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Akito woke slowly, her hand questing unconsciously for her lover. Finding the futon beside her warm but empty she sat up abruptly, horrified that Shigure had left her. She relaxed immediately when she saw him gazing pensively out the window. He had put his robe back on, but it was apparent that he had no intention of leaving. At least not yet. She felt a soft smile cross across her features and did not attempt to deter it as once she might have.

She rose silently to her feet, allowing the blankets to drop from her hold and pool at her feet; glowing white in the moonlight. She walked over to him on soundless feet, heedless of her state of undress. She knelt behind him and she wrapped her arms possessively around his chest and laid her head down between his shoulder blades.

She had not realized how much she needed him with her until she had thought him gone. She had actually been frightened.

Shigure turned to look at her once she had embraced him, and his smile warmed her straight down to her toes and she slid around him to place herself proprietarily in his lap. His arms immediately surrounded her and held her to him in an equally proprietarily manner and she looked up at his beautiful face with a smile.

"You thought I left?" He asked with a smirk and she flushed with shame and looked away.

"You usually do, before I awaken…" She accused him with a bitter mutter. She felt his cool fingers beneath her chin as he turned her head to face him. He placed a tender loving kiss on her lips.

"I told you yesterday, even should you wish it, I will never leave you." He whispered softly as he pulled away. Akito looked at him with wide eyes.

"I did not know you were being serious Shigure. You always say such things and hardly do you follow through…" She told him with a raised eyebrow. She realized that he had been taking control of things of late, and she did not quite know if she was displeased about this or not. In the past she had hated it. But if his dominance meant he would stay with her; was her pride really more important than her need for him?

Shigure's only response was a dark chuckle and she frowned up at him. She hated when he did that, even as she loved it. The sound of it reverberated in her bones, and sent shivers down her spine. She loved it when he sounded dangerous, dark. Just as dark and steeped in black as she. They were indeed kindred, although he was much more the prankster and the deceiver then she. Although, admittedly, she was deceiving the world at large about her true gender; but that was Ren's fault, not hers.

"I am never not serious with you about such things." Shigure told her with that insufferable smirk of his. She scowled at him and turned to look out the window. She had wondered what had had him so very captivated when she had awoke. She saw a cloudless night sky, and a moon on the declining side of full moon. She stared at it for a long moment and then turned to look back up at Shigure whom had not moved.

"You like the moon." She commented softly. She did not know what had driven her to say such a thing with such a tone of whist but she had said it. He looked up to smile softly at the moon before looking down at her with a smirk.

"Yes, though it's beauty pales in comparison to your own, my dear Akito-san." He told her with a smile. She almost believed him, so sincere he sounded. But then she recalled what a pitiful creature she was; raised as a man of all things, and she pushed herself away from him, disgusted.

"I am not beautiful." She spat as she returned to her futon and wrapped herself up in the discarded sheet; hiding her body. Shigure was beside her in an instant, holding her to him. She was shocked by his sudden actions but his words shocked her further.

"You are beautiful to me Akito. So very beautiful." He murmured into her hair as her began to trail kisses down from her hair to her cheek. She looked up at him in shock but did not reply.

Shigure slowly lowered them both down onto the futon and held her against his chest, her head tucked beneath his chin. Her hands fisted themselves into the front of his robe and she was content to simply lie there.

"You are indeed a contrary creature." Shigure mused aloud after they had lain in silence for some time. Akito leaned her head back to look up at him with narrowed eyes.

"What do you mean?" She asked slowly. Shigure smirked down at her.

"You have this inane obsession with the entire zodiac, act like a god to them, expect them to treat you like a god; and yet, you have no confidence in your own skin." He explained with a solemn shake of his head. Akito pushed herself away from him in rage and snarled down at him as she levered herself up to look down at him from her hands and knees.

"I am their god! And yours too!" She responded in an indignant, infuriated, snarl. Shigure smirked and sat up to grab the back of her head in his hand and he pulled her face closer to his. 

She hissed and tried to pull away, clawing at his arm and chest. He laughed and released her; causing her to over compensate and fall backwards. She glowered up at him icily.

"Akito, yes, you are our god. You are right. But religions fall apart and disperse all the time. People do not like a cruel god." Shigure told her, his voice cold. "You push them away due to your cruelty." He continued in a less cold, but almost emotionless tone.

Akito stared up at him with wide, shocked, eyes. She slowly sat up and then her eyes narrowed.

"Are you saying that it is my fault that they are leaving me? That I am at fault? I am god! They are mine to do as I wish! It's not my fault!" She screamed at him as she began to tear at her hair in despair. But what if he was right? She knew she drove them away, she had known deep down. But she had never thought about it or done anything about it. Was it too late?

"How was I cruel to Kureno when I was a child? How did he break the bond then?" She accused, lowering her hands and glaring angrily at Shigure, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

Shigure stared at her silently for a long while, and then looked away. She snarled at his indifference and lunged at him, pinning him to the futon beneath her slight weight. He looked up at her with a laugh.

"So impatient Akito-san. I was merely thinking of how best to answer you, that was all." He teased her with a smirk. She just glared at him and refused to move.

"Then answer." She snarled after his continued silence had begun to grate on her already frayed nerves.

Shigure pulled her down to him and began to stroke her hair tenderly.

"Alright, I'll answer you." He told her softly.

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