Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed my other fanfics. It makes a girl happy. :D I'm still trying to complete some of the parts in the game at the moment for the secret reports plus busy with work. Those school uniforms are just so cute! This is a small multi-chap fic. And once again, it's JoshuaxNeku. I can't help myself. They're just so cute... And Joshua's Japanese voice is just... so nice! So nice...

Please be warned this is a Shounen ai fic. And has some spoilers.

TWEWY doesn't belong to me but I love the game.

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"Slip Through My Fingers"

Part One: Proxy

The sound of a cell phone's tone could be heard echoing across the walls of CAT's graphitti. Abandoned by its owner and forgotten. It lay…

Beep-! Beep-! Beep-!

His face is the one that I look for in the midst of the crowd. I hurriedly try to chase him when I see his back to me and I remember the small smile on his lips once. It was not the usual arrogant smirk I have grown accustomed to and it was just a little smile. His thin, pale lips quirked up just enough for me to see yet not enough for the others to notice if they do notice him.

If the could see him.

His presence in the Realground is something else entirely. Here but not here yet very much alive. Joshua was something else. I have never seen his real face though I know now what he is. The Composer was a different entity all together. But I cannot help but think that if he is beautiful now, then maybe his real face would even be more so.

I chase him through the crowd. This is a dream, I know. But I cannot stop myself from running through the streets of Shibuya, looking for him. Always close but never touching. And then, just as it usually goes, I end up standing in the middle of the Scramble Crossing and I see him just a few steps away from me with his back to me, calmly observing the people. I feel a sense of joy and dread. Joy because finally I am here and dread because I know I will wake just as soon as I'm close enough to reach out and grasp his shoulder to turn him to me and see his smirking face.

And true enough, I wake, alone in my bed and my dreams and another day.

He has slipped through my fingers once again.

It was always the same dream every night for a month or so. I don't know what prompted it. Maybe it was because of our get together last month. It has been a year and a month since our return and we had all decided to go out and celebrate. That day, I thought I saw him standing in the crowd. And in my surprise, I ran toward him. But when I was finally near him, he turned and I saw it was a different person.

I wasn't sure why the pang of regret stabbed me then. But after that, Shiki and the others told me that I seemed quieter than I usually was. I laughed it off and told them nothing was wrong and that I thought I saw someone in the crowd I knew. When they asked me who, I shook my head and told them it was no one.

Since then, I always had the same dream and when I am awake, it is his face that I look for in the crowds of people. But as always, he slips through my fingers….

Part One: Proxy