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Dark Bladers POV

(see also the Majestic's POV)

Revenge is Best served…


Deep inside a forest was an abandoned castle. It always seemed to be shrowded in darkness and surrounded by danger. In the trees spiders would grow as large as dogs and creatures you never dreamed of haunted the lands.

It was the perfect home for the Dark Bladers. Not just because it perfectly matching their image, but because their rivals, the Majestics, would never even think about entering the land.

It was Ireland.

The only way you would catch Johnny in Ireland is if he was dead and dragged there as a mindless zombie.

So, I say again, it was the perfect place for the Dark Bladers.

Inside the castle the cloaked team was mourning their latest loss to their rich enemies. Zomb stared blankly out a window, Cenotaph sat in an old dusty chair, Lupinex lay on an antique couch, and his brother Sanguinex paced the floor, scowling as he did.

"There must be a weakness in their luck." Sanguinex hissed.

When Sanguinex was in this mood, you didn't really want to bother him or say anything that would make him any more angry, and you would think after all of these years Lupinex would have figured that out, but I guess he still hasn't gotten the memo.

"Isn't it obvious, brother," the werewolf said. "They are far more experienced then us, and way better."

Sanguinex glared daggers at his brother.

"What he means by that, Sanguinex, is that they have more chances to blade then we do." Cenotaph said, saving Lupinex. It was becoming a sport for him.

"Then why don't we go to the streets and practice against strangers! Isn't that what the other teams do?" Zomb suggested.

Sanguinex turned with a smile, ready to agree, but they Cenotaph had to kill the buzz.

"We cannot. When people see us they run away." The mummy stated.

"Psh, we're monsters, remember?" Lupinex added.

Sanguinex looked down and started pacing again, but suddenly you could see an idea flash through his head.

"That's just it!!"Sanguinex exclaimed, grabbing his little brother's sholders and shaking him vigerously.

"Wh-what?!" Lupinex asked, looking rather frightened.

"We're MONSTERS!!"

"Didn't I JUST say that?" Lupinex asked.

"Yes... yes you did. But that's not the point!!" Sanguinex said turning his back to his brother and slamming his fist in his hand, looking very much like a leader.

"We are monsters." Sanguinex stated. "And it's time we start acting like it!"

"Well now Sanguinex.." Cenotaph looked shocked. "You want us to kill them?"


"I've always wondered what rick kids tasted like!!"

"No, Lupinex" Sanguinex tried to state, but wasn't loud enough.

"You've never eaten anyone before, Lupinex." Zomb laughed.

"Neither have you!" Cenotaph stated.


"Well it's never to late to start!" Lupinex said, excited.



"NO!" Sanguinex yelled angrily.

Everyone stared at him quietly.

"It was your suggestion, brother." Lupinex pouted.

"No. No it wasn't." Sanguinex sighed. "What I meant when I said we should start acting like monsters was that we need to start getting mean.. and devious."

Lupinex scowled and whispered "Eating people is mean and devious.."


"Then do you have a plan?" Cenotaph asked calmly.

"That's... the problem.." Sanguinex started pacing again.

Back to square one.

A few minutes went by.

"I have a plan."

"We're not eating anyone Lupinex."

Silence again.

"You know.." Cenotaph smirked. "They're powerful as a team. When they know their comrads are near they are unstopable."

"So?" Lupinex asked.

"So... let's shake up that security."

Sanguinex's red eyes lit up.

"Let's kidnap one of them!" Sanguinex and Cenotaph said in unison.

"And eat them!"

"Shut up Lupinex!"

Lupinex whined like a puppy.

"Now then." Cenotaph looked like he was thinking hard about somthing. "If my research is correct they should be at Oliver's house for the rest of today."

Lupinex stared wide eyed. "Stalker?"

"No you see I've just been.."


Cenotaph opened his mouth to protest but Sanguinex spoke up.

"Not the point. Now we have a new problem. Who're we kidnapping and how are we going to get said person away from the others?"

They all thought for a mometn before someone spoke.

"Oliver, I mean, it's only logical. He's the smallest and he'll give us the least amount of trouble." Lupinex said.

"That's only because he is contemplating ways to destroy us perminatly." Cenotaph said.

Can't argue with that logic.

"But he'll work.. but how are we going to get him alone?" Cenotaph asked.


Everyone turned and looked at Zomb in silent horror. He returned their looks with a very stoic face.

"When is the only time someone is completely alone?" Zomb asked them.

Everyone looked very frightened.

"The shower."

Everyone was quiet again. You could see the tension on the room.

"NOT IT!" Zomb yelled loudly.

"NOT IT!" Sanguinex

"NOT IT!" Cenotaph.

"AHHHHHHH!! NOT IT NOT IT NOT IT!! Damn I HATE you guys!" Lupinex yelled, grabbing the side of his head and pouting in defeat.

"Well then." Sanguinex stifled his laughter at his little brother. "Everyone, we are going to the garden in Oliver's yard." he commanded, making sure everyone would appear in the same location.

Everyone nodded save Lupinex who was sulking in the corner. With a wave of their cloaks they dissapeared leaving thier castle cold and quiet.


They didn't stay in the garden for long, you see, Sanguinex didn't think it through. Their dark cloaks around the bright colors of the many flowers.

They might as well have had megaphones screaming 'WE'RE COMGING FOR YOUR WOMAN'

You have to admit Oliver is quite the woman.

The group moved silently, counting on Lupinex's excelent hearing to lead the way.

"They're in the second livingroom on the first flore." The werewolf whispered, and eveyrone followed him to the mansion. They crept to a window and looked inside. Sure enough, there was the entire team.

Cenotaph was indeed an excelent stalker.

Suddenly the odd group spotten another team entering the room.

"What are the Blade Breakers doing here?" Sanguinex asked.

"Shhhhh! I think I can hear them!"

The whole team went quiet and they listened closely.

"Oliver! Why don't you add another wing to your house?" Robert asked, looking--as always--very serious.

"I like small houses." Oliver said, sipping on his tea. "I think they are cute."

The Dark Bladers and the Blade Breakers proceded to do the exact same thing at this moment. They all slowly looked around at the huge castle with several stories and nearly a hundred rooms, and with property as far as the eye could see. This 'small house' could host half of France.

"Ass holes." Lupinex growled.

Everyone in the house thought they heard somthing and slowly looked over at the window. Quickly the four monsters ducked away.


They had been at that window for hours, and that didn't sit well with Lupinex. Being as impatent as he is it took all of his will power not to break through the window just to hear the sounds.

It had been dead silent for the past hour.

"C'mon guys!! This is killing me!" the werewolf pleaded.

"Would you shut up?" Cenotaph whispered.

"How do you know that he is going to take a shower anyway T.P?!"

"His hair is always clean, but today it looks a mess."

The whole team turned and stared at thier stalker friend.

"What?" Cenotaph asked, looking very confused at the accusing faces of his teammates.

"Cenotaph... that.. is a little freaky." Sanguinex said.

"I told you guys he was a stalker." Lupinex stated with an evil smirk.

"Oh shut up." the mummy snapped back. "I'm not a stalker! I'm a detective!"

"Psh.. yeah.. call it what you want." the wolf said back, still smiling evily.

"Guys.. look." Zomb said quickly, to quiet them down.

The team looked back into the window, everyone in the building started to spread into different rooms and sure enough you could hear someone with a faint dainty voice speak.

"Oh my.. I think I need a shower."

It was definatly Oliver.

"Good idea." you could hear Tyson say with a laugh.

"You are an extremely good stalker, Cenotaph." Lupinex said as he walked quietly over to another window, following the sound of the footsteps.

Cenotaph looked complimented for a second, and then insulted.

"Now then, brother." Sanguinex started pulling a bag out of his cloak. "In a few moments Oliver will be in the shower and you will take this bag, transport up there, and capture him. Take him straight to our castle, we will be waiting there."

"Wait!" the werewolf looked frightened. "I have to go in alone?!" he was almost yelling. "Why am I the only one who has to get near the naked rich kid?!"

"Well if you would have thought faster then you wouldn't be in this situation." Zomb said.

"You know I'm bad at the 'not it' game!! You picked it on purpose you stupid rotting corpse!!" Lupinex finally realized this was the plan all along.

The three dissapeared, leaving Lupinex there by himself, scowling angrily at the bag in his hand.

"We should have just eaten them..."

The werewolf--against his better judgments--did as he was told. He appeared in the steamy room, completly distressed.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!!" he thought to himself.

But puching all logic from his thoughts he captured the boy in the bag and dissapeared before either of them had the chance to make a sound.


Lupinex reappeared in his home, finding his teammates laughing.

"What's so funny?" Lupinex asked.

They all looked at him, and then at the squirming bag.

"Isn't it obvious?" Sanguinex asked.

"Here now, let him out." Cenotaph said.

"Ew! No!" Lupinex said, making a very strange face. "He's naked!"

"Drop it!" Sanguinex said sternly.

Lupinex did as his brother said. He dropped the bag and the body inside sqirmed out, but that body wasn't Oliver's.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" The dark haired boy yelled.

Everyone stared at him dumbly.

"Hold on.." Zomb said finally. "You're not Oliver.."

"You're Tyson." Cenotaph stated the obvious.

"Hell yeah I'm Tyson! Do I look like Oliver to you?!"

"No. You look very naked." Lupinex said.

Tyson froze for a long moment before pulling the bag up to his waist and tieing it.

"How did you confuse me with Oliver? The dude looks like a lady!" Tyson asked.

"I can't believe we would think there was only one bathroom in that house!" Cenotaph said, covering his eyes in distress. "How could we have been so foolish?"

"Hold on! You guys were after Oliver in the shower! What's going on here?!" Tyson asked, looking violated.

"This looks sooooo bad..." Lupinex said with a slight laughter in his voice.

"Now what are we going to do...?" Sanguinex asked angrily.

And he started pacing.. yet again.

Chapter 1, end.

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