black. The setback did little to upset his commanding presence and his brown eyes were set sternly upon the display of the unfolding battle.

The crewman looked over, now distracted from the fight. "She's employing the Battle Meditation, Commander Onasi. We've inflicted heavy losses on the Sith, but we cannot hold against such numbers. Sensors show three hundred fighters and an Interdiction-Class cruiser. Sith losses are at almost fifty fighters, but they keep coming. Multiple squadrons are still inbound," he said sweat trickling down his cheeks.

Chief Commander Carth Onasi peered grimly over to the tactical display near the command chair and saw the destroyer Atlantean surrounded by a swarm of angry Sith fighters. Torpedoes tore into her hull as she struck out at the hornets that would be her doom. The Commander gritted his teeth, causing the lines around his eyes to wrinkle.

Red symbols flashed on the tactical display and an officer shouted, "Commander, three squadrons got past the Atlantean and have vectored toward the Spire. Sith assault transports are among them."

The urgency in his voice was barely on the edge of panic. His face twisted in anger, Commander Onasi pressed the ship wide intercom. "Marines, prepare to repel boarders. Helm, come about and bring our port batteries to bear," he said. A huge explosion rocked the ship. Several emergency sirens flared around the bridge.

"Commander Carth!" A Lieutenant shouted above the noise. "Sir, we've lost the barracks, sir!"

"Which ones?"

"Block 341, sir," A sudden look of horror plastered across the Lieutenant's snow-white face as he said, terror stitched to his voice. "The Union's enlisted men, as well as several officers were in there prepping the troops, sir."

Of course, since everything's going so well. Onasi thought. He looked at the scene around him, desperately trying to figure out his next action.

His train of thought was momentarily interrupted by a beeping noise. Onasi tapped the intercom control and nodded several times to a voice. He then turned and firmly grasped a junior officer by the shoulder, his face beaming with joy. "Ensign Ulgo, I need you to head to the officer's quarters and get some weapons and your bunkmate. Bastila wants him brought to the Bridge ASAP."

The young Ensign Trask Ulgo pursed his lips in disapproval. "Sir, my place is here with you. What could we possibly need some other? It doesn't make sense, sir."

The tension on Onasi's face became evident although he fought to retain his cool demeanor. "Ensign, I have no idea. Our Jedi friend has ordered it, and since the Jedi are in charge, we do their bidding. Besides, even one lone Raider on the ship means bigger survival rates for us. Now…MOVE!"

With a shove from Carth, the blond Ensign nodded and rushed from the Bridge. When Ulgo had departed, the Commander returned his attention to the coming disaster.

At the age of 38, Onasi was a career military officer and had seen many campaigns against both the Mandalorians and the Sith. He was considered a skilled pilot and a superior tactician by his peers and had earned the respect of friend and foe alike. His dedication to duty and loyalty to the Republic was without question, but soon, his beliefs would be sorely tested.

As Trask quickly made his way to the crew quarters, the ship rocked from torpedo hits. He momentarily lost his balance as Marines rushed past him to preplanned positions for the defense of the Spire. Seeing them; the young ensign nervously grasped an empty thigh holster, his blaster shot out of his hands only moments ago, he cursed himself. His breathing came in fearful gulps and the color had drained from his face.

He dashed down a gangway to his quarters and opened the door hastily. Entering the dark room, he flicked on the lights. Again, explosions rocked the ship and the illumination dimmed for a moment.

What the hell did the Jedi want with this guy? It made absolutely no sense. Rask should should be on the bridge with the Captain, Raider or no he was not certified for counter-boarding action.


Blasts of ion cannons flared around the bridge as a group of five Jedi faced the lone Sith Lord standing in front of them. As they stared, the masked Sith raised his lightsaber, the purr of it sounding above the fire outside the ship. A small group of Raiders gathered around the Jedi assassins finished off the remaining guards and encircled their mark.

A young woman aimed her yellow single lightsaber towards the Sith. "You will not win, Revan", she said as the ship shook. Two of the Jedi and Spracians stumbled, but stayed on their feet. "You are outnumbered."

"Do not underestimate me, Bastila Shan, it would be most beneficial to your health," Darth Revan responded, his red saber made no sound as it danced in the air, challenging the small group to duel. As the Jedi around her tensed, Bastila unblinkingly raised her lightsaber to stomach level, preparing her control of the force for battle. As she waited, the ship violently shook, and, unable to stand, Bastila fell.

She rolled in case Revan used this time to attack her, but looking towards him, she watched as he fell and bashed his head hard against the bridge's main console. She bit her lip as she remembered her orders."Ma'am,"one of the Raiders asked, voice distorted by his helmet but not masking his pause in action."Orders?"

After making sure he was unconscious she uncovered his iconic Mandalorian mask to see his face. Though it was stained by the darkside's touch and blood pooled from a gash on his brow and other facial injuries he was still relatively handsome. She cleared her thoughts and felt for a pulse. She found it, he was alive, but barely, he was slipping away. She healed him with her Force powers, and felt something inside of her bonding with him. She quickly replaced the ornate mask, motioning one of the Spracians to help her move him, and walked back to the ship they originally came on.

"Quickly, to the Academy," Bastila commanded, "we may be able to save him."

After blasting off, the ship exploded. The small raiding ship caught in the shock wave and tossed several kilometers before its pilots were able to correct their course and escape.


Lieutenant Commander Jackson "Jack" Mathis Knight rolled in his sleep, a low snore passing through his open mouth. It was rare enough he got any shut eye whatsoever, his status as an officer of the Department of Special Assault Warfare Tactics and Reconnaissance of the Spracian Union on loan to the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, along with a few hundred naval vessels and several million soldiers from the Spracian Union Colonial Marine Corps. And after being awake for the past eight weeks, any sleep he got was well beyond welcomed. He was jarred from his rest when an ion torpedo struck the Endar Spire and rolled him off his bunk.

His eyes popped open just as he hit the floor. "That can't be good."

With a grunt Knight got to one knee and grabbed the blaster pistol under his cot as an exhausted man slumped into the barracks. He fired a heavy orange bolt and missed his head by an inch. Cursing to himself as the man recoiled against the bulkhead, Knight stood with the pistol trained on him.

"Hey! Whoa! Hold on! We're on the same side!"

"Same side, huh?" Knight hissed. "Alright…"

"Oh, thank you–"

"Before you start off, I need to know some things."


"First off; Where the Hell am I?"

"You're on the Endar Spire, a Republic Battle cruiser ship…and we're in the middle of a space battle with the Sith."

"Okay, how did I get on here?"

"You hit your head on something, son?" The man asked. Knight replied with a sour curl of his lip.

"Drowsiness and shock, waking up suddenly to the alarms of attack and broadside blows from torpedoes tends to do that. So pardon me if I'm not all here for the moment."

"Okay, okay…calm down…You came on board with about a platoon of other Spracian Raider troops, and four Jedi: Bastila Shan, Frei Huien, Jefar Gnarrs, and Andrea Soto."

"Where are the others?"

"Dead, they were sucked into vacuum after the first hit we took. Save for the liason to the Jedi but he's unaccounted for at the moment. Commander Onasi wants—"

"Who are you?"

"Ensign Trask Ulgo, Republic Navy."

Ah. Knight took in the blaze orange jumper and nodded. "Lieutenant Commander Jack Knight. Department of Special Assault Warfare Tactics and Reconnaissance," Knight noted Trask's empty hands. "Ensign Ulgo, why aren't you armed?"

"Gun was shot out of my hands, sir. I was hoping to find a replacement from the armory back here, and—"

"Armory? Sorry Ensign, all combat gear not pertaining to the officer's was in with the rest of my unit. The stuff's spaced."

"But…sir…the bridge crew isn't well armed, and I'll be killed if—OOF!"

Trask fell against the bulkhead again, holding the blaster pistol that the officer tossed to him, which must have weighed at least three kilos. "Use that," Knight said with a wink and went about donning his MAVERICK-XXI assault armor. He placed his helmet on last, the around-the-ear headset buzzed as the sys-link cable connected to his suit through the ports behind his ear, the holo-visor came to life, then the helmet's plating deployed, coming up from under his chin like a breather mask. The real-time Heads-Up-Display provided him with everything he needed to know. Ammo count, the ship's layout, party health, even the direction he was oriented on a standard compass and the current level of his energy shields. Or the Direct Repulsion Action Controlled Occurrence Ordinance Network kinetic barriers, as the techs insistently referred to them.

He hefted the signature weapon of the Raiders, an XMAR-114 "Dragon" assault rifle, another sidearm from a footlocker at the end of his bunk and secured his combat knife stored in its magnetic sheath on his chest piece.

Now, Trask thought, the Spracian looked the part of a highly trained killing machine; walking proof that the Sith had a greater enemy than the Republic in this war. With the galaxy's best soldiers at their back, the Republic's chances of the Republic's survival skyrocketed. But 'chance' didn't mean anything if they were all killed.

Then, video on Knight's CROSS-Com and the monitors within the barracks popped up. A middle age man in a Republic officer's uniform appeared on it. He said with haste:

"This is Ship Captain Carth Onasi, the Sith are threatening to overrun our position! We can't hold out long against their firepower! All hands to the bridge!"

"Rodger that, Chief, this is Lieutenant Commander Jack Knight, Department of Special Assault Warfare Tactics and Recon," Knight replied, immediately relief washed over the weathered features of the orange garbed man as he tapped commands into the terminal before him. "Moving to your location, recommend keeping radio silence, and evacuate the ship immediately if we can't hold out, over."

"Recommendation agreed upon, LC Knight, initiating now. Damn, it's good to hear your voice. Meet me up in the bridge, ASAP, Spracian!"

"Alright, Ensign Trask Ulgo, Republic Navy," Knight stated, his voice distorted from the external com speakers, slapping an energy clip into the magazine slot and charging the blaster. "Fall out, keep it tight, don't do anything stupid, and you might make it out of here," Knight said opening the first door out, "Clear?"

Trask grunted, anger and fear forming on his face. "Their assault transports must have landed! We'll need to get past them to get to the Bridge."


Knight peered around the corner, seeing a Republic soldier being gunned down by Sith heavy gunners. He motioned for Trask to move to cover, who cautiously did so. Watching his step so as not to draw attention, at least until–


Trask felt his face drain of color and Knight's head whipped around, looking down at the broken cabled crushed beneath his foot, exposed from a section of the hull that had exploded outward.


"Republic soldiers!" A Sith trooper yelled, "Open fire!"

Knight brought the Dragon's stock to his shoulder and took a step back. "GET DOWN!"

Trask barely made it to cover before the thermal detonator went off, he heard the strangled cries of the Sith troopers before they were incinerated, his heart raced. More troopers appeared in front of him. He fired blindly, his fear driving him into rage. Knight fired a volley after a group of Sith that poured in from their flank, a few of the rounds striking the stunned troops and sending them to the ground wounded or dead. The remaining pair recovered before Knight had a chance to reload and made for Trask, too lost in frenzy to notice them.

"Hey!" Knight bellowed and yanked his knife from it sheathe before charging the troopers in a hasty sprint, his rifle clinging to him by the strap that crossed his shoulder. The two Sith troopers glanced at each other, and Knight almost saw the ugly rictus smiles behind their masks as they raised their guns.

Each of them managed one shot before Knight reached them. The first's fired bolt bounced of Knight's shield, barely doing anything, and was subsequently kneed in his gut. The kinetic force weighed into the strike threw him to the floor, on his hands and knees, struggling to breath. Then Knight stepped over him, and, with one knee in the air, planted his knife into the trooper's visor plate, around the area wear the eye would be. As his airborne foot planted, he violently jerked the knife loose and he lunged for the other man.

The second's fire hit Knight point blank in the back were his shield's battery was stored, immediately falling off line, and tried to back step into cover. A moment before he could turn Knight delivered a powerful and rapid jab to his midsection, causing him to double over in reflex. Quickly, Knight wrapped an arm around the trooper's neck, used the knife's serrated edge to cut open his throat, and then stabbed him in the base of his neck, where his spine met his skull.

"One shy from a hat trick."

"Shit…" Trask muttered, watching the death unfold in seemingly slow motion, time didn't catch back up until nearly the entire deck was filled with a pool of blood.

Knight walked over to him, and motioned to the opposite hall Trask had cleared of Sith. Three crumbled bodies sprawled across the floor flagging the Ensign's success. "Nice work."

The Commander reached out a hand. Trask grasped it, and was immediately pulled up. Knight rushed into the billowing smoke and flying sparks. Wide-eyed, Trask rushed after him, blaster held aggressively. The acrid stench of burning electronics choked him as Knight fired into a stunned Sith, before another ion torpedo struck the Spire, knocking him of his feet and onto his back, the hard slam pushing the wind out of him. Trask was right beside him throwing a grenade ahead and helping the larger man to his feet.

"Thanks," Knight muttered.

Trask nodded while taking a breath and readied another grenade. "You seem to know your stuff, sir. Chief'll be happy putting his trust in you."

"Uh, who?"

"Nickname we have for Captain Onasi. You'll see why when we catch up to him, though he'd be more impressed that you made it through all of those Sith than anything else."

"I do what I can," Knight replied with a cough, retrieving his Dragon and swapping out clips.

With a nod, Trask opened the next door and were greeted by the sight of two people, a man and a woman, locked in mortal combat with lightsabers.

"Stay back," urged Trask.

"I'm not particularly sure of staying out of a fight in an all-out battle, Ensign. Seems like a poor choice of judgment."

Knight started forward, but Trask held him back after an exasperated grunt. "We'll just get in the way. That woman was with Bastila Shan, the CO of the Spire." Knight flicked his gaze around the corridor, watching the fascinating battle before him with great reluctance. "I can't believe the Jedi stole Captain Onasi's ship. Damned Jedi, they may be helping us, but that doesn't give them the right to step on us like that. We're supposed to be on the same side."

"So am I, and you're still alive aren't you?"

"Different story. You don't throw men out of the chain of command." The Raider regarded the navy man. "Well...Usually."

"Desperate times, desperate people," Knight shrugged a shoulder. "Variables like those tend to spawn desperate measures."

The two combatants moved with an unearthly grace, raining blows upon each other. The air crackled and hummed with the dance of their weapons. The man, a Dark Jedi, was encased in silver armor except for his shaved head and his weapon was a red beam of light that flickered with deadly energy. The woman facing him in combat was attired in deep orange robes that flowed in sync with her every move. Knight's eyes targeted every and stroke, catching every opening and formulating a pattern to their movements.

"You said Bastila Shan took over the ship? She's one the Jedi you spoke of."

"Yes, her Battle Meditation was what allows us to even stand against the Sith's numerical superiority. Her strike team took down Darth Revan a few years ago. I thought that would turn the tide, but Revan's apprentice, Malak only picked up where Revan left off."

"That's one way to put it," Knight offered, watching the flashing of red and blue energy beams before his eyes, catching a wrong foot movement that the woman swiftly corrected. Smart girl.

The two Force warriors locked blades, then the Jedi countered, and killed the Sith with a torso gash. As Knight moved forward to continue to the bridge, she looked at him.

He paused, time seemed to slow to a near halt, something compelled Knight to turn and look at her. She smiled at him, a twinkle formed in her eyes, a gleam of hope for…something. He turned to fully face her, and fire and shrapnel engulfed her, propelling him against the corridor's wall, his helmet's alarm yelling that his shields had been depleted.

"Damn it!" Trask swore, desperately searching for the bloodied woman's pulse. "She's gone! We could have used her help to—"

"There's nothing you and I could have done for her," He said, slowly bringing himself back onto his feet as the barriers recharged. "We're here, she's dead, that's it. Now MOVE!"



Carth fired a series of rapid shots at two Sith troopers, killing both of them. Two marines caught phased energy bolts in their heads; their cratered faces fell to the floor. Carth motioned for two of the other Marines to fall back. He pulled back, opening a bolt door, only to have a turbine explode in front of him, propelling him backwards and ceiling the door shut. He tried to hack it open, failing.

Oh no… He thought. They're all gonna die. Shit, I hope that Knight gets to them before the Sith, gotta get to the escape pods and initiate the abandon ship protocols.


"Well, here's the bridge," Knight said, lowering his rifle, "let's pop her open, Ensign."

"Whoa! Hang on!" Trask held the Raider back, "The Bridge is a confined area! The Sith would eat us alive in Close Quarters Battle, some of the systems may explode on us and we don't want to blow out the window ports. You might want to use a melee weapon!"

Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, Knight switched to his knife and opened the door. Sith troopers were finishing off a handful of Republic Marines in the darkened environment, Knight ran up to the Sith closest to him, slammed his knee into his back, and dug his knife into the side of his head. Knight downed one of the Sith troopers charging by hurling the knife into his visor. An instant later Knight kicked up the vibro sword that the Sith had been carrying and parried another trooper, then counterattacked by knocking it away and plunging the blade into his side and yanked it out.

Trask had killed two already, keeping pace with the warring Spracian Marine. In several minutes the room was cleared, and the two men stood breathing heavily, Trask wiped sweat from his brow. He looked around as the Commander withdrew his knife from the cranium of the Sith trooper, he wiped off the blood and brain matter, then sheathed it and swapped for his XMAR. He let no emotion cross over his face as he shot a wounded Sith that was trying to crawl away in his head.

"Come on," Trask urged, "Let's get the hell outta here."

Knight stared out of the forward port onto the world of Taris. The silver planet below was one giant city of permacrete and steel from pole to pole. Suddenly, Kight became dizzy as the planet spun in his view. He then realized that the Spire was the one spinning out of control, its stability drivers no doubt destroyed in the assault. Quickly, he grabbed a few grenades from the fallen troopers and together, they rushed to the starboard aft door. He took a glance about the Bridge.

Damn it! Why did the Jedi want him here? And what the hell happened to the Captain and bridge crew? A haze of confusion filled Knight's head and he shook it back and forth, hoping his thoughts would clear. It mattered little; questions could wait. Getting the hell off the Spire in one peace took presidency over his frustration.

Trask opening the next door interrupted his thoughts. As sparks flew from the ceiling, a pair of powerfully built men stepped forward, clad all in black. One was bald save a black goatee and his eyes radiated fierce hatred while the other was more practical, long hair tied into braids and gaze exuding indifference.

Both of them twirled their red lightsabers with the practiced hand of a master. Knight popped his neck and rolled his shoulders; he had been trained to fight, and even kill, Force wielders while he was on Tharsis during his training, he could kill the men with their own sabers if the opportunity arose. Still, two against one was uncomfortable odds.

Trask's eyes grew large. "Heaven help us…" he whispered in horror. Cold sweat ran down his back, staining his clothes. Knight swallowed hard and pushed his common sense into the back of his mind, and started forward unsheathing his knife.

"Stand back Trask," Knight said, spinning his knife in his hand. "This'll take all of a minute."

The braided man inclined his head and stepped forward, raising his saber. "Bandon, I'll handle this," he muttered to the other man.

"As you wish, Maeliom."

Maeliom turned his attention back to Knight, who twirled his knife in his palm. The Sith warrior brought his sbaer's hilt to his temple and inclined the blade to strike.

"You know something, Maeliom," Knight said after a moment of studying his stance. "I've found a slight flaw in your little move there."

"Oh? Tell me, Spracian, what is that?" Maeliom lashed out, the point of his saber aimed for Knight's heart. Knight side stepped the glowing red beam of energy and used his backward momentum as a spring from his arm, sending his knife into his spine once. Twice. Three times.

"I'm faster than you." He let the dead Sith fall to the floor and turned to the other man. "You're next, meat."

Knight's com erupted. "All survivors, this is Captain Onasi, I'm in the shuttle bay and I'm under fire. Is anyone there? I need support."

Trask grit his teeth. He clenched his fist around the grip of his vibro-blade until his knuckles were white. He took one furtive step forward and a final decision came to his mind. "Captain Onasi needs you. Go! I'll hold him."

"What? He'll kill you, Ensign, you get to the shuttle bay, I'll"

"No!" Trask exhaled deeply, resolving himself to the inevitable. He quickly grasped his hand and shook it. "We don't have the time to spare, a hundred more will be right behind him," he said, trying to be dashing. He shoved Knight back and rushed at the Dark Jedi with a fatalistic determination. A quick press of his hand sent the door slamming down behind him, cutting Knight off from his last battle.

Knight's brow twitched, not quite sure of how to process the event that had just transpired. The buzz of his CROSS-com tore him from his paralysis. "Knight, this is Captain Onasi. I can't hold them much longer. You need to hurry. Get to the escape pods. Our chances of getting out of here are dwindling."

"One sec, sir, I need to take care of something."

"No time! You get over here! That's an order!"

Torn between helping Trask and obeying orders, Knight tested the door feebly until he heard a terrifying scream beyond.

The scream was cut short.

Knight's eyes grew large and near white with rage. With a hiss, a red bar of a pure energy pierced the metal door, humming and sizzling, creating a river of molten metal that trickled to the floor. He calmly stepped back as the lightsaber slowly cut downward through the barrier. Collecting his thoughts, he forced his heavily armored hand through the molten metal and grasped the other end, and did so again with his free hand.

Darth Bandon smiled to himself in mild amusement as he watched the hands come through the metal, extinguishing his lightsaber. "You won't reach me in here, Spracian. Even you can't pry open that door."

"Is that a challenge? Maybe I'll rip this door open and prove you wrong by pulling your head out through your ass," the irritated voice on the other side, distorted by some kind of speakers, stated.

Bandon's face twisted into a rage-fill snarl. "I'd like to see you try! Do you know who I am, I'm th—"

An armored fist burst through the dripping metal and struck Bandon firmly in his jaw. "No, I don't know, and I don't particularly give a damn. But because I'm running short on time, I'm going to give you a heads up. I'm turning this flying bucket into molten slag; you'd best be gone before that happens, unless the idea of a glory-less death appeals to you."

The sound of heavy hoots on plate retreating away from where Bandon was trapped from progression, his features expressing the fuming malice that he held towards the retreating soldier that had tarnished his ego. Muttering curses under his breath, he turned and began a rapid flight back to his transport, not at all pleased with the way the attack had unfurled.

"Until we meet again, Spracian."


The blast door to the passage corridors of the Endar Spire opened and Knight slowly stepped into an empty corridor, his Dragon sweeping the area.

Satisfied that it was clear from immediate threats he dropped into a low-ready stance and moved across the deck as a pipe poured water onto the scorched and pock-mocked deck. A video on his Cross-com popped up, and, sure enough, Commander Onasi was there to greet him. The middle-aged man looked relieved to contact him. Republic officers, all talk, but no walk. That's what people get for scraping up the bottom barrel.

"Knight! Where the hell've you been?" He said, the escape pod bay erupting with sparks and plasma fires. "Where's Ulgo? I've been trying to reach him for the past-"

"Ensign Trask Ulgo's dead, sir," the deathly-calm voice or the officer reported, Carth's features paled, "Killed by a Dark Jedi."

"You let an ensign pilot fight a dark jedi, alone!?"The Republic navy-man shouted over the COM, angered. Knight didn't immediately reply.

"No, sir, I gave him an order to meet up with you, but...he ran off to fight him, and sealed the door shut."


"We can't help him now, sir. We can only get the hell off this ship. Any feedback on what I'm walking into would be much appreciated."

Carth clicked around the ship's cameras, he found the man. He smirked. "Okay, I have you on my monitor. There is a Sith squad up ahead. If you can get to it, there is a combat droid you can reactivate. You gotta hurry," urged Onasi. He watched as the Raider looked at the camera.

"How many?"

"At least a dozen men, nothing you couldn't normally handle, but their Elite Troopers, Special Forces."

Knight turned the next corner and opened the next door with a slap of the hand on the control. "Right, I'll keep my eyes o—"

Before he could finish, the door whisked open to a small squad of red armored Sith troopers. Abruptly they ceased their task of sweeping the room and trained their weapons on the open portal, a flurry of fire spraying into the doorway just as Knight pressed against the lip of the frame.

With a quick exhale to steady him, Knight pooped out and dropped the far-right trooper with a quick burst, flipping over a table with little effort. The others meanwhile continued their barrage, firing ion disruptor bolts at the Commander. One lucky shot and splashed on his shields, they over-heated, and went offline. Another even luckier supercharged plasma bolt hit him in the arm. Energy splashed over the plating on his upper shoulder and bicep, blackening it with carbon soot. White-hot pain tore through his nerves, Knight grit his teeth and cursed, ducking behind the corner and pressed his back against the wall. Well, so much for the element of surprise. He readied one of his detonators.

"Commander, don't try to use your Thermal Detonators where you're at, the corridor might collapse from the heat. See if you can't use something more—"

Before the Republic man could finish, Knight replaced the detonator with a flash grenade and tossed it at the remaining Elite Troopers. It exploded in a wave of white light, sonic-nitrogen charged magnesium, and a deafening explosion, the dazed troopers stumbled, trying to get their bearings and shouting "Spracian! All units, Spracian forces are on board!"

Cursing at the move, Knight flipped around the corner and sent three rounds of phased uranium rounds into the two remaining Sith. One of them received them in his head, reducing it to a crater of smoke; the other got them in the chest and was knocked back several feet. Bot collapsed dead on the floor and the room became silent.

Knight breathed out his relief. His arm throbbed at the shoulder again, a groan hissed through his grit teeth in response. Setting his Dragon on the table beside him, he reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a medi-pack and two adrenal stimulants. The later, much to his discomfort, he injected into the wound on his arm, and the former he placed in with it to speed up the healing process. After a moment the pain receded and Knight brought his com back up. "Onasi, what's your current location?"

"Escape pod chamber, about twenty-two meters from your location," The aging Republic officer said, a stern edge in his failing courageous voice. "Get here as quickly as you can! Sith troopers are headed directly your way."

Knight cut the line with a curse and turned a corner and swept the area. It was clear, and save for two locked doors, the only way out of the corridor was forward. Erring on the safe side, Knight set a few laser proximity-mines behind as he continued forward, in case anyone tried to flank him.

A short distance later he found a disabled droid hunched over with the remains of his handler nearby, a repair kit sprawled across the walkway where he was gunned down. Knight recovered the tools swiftly and took to bringing the droid back to operational status and looped the wire on his wrist computer into the droid's main processor. A message popped up on the screen that read:

Fualk Industries Mark IV Assault Droid Operational; Awaiting Issue Commands.

Tapping in a few keys and uploading a few more repair protocols, Knight brought up its patrol mode and activated its weapon systems, and selected the ACTIVATE REPAIRS command.

With a buzz and a whir the droid came online, and after a series of beeps, the droid went on to do its job. The door shot open to reveal a room filled with six Elite Troopers led by an unarmored lieutenant. With lightning quick reactions, the droid gunned down one trooper before the Sith could even react.

Knight ducked in with it, instinctively diving for cover behind a table and hurled a fragmentation grenade into the midst of the squad; a blast sounded and a high-pitched drone blotted out all other sounds, muffled screams and blaster shots echoed throughout the room. The droid swept away three of the Elite Troopers as Knight emptied the last burst of his clip into one as others came pouring in, one thing about droids were that when they were programmed to do something, it was damned hard to compete with them. But Knight reasoned he was better off working with the metal death monger than against it.

The remaining Sith poured fired into the droid as it stomped about, even more coming into the room. An explosion erupted from the room behind him, coupled with the screams of pain and death of Sith soldiers who wandered too close to the explosive mines that he had rigged to cover his flank.

Where do these guys come from, an assembly line? Bolts exploded on its armored hide, but its rampage continued, unabated. It shot another trooper multiple times sending him down in a spray of plasma and blood. By this time, the droid had taken heavy damage and gaping holes could be seen in its metal skin. Two grenadiers stuck plasma grenades to the metal death clock, Knight took a moment to leap from his close proximity to the safety of the outside wall as the explosives went off magnificently, the super-heated materials within melting away the plated floor and walls and ceiling, causing the area to bench inwards and outwards; but still, the droid stood, crippled and firing widly in random directions, but standing.

As it stumbled, the Lieutenant leaped at it with a sword. The Sith hammered the droid in the skull and sparks flew from its metal head. As the droid crumpled like a puppet with its string cut, Knight popped up and punched the lieutenant with such force; it knocked the officer over a table with a crash, and into the half-melted wall. Dead from a crushed skull, Knight turned again to the heavy repeater fire. A collection of pipes above the remaining Sith ETs become unstable and popped free of their fixings, but not enough to fall and kill them, Knight shot at them and they toppled over and crushed the Troopers. They died with a yell of pain and terror.

"That hurt, I'll bet."

Breathing heavily, the adrenaline fueled officer quickly pocketed a useful few items and rushed through the far door. He ran down the corridor to a corner and saw a Republic officer shoot two Sith Elites with a blaster pistol.

"Now this guy has a death wish, for sure," Knight said under his breath, slotting two firing Sith troopers with bolts to the head.

"Hurry! This way!" the man called urgently as the enemy soldiers crashed to the deck. Knight recognized the voice of Captain Onasi, before he was hit in the knee by and ion round. Knight sprinted toward the wounded offer and unceremoniously nudged him into an escape pod. He looked back to fire at the last two Elite Troopers in the corridor and ducked into the support beam.

Knight dipped his hand into one of his belt pouches and brought out a small baseball-sized device. He tapped a few buttons, and then a pleasant, calm female voice said:

"Monolith Class Cylicos Explosive Armament activated, please select detonation mo—"

Knight tapped in another command, then another, firing blind rounds down to the entrance of the escape pod bay. After a moment the device beeped, and the voice returned.

"Remote detonation mode selected. Arming code entered, processing…bleep. Monolith online, Cylicos core set to one third of minimum charge. Warning: This system will self-destruct upon one quarter of a standard hour should the detonation remote not be triggered."

Knight tossed the device at the group of approaching Sith before leaping in behind Captain Onasi as he punched the separation button with a slap of his palm. The hatch sealed and the pod was blasted into space.

"Captain Carth Onasi, I presume?" Knight said as he strapped into on of the safety harnesses in the pod.

"That's correct, Commander Knight," The armored figure nodded. Onasi squirmed in the tight confines in an attempt to find a comfortable sitting position. "Sorry LC, these pods are pretty small. Bastila has already escaped."

"Quite alright, sir, reminds me of orbital drop training on Tharsis," Knight managed between pants, keying commands into his wrist computer. His helmet cooed and retracted to reveille his powerfully featured head.

"Damn these Sith, how did they find us? Our security must have been compromised."

"Informant on our end, maybe?"

"Damn! I was concerned about spies and traitors in our ranks," Onasi fumed.

Knight grunted. "Paranoid much?"

"Kept me alive so far."

Suddenly, the pod began to bounce violently. Knight released an anxious laugh.

"Atmosphere reentry" said Onasi calmly, "The inertial dampeners will brace the landing."

"Didn't think it'd be so short, better drop the bomb," Knight key the detonation tab on his computer and a sharp screech permeated the confines of the pod, before a tremendous shock rocked the pod. Carth cursed and demanded to know what happened.

"Just a little farewell, sir," Knight replied, a smirk coming to his face before blackness consumed him.

A/N: Thus begins my first foray into the shitstorm of KOTOR fan fiction. I've done a fair amount of research and played the game, a great many time. I don't take a narrow view of what is KOTOR, but I do try to stay within the bounds of the plot and characters. I hope it works for you. Try to keep an open mind. If something seems off, let me know. All I ask is that you back it up. I'll probably change it unless I have a specific reason to write it that way. All I ask is that you keep it professional and avoid personal attacks. If you can't, read something else.

There's a good amount of fan fluff stuffed in here for good measure, but I'll dive into that a little later on.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! - As this is a novelization of a sort, the story to Knights of the Old Republic will be revealed to anyone who has not played the game. Though seeing as it's nearly a decade ole I doubt youll be playing anyway.

I have read the anti-Mary Sue threads out there, my character will begin as being a bit too perfect—albeit ALL perfect—but as we know, it's a programmed personality, so why not create it as being perfect and cringing. This will definitely change and unravel, but it won't be happening straight away.