A/n: Sequel to 'ambidextrous'… which should probably have a better title. It was only ever intended to be a oneshot… (hence the suckish title) but it span off and got carried away. Anyway this starts at the 'end' of the Tsubasa journey, ignoring the events of Acid Tokyo, Infinity, Nihon but NOT Celes. Most of that happened. Kay.

Where the heart is

The summer air was still, not a single breeze to interrupt the moment, as the girl of the group gathered on the hill turned to face the warrior leaned against a tree with his sword over his shoulder, and the blond magician stood beside him.
"Thank you." She said, smiling sweetly. "For everything you've done." Beside her stood Yuko the dimensional witch, and behind her stood Syaoran. Mokona was perched on Yuko's shoulder like a white parrot.
"I guess… this is goodbye." Fay said, returning the kind smile as he looked at Sakura. She nodded, seemingly happy. With all her memories back and the bad guy beaten (though… that bit was mostly Kurogane and Syaoran's doing), it seemed their journey was finally at an end. Goodbyes were so hard though... and this seemed unfortunately sudden. Though everyone had known last night they'd be leaving, it seemed more real by saying it out loud.
"Stay out of trouble." Kurogane ordered to the two teenagers. Syaoran nodded. For a brief moment there was a pause, until Sakura flung herself at Fay, hugging him tightly.

He stroked her hair and smiled, glancing at his lover briefly before turning his attention back to Sakura. He bent down in front of her taking both of her hands and kissing them gently.
"Take care, my princess." He said softly. She smiled, despite the tears in her eyes. "Ne, Syaoran-kun you'd better take care of her." The blond teased, hugging the boy too. Kurogane sighed, he'd never been good at this sort of thing.
"Oi." He barked, causing Sakura to jump. "C'mere." She took half a step and he hugged her close to him using one arm. "You just… you stay out of trouble." He repeated to her roughly. She cuddled close into him before pulling back and regaining her composure. Kurogane didn't hug Syaoran, seeing how awkward Fay hugging him had made him, but instead ruffled his hair. "Treat her right kid." He muttered. Syaoran nodded.

The two teenagers stepped to Yuko who smiled.
"What is done is done." She said mysteriously. "Mokona… if you could send these two home." Mokona nodded tearfully, and kissed each of them on the cheek.
"Sakura…" It said softly. "Syaoran…" It took a deep breath before the familiar dimensional glow started up. "Goodbye!" It whispered. Sakura looked to Syaoran, and took his hand. The two used their free hands to wave as they vanished to Sakura's kingdom.
"You okay?" Kurogane asked, looking at Fay, hiding behind his blond hair.
"Yeah… yeah I'm okay." He whispered, though he was obviously not. The blue eyes held back tears, and he looked a little lost… but the smile he wore was genuine.

"And Kurogane…have you said your goodbyes?" Yuko asked them, she only asked Kurogane since Fay was allowed to use his magic now, (and to its full extent no less) he could make his own way home, having the power to travel dimensions on his own. Fay blushed a little, and Kurogane smirked.
"He's coming home with me." The two had discussed it in depth the night before. Journey over or not, the two did not want to be separated… it was a big step but they had been 'dating' (they travelled a lot so never really went out on dates) for nearly a year… Kurogane was ready for Fay to move in with him, and Fay really didn't want to go home. With Ashura gone, there was nothing left for him there.
"Is that so…" She smiled. "Well then. I'll leave you to it… Mokona… say your goodbyes." The creature flew forward and hovered in front of Fay's face.
"Thank you Moko-chan." the wizard said as Mokona kissed his cheek. "You have fun back home."
"Will do!" It chirped. "Ne Kuro-chu, cuddle me cuddle me!" It flew in circles around Kurogane's head trying to get his attention.
"Get lost damnit." Kurogane growled, swatting at Mokona in irritation. Fay put his hand on Kurogane's bicep.
"Kuro-pyon…" He warned. "If you act like this now, you'll regret it." Kurogane sighed and nodded. Damn mage.
"Fine whatever. Stupid meat bun." Kurogane allowed Mokona to hug him and absently stroked its ears like one may do a pet.
"I'm gonna tell everyone Kuro-man's a softy!" It giggled, flying away. Kurogane made to chase after it but Fay held him back with a smile and a wave as the witch and her companion left the dimension.

"Llew… on esnes ni gnignah dnuora." Fay mumbled. Kurogane raised an eyebrow in confusion, but Fay didn't notice. He raised his staff (which the witch had given back, in exchange for Mokona's safe return everything that had been given was returned, Kurogane's sword, Fay's tattoo had been traded for his staff though, he had no use for that seal now… and Sakura's memories of Syaoran. Afterall, a trade's a trade) and wrote some unusual letters in the sky. Kurogane rolled his eyes. Why was his boyfriend such a showoff? There was an all too familiar 'whooshing' feeling, and the two were swept into the air.

Kurogane landed next to Fay, in an undignified position as though Mokona had dropped them.
"You okay?" He grunted, looking around. It was already nearly dark here, but the scene was amazing. He hadn't been here in so long… but so little had changed. He sighed in relief. It had only just hit him the journey was over, he was home. He was about 5 miles from the castle where he actually lived, but he knew this area pretty well from training days during his youth. "Oi… I asked if you were okay." he said turning to face Fay who was also looking around in the slight fascination he usually did in new worlds, with a slight respect twinkling in his eyes: for this was Kurogane's home. Fay noticed he was being stared at and turned into the gaze, he smiled brightly.
"Era ew ereh?" Kurogane blinked and rubbed his ear.
"What are you on about?" He asked. Fay continued to stare at him quizzically. Kurogane growled. They'd overlooked one big thing. Or moreso… one little annoying thing. Mokona. Kurogane dug his hand in his pockets of his original clothes to find a few gold coins in the wrong currency. He held them out to Fay and pointed at his staff. Fay blinked. "I'm not gonna explain it to you coz you don't understand damnit…" Kurogane snapped, pointing once again at the coins and at Fay's staff. When in Yama the two had been in a very similar situation so they'd gotten pretty good at sign language... However they were a bit rusty. Fay looked cautious, but waved his staff.

As Kurogane had hoped, he'd understood, and the coins were now their worth in Nihon. He held a finger to Fay's lips to tell him to be quiet, before leading him into an inn. If they walked now it would only be dark and he could do without explaining to the castle guards what he was doing trying to sneak a foreigner in in the middle of the night. They could spend the night here then go to the castle in the morning.
"Room for two." He grunted, handing over his money. The receptionist stared suspiciously at Fay who… utterly confused just waved and grinned. "Stop that." Kurogane growled at his lover, who did no such thing.
"Room for… two?" The receptionist repeated, obviously a bit perturbed that Fay was male.
"Is that gonna be a problem?" Kurogane demanded. The receptionist shook his head and handed Kurogane a room key, taking the cash. "Oi!" He barked at Fay. "Stop ogling the damn wind chimes idiot." He grabbed Fay's hand and dragged him upstairs.

"Damnit… okay uh… right right…" Kurogane ran one hand through his hair as Fay sat down on the motheaten bed, looking slightly bewildered. "Isn't there some spell you can do?" He asked. "What am I talking to you for you're not listening." He sighed. Fay was once again staring at the wind chimes, they were commonplace here, but something altogether new to him. He stood up and crossed to the window, batting them and marvelling at the noise they made. Much like a child with a new toy, he seemed content so long as he was making a noise that Kurogane understood.
"S'tahw ti dellac?" He asked. Kurogane did a double take. He wasn't sure what Fay had said but it sounded pretty damn good… or maybe it was the way he said it. The paler man pointed at the wind chime and then shrugged, asking via sign.
"Chimes." Kurogane said slowly.
"Chimes…" Fay repeated, batting them again. Kurogane wrapped one arm around Fay's waist from behind, stepping a little closer to him. He lay his head in the crook of Fay's neck.
"I shouldn't have brought you here without thinking things through." He mumbled. Fay didn't understand what was being said but he knew that tone of voice very well. It was Kurogane's-seldom-used-apologetic tone. He turned into the hug.
"En, pots gnieb os yllis, er'uoy emoh won…" He whispered gently, hoping to get his message across using his tone of voice too. He stroked Kurogane's cheek softly with his fingers and locked eyes with him. He smiled, showing Kurogane he was okay.

"That accent's pretty hot." Kurogane growled in Fay's ear, causing him to blush. He didn't have to understand it to recognise that one voice he reserved for the bedroom. "Say something else." He ordered.
"Si siht hcus a doog aedi? Erehw era ew yawyna?" He slipped his arms up around Kurogane's neck, not really taking faith in his own words. Sex with Kurogane was always a good idea. Kurogane growled again, liking what was being said. He nodded.
"More." he ordered. He'd learned in Yama that if he spoke abruptly in one word phrases Fay could understand a little more than usual. "Speak." He instructed, tapping Fay's mouth. The blond nodded and pushed him down so he was sat on the bed. He got down on his knees and fumbled with his zipper for a moment. Kurogane groaned. "No."
"No." Fay repeated huskily as though it was a dirty word, nodding his head and unzipping Kurogane's pants. Kurogane sighed, and tugged Fay's face up in a pencil grip under his chin.
"Oi… not that." He said shaking his head. Fay looked confused, shaking the head he understood… why no? Kurogane placed his fingers to Fay's lips. "Speak." He said.
"Speak." Fay repeated. His eyes widened and he nodded. "Speak."
"Got it?" Kurogane asked. Fay slipped two of Kurogane's fingers in his mouth, darting his tongue over his fingertips and massaging the base of them with his lips.

Kurogane closed his eyes, that hadn't been what he was after, but it was by no means unexciting. Damn distracting mage.
"No." He mumbled, tugging his fingers free. He shook his head and this time Fay looked a little irritated. Whether it was what he wanted or not why couldn't he just go with it. Kurogane sighed. "Why couldn't you have been this damn forward in Yama? Don't you remember a word of Japanese?" He asked exasperatedly. He slid his dry hand into Fay's blond hair massaging his scalp as he did so. "Speak?" He suggested, hoping one word rang a bell in his pathetic memory.
"Kurogane…" Fay whimpered, having learned Kurogane's name a long time ago. "S'ti on esu I t'nac dnatsrednu uoy." He pouted.
"Voice?" Suggested Kurogane. "Talk?"
"Kurogane pots ti." Kurogane nodded furiously.
"That." He said, tapping Fay's mouth again. Fay furrowed his brow.
"Era uoy gniklat tuoba ym eciov?" He asked, pointing at his throat, as Kurogane nodded and allowed one excited hand to sneak under the wizard's coat. "Ll'I reven etiuq teg uoy, uoy wonk that?" He purred, but now he understood he could see the effect it had on Kurogane. What a weird man, to be turned on by speaking. "Ko m'I gniog ot peek gniklat." Kurogane, becoming a little wilder, tugged Fay's coat off over his shoulders and lay it on the bed.

"Dunno what you're saying idiot, but I like it."
"Ho I esingocer eno fo esoht sdrow." Fay said excitedly, laying backwards as Kurogane opened his shirt and pants giving him clear access to the blond's body. "Uoy syawla dais ti ni amaY." Kurogane growled excitedly, kissing along Fay's neck a little roughly, leaving marks he knew he'd regret when introducing Fay to the castle. The blond arched a little into his touch as he trailed his fingertips across his chest and stomach. "Kurogane s'ti drah ot peek gniklat mmmmmmh." He paused to murmur as his lovers hand dipped into his underwear. He pushed his head back into the pillow. "Nehw uoy peek gnitcartsid em." Kurogane purred, licking the edge of Fay's ear then biting it softly.
"Let me know if I hurt you." Kurogane whispered, nipping a little harder at his jaw line and probing the skin above Fay's erection teasingly. Fay didn't get it, but Kurogane knew he'd let him know anyway, he always did.
"En yhw ma I ton gniod gnihtyna?" He pouted and unhooked his lover's cape, Kurogane took the hint and removed his own shirt to be helpful. Fay wriggled a little, sitting up which pissed Kurogane off a little. It wasn't that he liked being totally dominant it was just… well… okay yes it was that. Fay lowered his equally skilled hands, one to graze over Kurogane's nipple, and one to rub over the prominent bulge he knew all too well.

The fumbling continued, Fay better with his hands and Kurogane better with his mouth. He licked along Fay's collarbone.
"Speak." He ordered, leaning Fay back and biting very gently at his nipples. Fay 'hm'd gently in response and rubbed his hips closer to Kurogane's.
"Tahw ma I desoppus ot yas?" The blond mumbled, taking Kurogane's now exposed erection in his left hand and rocking meticulously rhythmically. He could see the excitement building in Kurogane's crimson eyes and smiled teasingly. The smile was quickly wiped however as Kurogane licked and kissed a hot trail down his abdomen. He whimpered. "Kurogane." He whispered. He could no longer reach anything except Kurogane's head so tugged at his hair as he enveloped his straining cock with his mouth. Fay knew Kurogane was so much better at this than him, because he found he could barely breathe every time. He instinctively tried to thrust upward into the heat but Kurogane held his hips still, he licked the slit with the very tip of his tongue.
"Stay put." He ordered, briefly pulling back. "Speak."
"Woh ma desoppus to…" Fay moaned as Kurogane's tongue tensed against his head, the flat of it grazing against his crown like sandpaper. "haaa. Kurogane I t'nac peek gnikaeps." Kurogane pressed his head forward a little, swirling his tongue around his love's member. Fay twitched beneath him and he looked up, he'd always loved Fay's face when they fooled around, he looked so pleasantly content. With a past like his it was hard to smile… he didn't often smile when excited but he always looked happy. Eyes tightly closed and pale cheeks flushed, his hair slightly damp and clinging to his skin.

"Kurogane." Fay begged, knowing it was the only word he'd understand. Kurogane didn't listen, and instead scraped his teeth gently up and down Fay's dick, allowing his tongue to follow. Fay moaned. "Pots ti I tnaw… I tnaw…" Fay couldn't breathe as Kurogane picked up the speed, darting his head back and forth, deep throating when he could. He gripped Kurogane's hair a lot harder, intending it to hurt. Kurogane growled menacingly, the vibrations bringing Fay to his limit. "Kurogane esaelp." Fay begged, not wanting to end here. Reluctantly Kurogane pulled back.
"Damnit Fay you always make me stop." He muttered darkly. "Is it that wrong to just want to taste you?" The blond smiled as his lover came up to meet him. He propped himself up on his elbows and they kissed quite passionately, that was one signal they both understood well.
"I t'nod esoppus uoy emac deraperp?" Fay questioned cocking his head.
"Mmh." Kurogane mumbled half closing his eyes. "Have you always sounded like that? Or is it just in your language?" Kurogane knew it was just his accent coming through a lot stronger now he could be heard to speak his native(ish) tongue. "You ready?" He paused seeing Fay's face… how exactly did you ask that without words. He lifted one of Fay's legs onto his shoulder and raised his eyebrow. Fay looked as bit uncomfortable. "What?" He asked shrugging to show he was asking a question.
"Kurogane ew t'nod evah gnihtyna… dna er'uoy annog od siht yawyna t'nera uoy?" He sighed. Kurogane knotted his brow.

"The hell am I supposed to understand you?" He grumbled. He pushed his hips a little forward. "Yes?" He nodded. "Or no?" He shook his head. Fay looked a little apprehensive, he knew it would be painful without any sort of lubrication… and he had no way of telling Kurogane to be gentle. He slowly nodded. "Good." Kurogane spat on his fingers and slid them between Fay's legs, he slicked them along Fay's rim carefully. Fay wriggled at the touch, a smile gracing his features.
"Fi I t'nac klaw worommot m'I gnillet emih-oyomoT s'ti ruoy tluaf." He teased.
"Mmm… keep it up Fay and I won't be able to finish this." He groaned at the words. "Speak." He instructed.
"Eht ynori fo esruoc gnieb uoy yllamron llet em ffo rof gniklat oot hcum gnirud xes." Fay laughed trying to distract himself as Kurogane spat again on his hand adding half to Fay's entrance, knowing that would take the brunt of the pain, and the other half to his own member, turned a reddish purple in excitement and leaking a little at the tip. He positioned himself carefully above Fay with one hand.
"How on earth do I tell you a safe word for stop?" He asked with a sigh, he took Fay's hand and squeezed it gently. It didn't matter what he said as long as he used a reassuring tone of voice. "Just… let me know."

He pushed a little into Fay very cautiously.
"Nos fo a…" Fay mumbled, wriggling uncomfortably. It didn't hurt THAT bad, it just felt a little rough… imagine your first time only with much more friction. Lubrication was a godsend. Testing his leeway Kurogane pressed forward a little more. "Eeen, Kurogane evig em a etunim!" he pouted, digging his nails into his lovers hand to signal a pause. However, Kurogane looked a little uncomfortable too… was it hurting him?
"Sorry?" he suggested. Fay wriggled a little more then gave a nod, signalling to go ahead. Kurogane pressed himself completely in, groaning a little. Fay bit his lip and pushed his head back into the pillow as Kurogane steadied his hips. He moved slowly at first to make the awkward feeling a little more comfortable for them both… but being Kurogane he could only stand so much til he could not stand any more and sped up.
"Kurogane…" Fay moaned, somewhere between pain and pleasure as his muscles automatically tensed around the intrusive member, he bucked his hips in time with the fast and forceful thrusts. He gripped Kurogane's hand tightly, fairly sure he was bleeding.
"You okay?" Kurogane panted. Fay just looked confused, and continued grinding his hips into the pounding. He clenched his eyes shut and moaned again.
"Ll'I teg uoy kcab rof siht." He mumbled breathily as Kurogane's pumping became wilder. He could hear Kurogane's hips smacking against his thighs as every erratic jolt hit. Fay used his free hand to rub his own ignored penis, pent up with tension.

Kurogane smirked, since both of his hands were busy (one ensuring Fay didn't get too badly hurt by pinning his hips, and one holding Fay's hand should he want to suddenly stop), he couldn't object and there was something strangely erotic at the image of Fay pleasuring himself that encouraged his growing libido.
"Speak." He breathed, but for once, despite understanding Fay could not comply. His mouth half open at the dual sensation of Kurogane fucking him so roughly and being able to masturbate at the same pace. His hand sped up and he moaned, but did not talk. "Fay." Kurogane begged, as he neared his edge. "Speak. I wanna hear you. Speak." Fay mumbled something incoherently as Kurogane's erratic thrusts became positively rabid "DAMNIT FAY!" He ordered caught up in the moment. Fay's eyes widened. He did not like to be yelled at so seriously, much less when he didn't know why he was being shouted at. His hand stilled and he stopped touching himself, he stopped responsing toeach push his lover gave.
"Kurogane…" He mumbled sadly, but that was the final straw for Kurogane who came. He continued to thrust, riding out his own orgasm, thankful for the extra lubrication at the final stint. The hand that had been pinning Fay's closed over Fay's own and rammed harder and harder, forcefully bringing a thoroughly turned off Fay to the brink too. He came across Kurogane's stomach, breathing shallowly.

The two slowed down, heated breath and sweat mixing together, and they came down from the hormone induced high. Kurogane placed a kiss to Fay's damp forehead. However Fay punched his shoulder and pulled away.
"The hell?" Kurogane asked as Fay staggered to his feet and tugged his clothes onto his unclean body. "You okay?" No response at all, he just looked mad. "Fay… oi." He prodded him. "Oi…" Fay was evidently blanking him and not just being silent due to poor translation. "What'd I do?" He turned Fay around and kissed him gently, only to get no reaction at all from the blond. "D'I hurt you?"
"Kurogane… rewohs?" He used his hand to make a fluttery motion to try indicate water flowing. He didn't know how to ask anyone else and would be unable to read the sign on the door or wall directing him. "Rewohs…" He repeated making twinkling fingers to try show the water. He groaned and gave up, grabbing his staff. "Ll'I eb kcab noos." He mumbled, ruffling his hair and going for the door, walking with a slight limp.
"Oi… oi damnit Fay you can't go out… you can't speak Japanese… you're a moving target!" He stressed worriedly. However, he wasn't dressed and Fay had already left before he could get up.

It didn't take him long to locate the bathroom, and he locked the door, filling up the bath. The blond took a deep breath and swept his staff over the water. It began to glow and a face appeared.
"Hello Suki." Fay said brightly.

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