"Slip Through My Fingers"

Part Eight: Harmony II: Composer


My hand shakes as I reach into my pocket to get my phone. My form shifts all about me and once again I am human. And I am young again. The same as I was that month long ago. I want to see him. I need to see him.

But how? No matter what I do, one day, he will be gone or I will be erased. It's a strange existence. But what Mr. H said was right. There is nothing wrong with this. No one would mind. I am the one limiting myself from the possibilities.

I think, even if one day, I may be erased or he may die as all humans would one day, I cannot let this chance slip through my fingers.

It may only be a moment but still—

"Shiki? Is that you? Sorry for running off, It's just that—"

I smile. His voice fills my thoughts with warm feelings, drowning my world in perfect tune.

I want to see him.


His breath hitches. I hear it. All around people are hurriedly trying to get to where they want to go. I stay where I am in the middle of the crowd.

"Neku…" I call again.

"Jo…shua…" He murmurs. His song, sings and drowns the Noise all around me. I continue to smile.

"Come meet me." I say finally.


I say the only thing I could at the moment.

"I am here."

He knows where to find me. The place where everything began. I turn just a little because I could hear his song from behind me, warm feelings reaching me, filling me up, and making me smile. But this is not the place to talk.

So I lead him to that place. His steps doesn't falter as we continue, running through the streets filled with colorful people. Shibuya lives all around us; songs fill my ears, drowning the noise as we moved.

Finally, I stand in Udagawa, looking at Mr. H's Graffiti. Enjoy every moment with all you've got. That is the message in his work. For a moment, I've forgotten. But I won't forget it now.

I won't forget it. Even if we'll only be allowed a moment or an eternity.

I won't forget.

I hear him come and smirk as I turn to him trying to feign boredom.

"You're late, Neku!" I tell him.

"…Idiot." He says.

I smirk as he, drops his phone. He doesn't take heed of it. Instead, runs to me, closing the distance between us. He is here.

This time chance doesn't slip through my fingers.

The sound of a cell phone's tone could be heard echoing across the walls of CAT's graffiti. Abandoned by its owner and forgotten. It lay…

"Hello, I'm not here right now, leave a message and I'll get back to you. Peace!"


"Hello, Neku? Where are you?" There was a short pause and a sigh. "Hey… Just… Please, Joshua, take care of him…"

Beep--! Beep--! Beep--!

Part Eight: Harmony II: Composer


Slip Through My Fingers


It ended up being slightly longer than I had intended. But I hope this was alright. Thank you very much for reading.