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Seras: Hey what about me?
Kitten: I AM you!

Seras: What?! Oh...
Kitten, you forgot about me?
Seras (kitten): GET BACK IN MY BED MASTER!
Alucard: Ehm?... "Moves back to bed" sure "Grins"
Seras (kitten):
On with the story then?



He had to run! Fast! They were behind him, Oh god why did he have to fall for her? How could he have known she was HIS? If he knew he'd not have tried to seduce her. A punch to the face made him stop dead in his tracks. A young boy of maybe 12 going from his looks stood in front of him, A gun strapped to his shoulder and long ebony hair in a braid. The boy had startled him but he quickly regained his posture. "Get out of my way! They are after me!" The boy smirked when a small girl with long, straight, blond hair appeared next to him and spoke to him in a monotone way "There you are... Dad is not happy about what you did to mom.. Did you say your prayers mister?" The boy grinned even more "Ze mignonette, I mean, Mother would be proud if we took care of him ourzelves zon't you think?" The girl nodded on which the two of them jumped the man that ha

d harassed their mother and an icy scream could be heard.


A small hand with a golden ring on one finger drew the boy and girl from the bleeding man.
The man looked up in a grateful manner only to almost instantly paralyse in renewed fear.
"Pip! Helena! Don't play with your food!" The soft voice came from the sweet looking short haired blonde draculina. "Yes mom" the two said in unison before digging in and finishing the man who did not let out as much as a short yelp before the two had drained him.
Alucard stood beside her looking at his children and at his mate. His large gloved hand closing around her small one, bearing a ring much alike Seras'. He dragged her closer and nuzzled into her hair. "Seras, how often do I need to warn you about your pheromones?" Seras giggled. Alucard had been using those words as an excuse to mate her since her first time. "My master...How often do I need to say I don't care?"


Walter and Integra had been watching the twisted scene for a while. The butler's wide laugh almost splitting his face in half while Integra just slightly smiled.

"Walter, Please explain to me again." She asked "Naturally born Vampire children age fast until they reach their adult stage Integra sama. Their aging will soon stop whe..."
"That's not what I meant Walter" Integra cut him off. "How did Alucard and Seras give birth to a child so identical to that perverted French mercenary?" Walter grinned and took off his monocle "My guess, Integra-sama, is that when Seras' first child was growing, Mister Bernadotte's soul attached itself to it and grew into it. That of course is just a mere theory."
Integra just smiled more. The captain was more interesting than she gave him credit for.


Next morning Pip woke up to someone knocking the door to his room, he slowly got up and settled his eye patch (Despite the fact he now had two perfectly fine eyes) "Come in 'Elena" he said knowing who was at the other side. Slowly his sister came into his room and sat down on his bed "Pip.. I think daddy is hurting mommy!" Pip hopped out of bed grinning slightly. His grin widening when he reached the hallway and he heard Seras' voice scream aloud "master, Master! MASTER!" Unlike his sister he had a previous life experience with that sound. He went back to his sister to comfort her "Why is daddy doing that to mommy? He doesn't love her? He does this every day. It scares me." Pip sat down beside her and put a hand on her shoulder, usually she never showed any emotion, but this was about her parents. "Don't worry. You a'e too young to understand, but they a'e actually 'aving fun." He could not help but frown thinking of Alucard, who was now his "Father" and inwardly chuckling. That lucky son of a..

The end!
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