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Spoiler Alert! There will be references to happenings in Ark of Truth, as well as mention of Stargate SG1 Season 10. There is nothing here regaring Continuum as I do not know anything about the storyline. You have been warned!

AN1: The plan is that this will be a 3 or 4 chapter story with possibly a completely unexpected pairing later on.


As the siren blared, announcing an unscheduled off-world activation, Walter made a small bet with himself. Contact from the Tok'ra was up this month so it might be them, but then again Gate Glitch hadn't happened in a while. SG1 was still on base and SG4 and SG20 were on diplomatic missions, so a Team Under Fire scenario wasn't very likely. There was the rare but interesting Alternate Timeline/Universe occurrence, but Walter never like to pick those, they were too random for his taste. So Walter settled with a Team Finishing Up Early; it happened often enough that he was now used to it.

"What's the status, Walter?"

Turning slightly in his seat to acknowledge General Landry, including Vala and Daniel who followed behind him, Walter returned to studying his screen intently.

"Receiving IDC sir…that's strange."

"What is it?"

"Well sir, it's a Stargate Command IDC, but it's not currently assigned to anyone. Incoming Audio Transmission sir."

"Let's hear it."

Through the bursts of static a feminine voice could just be made out.

"…hear me? SG….under fire and…is damaged. Request immediate extr…"

As a confused look was exchanged between the staff in the control room, Vala frowned. At Daniel's questioning glance, she shook her head slightly and turned her attention back to the General as he replied to the unknown voice.

"This is General Landry of Stargate Command. Who is this?"

"…you repeat? Piece of …isn't working pro…dammit!"

Any further conversation was halted by the sound of P90 fire. Realizing that he wouldn't get a clear answer through the communication system, Landry made a quick decision.

"Open the iris, defense team at the ready. Walter, send a confirmation signal."

The iris drew back with the familiar metallic grinding and the atmosphere in the Gateroom grew ever more tense. As the marines subtly tightened their grips on their weapons, Daniel turned to Vala and queried her earlier reaction.

"It's nothing. I just thought she sounded…familiar."

"Familiar how?"

The bright blue puddle rippled as an energy blast came bursting through, impacting on the wall just under the control room window. As everyone turned back to the gate, they caught sight of the dark-haired, slender figure in BDU's as she fell out of the event horizon and rolled down the ramp, ending facedown at the bottom. Shoving her P90 out of the way, and pushing herself up onto her hands and knees with her hair hanging around her face, she started to giggle hysterically, surprising the onlookers.

"Well, General Landry sir, I guess we can cross that one off the Friendly Planet list. They definitely do not want our help. Permission to find a dark corner and lick my wounds, sir?"

The tone of voice indicated that she was expecting a humorous reply from a friendly group. However, as she lifted her head and turned to face the personnel of Stargate Command, only three people in the room recognized her. Only two of them had met her in person. And only one of them was able to say anything. But when the staff in the Control Room heard Vala's exclamation, everyone felt the same chill of fear run through them.



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