One of those chapters that serves solely as a massive Author's Note. I know they are frowned upon, and even forbidden, but I forget to wear my Caring Hat today.

Okay, readers. I know I got a decent start on this story, but I'm sorry to inform you that it will probably not be updated as soon as some might hope. In fact, if you see any fanfiction uploads from me, it'll be a pretty big exception, because I'm taking a break. Its not really voluntary, so please don't think that its easy for me to just drop my fic-writing obsessions; its not. But I really need to focus on my current work, Us, Sans Happy Endings. It has taken me much longer than I'd hoped or expected just to finish the first short-story, so I really need to just throw myself into it.
However, I still love all of you! I will still be around to read everyone's wonderful fanfictions. I just won't be uploading my own. So keep writing your pretty Sheylas, because they keep me sane and happy. And the happier I am, the faster I complete my works.

If you wish to keep in touch (and I highly recommend it, because I really do heart all of you!), or if you're interested in Us..., you can find me at diary-of-din(dot)deviantart(dot)com or thayne-m(dot)livejournal(dot)com. I will try to be back and writing more fics as soon as I possibly can, but it could be a little while. And I didn't want you guys to wonder what happened to Stupid Cupid. :)

All my love!
Thayne MacHern

PS: Hey, what's up with Thay-thay not even getting runner up in the JT Awards? I was so sad! No first place, no runner up, no honourable mention. Bah! Okay, I honestly didn't think I'd get any of that, but you guys gave me false hope! Meanies! However, everyone I voted for in the fiction section won, and that was really awesome; I felt so...psychic or something.