It's going to be lonely without it – but it's almost time to say goodbye.

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Cars, whores, collisions

Deserted marketplace, crowds co-exist, lifeless

Protection, decision

Safe and cold, interior solution

This evil crawls cancer quick from heart to heart

Rimed with darkness, stained with tomorrow

Scraped from the bottom of Pandora's box

Life support, a subtle twinge of maybe

Hearts will cease to beat that never knew to start

Stare out the glazed reflective window

Lost in my own eyes, lost

Keys out of tune, strings stretch and decay,

Fascination of the same, division of difference

Draws into temptation, sleep in your heat

Reprieved by white and darkness, fate, fated, fey

Face slaps mine, intrusion, contradiction

leaves me in confusion, tasting why?

Eyes deny, words twist in lies

Seed of my breakage, cracked, repair, renew

Lips that haunt my daydreams, rape my night sighs

Sensual, your langorous gold, one way mirror

Examination, watch you where you cannot see

Salvation in a strange packet, rescue me

Reckless knowledge stacked, pointless, variable floating free

Hope means to know there's one among the billions

Who dreams of me


If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark.


Raito stared around him at the bleak landscape. It's like him. At first you think it's empty and barren, but then you start to see all the small things that make it up. That make it beautiful.

"You look exhausted, Raito," L said. "I'll have Watari bring the car round by the road and he can drive us back."

"Thanks," Raito said, looking at his lover. Lover. Hmm, that's something that needs to be sorted out.

They covered the short distance to the road slowly, Raito still walking with a stick to aid him. Leaned against a dry stone wall, looking out across the hills and valleys, speckled with streams, sheep and the odd farmhouse. Raito thought about the time L had explained how the grey walls were built, fitted together with no mortar. He thought about how L knew the names of plants and trees and how surprising it had been to see him in walking boots.

"I have an apartment in New York City if Raito would prefer it," L spoke suddenly. "If he finds it too quiet here."

"I like the quiet, L," Raito said. "That was something I never enjoyed about Tokyo. The crowds."

"Would Raito like to play chess when we are home?" L offered. "Or perhaps he would like to sleep for a while."

"Neither," Raito said, turning to the other man. "I was actually wondering why we haven't had sex since we got here, L."

"I was waiting until you were well enough, Rai-chan," L said, head on one side. "I'm actually feeling quite desperate. I was tempted to take matters into my own hand."

"Why didn't you?"

"It seemed like bad manners," L said, "to do that for oneself when one has a partner."

"Perhaps I've kept you waiting long enough," Raito stared into the other man's eyes meaningfully.

"I don't want you to be in any pain, Raito – " L began.

"My leg is a lot better," Raito said, giving L a sultry look. "I'm probably not up to anything aggressive, but I could lie back and enjoy it."

"What has prompted this sudden submissiveness?" L asked, looking a little startled.

"Near death experience," Raito said. "I thought about how I might have been dead and – I'd never have given you something you really want."

"You want it too," L said. "From me."

"I can have it any time I want it," Raito said with a smile.

"Is that what you think?"

Raito turned to his lover, took his face between his hands. "Tell me no, then," he teased.

"That also seems quite rude," L temporized. "Look, Raito, Watari's here!"

Raito laughed and slipped his arm around L's shoulders. Is he shy with me now? Or does he want me to chase him? Yes, it's probably that. Unfortunately, I can't run very fast right now.

Watari got out of the car to open the door for Raito and the young detective thanked him.

They were silent during the drive back to the large stone house that was one of L's numerous homes. Raito felt a smile on his face as they turned into the driveway. There was something about the place that he loved, with its roof swathed in grey slate, dipped and bent with age, its strange little flights of steps inside where floors didn't quite meet each other, the stone-flagged kitchen made for gatherings of servants to eat in, but comfortable with just L, Watari and himself sitting around its long pine table in front of the open fire.

"Happy, Raito?" L said, leaning toward the younger man, his voice sounding almost wistful.

"Of course I am," Raito slid his arm around his lover's waist, hugged him. He feels guilty all the time for bringing me here and I don't know why. I like it here but I can't convince him. Well, maybe I can. How he looks at me – as if he's not sure... maybe we shouldn't give up the games yet. It'll make it easier for him...

"Shall we have some tea?" L offered as they went into the wide hallway and hung their coats on the pegs near the door.

"I'm going upstairs to shower," Raito said. "I'm muddy – why don't you bring the tea up with you?"

L nodded and took himself off to the kitchen. Raito hurried upstairs as fast as he could manage. It'd take L some time to make tea and choose whatever kind of confectionery he wanted to eat with it. He'd probably spend a while talking to Watari about work as well, but even so, Raito didn't have very long. He made straight for the shower, after checking to see the bed was tidy. Washed himself thoroughly and more quickly than he'd ever done and then made some other preparations.

He was lying on the bed, rather breathless from the rushing around when L came in. And stared. Raito smiled at the bemused detective, knowing full well what he was seeing. His lover, stark naked on the bed, a red silk sheet pulled over part of his lower regions. Hiding nothing, really, but there to cover the scar he didn't like L looking at.

L's face lit up in a wicked grin as his eyes traversed the young man's body, stopping when they reached Raito's abdomen where a pair of shining handcuffs rested on his smooth, tan skin.

"Does Raito think it is wise," the raven-haired one enquired, walking around the bed to set down the tea tray, "to arouse my darker side to prey upon his virgin self?"

"Look at it this way, L," Raito tilted his head back to stare into his lover's eyes. "Your darker side will never have exactly this opportunity again."

"Raito will trust me with this?" L asked, hopping up onto the bed to sit next to Raito.

Raito gave a gentle smile. "I won't even ask for a safety word."

L reached out, took the cuffs by one bracelet, dangling them in front of Raito's face. "You're very bold, Raito, who knows what I might decide to do?"

"I don't mind what you decide to do," Raito said, fidgeting slightly. I don't believe this, how uke am I, I'm getting hard just offering myself to him! Mmm, offering myself... "I hope you find my offer satisfactory, L?"

"More than satisfactory," L replaced the cuffs on Raito's stomach, took the red silk between thumb and forefinger and pulled it away. "You're self-conscious about this."

"It's ugly," Raito said.

"But the rest of you is near perfect enough to make up for it."

"Near perfect?" Raito looked up, questioningly.

"You have this one lock of hair," L's hand drifted up to the side of Raito's face, "that curves the wrong way..."

Raito laughed. "Is that all?"

"That's all," L murmured. "Otherwise, no flaws. Physically, at least."

"You think I have mental flaws?"

L smiled, swept the cuffs onto the bed and pulled Raito up to a sitting position, his strength, as always, surprising. Took the young man's wrists in his hands, holding them down at his sides.

"Perhaps," he said, touching his lips gently to his lover's, moving away before Raito could deepen the kiss, "you are a little too," another swift kiss, "arrogant, Raito," a flick of his tongue across the other man's lips, "but I think," a lick up the side of Raito's jaw, making the young man gasp, "we can fix that." L leaned forward, pressing his lips hard against Raito's, his tongue demanding entry. Raito's eyes closed, his mouth opened and then he felt his arms swept behind him, the cuffs on his wrists before he could react or protest. Ha, as if I want to object! But – maybe he'd like it if I did?

Raito looked up at his lover who had pulled away from the kiss and was smirking down at the younger man triumphantly.

"I don't know, L," Raito said, hesitantly. "I'm not so sure about this..."

"Nervous, Raito?" L whispered into the young man's ear, making him shudder. "Too late for second thoughts now."

"But – L – " Raito hung his head, glancing up through his eyelashes.

L took his lover's chin in his hand and tilted his face upwards. Staring into his eyes, a look in them that made Raito feel almost as if he really didn't want to carry on. God, he's scary sometimes!

"You're mine, Raito," L murmured. "You don't have any right to make objections to this."

Raito gasped. Gave in. This was my idea, right? So it has to be a good one. "Yes, L-sama," he muttered, feeling himself start to blush. "I'm yours."

"My possession," L murmured, pushing Raito back onto the bed, kneeling beside him, looking down at his lover's naked body, an almost evil light in his eyes. "My plaything."

Raito smiled up at the horny detective, eyes half-lidded, his mind torn between desire and anxiety, letting it all show on his face. Fuck, he likes this doesn't he. He wants me – scared of him.

"You like me like this," Raito said, as L leaned down toward him. "Tied up and unable to move."

"My prisoner," L's breath was on the young man's face, then his lips touched soft, golden skin, delicate featherfall kisses over Raito's cheeks, eyelids, nose.

"The hospital," Raito murmured. "You kissed me like this – "

"I wanted you," L breathed into Raito's ear, "not to leave me." His tongue licked at the younger man's neck, tasting, before his lips descended, sucking the soft skin into his mouth, teeth grazing the tender flesh. The pressure increased until Raito whimpered, pain and pleasure making him writhe against the mattress, eager for more.

L's tongue drifted downwards, caressing the line of his lover's collarbone, down his sternum, diverting to one side and then the other, teasing flicks over the young man's nipples. Raito, without his hands to stimulate the other's body further, had to improvise.

"L – stop," he said, his voice a breathy moan. "You're driving me mad... I want to touch you... let me go."

His answer was a low laugh and a shake of the head as the detective's head moved lower, tongue circling his lover's navel, dipping into it, his shock of black hair brushing against Raito's abdomen, tickling sensuously.

"Uhhn!" Raito groaned. "Your hair – I love your hair – "

"Raito's hair fetish is well known to me," L spun around, straddling Raito's waist suddenly, bending down so his hair was in Raito's face, the soft strands stroking over the flushed skin of his cheeks, sweeping down over his throat as he arched backwards, mewling in pleasure.

L gave a low laugh and turned, kneeling beside his lover's trembling body and letting his hair drift down the length of it, caressing his chest and abdomen, brushing across the head of his erect cock, making it jump a little.

"Hnh.. nnn..." Raito murmured, squirming happily, not caring a bit about the slutty position he was lying in, with his legs shamelessly apart as if begging for someone to give him some action, now, please!

"Raito is eager to proceed," L commented, leaning up and gazing at the young man's abandoned posture with a look of deep appreciation.

"Mm, yes, I want you, L," Raito's voice was husky, his eyes lustful as he looked at the older man, admiring the flush on his pale cheeks, the desire in his eyes, the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. "I want you – inside me."

"Raito will wait until I am ready," L said, dismissively. "But I will show him what he will receive when I am ready." With which he slowly unbuttoned his jeans, his eyes fixed on the panting, flushed young man who watched him with avid anticipation, murmuring with pleasure as the zipper came down.

"Ahh," Raito murmured as L pushed his pants down slightly releasing his stiff and frighteningly large cock from its confinement. "No underwear, L?"

"I forgot," L grinned.

"It's too big," Raito said nervously, remembering his submissive role. Don't really have to act here, because damn, it does look too big!

"I'm sure that won't be a problem, Raito," L leered at his lover's dubious expression, grabbed Raito's knees that were trying to get back together for comfort and pushed them apart. Dived between them, his long tongue suddenly wrapping itself around the young man's sack, lapping at the twin orbs, slicking them with saliva, sucking one, then the other, into his mouth, lips gently pressing.

Raito leaned back, moaning, gasping, it felt so good, that incredible tongue twitching and dancing over his taut flesh and the warmth of L's mouth around him. He bucked his hips upward, expecting the hint to be taken, wanting his cock in that hot, moist cavern, L's lips enclosing him, L's throat open to him.

He felt his balls released from their damp enclosure, L's breath moving up his shaft, making him whimper with anticipation, then one swirl of the detective's tongue around the head of his needy cock before the man sat back, observing the results of his work.

"Damn, L!" Raito protested.

"Is that insolence I hear?" L said, head on one side enquiringly. "Is Raito presuming to expect something from me?"

"Nhn... n-no, L," Raito stuttered, desperately. Fucking yes, L, you evil bastard!

"Perhaps he will enjoy what I am going to give him next," L said, moving up the bed. "Or perhaps he will not. Since he is going to take it anyway."

He positioned himself over Raito's chest, straddling him, his thighs either side of the young man's bound arms. Leaned forward, his huge member brushing against Raito's lips.

Raito obediently opened his mouth, licked at the glistening head of his lover's cock, tasting precum, gasped as L pushed forward, sinking his shaft between Raito's lips, going deep, almost making the young man gag.

"Suck," L commanded and Raito obeyed, gripping the thick pole tightly in his mouth, running his tongue over it, arching his neck back to give his lover better access. Watching L's face, the detective's expression one of bliss as Raito murmured around his cock, sending waves of vibration along its length. He writhed beneath the detective's body sensually, abandoning himself to the hard slippery flesh that ravished his mouth so expertly.

"Enough," L pulled out, gasping slightly and Raito purred with pleasure, stretching and looking up at his lover, his whole body expressing invitation, enjoying the lust he'd managed to engender in this normally reserved and antisocial man.

He watched, panting slightly, his body shivering with a mixture of arousal and fear, as L pulled the pillows from the top of the bed and lifted the young man's body, placing them under the small of his back, raising him. Then his strong, elegant hands slid over the inside of Raito's thighs, parting them. L knelt between his lover's outstretched legs, looking down admiringly, reaching out to caress, not Raito's throbbing, weeping erection, but his entrance, rubbing his fingers over it, tracing the folds and curve of it.

"Mnh! L!" Raito's hair tossed from side to side, his back arching as his senses overloaded, his body craving touch, demanding release.

L reached for the lube, his eyes on Raito's face, the intense gaze making the young man shudder.

"L – " Raito began, unsure what he was going to say, just wanting to break the silence that was full of nothing but that stare.

"Shhh," L said, then his fingers were under his lover, sliding in and Raito cried out at the intrusion of what felt like the detective's whole hand, but was probably only three fingers, stretching him painfully. He fought down the edge of panic in his mind and opened his legs wider to accomodate the intrusion.

"Raito looks good like this," L remarked. "Open and willing."

"Bound and helpless," Raito said, breathlessly.

"Also good," L agreed. "Now we will have no more discussions about who is seme."

"You are, L," Raito murmured, submissively. "You can do whatever you want with me."

L sighed and leaned down to run his tongue over Raito's chest, pausing at each of his nipples, clasping his lips around them then nibbling gently on them as they hardened inside his mouth.

Raito whimpered, pushing himself onto L's fingers as they invaded him more deeply.

"Raito is impatient," L murmured. "He wants to get fucked by me."

"Hnhhh!" Raito squirmed against the long, agile fingers that had just found his prostate. "Yes, L!"

"Let us see if we can make a little more room first," L suggested, sitting up and adding more lube to his fingers, pushing them further into his lover, stretching him open, preparing him.

Raito thrust his hips downwards, his body overpowered with the sensation, longing for the fingers to be replaced by –

"I think... we are ready," L pulled his fingers out and began to apply lube to himself, his shaft slick and gleaming, stroking the slippery substance around the head, Raito watching hungrily.

"I wish to penetrate Raito from behind," L leaned forward, took Raito by the shoulders and forcefully rolled him onto his stomach, held almost in a kneeling position by the pillows under him. "This will be more comfortable for your injured leg."

Raito twisted round so he could look over his shoulder, watching his lover's face as he positioned the younger man where he wanted him, thighs spread apart invitingly.

"L-sama is ready to take me now," Raito suggested, seductively. Yes! Get on with it! He stared adoringly at the wild-haired detective through half-lidded eyes.

"Raito cannot wait, it seems," L looked down and Raito could only imagine what he was seeing, his chestnut-haired beloved spread on the bed, his hips raised like an offering, his hands cuffed behind his back.

"I like Raito this way," L said. "Restrained and submitting himself to me."

"Then L-sama should give me something to submit to!" Raito burst out, unable to help himself.

L drew in his breath sharply and leaned forward. Raito felt the head of his cock at his entrance, seeming even bigger than it had appeared before, and he tensed, expecting pain.

"Raito should relax," L's deep voice murmured. "I will fuck him anyway, but it will be easier for him if he is more receptive."

Raito nodded, beyond words. He tried to let his muscles soften, concentrated on enjoying the feeling of L's bulbous glans rubbing against his entrance, stroking over it, tracing the slippery folds. He sighed with pleasure.

"Push toward me, Raito," L said, softly. "As if you were trying to push me out of yourself."

"But you're not in yet," Raito said, then remembered he was supposed to be obedient and did as he was told, realised he was opening himself just as the thick, slippery head of L's sex slid into him.

"Oh, fuck, L!" Raito gasped.

"Well, yes, Raito," L sounded just as breathless.

It hurt as much as Raito had expected, but the pain was overwhelmed by the joyful relief of finally having his lover inside him after all the teasing. He pushed back and L pushed in, both moaning aloud and then they were completely joined together, the slender detective's not-so-slender organ completely engulfed inside the flushed, sweating, responsive body of his lover.

"L – do me!" Raito begged and then L was fucking him, deep hard strokes, and he writhed under the onslaught, impossibly and incredibly fulll of his lover's huge, needy cock. His whole body shuddered in violent spasms as his prostate was brushed against, stroked and then pounded by the eager detective's hard thrusts, L's hands moving underneath him, taking hold of Raito's nipples between fingers and thumbs, rolling and pinching them.

"Mm! More, L, yes!" Raito moaned, wriggling his hips against the detective's ruthless invasion. Until L suddenly stopped, deep within him, his body relaxed on top of the younger man.

"L – don't stop!" Raito begged.

"Raito does not tell me what to do," L said. "He will lie still and wait for his pleasure until I am ready to give it to him."

"Uhhn!" Raito let his head droop onto the bed, did as L told him. Fuck, this is difficult! I want him. And he knows it, the damn tease!

"Raito is most pleasant when he is submissive and obedient," L murmured, lazily. "Maybe I should just keep him like this. Chained to my bed for my personal use."

"Yes," Raito muttered, now in a state where he'd agree to anything.

"My sex slave," L added.

"Mhm, yes, L, whatever you say!" Raito could hear a distinct note of pleading in his tone and he didn't care. He sighed in frustration. I know what this is about. He must have been too close – he didn't want to lose control. Let's see if I can get him going again. He pressed down, squeezing, tightening around the older detective's hard shaft. Was rewarded by a growl of pleasure and then a sharp stinging sensation as L slapped his ass.


"Raito will not do that," L told him severely. "He is not to attempt to manipulate me."

"That wasn't manipulation, L," Raito said. "That was buttipulation."

L burst into giggles, his body shaking against Raito's back. "Nothing will subdue my Raito for long," he remarked.

"Keep trying," Raito suggested.

"I intend to," L said, then he was moving again and Raito pushed up to meet him, wanting more of this wonderful new sensation.

"Hahh, L!" he exclaimed. "Yes! Fu – fu – hnnnh!"

"Ngh... urrrr!" L replied in the same language, pushing himself into Raito more wildly, his enormous cock feeling bigger than ever. Raito groaned as L's hand slid around him, grasping his neglected member and sliding his fingers over it coaxing further moans of pleasure from the young man who squirmed under him in ecstasy, close, so close... he cried out as close became here and L's rhythmic thrusts and talented fingers drove him over the edge into a shuddering, whimpering climax. He arched his back, whimpering helplessly as he felt his lover's body spasm, heard his own cries as he found release deep inside Raito's body.

"Shall I take these cuffs off you?" L murmured after some time.


"Maybe not."


"Just joking."


L slid off his lover, finally taking off his clothes, then unfastened the handcuffs and lay down next to Raito, spooned against his back, hot sweaty skin touching everywhere.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself, Raito."

"Strangely enough, yes," Raito said. "It was – better than I expected."

"You expected me not to be a good lover?"

"I didn't expect to like being underneath so much."

"Raito is obviously uke," L whispered into the young man's ear. "One has only to observe the way he dresses."

"Just because you're such a slob," Raito said, but without annoyance. "It wasn't just the bottom part of it. I liked the bondage."

"Raito is my kinky lustbunny," L bent his head to suckle on the young man's neck lovingly.

Raito snorted laughter. "Make the most of it, L. I'll soon be back to my normal range of activity."

"At that point, no doubt Raito will wish to, um, punish me for my presumption," L sighed. "Perhaps he will chain me to the wall and spank my backside with a paddle."

"You're such a switch, L!" Raito smiled joyously over his shoulder. "You like it both ways, don't you."

"I have never had the opportunity to indulge my submissive side, Raito," L confessed. "It seemed unwise and perhaps slightly humiliating to do that with people I was paying for sex."

"I'll indulge it for you, then," Raito offered.

"Raito is a kind and generous lover," L murmured.

"I wasn't planning on being kind to you, L," Raito assured the other man.

"If that is the case," L fumbled around on the bed, searching, "I should take advantage of Raito's incapacity as much as possible," he found the lube and anointed his newly erect cock, "before he returns to normal and asserts his aggressive domination over me."

"What – " Raito began, then moaned as he was shoved forward, one leg lifted and pulled back as L's stiff shaft found its way back inside him, pushing in roughly.

"Oh, God, L, that hurts!" Raito tried to pull away instinctively, sore from the first time, but L didn't seem in any mood to humor his complaints and thrust harder into his lover, not stopping until he was fully sheathed inside the tight and aching passage.

"Bastard!" Raito hissed.

"Raito didn't say that last time," L wrapped his arms round the younger man and pulled nearly all the way out of him, then rocked his hips gently, edging back inside bit by bit.

"Mm, last time I hadn't already been fucked raw by your oversized appendage," Raito grumbled, relaxing back against L as he got used to the feeling.

"You like it," L mumured, running his tongue up the back of Raito's ear.

Raito twisted round and lost all inclination to protest anything when he saw the dark look of lust and possessiveness in his lover's eyes.

"Nice position, L," Raito murmured instead, lifting his face up toward his touslehaired detective, opening his mouth as L's lips descended on his.

Raito clutched at his lover, holding him as L slowed down the pace, making love now rather than just fucking, their lips pressed together, mouths claiming each other, tongues entwined in a sliding, wet dance of exploration. Gasps of ecstasy filled the room as their flushed skin slid over each other, hair stranded onto sweat-damp foreheads, soft mewls of delight breathed into each other's mouths. L's hand slid down Raito's body, gripped him, squeezing and releasing his hot flesh, driving him into shuddering rapture.

"Haahhh, L, I'm – please, L..." Raito arched his back, feeling L's lips on his throat, teeth sinking into the soft, taut skin, marking him, as he jerked in the detective's hand, his seed spurting out over his stomach, crying out again as he felt the hot fluids shoot inside him as his lover came, calling out his name, clasping him tightly in his arms as if they were truly melding into one.



"God, no!" Raito felt around the back of himself. "Not for a while, thank you."

"I will excuse Raito from his wifely obligations until – tomorrow morning," L conceded.

"Wifely? Want me to slap you?"

"Bitch-slapping will only confirm my suspicions, Raito."

"Maybe I'll just ignore you then."

"Perhaps I will have to subject Raito to the chibi-look of doom, in that case."

"No thanks. Come here," Raito sighed with pleasure, drawing L into his arms, the detective's head on his shoulder where he liked to sleep, potential nightmares banished by the contact. How did I come to understand him so well? It's like I've always known him.

"Did you ever think it's strange, L?" he murmured sleepily. "That we should meet like that? In that house, both looking for different criminals? So unlikely, don't you think?"

"Very unlikely," L said, and Raito felt his arm move, hand going to his mouth in what Raito thought of as thinking thumb pose. "Especially since I do not normally undertake such actions in person. My operative, however, was stricken with appendicitis and there was no choice."

"We might never have met, otherwise." Raito considered.

"Thank God for appendicitis," L muttered, snuggling his face into the hollow of his lover's neck. "Does Raito think perhaps it was fate?"

"Do you?"

"I don't believe in fate."

"Neither do I," Raito agreed. "But, still – it seems strange. Out of all the places we might have been that night – "

"You had to walk into mine," L misquoted.

Raito laughed, his breath ruffling the wild strands of black hair his face was nestled against.

"You interested me, Raito," L said. "When I spoke to you, in the investigation room. When your thoughts matched my own so closely. It seemed serendipitous that I had met you and been charmed by your appearance – and then you turned out to have a mind that I could understand and relate to."

"I thought I'd always be alone," Raito said. "Or at least, have to make do with less than I wanted."

"I never thought about it at all," L confessed. "Being intimate with someone – romance, passion – they didn't seem things there was any point in me thinking about. Even talking to someone about those things, the way we are talking now, would have seemed unimaginable."

"With you it's easy," Raito said.

"With you it's possible," L qualified. "I don't find it easy."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, Raito," L said. "I'm not hiding things because I want to. It's just a habit."

"You know I care about you," Raito pressed a kiss into the next of black hair. "Don't you?"

"You got yourself shot for me. You came here with me. I suppose I know that."

"So you trust me that much."

"Quite a lot, actually. For the rest, I'm a good actor."

"So sometimes you're only pretending to be comfortable with me?"

"I hope that if I continue to do so, it will become real, Raito."

"I hope so, too," Raito leaned up and studied the tea tray, thirsty suddenly. "That tea'll be cold..."

"I could make some more, Raito," L sat up, looking suddenly alert. "I forgot to eat my cake."

"What greater compliment could I have," Raito said smiling. Then realised something. "You brought yourself cake and didn't bring me anything?"

"I thought I would be using more energy than Raito," L explained. "Since all he had to do was lie there."

"Is that what you think? Wait till it's your turn!" Raito said. "I'll chain you to the wall, spank your ass with a paddle and then leave you there. See how long it takes you to beg for cookies!"

"I see nothing sexy about that scenario at all!" L said, huffily. "And if such extreme cruelty is Raito's intention, I shall definitely be requiring a safety word!"