Altomare revisited: Afterword

First off I want to give big thanks to everyone who read and reviewed this story, you guys helped keep me going. I wrote this little bit extra after reading a few reviews that said it would be like the next movie; that got me thinking about what the opening and ending could be, they're not really proper in the plot and a lot rougher than my normal chapters but I think they're worth uploading.

Intro: (All over the master quest theme from advanced battle)

"Ok, then its settled" Ash said "Let's get going"

The camera zooms up to the sky passing over a few clouds and a bunch of different pokemon, Pidgey, Tailow and Spearow make up the main body but higher stage evolutions and rarer flying types can be seen occasionally. After a bit the camera sinks back to earth, Professor Oak's lab coming into view as Ash and the gang walk away smiling and waving to their Pokemon who are all gathered around Professor Oak and Tracey waving or calling back their goodbyes. Ash's mum runs up and presents him with a sweater which he takes with a shake of his head.

The camera then pans through a forest and we see all sorts of bug and grass types before the forest becomes an urban environment, a few Voltorb and Meowth amongst others are seen, before finally the camera slows to a stop watching the dock as Ash, May, and Max board the ship waving and calling to Brock who is waving his goodbyes.

The ship's horn sounds through the song and the camera dips underwater seeing a large number of aquatic Pokemon, although the keel of the boat is always in shot, before rising up again and panning along the side of the deck showing Ash, May and Max disappearing into their cabins before re-emerging a moment later, May and Max say something to Ash and wander off screen whilst the camera follows Ash and Pikachu as they slowly amble to the front of the boat and lean against the railings. The title comes up over them leaning against the railings talking and the song fades.


Ash and Latias'' forms fade to silhouettes and the camera backs off a bit moving up to look at the sun as the narrator begins to talk "And so it is in this ancient city that Ash and Latias prove that being human is not a prerequisite for being a person. The bond of love they have forged here will last a lifetime and only time will tell just how strong it will grow."

the camera fades to black slowly before fading back in with the credits rolling and soft romantic music playing.

As the credits roll images and clips of Ash and Latias are show; Ash and Latias sitting in their cabin, Ash's mouth moves, and Latias concentrates after a few seconds her mouth moves too and they look at each other smiling broadly before embracing and kissing. Ash and Latias stand on the deck of the boat arm in arm as they watch the sunset together, Pikachu perched on Latias' hand since it is covering his usual spot on Ash's shoulder. And many other scene before the screen finally fades to black.

Anyway I don't really know if you enjoyed that bit but I hope you liked my story, thanks again for reviewing and I hope you stick around to see the sequel when I start it up.