Mac and Felicia: Childhood Love Reunited

Mac and Felicia: Childhood Love Reunited

Disclaimer: I do not own GH characters in this story; ABC does, but absolutely loves Felicia and the Scorpios.

Takes place over two years 2011-2013.

Reunion and Meeting the families

On a beautiful fall day, Mac sat on a bench admiring the early fall foliage at Port Charles Park. It was one of his days off since becoming PC Police Chief. He was also there because his someone from his past wanted to meet him in the park. He read and reread the short letter that arrived for him while he waited.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Mac Scorpio:

Please meet me at the Port Charles Park this Saturday at 11am. Can't wait to see an old flame of mine. I will be looking for you.



This person had to be one of his former girlfriends he already knew but he could not figure out who it was. Mac was in for a big shock of his life.

Felicia made one last check before she left her ex-brother and sister-in-law, Tony and Bobbie's house for the park to surprise Mac. After 15 minute walk, Felicia arrived at the park right at 11am on the dot and spotted what she was looking for. She thought, Good his back is towards me this will be a perfect surprise, he will not know what hit him!

Felicia slowly little by little walked up to where Mac was sitting and without making a single sound, she tip-toed the last few steps and put her hands on Mac's eyes covering them, startling Mac a bit.

"Who's there?"

"Make your wildest guess, my sweet love."

When Mac heard the voice, his heart raced, but he thought, Wait could it be who I think it is? Could it be the first and only love from my childhood back in Australia?

Mac raised his hands and placed it on the hands of the person who was covering his eyes, and felt the soft and silky hands. Mac decided he knew who it was.

He whipped around and came face to face with the ever beautiful girl he fell in love with when he was kid, Felicia Cummings now Felicia Jones.

He got up and instead of giving her a friendly hug, he picked her up and spun her around.

"Hello Malcolm Scorpio, long time no see!"

"Oh my goodness Felicia, was it you who sent that note?"

"Yes, were you surprised?"

"Surprised? More like caught off guard. It is so good to see you again. Oh how I have

missed you! You are look even prettier than the last time I saw you!"

"I have missed you too and have always been thinking about you. Sorry I did not keep in touch," Felicia's voice trailed off.

"What's wrong? How about I treat you to hot chocolate, and I will loan you a sympathetic ear. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful," replied Felicia.

They were walking when Felicia suddenly stopped, "wait your accent is gone, what happened?"

"Well I have lived here long enough to gradually lose the accent."

"You know your accent was one of the things I loved about you."

Twenty minutes later they were at Kelly's having hot chocolate and chatting.

"So Felicia how have you been all these years since we lost touch, how are your daughters, Maxie and Georgie?"

"Wow you remembered. Well they are great Maxie and Georgie are graduating in May

from Port Charles University, Maxie on time and Georgie a year early. Maxie is a handful sometimes and very strong willed. Georgie is sweet and very easy going. I had been living with my grandmother, you remember her, Maria in Texas after we left Australia. Then I came to Port Charles for school and married Frisco Jones had Maxie and Georgie and lived in Port Charles. Then Frisco was killed in a car accident when the girls were just starting out at Port Charles High School, I was so beside myself with grief so I left the girls in Tony's and Bobbie's care because I did not want to uproot the girls and went back to Texas. Now I am back permanently since the girls are nearing graduation."

"Wow you have gone through a lot. I am sorry to hear about Frisco's death though."


"How are you doing? How are your parents?"

"Well as you know that I now live in Port Charles as well. I live pretty close to my brother Robert and his wife Anna, and their daughter Robin. I sent you a few pictures of her when she was young. She is now a doctor at General Hospital and in a very serious relationship with Patrick Drake. Oh and I am now the Chief of Police at the Port Charles Police Department. The last time we were in touch I was still Police Commissioner. As for my parents well they passed a few years ago and after a period of mourning I decided to move to be closer to Robert."

"Oh wow that is enormous achievement. I am sorry to hear about your parents. I know this may be a bit off the topic but how is Alexis?"

"Oh you know her?"

"Yeah, through Bobbie."

"Well she married the love of her life, Jax, and now have given birth to triplets, two boys and a girl, and along with her daughter with Sonny Corinthos, Kristina,

they now have four kids."

"Wow a lot of things have happened since I left. Hey would you like to come by and meet my girls? I know they are in college but they have been staying with their uncle and aunt to save money."

"Yeah sure I would love to meet them, and then later on you should meet Robin and her parents, Robert will happy to see you again, and you will love Anna."

They finished their drink and walked back to Tony and Bobbie's house, before they knew it they were holding hands.

After they went in, Mac sat down, and Felicia went to go and get her girls. After a few minutes all three came down.

"Girls this is Mac Scorpio, my childhood sweetheart. Mac these are my daughters Maxie and Georgie."

"It is nice to meet you both and I think I might have met you guys before when I was a guest lecturer at Port Charles University."

Maxie said, "Oh yeah I remember. "You did a really good job in captivating the students who have short attention spans."

The foursome bonded a bit and then Mac chatted a bit with Tony and Bobbie and had lunch with them. After lunch said he need to leave and bid them all a good day. Felicia walked Mac to the door and said to Felicia, "Think you and girls are free tomorrow to have lunch with me, Robert, Anna, and Robin at my place?"

"Sure, what time?"

"Around 12:30pm, does that sound good?"

"Okay see you then."

Mac said his goodbyes and Felicia walked Mac to the door and then without thinking he planted a kiss on a surprised Felicia and left.

After Mac left Felicia went back to living room and talked with her family.

Later that night Felicia and daughters talked about what had happened.

"Mom, I actually did not know you and Mac were sweethearts when you were young, that sounds so romantic and cute at the same time," said Maxie, "how come you guys split up?"

"Well your great-grandmother never got used to the driving on the wrong side of the road even though we had been there a few years. She knew I was in love in Mac by the time we had to leave but I told her that I would also do anything to make her happy so we moved. I had to break it to Mac that I was moving back to Texas, he handled it well but I could tell he was hurt."

Maxie was speechless.

"Yeah I agree you guys seem perfect together and a match made in heaven. I mean you also loved dad very much, but now I think you and Mac can get back together."

"Georgie is right now is your time to be happy again!" exclaimed Maxie.

"So I already have your approval?"

"Totally," Maxie and Georgie both said together.

"You know when I was at the guest lecturer event, and saw Mac, I thought of you and how the two of you would be perfect together, but then it was before I realized you guys were together as kids," explained Georgie.

Felicia was happy to see that both her girls had already approved of Mac.

"Oh Mac has invited us over to his place for lunch with his family."

"Really that is so cool, I cannot wait to see Robin again."

"I know what you are thinking mom, we know Robin and we are friends with her." said Georgie.

When Mac got home that afternoon after stopping in to check in at the PCPD, he was filling kind of giddy, he had reunited with his childhood sweetheart. He called Robert

and told him the good news.

"Hey Robert you will not believe who I saw?"

"Oh for heaven sakes bro how am I to guess?"

"Just make your wildest guess!"

"Could it be one of your girlfriends from the past?"

"You are so close! I saw Felicia earlier today!"

"You mean the girl you meet and fell in love with all those years ago?"

"Yep," replied Mac now grinning ear to ear.

"Congratulations bro!"

"Thanks, hey would you like to come over for lunch? Felicia and her daughters will be


"Sure thing, is there anything you need us to make or to bring?"

"How about a salad and something to drink?"


"Oh and can you come around 12 noon?"

"Yes, I cannot wait to see Felicia again and then meet her daughters."

"See you tomorrow."

The next day Mac was up early got the house cleaned up for his visitors. At 12pm,

Robert, Anna, and Robin arrived with the salad, salad dressing and the drinks. At the Jones' the Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie were getting ready to leave. The threesome then walked over then right before 12:30pm they arrived at Mac's place. Felicia rang the doorbell and Mac opened door greeted Felicia by giving her a hug, and let then let the three ladies in. When Felicia walked into the living room the first person to greet was none other than Robert Scorpio.

"Why hello Felicia, it is so nice to see you again, how are you?"

"I am fine how have you been all these years? You must be very proud of Robin."

"Pretty good, Mac made me the Police Commissioner after he got promoted to big boss job. Yes I very much am. Oh Felicia I would like you to meet my wife Anna."

"Hi Anna it is very nice to meet you, you must be pleased that Robin has accomplished so much."

"Oh you must be Felicia, Mac's love from long ago. We have heard so much about you and are elated that he met up with you. I am sorry to hear what happened to Frisco, but I do say you and Mac look perfect together!"

"Why thank you Anna. I almost forgot these are my daughters, Maxie and Georgie but then you guys already know them because they are friends with Robin, by the way where is Robin?"

"Robin is in the kitchen with the food setting up, why don't you go in and say hi and get you and your girls something to drink."

After Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie went into kitchen, Mac, Robert, and Anna sat down to chat.

"Mac, Felicia seems like a perfect match to you, the two of you should get together," said Anna.

"I agree she is even prettier than when I last saw her all those years ago."

"So I take it I have your approval?"

"Why of course bro, don't be silly. Anna and I have already accepted her and her girls as family."

Meanwhile in the kitchen the three went up to Robin and Felicia tapped her on the shoulder, surprised Robin turned around and came face to face with Felicia.

"Hi Robin, my how you have grown, I remember seeing your picture when you are young and growing up and now you have matured into a young woman and a doctor at

General Hospital."

"Oh my Felicia hi! It is good to finally meet you."

"You too!"

"Hi Robin," chimed in Maxie and Georgie.

"Hey you two!" said Robin.

Everyone talked, hung out and had a great time. Before Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie left, Mac pulled Felicia aside and whispered to her, "I think we should get back together, my family already sees you as family."

"Really? That is what I was thinking too, my girls, Bobbie and Tony think so too!"

So they sealed the deal with an embrace and short lip lock.