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Last Time: "But Shigure, nobody owns me." She growled at him. He placed his lips on hers once again, in a deep and passionate kiss.

"Are you sure Akito?" He said in a pleased smirk at her breathless reaction. She noticed that he had dropped the honorary title but she didn't mind.

"Maybe…just you Shigure?" She answered softly, nervously. Shigure smiled at her broadly and hugged her tightly.

"I like the sound of that my dear Akito-san."

Akito was sitting on the soft, closely mown grass beneath the big tree in her courtyard, staring morosely at the sky above her. It was a warm cloudless day, and she hated every moment of it. She heard the soft sounds of birdsong twittering above her and she clenched her hands at her sides in anger.

She was so angry she felt sick. More sick then she usually felt; even on days like this.

Shigure had not been by to see her in weeks and she was absolutely furious. She did not even want to speak to Kureno or Hatori. She had even sent Kureno away, had bid him go elsewhere. She had not seen him –or wished to see him- in a week now. She knew Hatori was worried about her –and Kureno too, she supposed- but she hardly had the strength to care.

She was wearing her usual outfit; her yakuta hanging off of her shoulders and the bottom strewn about her long pale legs. Her legs were curled up beneath her and she scowled her discontent to the grass before her. She was leaning back against the tree now and she felt somehow diminished.

She growled under her breath and vowed silently to kill Shigure next she saw him. She hated that man, he was so horrible to her. He never cared. Nobody cared. She was alone in the world, all her zodiac were leaving her, and for her. That filthy little goodie-goodie, who was living in Shigure's own house! And with her special Yuki even! Who does that little bitch think she is?! She thought, furious.

Akito snarled again and twisted her body around and she started tearing at the grass around her with frantic clawing hands. Her breath was coming in short, savage gasps and her face was covered in a light layer of sweat.

"Now, now Akito-san. You'll hurt yourself if you keep going on like that…" A soft and teasingly scolding voice called out. A malicious undertone belayed the sincere effect the speaker had been striving half-heartedly for. The speaker was apparently rather upset with her actions. Well she was upset with him too. She whirled around to glare wrathfully and hatefully at Shigure and bore her teeth in a savage snarl.

"And why should you care?" She spat bitterly, her hands clenched into tight fists on ground before her. The grass beside her was torn up and her fingers were filthy and her nails ragged.

Shigure stood staring at her, his arms crossed and a cold, emotionless expression on his face as he took in her disheveled appearance. His lips had tightened at her words, but then his expression thawed and he smiled in that way he had as she walked over to her. She flushed and narrowed her eyes slightly in anger. She was not going to forgive him that easily.

Shigure knelt down in front of her and took her fists in his much bigger hands and he began to slowly loosen her fists and started stroking her fingers in a soothing and loving gesture. Akito tried to rip her hands away but he inexplicitly tightened his hands around her frail wrists.

"Stop that." He snapped and she jerked back in surprise, her eyes widening in shock. She was about to berate him for his tone when he continued, pulling her on to his lap.

"You need to stop hurting yourself Akito-san." He continued, his voice softer but his tone just as harsh. He was angry, she could tell.

"I asked you a question Shigure. Why should you care what I do?" She hissed as she lay limply against his broad chest. Shigure wrapped an arm around her shoulders and started stroking her short hair with his other hand.

"I do care Akito-san. You know that. I care about you. More than I care about anyone. And that is the honest…and unshakable truth." Shigure responded his voice low and sincere. She raised her head up to glower at him. He had a boyish grin on his face and was looking fondly down at her.

"And how do you expect me to believe that? You keep telling me that! That's all you ever tell me in defense for your transgressions!" She snarled furiously.

"Do you want me to tell you something else Akito-san? That I love you?" Shigure asked her with a smirk.

Akito was startled by his choice of words and she felt her face heat up. Rather than try and respond to his statement she countered it with an accusation, and the main point of her anger towards him.

"You say such things; but I have not seen you in weeks Shigure! Weeks!"

"You can't expect me to spend every waking moment by your side Akito-san." Shigure told her with a sigh. She narrowed her eyes and said the one thing she knew would set him off.

"You could if you actually wanted to Shigure. Kureno would if I told him to. And he has." She retorted with a scowl. And she was being honest as well. And Shigure knew it. His response was instantaneous.

She suddenly found herself on her back on the grass, Shigure poised over her, his face furious. "What does that boy have to do with anything?" He demanded furiously. Akito smirked smugly up at him and did not respond. "You are mine Akito. No one else's." He continued in a fierce snarl. His words pissed her off and her face convoluted into a snarl of her own.

"You say that Shigure…but then you leave me to my own devices for months on end." She berated him furiously. She decided to ignore the fact of how informal he had been to her. She paused for a moment and then continued. "What do you want of me?" She hissed hatefully as she turned her head to scowl at nothing in particular.

"I just want you, Akito." He told her in a soft, placating tone. She refused to look at him and stayed silent. She suddenly felt his cool hand on her cheek as he gently turned her head to look back at him. Once she was he descended on her with an ardent, captivating kiss.

She resisted him for a moment's breath, and then gave into the passion and pressed her body up against him. Shigure's hand trailed slowly from her cheek to entangle in her hair and angling her head to the side slightly. His other hand ran along her side and slide inside her loose yakuta and beneath the small of her back, pressing her tightly to him.

She twisted her hands into the front of his robe and completely gave into his embrace as she opened her mouth to him.

The lay like that for what seemed a blissful eternity before she began to think coherently once again and she opened her fisted hands and pressed them flat against his chest as she roughly pushed him with all her strength.

He didn't even budge and inch and she began to become frantic and she started writhing in his arms and she clawed at his chest as she began to kick her legs; desperate to be free. Shigure opposed her for a moment and then he abruptly released her completely as he pushed himself up to kneel above her; his expression unreadable. She had no idea if he was amused are angry.

She slowly pushed herself back and then sat up and gazed at him warily. He stared back at her and then raised a hand to stroke her cheek softly. She flinched back from him and looked away from him; confused. She had no idea was she was reacting so strongly to him. It scared her. And she hated being scared.

"Akito-san." Shigure's voice was soft, gentle. She turned slowly to look at him, he had a small, sad, smile on his face. His expression startled her and she reached out her hands unconsciously to sooth him. Shigure grabbed her wrists in his hands once again; his hold much more gentle this time, and he pulled her back onto his lap.

"I'm sorry for leaving you alone for so long Akito-san. I did miss you." Shigure spoke, his voice low and sincere. Shigure almost never apologized –at least not sincerely- and she stared back up at him with wide eyes.

He looked contrite although there was a small smile on his face. He stroked her cheek softly and pulled her against him, cradling her tenderly.

"Why did you leave me alone for so long…you were with her…" She asked in a low, sad voice; for once not angry. She felt Shigure start, and knew that her tone had surprised him.

"I had work to do, Akito-san; it had nothing to do with Tohru-kun." He explained, and even without looking she knew that there would be a smug grin on his face. She knew he liked it when she got jealous and she looked up at him with a half-hearted scowl. "I wasn't avoiding you, if that's what you think." He added with a teasing grin. She snorted in response but did not look away from his eyes.

"I hate it when you leave me. You all leave me." She berated him with a glare.

"I will never leave you Akito-san. Not even if you wish me to." Shigure told her with a possessive gleam in his eyes. Akito shivered with pleasure at his tone but kept the glare on her pale heart-shaped face.

"But you have left me. And you keep leaving me." She pointed out accusingly.

"And I keep returning to you don't I?" He pointed out shrewdly. There was a smirk on his face and she saw the direction this conversation was going. Taking a deep breath she gazed calmly up into his dark eyes.

"What if I were to order you to stay by my side, always?" She demanded in a terse voice. Shigure raised an eyebrow and smiled at her, his smile betraying his contempt.

"I would stay by your side as ordered of course." He replied, but his tone was dark. Her breath hitched a step and she lowered her gaze for a moment before looking back up at him.

"And what if I….asked? Pleaded?" She offered with a pleading look in her eyes. His expression softened and he looked entirely pleased with himself as he lowered his head to kiss her softly on the lips. He then pulled back, a smug smirk on his face.

"You will never be rid of me my dearest Akito, never."

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