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Authoresses Note: This and the second chapter are merely introduction chapters.

While they do contain information needed to understand the story, They are merely a weak attempt
at linking the story to the original Hellsing storyline. Being that way, the action is not very present.

Chapter 1: Rising Phoenix, fallen angel.


A few moments after the battle all was silent.
Slowly she withdrew her black claw-shaped arm from what remained of the now dead butler's body.
A solemn tear fell from her cheek onto her blood stained boots,

of all the members of Hellsing numerous as they once were, SHE was ordered to fight and destroy, DESTROY not kill Walter.
The only person in In the organisation that had ever shown any kindness and care upon her.


She just stood there with her shoulders drooped, slightly sobbing, her massive
cannon resting in one hand while her other arm was reforming from the shadowy mass it was before.

All was over... Finally it was over, With the death of Father Alexander Anderson, the Vatican
had Ended their attack on London. Some of them who were there to witness the fight between
him and the young draculina's master Alucard and followed the Paladins honourable ways even helped in the search for survivors.

Millennium was obliterated, England saved, And a neutrality treaty between Hellsing and the Vatican had been signed.
Still the cheerful feeling of victory was nowhere to be found in Seras' heart.

To her it was as if she had just killed a part of herself, the part that cared for her.
Just then, the words the Major had uttered when she leaped to Integra's aid struck her. The images on the screen behind him.
No longer able to hold her tears at bay she collapsed, falling down to her knees and
covering her eyes with her small hands she began to sob aloud her body shaking with the force of her sobs.

She felt a warm hand on her shoulder. Integra was looking down at her with
a sad, yet strong expression on her face.


"Seras... Get up, We should get going. Just sitting here and cry won't get you anywhere."
Seras turned her head away, facing her head towards Walter's remains.
"Sir? Back in that blimp... What that man said... was it"

She could not finish her Sentence as Integra's voice already answered her worries, a single sob was all the lady of steel would let out
But that was all Seras needed to confirm her worst fear,

"It's true. Now let's go...Seras."
she turned to face her master's, master, now clearly seeing tears in her eyes.
Integra was a tough woman. Yet it was hard for her to talk about her lost servants.

She got down on her knees herself and hugged the little draculina while stroking her hair, picking a tear out of her eyes.


Seras let herself be helped up by Integra, and even though her legs felt like Jelly they made it to the car together, supporting each other.
Just before getting in Seras' sharp vampire ears suddenly caught the sound of flesh slamming against metal.

"I heard something" she said while keeping her ears open for something, anything.
to confirm she was not imagining things.. there was something there, she knew it.

When the sound was heard again Seras abruptly turned around to see what it was.
leaving Integra to smile wryly, wondering how she had recovered her strength so fast.

It. the sound that is. was coming from the blimp's cargo hold, or so it would appear.

After using her Harkonnen to fire a hole into the bow she climbed in.
She took a look at Integra to confirm she was safe, after all her master practically ordered her to protect the woman.

She just lit a cigar and pointed to the open door next to her,
making a drop of sweat roll over the back of her head in embarrassment.


With her eyes peeled and her ears focused she stealthily moved through the cargo hold of the huge blimp.
Multiple times she could swear she saw something move in the murky shadows.

Then out of the blue a loud thump was heard from less than five feet away from her.
She yelped and took a quick jump backwards into her fighter's stance.
In front of her was a large metal crate, large enough to fit a bear, no.. a rhino.

She only knocked on the metal and got a series of short thuds against the crate from the inside.
One thing was for sure she decided, whatever it was, it was not a rhino.

Seras grabbed the lock on the box with one hand and held her gun aimed with the other.


With one swift movement she crushed the lock in her delicate hand and swung the door open causing it to fly out of it's hinges,
to her amazement seeing a tied up and confused yet obviously pleased butler.

For a moment Seras was utterly confused not sure what to say.

She stammered as she removed the scarf that kept his mouth shut.
He exclaimed, (as far as an old butler can exclaim without sounding rude)

Seras smiled and hugged into him. He was indeed the real Walter-san, the old man she came to like and respect.
Not the fake she fought before.

she removed his handcuffs and bounds while he stroked his wrists to stimulate his blood flow into them.
"I must admit I'm glad to see you, I was starting to fear I'd never see a friendly face again"
he chuckled.
"But... how?"
Seras asked while she looked at her hand,
the one she had used to impale this man's corpse less than fifteen minutes ago.

"I'll explain later Seras-sama.. Right now I need to apologize to Integra-sama for allowing myself to get captured."

Seras felt like the part of herself she just lost a while ago had been restored.
Seeing the old kind smile on the butler's face that she was familiar with made her feel
like there might still be something good in the world.


Looking back over her shoulder as she walked into the starless night to meet Integra with the butler in tow,
she could not help but think to herself.

"Master... Are you out there too... perhaps?"