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The desert was surprisingly cold at night, Fay thought it was very sweet of Kurogane to remind him to bring a blanket. The blond wizard arrived there first, and lay the blanket on the ground. He surveyed the surroundings. The moon shone high and bright over the Clow desert, plunging everything into that lovely blue milky colour, the ruins that had served so much purpose now still and silent in the distance. Turning his attention to more practical matters, Fay noted that the balcony was made of stone pillars, and though fairly wide, they thinned out ornately enough to secure handcuffs to. The only exit and entrance had one key, that after slight blackmail they'd been able to acquire from the high priest. Kurogane really had thought the location through, and must have been considering it before the bet was made. Fay figured this was where he'd been sneaking off to when he'd first gone exploring.

He lay back and stared up into the inky black sky, the stars twinkling above him. For the first time, in probably forever, Fay felt unbelievably safe. He felt normal. He had an albeit unorthodox 'family', a home, and a husband. It was strange, since: given his past, he didn't think he ever would or could be happy.
"Oi." Barked a familiar voice. Fay rolled onto his stomach and grinned up at the figure of his life partner, who looked somewhat ridiculous. Half-cuffed shackles dangled from his wrist and a bottle of oil stuck out of his pocket, he also had in his arms a very unusual shaped box.

"What is that?" He asked, interested immediately in the trinket.
"Got it from Tomoyo, if she makes one more fucking deal with that witch for us I swear I'll…"
"Yes yes, that's all well and good Kuro-sama but what IS it?" On closer examination the 'box' had two grilled edges, several buttons, and the top may or may not detach. Whatever it was Fay was fascinated by it, and arched his back like a cat, pulling himself onto all fours to peek at the contraption.
"Wait and see." Kurogane grumbled, putting it down in a corner, the cuff attached to his wrist (presumably for safe keeping) jangled merrily and Fay sat back on his heels, looking up at Kurogane expectantly. Kurogane clapped his hands then rubbed them together, he licked his lips then kneeled down to be on equal level.

Kurogane raised one hand and weaved it through Fay's hair. He gave a heavy sigh.
"What's wrong?" Fay asked bewilderedly, after all: when Kurogane usually started touching his hair like that it more often than not signalled kissing… and stuff. Kurogane shook his head.
"Thanks… for not running away today. I know you thought about it." He said eventually. Fay opened his mouth to object but he had to be honest. It wasn't out of line for him to suggest he may have run away.
"I'm done with that." Fay promised. "No more running…" Kurogane nodded in agreement, and then the kissing started. A quick fuck was all well and good but it couldn't fully satiate the desires of two married men, so the kiss was desperate, urgent and messy. Fay lost track of whose tongue was whose as they melded into one, lips pressed hard together and teeth clicking almost painfully at the wrong moves. Fay mewled feeling Kurogane's fist in his shirt and lay back. Kurogane pinned him down, the kissing becoming if possible more fevered, before they forced themselves apart.

"Can't get…" Kurogane panted from his place above Fay. "Too excited too fast." He placed a kiss on Fay's forehead.
"Why not, we have all night." Purred the wizard, physically turned on by the dishevelled appearance of his husband.
"I." Kurogane said simply, patting himself down looking for the handcuff key, just to make sure he had it. Sure enough he did. "Am only cumming once tonight," He informed, placing the key on the floor where it would be safe. Without any hesitation he flipped off his own shirt, discarding it carelessly over his shoulder. He looked at Fay, who was now propped up on his elbows, regaining his breath. "Yours'll have to come off too." He added decisively.
"Feel free." He beckoned. Kurogane smirked and shook his head. "Ne! Kuro-myuu is a pervert he wants a show." Fay gasped pretending to be appalled by this behaviour, but obediently, very slowly began to lift his shirt, showing the ghost of his abdominal muscles, a hint of a belly button, Fay slid his hand underneath his shirt, no longer showing the underneath contents, but happily to just trace his hands over his own torso.

Kurogane watched in mild amusement, Fay could definitely be a tease sometimes nobody on the right side of his sexuality could dispute that: however this was not one of those times. The thin young blond's show was more funny than sexy, given that Kurogane did not possess the ability to see through material, the wizard's hand darting about under his shirt looked like a child trying to struggle out of his shirt one handedly.
"We have all night, not all week." Kurogane said teasingly, and Fay huffed.
"Perhaps I should just take off all my clothes and lay on my back for you?" He said haughtily.
"Sounds like a plan." Kurogane grinned and Fay glared.
"And here's me thinking tonight was going to be something sp…" He was cut off by Kurogane's lips on his and his unshackled hand cupped his cheek.
"The shirt will do for now." He whispered huskily, barely breaking the kiss as both his hands slid down and clutched the hem of his shirt. Pulling back he took it off in one swift move. Fay visibly shivered at the sudden lack of heat, but didn't have time to mourn the loss of his warmth when Kurogane seized his hand and kissed it. Fay chuckled softly.

"You already proposed once Kuro-rin." he reminded playfully.
"Shut up." Kurogane murmured, kissing the very center of Fay's palm. Upwards to the heel of his palm. On to the wrist. Fay suddenly flinched in shock, causing Kurogane's ruby red eyes to shoot upwards, making sure it was okay. Though a fairly simple motion, Kurogane's oral attentions had focused on something Fay had never considered to be erotic, but it felt amazing. Kurogane licked the same place on his wrist and Fay gave a completely different kind of shiver, fascinated by the altogether alien sensation of sparks rushing up his arm into his shoulder and dissipating into his chest. Whatever Kurogane was doing was working as this lacksydaisy French kiss at his pulse point was a turn on.

The particular vein Kurogane was sucking on had turned purple, rising to the ice white pale surface of Fay's skin and as Kurogane scraped his front teeth over the tormented vein, delighting in the feel of Fay's blood pulsing just beneath his tongue the shiver that had run through Fay became the desired arch and quick as a flash Kurogane snapped one of the metal cuffs over his wrist. Fay blinked in realisation, then snickered.
"Kuro-sama, you're meant to tie me to something… not to you." For the linked chain of metal connected their wrists, Fay's right to Kurogane's left.
"Says who?" Kurogane smirked, and arranged himself carefully, so they were kneeling in front of each other. He raised and lowered his own arm a few times, Fay's own hand mirroring him, then very slowly Kurogane placed his hand on his own chest. They were so close that the further Fay could move meant he too would be touching himself.
"Ah." He smiled. "I get it."
"Good." Kurogane said, ready to begin. He trailed his own hand very carefully down his chest, Fay's hand followed on his own, unwillingly acting out whatever Kurogane did. Kurogane had the distinct advantage though, other than complete control, his nipples had never been a particular turn-on point, so when he brushed his thumb over them he got his kick voyeuristically.

Fay's fingers teased gently over his left nipple, which had turned pink in combination of cold and arousal and became almost instantly sensitised so the touch. His eyes widened as Kurogane's smirk grew and he began to move their hands faster. Fay had no choice in this situation, unlike masturbation he couldn't change the pace or the pressure: that was Kurogane's doing, but his hands were nowhere near as calloused and rough as Kurogane's leaving him just short of satisfaction.

Kurogane trailed his hand lower, Fay's slipped over his abdomen in slow brushing circular motions. Fay mewled, half torn between getting lost in the delicate innocent touch, and half frustrated at wanting to go further but not being able to, he tried to pull against the chain. Kurogane clicked his teeth.
"You want me to go lower?" he questioned.
"Haiii." Kurogane smirked.
"If you say so." and he slipped his own hand down the front of his roomy hakama, Fay however was unable to manoeuvre enough to get his wrist down his pants. He intended to use his other equally skilled hand but Kurogane grabbed it with his free hand. "Nuh. Uh." Fay groaned in agony, this was hell, he couldn't touch himself, and Kurogane wouldn't touch him, only right now letting him watch.

Then a brainwave struck Fay, it worked both ways. With a jerk of his hand he yanked Kurogane's away from him, causing the ninja's eyes to close. Fay repeated the motion, slacking the handcuff chain before pulling it taught again, Kurogane's hand may be the one wrapped around his penis, but it was Fay doing the moving. When Kurogane finally moved on his own, it was to reach for the key, to uncuff only his own hand. Fay lay back, fully expecting to have his other hand shackled, however, Kurogane leaned over and latched the other bracelet to the balcony.
"Only one hand?" He queried, waving his other free hand as though in triumph.
"Only one." Kurogane said knowingly, before kneeling at Fay's feet watching the mage's entire lithe body wriggling in front of him. Kurogane reached up and fumbled with the button on Fay's pants, dragging them down over his hips and knees, slowly over his calves and then off, leaving the wizard only in his underwear and half attached to the castle a look of curiosity on his face instead of pleasure.

Kurogane straddled Fay, who instinctively wrapped his free arm around his husband, and frowned, given that he couldn't move the other arm. Kurogane kissed his lips quite roughly before kneeling up, sitting (without putting all his weight on) Fay's legs.
"That hand's free, so that you can get yourself off, when you need to."
"Hm?" Fay queried. "You're not going to…"
"I just want to see how long you can last… it'll come in useful later tonight." He reassured him, before lowering his face and lapping at Fay's right nipple. Fay let his eyes close as Kurogane continued, travelling all over his body, using his tongue, fingers and palms to lick probe and caress his skin… everywhere except the place Fay needed relief. He could feel his erection throbbing as Kurogane squeezed his buttocks through the fabric of his underwear, practically hear it pulsating as he licked his inner thigh, and he saw a slight damp spot appear at the tip of the tent he was pitching as Kurogane's teeth nipped his hip.

He wondered if he could be brought to orgasm like this, with just the teasing: that way he didn't have to give in, wouldn't have to show weakness, but the way Kurogane's hands roved down his sides, thumbs carelessly flicking his nipple with every descent, the torment was just too much. His hand moved as though possessed, sliding in-between them, and as the blood pounded in his ears he began to masturbate slowly, trying to hold off his orgasm as long as possible, but it was no use. Kurogane's hands didn't still in their motions, neither did his mouth in his ministrations against the neck and collarbone. Fay found a familiar heat raise in his abdomen and he clenched and bit back a moan as he splashed cum across their stomachs.

Kurogane pulled back and nodded. Now he had a basis to work on.
"Now the real fun can begin."

Fay had long since known the difference between having sex and making love, and had expected a combination of the two that night, but for hours they made love under the moonlight, in different positions, different tricks. (The strange box Kurogane had procured played music, and each individual thrust in time to the beat took them both to the height of orgasm). They had explored boundaries, pushed each other to the limit, and got to know each other physically and mentally better than they knew anyone. True to his word Kurogane had only cum the once, inside Fay, and as they finished both collapsed, flushed and sweaty, each worn out, curled up against each other, Kurogane still inside him, although flacid.

"Time's it?" Fay murmured, catching his breath, pale chest shaking with each rise and fall. Kurogane shrugged, pulling Fay closer, his back curved against his much larger chest.
"Sun's coming up, so probably sixish." Fay closed his eyes against the backdrop of stars fading away into the morning dawn. As the light crept in around them, Fay was reminded strongly of Celes, of Valeria, Sakura and Syaoran, Mokona and Tomoyo, Tsukiakari, everywhere they'd been and everywhere there'd be in future. He sighed softly in contention.
"We should probably get dressed." Kurogane murmured as the sounds of the city began.
"Five more minutes." Fay whispered. "I'm happy here."

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