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The carriage rolled away from the steps, and with a stifled yawn, Lucius Malfoy walked up the steps.

It had been a horribly boring meeting and worse, he had had to endure it with the thought that Draco would have returned, eating away at his insides. He had made it a point to always be home the day Draco returned. And he had insisted on punctuality on Draco's part always.

And, apart from moral issues, there was the undeniable fact that Draco was back. Back to him.

As he entered the house, a rare smile lit up the arrogant face as without even removing his cloak he made his way through the foyer, the large hall and straight up the sweeping oak staircase. As he turned on the landing, he quickened his step. Not bothering to knock, he entered the last room on the left. With a quickening pulse, he shut the door. The lights were off, but he knew they would be; Draco was probably sulking. He turned on the lights with a flick of his wand, and turned an apologetic, charismatic and charming smile- to an empty bed.

Lucius stared for a minute. Anxiety and disappointment both coursed through him. He turned and thoughtfully made his way out. He stood indecisively in the corridor for a few seconds. Then a soft smile played on his lips.
It couldn't be; But how perfectly ironic. The smile growing a little wider, he walked to opposite end of the house. To his study. As he saw the gleam of light shining under the door, he almost laughed. Draco's planning was brilliant. He had to admit. How often had it been him waiting in there while Draco walked down this corridor? Still smiling, he knocked on the door.

"Come in," a voice commanded. Lucius thrilled to the voice. His son's voice. It had all the power and authority of a man. Of a Malfoy.

He opened the door and walked in.

Draco was seated in his chair, feet up on the table. As Lucius shut the door, he snapped something shut. A watch, Lucius realised.

"Three hours and forty-five minutes, Father."

Lucius walked over to the desk. In the firelight, his son looked, if possible, even more beautiful than usual. As he watched, one elegant eyebrow raised itself, "Three hours and forty-five minutes, Father. That is how long I have been waiting."

"I'm sorry, Draco. There was an urgent meeting at the Ministry today. I kept trying to leave but they wouldn't let me." Something told him it wasn't the best timing for the kiss he'd been planning all day.

It felt strange, standing before Draco. He moved to a chair, but his son's voice rang out, "I haven't given you permission to sit."