Title: The Unrelenting Promise

Pairing: KaiXRei

Rated: PG-13 for adult themes and some swearing, and a teeny bit of "grown-up" stuff

Warnings: The main pairing here is Kai and Rei (slash, yaoi, whatever you call m/m relationship) and if you don't like then don't read! Many things will confuse you but I will try my best to explain. This is my first fic for Kai and Rei so please be nice.

Summary: When a Sentinel wakes up away from his Urn, Heaven and Hell crumble and not even Earth is safe. A Sentinel will do absolutely everything to reclaim his beloved Urn.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bey Blade nor its characters because it is owned by a Japanese guy whom I "accidentally" forgot His name. (Me: I promise I'll research on "him" or you could just simply tell me). But I do own the plot.

Apologies: If you find anything that is offensive here please let me know immediately so that I can work on it. Please don't sue; I am only a high school student.



Flashbacks or Dreams



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Ever since I was young I wanted to have a family or someone… Occasionally, to tell you the truth… Sometimes I think I did have one… I think I remember having a mother to lull me to sleep and a father who looked after me and my mother… Sometimes I deem that I was normal and that I did have family…but then…

but then I hear a whisper and then I wake up…

Obsidian eyes shot up straight. He heard his voice again. It was always happening, whenever he was in deep-sleep, nap or his mind was just floating in the abyss. He will always, over and over, hear his voice again.

That voice has haunted him for the last ten years.

Sweat trickled down his face. He quickly wiped them away and brushed some of his red bangs only to reveal dark obsidian sleepless eyes. He heaved out a sigh. He has fallen asleep in the middle of his work again. Well, why wouldn't he? I mean it's practically 12:05 in the evening already.

"Tala, you know you should already sleep now," his coworker suggested.

Tala smiled softly at him before replying, "No I think I can still go for about an hour or two. I really should finish this report and submit it to Director Dickenson. I'm just fine. Thanks for the worry though and besides what about you Max? I think you also need of that thing called sleep."

Tala Valkov, a scientist and doctor of Tokyo: RAPT government intelligence, medical and military agency. Tala was considered a genius here. Hardly twenty years of age and he had already majored in biological sciences before moving on and receiving a medical degree. He was a work-a-holic as well, especially when he set his mind to a particular goal and gives it his all and not even a speeding bullet train can stop him from reaching it.

He was sociable by nature, but when provoked and prodded in the wrong place and wrong time; he wouldn't mind slitting their throats without a thought to what the consequences may be. When it comes to work, he's stridently spoken and a dictator in the field, but still awfully serene and composed with those he works with.

He had royal red hair that is uniquely put up. His bangs were always getting in his eyes so he decided to lessen it literally. That's why only two of it can be seen. Everyone liked the dark obsidian eyed 25 year old man and he got along fine with everyone. People often asked if he has dyed his hair because of its unusual color and how many times he would shake his head and say that it's pure and un-dyed.

But even though he was known for his cool and composed attitude he can get very demanding as hell as well just like right now he was ordering his underdogs to get him his espresso. Max resisted the urge to laugh as he saw how frantic the latter was as he tried to remember Tala's entire special request for his espresso.

Max Tate was Tala's current partner (cough- in crime- cough- cough). Max was really excited when he found out he was being paired up with the Tala Valkov and likewise was what Tala's reaction as well. They were both the same yet so different also. Max was always the peacemaker when Tala would go rampage when someone pissed him of. Tala spoke more than Max but both were rather very good at their professions. Also unlike Tala, Max had the longest and most amazing patience ever known to exist in man-kind and that is something where Tala would bluntly grade himself a big, fat F.

They had met each other while they were still in training and after their small talk the two were inseparable. When Tala would go to the Director's office Max was there, whenever Max would rush to the library Tala was also there helping him out.

Whilst still training they were already recognized by the Council of RAPT and the Director himself. They were already offered a high-ranking position which they took gratefully without doubt or hesitation.

But there were a lot of times that Max felt that Tala was taking everything seriously. It was as if there was this still a gap between Tala's goal and Tala himself. There were also times when Tala would be the usual happy-go-lucky and the next moment it was as if his mind was detached to his body and then Tala was in that gloomy state again.

He knew it. There was something Tala desperately wanted to do and even if Tala hasn't opened up about it yet, he would help him no matter what it was or whatever the consequence was. Tala, after all, was his best friend.

"Tala," he started.

"Yeah?" Tala asked whilst looking at Max.

"I don't know what it is yet but I would just like you to know that I am ready to help you out anytime," he said.

Tala blinked and for a moment there was silent before Tala smiled softly again and replied, "Thank You, Max. I will share it to you one day or if you wouldn't mind, now would be a good time."

Max immediately nodded and sat in front of Tala who started speaking, "It was a promise to a very important person whose name was—"

Tala was cut off when the one he ordered to get his espresso was back.''

"Here is your espresso Tala-san! I'm sorry for the delay. I promise it won't happen again! I hope I didn't take too lo—Ack! I'm terribly sorry Tala-san! I didn't mean to spill it on you!" apologized the intern as he bowed and bowed his head.

Max could see as Tala twitched trying to regain his composure with no such luck. It was consuming all of his energy from refraining himself to strangle this man in front of him.

Max chuckled nervously as he tried to calm Tala down, "Ta-Tala? It was ju-just an accident okay? Now calm yourself."

Tala breathed in and out then said in the most non-threatening manner he could muster, "Its okay Nagisa-san. I am just fine," all the while twitching still.

"You may now leave, Nagisa-san," said Max practically worried for his safety. Nagisa left immediately not wanting to deal with a tired and pissed of Tala.

When the door clicked shut again Max looked at Tala who was breathing heavily.

"Tala? I really think you should rest now," he said.

Tala stood up and nodded silently before taking his coat and headed for his car.

"Thanks Max. I think I really do need a splash in my face and to sleep in a nice and comfy bed. Off I go now," he muttered before leaving.

As Tala clicked the door shut behind him he heard a grumble in the sky. 'It would most likely to rain now,' he thought. Sure enough when he looked up rain started to drop to his face. He inhaled and exhaled loudly as he reminisced, 'The weather was just like this one.' He was starting to get cold as he was still rooted in his spot and his mind slowly starting to float in the abyss again but not before he felt a shadow before him.

Someone was covering him with his umbrella and when he looked up he saw none other than the Head of Military and Defense.

"Voltaire-san," he acknowledged as he immediately bowed in respect.

Said man who was wearing a long coat himself smirked and spoke, "Tala-san I couldn't help myself from coming up to you as I saw that you are unmoving to your spot and the rain is rather getting heavier. Here's an umbrella," he said as he offered a black umbrella.

Tala lightly shook his head and said, "Iie. I am just fine, my car is just right over there. Thank you for the offer though Voltaire-san"

"I must insist that you accept this umbrella Tala-san and let me walk with you to your car. There is something I need to talk to you about," he said as he offered the umbrella again.

Tala reached for the umbrella and opened it and nodded slightly to Voltaire and they both began to walk. 'What could he possibly want from me?' thought Tala.

Voltaire started to speak, "I wanted your help."

Tala looked at him. Not only was the head of Military and Defense even talking to him but also saying that he wanted his; Tala's help. Oh c'mon we all know that Voltaire has a rather big pride! So why the heck would he walk Tala to his car, offer his umbrella and most of all suddenly asking for his help. What the hell did this man eat?!

"Help, Voltaire-san?" he asked making sure.

"Yes. Well you see there is this new project in our department recently and I wanted to propose it to you."

Tala stared at him wide-eyed. So he wasn't dreaming!

"What is it sir?" he asked trying to sound more formal now.'

"Well we have made this rather disturbing yet magnificent discovery," he started, "I am sure you have already heard about the story of the…Sentinels and Urns?"

Tala's eyes were like a deer caught in red light.

He gasped silently.


"I believe we have found one on one of our trips," he stated calmly, "I would like you to check and monitor this specimen. Find out everything about him. We are yet to figure out whether it—he is the Sentinel or an Urn."

"Me…?" asked the flabbergasted Tala, "From what I have read, it is dangerous for one of them to be away from the other especially when they—"

"Yes. Yes, and we have been monitoring him lately. He is sure an interesting being you could say it just by looking at him. Since you are very smart and curious you will surely like to study them. You will certainly learn a lot from this project."

It took a moment before Tala replied, "I understand sir but I can't help by wonder uhmm… why ask me?"

Voltaire chuckled slightly.

"Well, let's just say that the news of a certain Tala Valkov and how great and smart he is, is spreading like a wild fire in the office and has reached our headquarters. Besides I have asked your latest teachers about you and I received very interesting answers and comments. Even the director himself is intrigued by you."

Tala lightly blushed at how Voltaire smoothly praised him.

"So," he asked as they reached Tala's car, "What do you say about my offer?"

"I—uhh—" Tala was tongue-tied. He literally wanted to throw his arms around Voltaire and start screaming, "YES! YES!" But then, Voltaire will change his mind because he will doubt his mental stableness.

"Don't you want it, Tala-san?" Voltaire asked again.

"No—I mean, I—Yes! I am very honored and pleased that you have asked me to join you in this project. I—I would just like to say that I am very happy about your decision," Tala stammered.

Voltaire smirked lightly. "I am very pleased myself that you have agreed. For a moment I actually thought you were going to reject it. By the way, I heard that you won't go anywhere without your partner Max Tate isn't that right?"

"Hai," replied Tala.

"I will take care of it then. Not to worry he can surely come for he was also commended graciously by the Council themselves."

"Thank you so much, Voltaire-san," he said as he bowed once more.

"I shall be contacting you then. Your office, as well as your partner's, will be moved to Sector 3." There were several sectors – each one ranging from a military base to a research facility. Tala nodded immediately.

"I shall be the one to inform the Director about this then," Voltaire continued.

"Iie," said Tala as he opened his car, "I'd inform the Director himself myself if that is just okay with you?"

"I see. You may do it yourself then. I shall be in-contact."

Tala gave a curt nod before closing the car's door and driving; he watched as Voltaire walked back to the building and disappears. Tala was holding on to the steering wheel tightly. But he didn't notice it himself. He was too busy realizing how his heart had been beating harshly the whole time. He was excited. He was nervous and excited and hopeful…

'I'm getting closer in finding you' he thought, whilst turning on the radio. He was breathing heavily; just the thought of finding him was giving her the creeps…the exciting and hopeful creeps. He turned the car left and disappeared onto the streets, leaving only a splash in the puddle of rain.

'I'm near you. I'll get you back and help you. I promise.'

These were his last thoughts before heading straight home.



but then I hear a whisper and I wake up…

Only to find out that I'm alone.

But... I wasn't always alone when I was awake. He would always wake up before I do and when I open my eyes all I can see is him. I've been searching for him. We lost each other somewhere back…

I hope he's okay. I know he's searching for me, too. Kai, he – we look out for each other, you know?

We've always only had each other…