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The young girl fell to her knees. Her tear stained face looked down to the two foot red pole that she had dropped before her. Yet her eyes didn't even see it, they were too focused on the blood smeared across her own two hands. The destruction around her went unacknowledged as her hands began to shake and a soul searing scream left her small body. "Mama!!"

Chapter One

Allen sat back against a tree and sighed. Soon he'd be back at head quarters and after a good nap he'd be hovering down on Jerry's amazing cooking. Just as he felt his body start to relax his left eye sprung to life. "Lavi…"

The red head simply nodded before the two took off into the forest. Soon coming almost face to face with a pair of Akuma. The two Akuma quickly started to transform, as the two boys chased after them. The red head smirked towards Allen before pulling out his tiny hammer and both preparing for battle. But before either of the two could move, there was a loud boom and the two Akuma exploded. In the dust the two saw a red and white blur. With a single glance towards each other, they took off towards the blurs location.

"Forgive me…" Came the meek voice of a young woman. Silently twirling a two foot red pole she bowed her head. Suddenly she stopped the twirling and held the pole firmly in her hand. "If you're here to avenge your friends, I fear to tell you, you will only meet the same fate." The meek voice now cold and sure.

"Whoa now…" Lavi laughed as the two boys stepped out into the clearing. "Akuma don't usually 'avenge' their friends." He scratched the back of his head, grinning like an idiot. "We ain't here to hurt ya." Allen briefly wondered why the red head hadn't screamed his trademark 'strike' yet. But simply figured she wasn't his type.

Standing before them was a girl probably their age with, almost black, red hair with white tips. Which lay in sheets down her back, pulled to keep out of her face by a simple black clip on either side. She wore a simple short black skirt, with deep red tights underneath. A deep red tank top with white splotches on it and a black coat the was as long as her skirt.

The young woman turned and dull red eyes landed on the two. "Akuma?" She fully turned to the two, holding her pole close to her chest. "I'm not sure what you are talking about." She looked down, her long black red bangs falling over her eyes. "What…what are you doing out here?" She asked quietly.

'She doesn't know what that was…' Allen took a few steps towards her but stopped when she took a few backwards. "Did you just kill that thing?"

She quickly looked up into the white haired boys eyes. Her eyes narrowed as she glared slightly at him. "I didn't kill anything."

Allen took a step back. Quickly glancing at Lavi who sighed and figured it was his turn. "Look, we're exorcists." He watched the look of confusion wash over her face. "We destroy Akuma all the time, as our job. That's what those things were, Akuma." He figured she didn't like the word kill by the way she said it earlier. 'Destroyed is better than killed, right?'

She gasped, her one hand flying up to cover her mouth. "You're lying…" She didn't seem to think they were, but she couldn't help herself. 'People actually want to kill these things.' She gulped and took a few more steps away from the two. 'They probably want to kill me!'

Allen quickly shook his head, and as if he were reading her mind he tried to calm her nerves. "We don't want to hurt you. More like help you. You could come with us to…"

She shook her head and readied herself to run. "Stay away from me!" She hissed before disappearing from their eyes. Lavi and Allen stood still, wide eyed, before getting their minds back and searching the area for the woman.


"I can't believe we lost her." Lavi grumbled as the two walked into head quarters.

Allen nodded his head in agreement. "It can't be helped, we looked every where."

Sighing they made their way to the main office. Neither really wanted to give their reports, and normally delayed the inevitable as long as possible. But they both knew that the Order was in dire need of exorcist. And they had to inform them of the girl they had run into earlier.

Komui nearly cheered when the two boys walked into his office, but he quickly quieted down by the look of seriousness on their faces. After a in-depth report the older man sat back in his chair. His goofy nature completely gone. "We'll put out a detailed description of the girl, and her last known location. But there isn't much more we can do, we don't have the man power to send out a complete search team." He intertwined his fingers and leaned his chin on them. "Neither of you saw what her innocence was, correct?" The two nodded. It was dangerous for her to be out alone, with the Noah looking for the heart. "You two are excused."

The two boys left and the older male sighed before preparing a memo for all active exorcist.


Three months later
"Shit…shit…shit…" A young woman ran through a deserted town. Clutching her side as blood poured out of the wound. She leaned against a wall to try to catch her breath.

"Here, pretty, pretty…" Came the creepy voice. "Come and let me play."

"Who says you can have her…" Another voice sounded annoyed at the first.

"Well she was suppose to be his but he's dead, so she's mine." The first voiced matter-of-factly.

The young woman rolled her eyes at their childish fight but used it to flee.

"There you are!" The two level two Akuma popped up in front of her. The woman cursed under her breath before gripping the red pole in her hand. How many of these things did she have to destroy? First hundreds of those round ones appeared, then these odd speaking ones started to pop up. She swiftly dodged all manner of attack as best she could. Finally her one leg gave way and she half kneeled on the ground groaning in pain. If she had never gotten injured by the other one she would have been fine. But she was loosing too much blood.

She began coughing viciously cringing as she saw blood speckle the ground in front of her. Groggily she looked up as she heard the two Akuma (as she was informed by the 'exorcist') speaking down at her. 'Shit…' was all she could think as the two fired another attack upon her. She tried to get to her feet but failed when another round of lung hacking coughs assaulted her. Squeezing her eyes shut she readied herself for her own demise.

When seconds passed and nothing happened she spared a peek out of one eye. Her eyes caught onto a blurry figure before her, white and black was all she could really make out. Before her vision could fully come back, she felt something grabbed her and pull her out of the way. Leaving the white and black blur to fend off the evil beings. She felt herself gently leaned up against a half crumbled building. Only catching a glimpse of a figure in a tan trench coat looking thing.

Through her failing vision and half conscious state she heard two males broken conversation.



She groaned lightly as she fell into the world of black, completely losing consciousness.


The Finder looked up at Allen. "What should we do?" He looked back down at the girl as he quickly cleaned and wrapped the gash on her side. "She's lucky to be alive. She's lost a lot of blood."

Allen nodded before crouching down next to her. "Yeah, this is the girl we've been looking for though." The Finder looked up at his exorcist counterpart in shock. "We'll bring her with us. We're only a town away from the town we have to meet Lavi, Lenalee, and Bookman at." He lightly brushed the girls black red hair out of her face. "Yeah, then we'll bring her back to the order."

After securing all of her injuries the Finder gently tried to remove the pole from her closed fist. The half dead girls grip only seemed to tighten. "Uh…" Allen laughed before shrugging his shoulders. The Finder quickly helped lift the girl onto Allen's back before the two left the ruined town.


"So this is her?" Lenalee said quietly as she peeked over the girl who lay in the bed before them.

Allen nodded as he pulled the covers up on the girl who slumbered, or rather who lay unconscious. He was about to say something more when the rooms door open and a red blur ran in.

Lavi looked down at the girl as Bookman randomly appeared beside Allen. "What are her injuries?" Allen looked down at the panda look alike and Lenalee began listing off the wounds on the girl.

"We found a few smaller cuts on he body but the main reason for loss of blood was the gash on her left side." Lavi frowned as he looked back at his fellow exorcist. Lenalee smiled and continued. "She should be fine, the main reason for her still being unconscious would be exhaustion."

"From what I could tell she has been fightin' countless Akuma for God knows how long." Allen nodded before the red headed boy by the bed sighed. Bookman nodded as well, then went going over to do a quick assessment of the girl. He had already called back to head quarters and informed them of their discovery. Yet, they still had to decide how to break it to the girl when she awoke. From what Allen and Lavi explained before, the girl was in no ways ready to comply with them.


A young girl with red hair ran through the endless hallways. Eyes taking in every doorway, every turn, every crack in the wall. She ran until her eyes fell on the person she had been searching for all along. "Mama…" The little girl smiled as she ran towards the older woman.

The woman turned to her, tears in her eyes, yet a odd smile on her face. The little girl stopped and resisted the urge to turn back. "Mama?" The womans face began to take on inhuman features. The young girls eyes widened and she let out a scream as her mothers body was torn apart. "Mamaaa…"

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" The girl shot up in her bed, sweat rolling down her neck.

Lenalee jumped up from her own bed, which was in the same room, and was by her side at once. "It's okay. It was only a dream."

The blackish red heads body trembled under Lenalee's hands. After a few deep breaths and blinks the girl returned to reality. "Where…where am I?"

Lenalee let out a sigh of relief before setting her arms down on the bed. "An Inn in town. My friend found you in bad shape and brought you here."

The black red haired girl visibly stiffened as her memory began to return to her. Just as she was about to speak, there was a knock at the door, and it was flung open.

"Is everything okay?" Lavi and Allen quickly entered the room, worried from hearing the girls scream.

Lenalee looked at the girl in surprise as she scrambled out of the bed. "You!" The girl glared at the two boys who blushed and turned away. The red head looked down, noticing she only worn bandaged on her chest. Blushing she pulled up the sheets, which sent Lenalee tumbling off the bed, and covered herself.

Allen coughed as Lavi helped Lenalee to her feet. "You seem to be better." The girl shrunk back and crouched in the corner. "You shouldn't move much, you have a pretty bad injury from the attack."

Lavi took a cautious step towards the cowering girl. "You don't gotta be scared." He was memorized when dull red eyes caught onto his. His voice came out lower and more gentle. "We just want to help." He crouched down in front of her and half smiled. "Allen there," he threw his thumb over his shoulder at the other boy. "Thinks you've been out ther' fightin' loads of Akuma on your own." He frowned as the girl looked away, indicating that it was probably true. "We can help, ya know. If ya come back to head quarters with us." The girl looked suspiciously around the room, her eyes landing on the only other female in the vicinity.

Lenalee smiled a sweet smile before taking a seat on the bed close to the girl. "We're exorcist and we can help you fight them. So, you're not alone."

The girl in the corner bit her lip, seeming to think over something. Then quickly shook her head. She gripped her right hand and quickly stood again, holding the sheet in place. "Where is it!" She yelled in panic. "Where did you put it!" She flew past Lavi and was about to franticly search the room.

"You mean this…" She spun around and stared at the small man in the door way. Bookman held up the red pole that the girl had been holding in a death grip.

Her stare turned into a glare as she eyed the red pole. "Give it back." She lunged for it back the small man disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the room. After a few more failed attempts at grabbing for it she slumped to the ground. "Just give it back…It's mine…" She whimpered in a defeated voice.

Lavi frowned as he looked from the girl to Bookman. "Hey, old man, knock it off…" The panda look alike rolled his eyes as he smacked his young appetence on the back of the head.

"If you calm down and answer our questions. I'll give you back your Innocence." The girl looked up pouting and glaring. An extremely cute mixture, if you asked Lavi. She wasn't sure why the panda was calling her pole 'innocence' but if answering a few questions was all it took to get it back. She supposed it wouldn't be too difficult. Seeing her nod lightly the oldest man in the room took a seat before her on the floor. "Alright, lets start with your name…"

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