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"Are you okay?" I asked her, deathly afraid of what her answer might be.

As if my mind hadn't been on a big enough roller coaster since talking to Tyler and Mike.

I had been infuriated, humiliated, broken and disappointed.

During practice I tried to concentrate on the lyrics and the notes, in hopes that my brain wouldn't be as focused on other things, other people. But my mind had other plans

Images of Bella being caught in to their capable hands. Bella smiling at them. Bella kissing them. Bella tossing them all to the side once she'd gotten what ever the hell she wanted from them.

I was upset, that's very clear…but why in all that is holy was my jealously towards all those other men just at prevalent as my anger?

I was able to take comfort in the fact none of those other men had the faces of Jazz, Emmett or Jacob.

However, any time one of the guys asked me what was wrong I either ignored them or changed the subject. But when Emmett went as far as to mention her name AND tried to defend her-DEFEND HER!!:

"Are you pmsing because of what they said about that Bella chick? Dude believe me when I say that she isn't-"

"Emmett" I said too calmly as I pinched the bridge of my nose "Drop it…If you care at all for my sanity right now you'll drop it."

No one talked to me for the rest of practice unless it was music related. I was thankful for that but at the same time not speaking with either of them, not seeing and fooling around with Jake or Emmett (Jasper is always oddly stoic on stage) sent me on a major guilt trip. It was like I'd sucked the life out of our group…also it left me alone with my thoughts which were as I said before were not pleasing.

Thankfully Em saved the say.

Once we were confident with our first songs we took to more time to discuss our game plan for the show. (my brother was still pushing for us to do a Britney Spears song) Emmett, being the 5 year old that he is, decided to say "naked" at the end of all of our sentences. Jacob and I burst out laughing; Jasper didn't find it as funny "So whose family is coming to this thing naked? You know Jazz I can't wait to see your mom again- naked. I mean my God, does that woman know how to cook-naked"

Throughout the rest of our practice time he managed to lighten the mood, getting both myself and Jake (who'd been uncharacteristically down) out of our respective funks…well kinda.

The second the roars of the crowd hit my ears I was on cloud nine. I was no longer, as my brother named me, 'Edward The Brooding'. I was in my zone, I was in my world and in my world bad feelings were pushed out and were forgotten thanks the adrenaline that jutted through my veins. Nothing could bring me down from my high except for the fact that I didn't see Bella anywhere- yeah that's healthy, keep fawning over the girl who you know for a fact will only break your heart

Apparently the crowd felt the same; in that they were having the time of their lives- not that they mentally scolding themselves.

People were singing along, dancing; Mosh-pits and crowd surfers were everywhere. Unfortunately some were par-taking the stupidest tradition ever- the throwing of undergarments.

Now I'm not immune the effects a woman's underwear can have on a man. It is extremely tempting, sexy and seductive…but when you don't know whose it is and it's being thrown from sweaty, possibly drunk, possibly diseased crowds- you don't what it flying at your face.

I usually ended up having the biggest pile because of the fact that Lauren and Jessica would bring a bag full of unmentionables to throw at me. The guys would laugh when I'd take hour long showers after shows.

So when Jake started laughing at a black thong that was thrown at me, I kicked it over to him so he'd be 'infected' just the same.

I noticed the crowd was getting more rowdy then I would have liked. Mosh-pits always worried me the most.

It's very easy for people to get thrown in to one by accident, or for people to fall and get trampled without anyone realizing someone had fallen. They said Bella's klutz and falls a lot. On purpose and not purpose Also you get a few overexcited crowd members that don't think about where they swing their arms or kick their legs. I've seen more than my fair share of injuries occur in them. She has to be out there somewhere, she's supposed to be documenting the thing isn't she? And if she is out there, she shouldn't be out there because of that wrist of hers. Doubt that brace would be enough protection against the masses of colliding bodies out there…OH FUCKING HELL!!

By this time the sweat was dripping down me and my ridiculous hair that was getting in my eyes, which made me even more frustrated to I harshly whipped my head down and back up to clear my vision.

My vision cleared alright.

It was like my own personal demon was floating towards me.

My body was on autopilot as it continued to play and sing the song but all my attention was locked on her sailing above the crowd.

At first I was so relieved because I knew where she was and she was okay. She wasn't lying helplessly under the thundering feet of the crowd. Relieved yes- then my rational side kicked in. Why was she doing this!? Why is she taunting me?! More importantly-WHY DID I CARE?!

I couldn't take my eyes off of her, I glared at her- trying to understand the impossible puzzle that was Bella Swan who both infuriated and fascinated me. Because how could someone who seemed so sweet and genuine (You talked to her for about 4 minutes) turn out to be some hybrid version of Tanya, Lauren and Jessica? She was almost worse than all of them and she should be after all the practice she's had! She plans it all out. Finds her mark, plays the innocent yet alluring damsel in distress act and makes her move! Then she throws her prey off to the side once she's gotten what ever she could out of the relationship! How could someone who looks like an angel be so evil? Lucifer used to be angel

And so- I glared and she glared back. What could she have possibly been mad about? That I hadn't fallen completely into her trap yet? That I wasn't looking back at her with goo goo eyes? Fuck if I hadn't caught her she'd probably have a smashed face like a pug right now!

And she just kept on coming- closer and closer…and closer? That's when I realized where she'd end up- right in front of me. And who else was there? Lauren and Jessica, and they were looking between Bella and me and then whispered something to other.

Not good

Those two never acted kindly, actually civilized in any way shape or form, towards any other being with XX chromosomes that I gave attention to.

If Bella ends up anywhere near them- oh shit!

I was too late with my realization; Bella was handed over to the Valkyries themselves and with strength I didn't know they had, they tossed her over their heads.

Everything else happened in a flash.

I tried to run and get to her in time, I really did.

No matter how I felt about her, no matter what pain and humiliation she caused me, at that moment all I could think was "Not her".

But I wasn't fast enough. I made it just in time to see her head hit the side of the stage and her body fall limp as it hit the ground.

We couldn't have been more than half a second late from grabbing her.

I say 'we' because I wasn't the only one that tried to get to her in time. I hadn't realized Jake was matching my actions till he landed right next to me when I jumped down to Bella.

I was usually good in situations like this, you know emergencies or when someone needed first aid. My father taught me well so I could deal with something until the paramedics showed up. While everyone else freaks out I stay cool and level headed.

Not this time.

As soon as I knelt down beside her the only thing I could do was looking at her while my heart was beating a mile a minute. I couldn't bring myself to hold her because I was soo afraid that it would harm her. There was no trace of so the woman Tyler and Mike spoke of. All I saw was this beautiful creature bellow me, looking just as innocent as last night.

Before I knew it we were surrounded by a big group of people calling for Bella and spitting out questions and concerns. The two people that stood out were oddly enough Rosalie and a tiny girl with black short hair who I recognized from our ride up. They were on either side of her; Rosalie was next to me and yelling at people in the crowd while the small one looked like she was going to have a break down

Wait a minute

I looked a Bella's chestnut hair that was pulled in to a pony tail.

She was in the car with them. It was her hair in the back seat surrounded by those mountains of luggage

I took a deep breathe and as gently as I could manage, I stroked her hair while trying to imagine if we had seen each other then-

"Whoa Rosalie!" I heard my brother's booming voice say.

I looked up to see him holding Rosalie by the waist to keep her from attacking someone; my best guess was that it was either Jessica or Lauren.

I also saw Jasper's hand gently placed on the small black haired girls shoulder. She was about to break out into a sob, but the second he gave her shoulder a small reassuring squeeze she collected herself.

"She'll be up and about in a few seconds" She looked up with sad eyes to Rose who had now calmed down and knelt down next to Bella and I.

I focused all my attention back on woman below as they spoke to each other. I stroked her hair off her face.

In the day light I was able to fully appreciate her features; the previous night's darkness did her no justice. The tiny freckles around her nose and cheeks were more prominent, but I think it had to do something with the sun since her skin was a tinge more pink. And her hair was not completely chocolate; there were some random red and even golden strands that were visible in the sun.

"I knew it! You knew it! We both knew something was going to happen-"

"Rose -" The small one sighed.

"God after what happened last night-" Last night? She told them about running into me? Why would that be such a big- "Alice, the girl is a danger magnet!" Me? Danger? Ever think this has nothing to do with you? "I should have known that it would start off some freakish chain reaction that could only happen to her!"

"Is she going to be okay?" a worried voice right behind me, I couldn't be bother to look. I didn't want to take the chance of not seeing her wake up

"I think so…" I noticed movement from behind her eyelids. "I think she's coming around" I said softly "Bella…Bella?"

I don't know how everyone else heard me over their own voices (especially Rosalie who was still yelling), but they did and every single one of them starting calling for her. I wanted to snap at them and yell at them to give her more room to tell them to be quiet. But I couldn't tear my eyes away from her and I couldn't make myself stop calling for her too. All I wanted was to see her deep brown eyes again, to know she was okay.

Slowly but surely her eyes began to open while at the same time Rosalie quickly and forcefully pushed her way closer to her friend so now I was behind Bella's head. I moved her ponytail so I wasn't on it.

Her eye brows furrowed, a rather adorable look on her

"Ow" she mumbled and I smiled

She moved her un-braced wrist to shield her eyes from the sun.

Jake's hand came out of nowhere to hand me a cold water bottle for Bella. He looked just as concern as I had been feeling.

I let her stay like that for a few seconds then I let my hand stroke her forehead but made sure to keep away from any area that might hurt.

She finally removed her hand and looked around at the crowd that had formed around us. It was cute, it was like watching a little kid waking up as she tried to focus on the figures.

While she looked around I kept my eyes on her and watched as her facial expressions changed every time she took in a new face.

She was not happy, though who would be after what happened.

I was so lost in her that I barely registered that some knelt next to me and put their arm over my shoulder.

Fore the most part I could tell she anxious. Once I saw she was beyond what could be called shocked. That was almost enough to make me look up to see who had caused that reaction, but before I could decide her gaze landed on me.

She was disappointed and pained?

"Bella?!" Alice shrieked and hugged her. I would have told her to be more careful but I was too confused at that look Bella gave me "Are you okay?!

She exchanged a few words with her friends. The second she winced trying to sit up, I snapped back and helped her and once again felt that tingling sensation. I kept hoping she would make eye contact with me, especially now since she look upset and I couldn't help but feel I had something to do with that. Again why she would be mad with me is mind boggling!

"Bella?" said the guy the longish light hair. Now that I think of it I looked around It was mostly guys, guys from other bands that came running when Bella fell. He looked down at Bella with a strange expression. For some reason he looked sorry

"James Franklin Meyer if you know what's good for you, you'll-" If I didn't know that my brother was capable of holding her back I would havebet money she was going to attack him.

For some reason knowing Rosalie was mad at him made me as well. I deduced, unfortunately, that he was most likely one of Bella's ex-boyfriends. Same probably goes for all of the other guys- Wait why was Rosalie so mad at him in the first place?

"Rose don't" Bella pleaded like she knew if she didn't stop her friend now then there would be no stopping her at all

Rose was hell bent on getting Bella to the hospital but she kept refusing. Eventually after a good long hard glare on Rose's side, Bella gave in.

If Rosalie gave up I would have carried her there if it meant getting her checked out. Between her braced hand, which I was most certain was even more injured, and her head slamming into the stage, I was surprised she was crying out from the pain. I could however seen she looked a little out of it. If her eyes were any indication, she was dizzy and a bit disoriented.

Rose got up to search for the paramedics who I couldn't believe were not there yet since they were already on site as a safety precaution. The second she moved out of the way I took up her spot.

Alice went on telling her what happened. Bella closed her eyes and dropped her head as her friend spoke. She listened but she didn't see looks Alice gave me. Like when she mentioned how I leapt off stage to her, Alice kept eyeing me while a smile tugged at sides of her mouth. Like she knew something I didn't , which I'm positive she did, and at the same time I saw some sort of realization hit her.

…That wasn't annoying at all

When Alice was done talking Bella's eyes were still closed and her head still down. I couldn't help but reach out to and brush a loose piece of hair of her face

To think all the problems that seeing that face bought me. How it went from being something I dreamt about to thinking of it as more of a form of torment.

"Are you okay?" quite possibly the dumbest thing I could have said at that moment. At least I didn't ask 'Does your head hurt after smashing against the side of the stage?'

She looked up at me and until that moment I didn't know how close we were to each other

"No" she said in a pained voiced and move her face away from mine. I wouldn't have any of that so I very delicately moved her to face me

"Anything I can do?" At that moment I'd do anything for her.

She sighed as if she was comforted by the fact that I was there for her. Then she did a complete 180

"Yeah got any anti-bacterial lotion? Unfortunately I know where those fingers have been" she spat

My hands snapped back away from her. Did she really…?! I shook my head a few times to try and make sense of it. She…! I…! I didn't- and then she…!Where in the hell did that come from?! She fell and I came to her and how-who….! Her of all people!

"Thanks Jacob" That wrenched me out of my thoughts.

I looked and she was giving my best friend, MY BEST FRIEND and small weak smile

"No problem Bells" Bells, BELLS replied MY BEST FRIEND.

My mind was spinning. She knew him, he knew her, he even had a little nickname for her. I've known Jake for years and not once has he mentioned her or any other Bella, not once have I seen a picture of her around his apartment.

All of us, Emmett, Jasper, Jacob and I have told each other everything over the years or atleast I used to think we did.

But now here we are and he knows Bella who seems to know a lot of other musicians if you know what I mean. And am I overacting? Am I jumping to conclusions?! No I'm just reacting but I probably am jumping to conclusions. So I took a few deeps breaths and tried to shake myself out of my frozen state.

"Not now" I barely heard Bella whisper

"Bells?" I tried to control my tone but I think it came off pretty obvious that I was frustrated "You know her?" Jake was looking down at Bella with a pained yet longing expression

"Yes Bella you know him?" I was glad to see Alice and I were on the same page, My head kept snapping from Bella to Alice to Bella to Jacob

"Kinda…" Snap to Jake was visibly hurt at her answer

"What does kinda mean?" Snap to Alice Yeah what does 'kinda' mean

"Alice I'll tell you-" Snap to Bella

"What does she mean Jake?" Snap to Jacob

"It's nothing really" quick snap to Bella interjected nervously, and back to Jake who looked utterly appalled

"Nothing? It's was nothing?!" Someone people elaborate!

"No I didn't mean it like that-" Snap to Bella

"Oh really? How did you mean it then? What exactly was nothing?!" Snap to Jacob because I didn't want him going off on Bella like that. Thankfully Emmett was already ahead of me.

Snap back to Bella who, unlike most people, was not afraid of Jacob size and the way his body shook when he got angry. She didn't lower her voice or try to calm him or her herself. Surprisingly she went off on him just as much as he had to her.

"God, it's been seven years and you still don't have a hold on your temper!" She covered my eyes with her fists something that must have hurt like hell given her condition. If my mind wasn't still reeling from all of this I might have put my arm around her like Alice did "Dammit where's Rosalie, I actually want to go to the hospital now" she sounded so exhausted

Seven years?...Seven years?! I haven't known Jacob as long as that but we've all talked about times before we all met. Seven years…what happened seven years ago that would cause them both to react this way? And why hasn't Jacob ever mentioned it? Maybe he did but I don't remember?

I looked to Jake, who was now released from my brother's hold. He had his arms crossed over his chest like a 5 year old that wasn't getting his way

"Seven years and you're still running away I see" He huffed

I felt Bella's breathe speed up "You know what Jake-"

"How do you know each other?!" I couldn't take it anymore, apparently neither could anyone else because we all screamed.

Her body shook as she screamed "I LOST MY VIRGINITY TO HIM!!"


It's like my brain detached itself from the rest of my body because I didn't register anything that was going on around me. All I was aware of was the fact that seven years ago Jacob Black and Bella Swan were together and they had sex. They lost their virginity to each other.

I wasn't angry or jealous. At least I don't think those weren't my main emotions.

I was stuck in a state of disbelief….

But you have no reason to be

Jake and Bella had sex

Yeah seven years ago

So big deal your friend never told you he had sex with some random girl you met last night who by the way has been known to toy around with other musicians


It's not like you had some claim on her. She wasn't and isn't your girlfriend- she's fair game to anyone out there

I can't believe this, any of this

"Rose there is no way I am getting of here wearing a neck braced and laying on a stretcher"

Bella's voice brought me back to the present. I shook my head and took in the scene.

Most of the group had gone off, leaving only Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Me, Tanya and- Tanya?! Why is Tanya here?...she was the one talking to me before? Tanya was the one who had her arm over me? I didn't know whether I was angrier that she had the balls to come near me let alone touch me or to be baffled as to why she of all people was here.

"It's just procedure ma'am" I hadn't realized that there was indeed a stretcher on the other side of her, as well as a paramedic in front and behind her. I also noticed that the distance between the two of us had increased; I'm not sure which one of us moved away. Given her current state it was most likely me that pulled away.

Bella now had her legs up against her chest and she gently rested her forehead on her knees. That couldn't have helped the pain in her head

Alice and Rose were off to the side looking at Bella and then to each other as they talked in hushed whispers with the paramedics.

Then there was Bella.

I watched her shoulders shake once as a sob broke through her. She allowed herself that one breakdown and then went stiff. When I moved closer to see what was wrong, if anything, I heard her. It was barely above a whisper, barely audible but I heard her.

"Stupid….stupid" She choked back a sob and sniffled "So humiliating…Can't do anything about it now…Don't cry" Her voice was shaking but she was gaining more control "Don't let see you like this…Suck it up…God I just wanted to go home" Her voiced cracked on the last part and my heart broke.

She went dead silent after that but I knew tears were streaming down her face. I went to put my hand on her back, to comfort her but I pulled back.

It's not your place. You're not her friend let alone her boyfriend. She's just some girl- she's not your responsibility

"Bella" Rose came back sounding determined as ever. "I love you" She squatted down in front of her friend "You know that I only want what's best for you right?" Bella moved her head up and down "Had to make sure that bang didn't knock that out of your head" she gave a small laugh at her own attempt to lighten the mood "So please, listen to me when I say your accident proned ass is getting on-"

I scooped Bella up into my arms and walked towards the ambulance. Surprisingly she didn't protest when I lifted her from the ground.

Her friends and everyone else were oblivious to her breakdown. They thought she had her head down because she was simply embarrassed or because her head hurt. They didn't know but I knew she was trying to hold herself together. Rose had no idea that her playful jab at Bella wasn't going to have the desired affect.

Alice, Rose and the paramedics were right behind me, yelling for me to stop and let her go. I did just that…when I got to the open back door of the ambulance and set her down on the side seats.

Once I set her down in the back I quickly made my way towards backstage. I didn't stop to see the look on her face.

I sat down on the stairs, chugged the nearest water bottle and chucked the plastic away the second I was done.


I was exhausted in every sense of the word as Edward whisked me away to the ambulance. I didn't fight him or make some snappy remark like I did before.

I was grateful. 'Ugh' I told myself to respond…but it came out more like damned a sigh

He got me away from Rose before I broken down right in front of her, he also helped me bypass the whole horrible and embarrassing experience of be trapped in a neck brace and strapped to a bed on wheels (I always hated those things) he did all that and then walked away like I had the plague…

Alice, Rose and the paramedics came before I could try and figure out what they hell was up with him.

The paramedics loaded the stretcher back in the truck while mumbling about Edward. Rose didn't say anything, she didn't need to because her eyes said it all. I obeyed her unspoken command and finally took my place on the stretcher. Thankfully it was level so I was sitting up.

Alice climbed in and sat on the side; she leaned forward and kissed my forehead. Rose was about to hop but I stopped her

"No way, out"

"Like hell I'm not coming!"

"Rosalie you are a judge in this competition and not only that but you are the main representative for the magazine. I am not about to let you abandon your responsibilities because I took a little spill!"

Rose looked unconvinced and went to take a step in to the ambulance, this time Alice stopped her

"Rose I'll be with her the whole time and I'll text you whatever updates we get"


"She'll be perfectly fine I promise. And like she said you have to be here, you can't leave the judging up to Tommy Lee and Gerard Way, they'd kill each other if wasn't for you and then all hell would break loose, the press would have a field day, next thing you know the magazine starts going down hill, you loose you job, get black listed-"

"Okay okay I get your point Alice!" Rose frantically waved her hands in the air "Jesus"

"Good then off you go" I pointed her back toward the judges stage "Judge, fairly please. Don't be hard on any of them, especially James."

"I promise only because if word got out I'd be out of a job" She huffed, then slowly crossed her arms over her chest and gave me a sly smile.

"I don't like that, why are you smiling?" She was up to something, I knew it

She moved out of the way so the paramedic could get in the back with Alice and I "Oh nothing really, just get better okay?"

Dave, gotta love name tags, strapped me down with 3 seat belt type things so I wouldn't fall during the drive

"Rosalie tell me" I pleaded while struggling against my restraints but immediately stop as a huge jolt of pain came from my wrist and my head throbbed more than I thought possible. "Ow shit" I mutter to myself.

"Oh it's nothing" Dave moved to close the doors as Rose waved goodbye and pulled out her cell "I'm just going Alec" The doors slammed shut

"No!" I screamed

"Who's Alec?" Dave asked but I didn't answer. I was too busy running scenarios through my mind.

"Alec is her brother" Alice chuckled and rested her head on my thigh so she was looking at me. I could tell she was blaming herself for this entire fiasco which of course was ridiculous. I'd fix that later because right now I had bigger problems

"Oh this is so not good" I groaned and I laid back on to the stretcher, closed my eyes and hoped that I would sink away into oblivion

"Just be glad she isn't calling Charlie"

"He'll be called alright. Charlie will probably be the responding officer once the bodies are discovered"

I woke up in a hospital room.

There are so many things wrong with that short simple sentence.

1. I didn't remember falling asleep in the ambulance.

2. The fact that I was indeed in a hospital meant that everything actually happened. That thought alone was horrible enough.

3. I hate hospitals.

I've been in and out of them all my life due to my supernatural balance and bad luck issues but that doesn't mean I've grown used to them. And I have majorly bad memories of nights spent at them…Of course with the way my life has been going lately they'll find something and have to keep me under observation for a week.

I hate hospitals

Alice was in a chair next to my bed sitting Indian style looking thoroughly amused.

"I learned so much from your sleep taking. I get all this information that would usually have to torture you to get"

"Nooooo" I groaned


"It's not nice to mock the injured you know" That wiped the smile of her face which made me feel horrible

"Hey no pouting, this isn't your fault or Rosalie's or anyone elses." She raised one of her eye brows, nonverbally saying 'No one's at fault??' Meaning James, Jessica and Lauren.

She looked at me questionably and went to speak and cut in knowing what she was about to say "Alice I will tell you about Jake but not now"

"Oh I know that, I plan on having you tell me everything tomorrow after you've rested up" She said with a annoying confidence "I was more curious about a character named 'Pillow' otherwise known as 'Edward' "

"….." I meant to say something, I really did but my brain was currently frozen and my jaw was on the floor

Alice laughed "Like I said you were talking in your sleep, kinda like you did last night"


"Something else we'll talk about later then?" Did she have to smile like that?

I gave her a nod and tried to not think about everything that had transpired in the past 36 hours or so.

He carried me to the ambulance… yeah so he could get on with the competition…He has a girl friend- who he's cheating on remember…I felt so safe in his arms- stop!

I looked around the room just to draw attention somewhere else and to get an idea of my surrounding. Of course there wasn't much. Just my bed, TV on the wall, a side table, the chair Alice was sitting in and a few machines that thankfully I was not hooked up to. I was also glad that I was still in my clothes and not one of those god forsaken hospital gowns.

I didn't see Rosalie which meant that she stayed at the competition. I didn't want her reprimanded or god forbid fired because of me.

I did however feel guilty that Alice was here. She loved to music, loved dance, jump, sing and meet new people-naturally she lived to go to things like Battle of the Bands events. Instead of being outside in this gorgeous weather having the time of her life she's stuck in this small room with me. It wasn't fair to her.

"Alice why don't you go back to Rose, you're just going to be sitting here while they-"

"Do a CAT scan and an X-ray? They did all that already and when I wasn't being entertained by sleep talking it was boring. That TV is broken and I left my iPod back in the room so I didn't even have music to pass the time"

"You could have just listened to mine and wait a minute- how long have I been out?"

"A couple of hours," She waved it off like it was nothing "Your doctor, who by the way" She mouthed the word 'wow' "said if he'd get as many things done as he could as long as you didn't really move. Luckily you were a very heavy sleeper." A beep came from her purse so she picked it up and searched for her phone. She could probably fit in that bag "Your iPod battery was dead"

Alice finally found her cell in her Mary Poppins bag, she could probably fit in that, and was now trying to hold back a smile as she texted

"You're not supposed to use that in the hospital"

She rolled her eyes and when she was done with her message her face became more serious "Rose texted me a while back saying she found your camera" She gave me an apologetic look "It's in pieces"

My camera, my beautiful Nikon that I paid a ridiculous amount of money on was in shambles.

I let out a deep sigh "I need buy another before they start up again tomorrow and no you and Rosalie are not allowed to pay for it" I glared at her knowing that's what they had planned.

She narrowed her eyes "You know a normal person would be asking about their diagnosis"

"Normal people don't have chart the size of 'War and Peace'. Speaking of which did the good doctor laugh or think I was abused when he saw it?" That was the usual response I got when they saw my previous injuries.

"He should be in here any minute actually and no he didn't laugh. He was perfectly professional, no laughing, no funny business with his hands."

I had to laugh at that "And what did he say?"

"He said" A soothing voice said.

I look up to see; who I could only guess was my doctor. The word 'wow' did come to mind. He had honey blonde hair with some white streaks in some places, and big blue-ish green eyes.

I could tell he was like George Clooney in that he was one of those guys that just got more hansom as time went on. He seemed oddly familiar but I've never been to a hospital around there.

He nodded a hello to Alice and continued as he walked towards the foot of my bed "that you, Miss Swan, have a nice thump on your head but no concussion or bleeding. Your wrist is also fractured in a few places and since Alice told me you are a bit proned to getting bumped around" a warm smile appeared on his face similar to that of my father when I did something amusing "as a precaution we'll put a good cast on it. Then Alice here asked what styles were available and she was thoroughly disappointed the lack of patterns and colors."

"Dr Cullen here apologized but gave me the good news that you should be out of here with nothing but a cast and some pain killers" Alice said with a big smile on her face.

"Seriously?" They both nodded. I let out a huge sigh of relief and couldn't help but match Alice's smile "I don't have to stay over night or anything?" I asked barely containing my excitement. Dr Cullen laughed and shook his head 'no' "Oh thank God! This is the best news I've had in a long time!"

The cast is going to be a bitch but I've had one before so I can deal! I've taken pain killers, not really a big fan but they take away the pain so yay! Best news of all I don't have to stay over night!!

"I always advise patients to take it easy but after what Alice told me about your situation, I demand that you take it easy"

"Told me about your situation" echoed in my ears and my head snapped to Alice who smiled nervously at me Oh you have got to be kidding me

"Alice" I asked scared though I knew full well that I didn't want to hear her answer "What did you tell him exactly"

She stepped back and fiddled with her fingers


"Oh you know you were sleep and he needed to know some stuff like your medical history and your family's, where were you from and why we were so far from home and how your injuries occurred so I told him about the crowd surfing incident and then he saw your hand was already in a brace so I had to explain the whole James thing to him and then he asked if you on any medication, I told him birth control and they needed to know if you had been under any stress lately and so I explained to him about the competition and James, Eric, Ben, Tyler, Mike and now with this with Jake, by the way I'm still upset I didn't know about him and then he was in here when you started talking in your sleep and that's when I put together the whole Pillow being Edward thing, another thing that I don't understand, where have you two hooked up, where did you meet -"

"I think she got the idea Alice" Dr Cullen put a hand on her shoulder to calm her and stop her rambling. I drop my head and slammed my eyes shut.

My embarrassment was definitely winning over against my frustration towards Alice.

She told my entire life story to a stranger who now probably thinks I'm-

"Miss Swan" Dr Cullen's kind voice called me

"Bella" I groaned

"Bella then, when you were sleeping Alice wouldn't stop talking what kind of person you are. I'm not surprised that those young men are drawn to you…. She told me about everything you've over come, how you've taken care of your friends and family over the years- that you always put others before yourself…From what I can tell you're a brave young woman with a big heart and friends that love you very much."

I looked up and to see Dr Cullen giving me a look that showed he believed every word he said. I could feel myself getting a little teary eyed

In the blink of an eye Alice's tiny arms were wrapped tightly around me. She whispered an apology and I told her there was nothing to forgive. I know the only reason she told him so much was because was scared.

Carlisle, Dr Cullen insisted I call him by his first name, did my cast himself. I insisted on keeping it white, no need to call more attention to it.

Carlisle laughed throughout the process as Alice told him about some of my more ridiculous accidents. Apparently his wife and I shared a similar tree incident. He also thought the facial expressions I made when the slimy cloth touched my skin were hilarious as well as my 'sound effects'

Once my cast was dry, the appropriate forms were filled out and I got my prescription, I was on my way- but not until I thanked Carlisle and Alice and I gave him a hug goodbye

"I'll be seeing you soon girls" he gave Alice a knowing smile and rushed off as he was paged.

I laughed off his last words "What does he foresee me need further medical attention?"

Alice chuckled and quickly popped a lollipop into her mouth


We were chosen as the first band to officially play.

I some how, when we were on stage I managed to get my shit together and perform as if nothing happened with the exception that I kept my distance from other guys, mainly Jacob.

After what happened, after I heard her and I realized I was being an idiot. Tyler and Mike were just running their mouths off. She wasn't some harlot or uber groupie...but that didn't make me forget the way she acted towards me, the things she said, the fact that she slept with Jacob. It was stupid of me to be mad at him, very immature but i couldn't help but give me the cold shoulder.

We did our own version of "How We've Come" by Matchbox 20. Jasper came up with some great changes so it had more of a rock edge to it.

The crowd loved it; it was by far the largest, rowdiest and loudest group of people we ever for to. They amped me up so I still jumped and sang my heart out…but the second the song ended my brain was flooding with a billion thoughts.

The judges' criticisms sent me straight

Tommy Lee and Gerard Way noticed that something was up. They both said similar things: We didn't play off each other enough and we need to have more fun on stage. They thought something was missing. In other words they saw the tension between myself and everyone else so we better sort our shit out sooner than later

Rosalie didn't even look at us, instead she wrote some stuff down on her paper and called the next band on stage leaving all of us to think the worst.

I couldn't believe letting this fuck with my mind and mess with my chances of winning!

I vowed from right then that I wasn't going to think about Bella Swan again, she caused too many problems, and I wasn't going to let her past with Jake ruin the relationship that I had with him. He was my best friend and our band wasn't the same when we acted like this.

Simple…And after all she made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with me.

We had been backstage for a few minutes, listening to the other band perform while we awaited our fate, when a PA came and handed us an envelope. Emmett ripped it open o reveal the theme for tomorrow. He started jumping up and down like a little girl when he read it out loud.

Unique cover of successful pop or rap song

"Britney dude" Emmett grabbed me by the shoulders and looked me dead in the eye "We have to do Britney. We do Britney and I promise you we will win this competition"

"Okay, okay" I laughed

I figure no time was like the present to get over my issues with Jake. I took a deep breathe and turned but just as I was about to speak his phone rang and he walked away to take the call.

Later, I'll get him later…

Emmet started going off on his 'master plan' which did in fact sound really good. I got a little scared when he pulled sheet music out of nowhere. He already had the cover written all out.


"Hit me" The bartender filled my shot glass again and I threw it back.

When we got back to the hotel things got more ridiculous.

I got a text from Alec saying that he was coming and Felix, Alice's brother, was coming with him. The simplicity of his text had me worried. There wasn't an exclamation point or a "see ya soon!" thrown in it. It was straight and to the point, like he was on a mission

Then there was the front desk. The front desk was under strict orders not to divulge (Angela's words not mine) what room I was staying in, so instead bouquets, balloons, cards and stuffed animals were sent to the front desk so they could be delivered to me. Someone actually sent me a singing telegram but the guy left when I hadn't shown up after 20 minutes.

The girls decided I should just head back home so I didn't have to deal with all this…God I wanted to go home- but I couldn't. I had to stay for my friends; they had to see that I was fine, that I could deal with all this.

Rose gave me a job to do and I wasn't about to let her down. (That job now only being the photo shoot- don't even get me started). And then there was the fact that if I did in fact go home, Alice had to come with me- Rose's orders because she didn't want me home alone for a week. I wasn't about to let Alice miss this.

Because I didn't want to stay in the room by myself my choices that night became either go to the mall with Alice (something about replacing her destroyed dress) who would most likely would buy me a new wardrobe or head out to some place called "The Inside" with Rosalie where she was meeting up with some people from the magazine. Rose promised me that the place was really low key and it was far enough away that we wouldn't run in to any familiar faces so I went with her and prayed that everyone there would leave me be.

The thought of drinking till I forgot the past two days was very appealing

I was relieved neither voiced their obvious frustrations with the fact I chose to wear jeans and a loose gray hoodie out. It wasn't cold at all but it covered up the plaster on my wrist and it was the most comfortable thing I owned.

It took about an hour to get there, most of which I spent in silence watching the scenery fly by because Rosalie was on her Bluetooth talking to her boss. He was not happy about something

"The Inside" actually seemed like a cool place, it reminded me of 'The Bronze' from Buffy. I relaxed when I heard the Umbrellas's "Reactionary" playing instead of reggae or techno. My head didn't hurt because of my pain meds but I'm not sure how I would have faired if Sean Paul was being blasted the whole night.

Rose told me to stay and the bar (it was basically empty since everyone was either on the floor or at tables), while she went and looked for whoever she was looking for.

I was just about to order my drink when it dawned on me-

"Aw man" I whined "I can't win!"

The bartender, a big, round, bald guy, covered in tattoos came over asking me what was wrong and I explained my problem.

"Don't worry I've got you covered darling" he took a shot glass and set it down in front of me

40 minutes passed and I hadn't seen or heard from Rose but I didn't really mind. It's not like I had anywhere to go.

But I was getting tired even though it was only around 10pm- stupid side effect, so I rested my head in the crook of my arm that lay on the bar top. I let my bad wrist rest in my lap and I softly sang along with the words of songs I recognized.

"Hit me" I grumbled

Tony, the bartender, laughed as he filled my shot glass

"Do you want me to call you a cab so you can get out of here?"

I lifted my head up so my chin was resting on my arms now "No…thanks though" He laughed again and as I threw back my drink. Once my glass was empty I went back to having my head down.

"What can I get you?" I heard Tony ask. I figured someone else had approached the bar.

"I'll have whatever she's having" A familiar voice said

Please no

"You sure about that?" Tony laughed

"I think I can handle it" He replied condescendingly


I heard Tony place the shot on the bar and a second later it was placed back on the wood

"Bella why are you doing shots of Coca Cola??"

"Because I can't mix alcohol and pain medication Edward"

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