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"The Communist"

Part Four

There was a long, dramatic pause where everyone held their breath and waited. Then, many things happened at once: the director's door opened, the elevator dinged, and two separate voices shouted: "Hold on!" and, "Wait a minute!"

The NCIS team, plus Abby and Ducky, were suddenly joined by Jimmy Palmer coming from one direction and Jen Sheppard from the opposite. "Have you revealed the communist yet?" Jimmy asked. Gibbs shook his head.

"And it's killing us!" Tony shouted. "Come on, Gibbs! Who is it?"

Gibbs smiled. "All right. Communist, stand up," he repeated.

There was another agonizing wait. Everyone bit their lips or hooked their fingers together or jiggled their feet, all nervous, none daring to breathe. And then, the communist stood up. Not McGee, like everyone had expected—he truly was an American—no, the person who stood up, the communist, was someone else entirely…

…Ziva David.

"EURGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The three people in the alliance all said at the same time; it was a strange noise, somewhere between a gasp, a scream, and a really loud "OH!"

"How could you, Ziva?!" Abby said, as if she were hurt or angry. "I trusted you!"

"HA!" McGee shouted. "Serves you all right. I told you I wasn't the communist."

Abby looked at him guiltily. "Sorry, McGee," she said genuinely. She turned to the traitor and said, "I was bamboozled!" She narrowed her eyes angrily.

Ziva just smiled and handed the paper previously in her pocket to Gibbs. "It is the name of the communist," she announced, looking around the room. "My name." She smirked.

Tony and Ducky looked at each other. "You found that downstairs, didn't you?" DiNizzo accused.

"Yes," Ziva said, smug. "Jimmy had it, actually."

Everyone stared at him, and he waved sheepishly. Ducky narrowed his eyes. "My own assistant," he murmured.

"Sorry, Doctor," he said, smiling. He turned to Ziva. "Oh, and I brought this back up to you." He handed her the jacket he'd been holding.

Tony, Ducky, and Abby all stood up, shouting. "UGHHHHHHHHHH!" Abby sputtered. "Your jacket's red!"

"The communist was wearing red," Ducky said.

"That's right, Duck," Gibbs said. He seemed amused. "And none of you remembered that Ziva was wearing a red jacket when the game started. You didn't even notice when she took it off."

The team had the decency to look ashamed for all of two seconds. Then: "You conniving little dirtbag," Tony said, offended. "I can't believe you!"

Ziva turned to him, full of herself at the moment. "Get off yourself, DiNizzo," she said, "you are just upset because I beat you."

"The expression is get over yourself," Tony corrected, then said, "and no! I will not just get over it, you lying little traitor!"

Ziva rolled her eyes and, McGee, who had been sitting looking sullen in his chair, cleared his throat and crossed his arms, looking deeply offended. "You all still owe me an apology. Just because my tie was red didn't make me the communist! That was just an unfortunate coincidence for me, obviously."

"But Gibbs always said he didn't believe in coincidences! He said they didn't exist. And then we all get fooled by a bloody coincidence." Abby scoffed. "This really bites," she complained.

"At least you figured out my clue," Gibbs reminded her helpfully. "McGee never did."

McGee blushed a deep scarlet, and the director suddenly started laughing. "Oh, yes! Jethro, I'll have you know he came to me to about that. Thought maybe I was the answer and that I had the clue."

Gibbs laughed. "That's a good one," he said with the closest thing he'd ever made to a snicker. Abby opened her mouth in shock at this announcement and then giggled.

"What?" Jimmy asked. "What did the clue say?"

McGee kept his mouth shut and shook his head. "Nothing important," he said. Abby rolled her eyes at him and shoved him playfully, since she was close enough to do so.

"It's okay, McGee," she sympathized. "It was a hard one. It said to find the one person in the building smarter than Gibbs," she announced to the room.

Everyone started laughing; then Tony asked, "What was the answer?"

"No one!" Abby chirped, raising up her hands like it was amazing and she was awestruck. "It was a trick question. You had to go to him and say he was the only person smarter than himself to get the clue." She beamed.

"Wow, boss." Tony shook his head, at a loss for words.

Ziva faced Gibbs and said, "I was not found out."

"You weren't," he agreed.

"They had the communist in they're alliance."

"They did."

"I won the game."

"You did."

"So," Ziva rubbed her hands together expectantly. "What is my prize? What do I win?"

Gibbs stood up and leaned across his desk to look down at her. "You, Ziva," he said. "You won the satisfaction of knowing that you're espionage skills are better than those other so called agents over there."

There was quiet protesting from the other players, but Ziva's was the loudest. "But I already knew that!" she said. "That is not really a prize at all!" She jumped to her feet as Gibbs started walking away, his back to her. "Gibbs, get back here! Gibbs! GIBBS!"

But he just smiled to himself and kept walking…