Altomare Revisited

Ash groggily opened his eyes, he could smell something delicious cooking. He slowly rolled over and started removing himself from his sleeping bag, when he heard a voice shout out "Breakfasts up!" Ash recognised this voice, how could he not it was Brock his long time friend. Another voice shouted back a reply, this one was feminine and belong to another of Ash's friends May "Alright, I'm starved say if Ash doesn't got his lazy butt out of bed can I have his share?" Ash quickly jumped out of his sleeping bag, his tiredness forgotten, hastily pulled on his clothes and tore out of the tent yelling "Keep your hands off my food!" Brock turned to Ash "Look who finally got up." Whilst May simply took her plate and tried to suppress a giggle, "Hey I got up didn't I?" Ash shot back "So what's for breakfast?" The final member of their little group Max, May's little brother, spoke up "I believe it is the left over's of last nights stew that Brock heated up"

"That's right Max" Brock said "There should be enough for everyone so eat up"

"Guys I've been thinking" Ash said between shovelling his portion of stew into his mouth, "I think we should go on a vacation, I could use a break from Team rocket and I already have a place in mind."

"Sorry Ash but I won't be coming with you on the vacation" Brock said looking down at his feet "I kinda promised dad that I would help out around the gym for a bit and this seems like the only piece of free time we'll get for a while, I hope you understand."

"Yeah it no problem," Ash responded a bit disappointed his friend wouldn't be able to come "How about you guys May, Max you want to come?"

"Sure I would love too" May responded cheerily

"Yeah I could use some relaxation" Max added

"Great!" Ash yelled "Then it's settled we're going on holiday"

"Where?" Max asked

"Altomare, I want to meet up with an old friend and it's the perfect holiday city." Ash said his face bright at the thought of going back there.

"Sounds good but how will we get there?" Max asked

"By boat, there's a ferry from Slateport." Ash explained

"Wow! I've always wanted to see Altomare" May exclaimed "When can we go?"

"Well we can be in Slateport by the end of the week." Brock said

"Ok, then its settled" Ash said "Lets get going"


Ash sat apart from Max and May on the ferry to Altomare, looking out over the sea and holding a quiet conversation with Pikachu.

"It'll be great going back to see Latias again won't it buddy" he said his face full of hope.


"I just hope she's gotten over Latios, it hurts to see her so sad but still he was her brother"

"What you talking about" May interrupted Ash's train of thought,

"An old friend" Ash replied

"That's so cool, can I meet him?" May asked

"She's a girl" Ash replied defensively "and she's very shy but I will she whether she wants to meet you."

"Ooooh, sounds like Ashy has got a secret crush" May said sticking her tongue out at Ash and giggling.

"I do not like her, she's just a friend!" Ash shouted back blushing furiously, "besides it would never work out between us we're too different"

May seeing that see had made a mistake decided to change the topic, "Hey guess what, I've been doing some research and apparently Altomare is guarded by a pair of legendary pokemon…."

"..Latios and Latias" Max interrupted his sister with their names

"No, its not" Ash said softly trying to hold back his emotions

"What's wrong?" May asked "Normally you would jump at the chance of seeing a legendary pokemon, and this is a pair of legendaries"

"Pika" Pikachu said shaking his head

"What did I do wrong?" May asked seeing Ash looking sadder than ever and Pikachu looking forlorn.

"Please, I just need to be alone" Ash said gently pushing past May and Max he calmly walked around the corner before running to his cabin, tears ran down his face refusing to be held back any longer. He closed the door behind him and fell onto the bed. He couldn't tell May and Max the truth without Latias' consent and there was little chance that we could get them to drop the subject without at least telling a bit of the story. Sighing Ash decided to sleep on it maybe he would find a solution in his dreams or maybe he would just have to avoid his friends for the rest of the four day voyage.


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