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"When you discard the name Lavi, you must also abandon all that connects you to that name." Bookman's eyes glanced down to the sleeping girl in his charges lap. "Including those that are overly attached to the one named Lavi."

Chapter Sixteen
"You can't." Was the calm reply from Komui to the girl laying in the hospital bed.

"What do you mean?" Aya asked, her eyes glassing over. "That can't be true!"

"Sorry, Ayaka. But we can't allow you to go on missions." The hat wearer sighed as he stood and stretched. "Your body will never fully heal from it's injuries. Sending you out to fight and activate your innocence would likely kill you." He gestured to the wound on her chest that was still healing. "You will be given a job within Head Quarters and most likely only be sent into battle as a last resort."

Aya's fist clenched on the sheet below her, though she wouldn't let the tears that wanted to fall escape. "That's nonsense. I can still fight." She muttered, her eyes clouded with the desire to fight beside her friends, to fight beside Lavi.

"This is an order, Mikihara, you will not fight." Komui said in a stern voice before replacing his clipboard on the table beside the bed. "Now you need rest, someone will check on you in a bit." He gently patted her head before he turned and, with a frown, left the room.

Aya grit her teeth and her fist clenched tighter onto the bed sheet. Slowly she allowed her sore body to lay back into the plush bed mat. She was useless, that's what Komui had just told her. Sure he sugar coated it, but in the end she was just useless. Useless to the order, useless in to the fight to protect her friends, and worst of all useless to Lavi. Digging her teeth into her bottom lip she resisted the urge to cry in sadness and scream out in anger. It wasn't fair. As she silently fumed she failed to hear the door crack open, or see someone peeking in on her.


Lavi paced back and forth in the library. Two days ago they had arrived back at head quarters. And two days ago was the last he saw of Aya. She had broken out in a horrible fever the day before they had arrived and she was immediately taken to the hospital wing. When he went to follow Bookman gave him a displeased glance and Komui had informed him that he wouldn't be able to see her anyway.

The red headed male had gotten tidbits of information from passing doctors and nursed, but it was not enough to kill his worry. Nor was it enough to fill the hole of need that was growing, he just wanted to see his Aya. The things Bookman had said to him on that first day of the journey home didn't even make a place in his mind during the past two days. He didn't want to think of leaving Ayaka, he didn't want to think about the pain it was going to cause him or her. He just wanted her.

With a determined look on his face, the normally playful boy turned and stalked out of the library. He would not let anyone keep him from being at her side. He quickly made his way through the twist and turns of the hallways until he was in the hospital area.

He narrowed his eyes as he neared her door, reaching to open the door he saw the doorknob turn. In that moment his determination quickly turned to panic. With a few seconds to spare he hid behind a large pillar outside of Ayaka's doorway. He watched as Komui left the room, the defeated look on his supervisors face had Lavi's stomach twisting into knots. With a sigh he turned and leaned his back on the pillar he had hidden behind. His head fell back and his eyes squeezed shut. 'How am I going to face her?' Suddenly the realization of Bookmans warning hit him full force. He was going to have to discard Aya just as he had his name for so long. His nails bit into his palms and his breath shuttered in his throat. A small clanking sound alerted him to the presence beside him. Quickly glancing over, Lavi's eyes landed on Kanda, who was also suspiciously standing behind the pillar next to his own.

Kanda merely crossed his arms over his chest, continues to stare forwards and acted as if that were the spot he could always be found. As if it was his natural 'hang out'. Lavi raised an eyebrow before realization hit him. 'He's waiting… outside of Aya's room.' Jealousy shot up the red heads spine at the thought of Kanda seeing her before he could. Again the warning from early pushed from his mind.

Narrowing his eyes at the other, Lavi peeked out of his hiding spot and realized the coast was clear. Sneaking out he reached for Aya's door, slowly opening it an looking through the crack. He froze at the distraught expression on her face. Gulping, he merely watched her from the doorway, his heart urging him to go and comfort her.

'You can't be with her.' A voice within his mind said, stopping him from making his way into the room and wrapping his arms around Ayaka. 'You are giving her false hope, it's only going to hurt her.' Standing a bit straighter, Lavi slowly closed the door to the room and took a step back. His head lowered and it took all his effort to keep his trembling arms from flinging the door open again.

Kanda discreetly watched from his position with a slightly confused expression. Yet he said nothing as Lavi took another step away from the door and swiftly walked back the way he came. The dark haired boy only took one long look at the closed door before he went back to idly standing outside of it.


A week. Aya looked around her room which, oddly enough, she had missed terribly. She had been brought back to this room a week ago and was told not to do anything overactive. She was ordered to stay within the room unless someone was there to escort her and she was to only eat what the doctors provided her with. And under no circumstances was she to train in any way, shape, or form.

The never ending visitors and guards had made it so that she would have to obey those rules. A painful stab struck her heart at the thought of all of the people she had managed to see the past week. Almost every member of the order came by to wish her well, all except a certain red head had at least.

She had brushed it off, thinking Komui was doing something evil like sending Lavi on a mission, but that tiny hope was crushed just the other day.

Ayaka watched as Lenalee's skilled hands slowly relieved an apple of its skin. The pigtail wearing female hummed as the sharp knife did its job. Ayaka bit her lip and finally looked away, diverting her eyes out the window where the sun was slowly setting. "Lenalee-chan can I ask you something?" She asked in a small voice, surprising the once distracted Lenalee.

Smiling and setting the apple down, she gave Aya her full attention. "Of course."

Returning the smile half heartedly, Aya fidgeted with her fingers before letting out a sigh. "Is Lavi on a mission?" The way she saw Lenalee stiffen had brought her worries to a head. Smiling sadly, she laughed lightly before dismissing the question. "Never mind, forget I asked." Faking a yawn Aya turned and laid down in her bed, her back facing the now crest faced guest. "I'm exhausted, sorry, Goodnight Lenalee."

Ayaka listened carefully as Lenalee cleaned up and prepared to leave the room. Squeezing her eyes shut, Aya held back every tear until she heard the door shut behind her friend. Only then did the traitorous little drops slide down her cheek.

Dull eyes turned to stare out of the window again, her only source of entertainment at the moment. She knew it, she knew it from the beginning, that he wasn't sent on a mission. When everyone who visited her seemed to avoid the topic of the male red head, when he had not been the first to see her when visitors were allowed. But she didn't want to admit it, didn't want to accept that he didn't want to see her. Just as she felt the tears forming in her eyes again, a knock on her door had her wiping the evidence from her face. "Come in." She felt her heart flutter in hopes of seeing a head of red but the flutter quickly turned to a squeeze.

"Hey Aya-chan!" Allen piped happily as he made his way into the room. The forced smile on Aya's face did not go unnoticed by the male, but he choose to ignore it for the time being. "I thought you'd like to eat lunch in the cafeteria with me!" He saw her pale face about to declare that the doctors would never approve and his smile grew. "I got permission to take you, told Jerry in advance what you'll be allowed to eat."

Aya's saddened eyes brightened slightly as she nodded. "Sure!" Allen quickly was by her bed and helped her from it, and soon enough the two were making their way to lunch.


Aya laughed lightly and shook her head. Her arm was looped around Allen's as the two took a small walk after lunch. Allen had noticed that her smile was a little more relaxed and natural now. He went on telling her of one of his crazy adventures, hoping she would get back to her normal self soon.

Just as they turned the corner to start the trek back to her room, a body bumped into Allen. Jostling Aya and sending a slight jolt of pain through her body.

"Ah, sorry, Alle…" The voice slowed to a stop.

Aya froze and her eyes widened at the voice. Her heart throbbed in her chest, as it begged her to look up, just to see his face. Gulping she finally allowed her eyes to slowly travel up to his face. Only to regret it horribly.

Lavi turned his attention from Allen to Ayaka, emotionless eyes blinked down at her. "Ah, Ayaka-chan." He stated, no sign of the normal warmth in his tone. "How are you feeling?" Aya hadn't answered, only being able to stare at him in disbelief.

Allen frowned as he watched the small exchange. Confusion written on his face.

Aya felt the pain in her body increase ten fold, her hold on Allen tightening as she felt her legs bucket from the pressure. Only as a groan of immense pain left her did her eyes squeeze shut, blocking out Lavi. Allen swiftly held tight to her, focusing on getting her back to her room.

Just as the two seemed to divert their attention from him, Lavi's mask cracked and shattered to pieces. Both missed the concerned look on Lavi's face and the despair whirling in his eyes. Yet he kept his feet rooted to the ground, merely staring at the two. Even as Allen scooped Aya up to make a dash for her room, Lavi did nothing. He only caught Allen's look of anger for a moment, before turning his back to the two and walking away.

With quick steps Lavi made his way back to the library. He had not expected to run into Aya so soon, he had been told she was restricted to her room. And he had made sure to avoid all routes that took him by her door. Finally entering his sanctuary he placed his hands on the table and took a deep breath. His heart ached, his chest burned and his head pounded. Closing his eyes, flashes of Aya's face flickered through his mind. The painfully hurt look of confusion had his heart constricting painfully.

Suddenly he felt nauseas and he squatted and let his forehead rest on the edge of the table. 'You're a bastard, Lavi.' He thought to himself as he was assaulted with images of her, thoughts of her. He wondered now, if he would honestly be able to distance himself from her. 'Is being Bookman really that important?' Just as his mind began to race, someone coughed behind him.

The young red head turned, maybe a little too quickly, and another wave of sickness overwhelmed him. The Finder that had come to inform him of something hurried to his side. "Should I call someone?" He asked and Lavi shook his head and stood.

"I'm fine." Lavi replied running his hand through his hair. "What do you need?"

The Finder looked at him, not believing a word of it, but he was only a Finder. He had no right to question an Exorcist. "I have come to inform you of the briefing for a mission." He held out a black folder and waited for the boy to take it. "It's of the utmost importance and demands you attention now."

Lavi looked down at the black folder and hesitantly took it. One quick glance over the material and he was rushing by the Finder towards Komui's office.


Allen and Ayaka had just made it back to her room. The trek was done in mostly silence, but he had tried to insist on her seeing the doctor again. But she refused, saying she felt fine now. Just as he went ot open the door and usher her in, a Finder came rushing up to him. The man was panting and had his hands on his knees. Allen shifted Aya in his arms and eyed the Finder curiously. "I'm going to put her in her room, take a breath and then tell me what's up." He smiled and brought Aya over to the bed.

The girl raised a eyebrow as she was helped into her bed. Her chest hurt considerably more, but she knew it wasn't from the wound the Noah had given to her. As Allen playfully tucked her in the Finder knocked on the door and entered.

"Walker-san, you are requested for a mission." The Finder held out a black folder and continued. "Your attendance is required for the briefing as soon as possible." His eyes flickered to Aya before falling back onto Allen. "I can attend to Mikihara-san, if need be."

Aya shook her head and situated herself back into her bed. "That isn't necessary." She saw Allen about to protest and set him another forces smile. "Allen you should really get going, it sounds important."

A frustrated sigh left the boy as he took the folder and gave it a look over. He refused to let anything show, as to not worry Aya, but he snapped the folder shut and excused himself. The Finder asked once more if she needed assistance before he too disappeared from her room.

As the door slowly closed behind them, Ayaka's eyes dulled and her head lulled forward. Small drops fell from her eyes and landed on the sheet covering her legs. Her fingers dug into the fabric, her joints feeling as if they would snap by the force. "Damnit…" She bit out in bitterness.

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