Author's Note: Just three this time around. My day job is eating my brain. Between brainstorming for projects, parsing info, writing content for lessons, writing scripts and researching, I find my creative side cowering in a corner, rocking back and forth and chanting nursery rhymes by the time I get home in the evening. And, I just saw The Dark Knight, so, of course, my brain is filled with the presence of the Joker (and he is quite the distraction, but at the same time, good inspiration for getting back to one of my original short stories). At any rate, I hope to have more little music shorts...and maybe something else during the next weeks/months.


Etiquette Lesson - Edward Scissorhands OST

It wasn't the dream that sent him scuttling across his bed in a panic, falling to the floor in a bundle of pillows and sheets. Rather, it was waking to bright eyes peering out of a face that was both strange and familiar. A face that, when he opened his own eyes snap-quick--rushing up from his bad dreams--was hovering entirely too close. Close enough that he could see the ring of black surrounding the iris, the lines in the lips. Perfect human imitation. And when he was sitting on the floor, pain flaring in his hip, staring at the mouth that was asking him if he were "O. K." he thought again that he would have to have a little talk with Bumblebee about lending his holoform to night time excursions that involved Sam's bedroom.


Kissing a Wolf - Zara's Remix (Blood and Chocolate) Johnny Klimex and Reinhold Heil

Whip crack of branches behind him and the ground shaking beneath the weight of his pursuer. His eyes stung from the young tree limbs that slashed him across the face. Blood in his mouth, wet, and yolky raw. And if he could only keep going, push harder, run faster, breathe easier, he just might make it to the light that shone... But what good was the light in the end, Sam thought as he fell to the shuddering earth, something cracking--white-hot flash of pain--in his foot. It didn't keep the monsters away.


Out of City (Hot Bloody Chocolate Remix)

The press of a hundred bodies all around him made him flush, but it was the one body pressed up against his that sent his pulse racing, blood thrumming through his veins so fast that he was certain he could see the rush of it just beneath the skin. Certainly Bee could feel it, as the Autobot's holoform ran cool fingers up the backs of Sam's arms, caught Sam against his body when the boy would have moved away. And Sam let him. Let him move them both to the beat of the music, let himself enjoy the feel of Bee's body sliding behind him, against him, around him. Let himself taste the skin of Bee's brow, the artificially produced salt that settled into the grooves of Bee's lips, the warmth of that all too human seeming tongue, the feather brush of shaggy dark hair against his face. And he tried not to think, that come morning, he was going to feel mighty strange about this evening's escapades...